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CLARK(E) General Information

Thomas CLARK(E) and descendants

Our earliest known CLARK(E) ancestors resided in Frant, Sussex, England from at least as far back as the early 1700s.

About 1820, three CLARK(E) families immigrated to the USA, where they settled in Ripley County, Indiana. Two of the immigrants, George CLARK and Charles ClARK, appear to have been cousins.

The first that is currently known of John CLARK, the third immigrant, is that he worked for the British East India Company on the island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic, and had two children baptised there in 1810 and 1813. He next is found in Frant, Sussex about 1816, and appears to have immigrated with George and Charles CLARK about 1820. John CLARK is thought perhaps to have been George's younger brother, although this has not been confirmed and his relationship to the other CLARK(E)s in Frant is unknown.

Between 1856 and 1866, some of the Indiana CLARKs moved to Illinois and Pawnee County, Nebraska.


Sally Small did much of the CLARK(E) research in the Frant, Sussex parish records. Cathy Morgan researched the Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado branches of the family. Other cousins who contributed data include: Dorothy Bailey, Jewel Bruce, Linda Capps Clark, Donna Clark Coots, and Richard Small. Wynona Hennessey, Leonard Steiner, and Birdella McKee Simpson also shared their research efforts.

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