Selected Southern Jewish Databases


A Historical and Genealogical Record
Produced by Lynn Franklin and Bob Sweeney

Dear Friends, Family, and Neighbors- Past, Present & Future,

Across the South, hundreds of cemeteries contain the earthly remains of our Jewish ancestors. In most cases, these cemeteries have not been transcribed and there is no permanent list of the departed to which one can turn for knowledge about our family ancestors.
We are starting this web site for the purpose of correcting this deficit. We want this site to first of all be a historical record that can never be destroyed. For that reason, in additon to names, it will carry pictures of each grave marker that can be found. As time and information permit, we will also add obituaries and other information to make it easier for you to locate, verify and learn more about your family and community in the South. Our site will also be a place that we can visit, chat, leave notes, questions, photos, thoughts, ideas and more, about our lives, and the lives and memories and research we have about our Southern Jewish families, friends & neighbors.
We all have bits of our collective history-even some of us who don't realize it yet! We hope that, if we can join our bits together, that slowly (and sometimes even more quickly) we can see a clearer, larger picture of our part of this world through time.
So please come in, and join us! If you have a Jewish cemetery in your Southern community, find out if the people buried there are going to be lost to history thorough oversight. If you send us a listing of names with pictures, we will review and post your information as well. Don't forget to come back often, and see what we've added!

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