Marriage Records

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Paducah, McCracken County, Kentucky

Alexander, D. 25 of Paducah Minister from New York on 22 June 1904 to Irene Schwab 21 of Paducah, born in Kentucky

Bodenheimer, Louis 39 Merchant from Germany on 25 July 1877 to Dussette (Russell) Dryfuss 26 from Germany

Bright, John S 33 of Tyler born in Missouri 2nd marriage, on 15 March 1904 to Pearl Elkins 24 born in Illinois

Cohen, N March 8, 1909 to G. Schreivls

Desberger, D on 23 June 1909 to W. R. Lichtenstein

Ehrenfeld, R on 14 Feb 1909 to P. Simon

Greenbaum (or Gruenebaum), J. L. on 15 June 1909 to V. Ullman

Gruenebaum, J on 22 June 1909 to M. Dryfuss

Herman, Alfred 31 of St. Louis merchant born in Germany on 15 March 1894 to Elizabeth M. Nelson 25 of Paducah, Kentucky

Joggerst, W on 1 June 1909 to Dora Kahn

Levi, Henry W. of Mayfield merchant born in Germany on 29 May 1878 to Emma Uri 18 of Paducah, born in Cincinnati, Ohio

Marks, M 27 of Paducah merchant born in Russia on 25 March 1894 to Esther Simon 21 of Paducah, born in Tennessee

Rheinstaum, Isaac 28 of Cincinnati, Ohio a merchant from Germany, on 8 Dec 1875 to Augusta Goldsmith 18, born in Kentucky

Uri, Nathan M. of Paducah, merchant born in Paducah, on 21 Feb 1877 to Adda Levy 19 of Paducah, born in Paducah

Wallerstein, Harmon 37 of Paducah merchant born in Germany on 27 Aug 1877 to Fanny Uri 19 of Paducah born in Louisville

Weil, Berthold of Mayfield merchant born in Europe on 22 Aug 1877 to Matilda Simon 21 of Paducah born in Germany

Wolff, Abraham 40 of Kentucky, 1st marriage, merchant born in Germany, on 8 Jan 1878 to Gertrude Hecht 22 of Paducah

Wolff, Simon 25 of Dallas, Texas merchant born in Germany on 29 March 1875 to Bertie Leiber (or Silber) 20 born in Kentucky