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Harry Spilman



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Harry Spilman
November 11, 1880 - December 28, 1965 Clear Lake, IA

Harry was the second child born to Dan and Thea Spilman.  He married Ada Crozier and had two children by her.  Unfortunately Ada died October 06, 1936.  Harry had purchased a large amount of farm land which by 1939 totaled  697.12 acres.

Daniel's brother, Alexander Aitkin was married to Anne Mary Katz and unfortunately he died in 1933.  Eventually Harry and Anne Katz (Spilman) married and are pictured at Harry's 81st birthday party in Clear Lake, Iowa 1961.

Here is a newspaper article courtesy of Anne Cooper about Harry Spilman's Birthday party in 1961:

About 90 relatives and friends helped Harry Spilman celebrate his 81st birthday Saturday evening at City Hall.  The affair was planned by his daughters, Mrs. Robert Nichols and Mrs. Roy Scott.

Adolph Matthies showed his pictures of early Clear Lake, especially interesting to the hose who was born Nov. 11, 1880 on a farm south of Clear Lake to Dan and Thea Spilman.  He farmed in this area all his life and still lives on a farm eight miles west of Clear Lake. 

Mrs. Clare Holmes, Nora Springs and Mrs. Anna Eastman, Clear Lake sister of Mr. Spilman, poured.  Guests were present from Ventura, Thornton, Mason City and Clear Lake.

Deane Spilman's first wife, Bette Blahnik, recalls how Harry loved to have parties and always enjoyed a nice Independence Day celebration July 4th.

Children of Harry Spilman and Ada Crozier were:

  1. Irene Lillian Spilman September 17, 1913-October 1994 married Robert Nichols

  2. Delpha Lucille Spilman August 27, 1917 - Sept. 13, 2002 Mason City, IA  Married Ray Waldon Scott.

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Daniel , Jr.




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