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 Thomas SMALL and Descendants

Our earliest known SMALL ancestor, Thomas SMALL, was first found marrying in Peasemarsh, Sussex in June 1713. Shortly thereafter, he took up residence at Munkin Farm in Northiam, Sussex, where he remained until 1719. After that and until 1722, Thomas and his family resided in nearby Udimore, Sussex. This residence likely was in "Little Udimore", a separate portion of Udimore at the west end of Brede. After Udimore, Thomas moved to Cranbrook, Kent, where he may have been involved in the brickmaking trade. He resided there until at least 1728. Between 1720 and 1736 Thomas also rented a small property in Brede, Sussex, although, from tax records, it appears Thomas did not live at this property. By 1735 Thomas and his children were living at John's Cross Farm in Mountfield, Sussex. They lived there until their lease was up in 1747. By 1750 Thomas and his two grown sons had relocated to Widehurst Farm in Marden, Kent. We are descended from Thomas' son Samuel and, in turn, from Samuel's son Thomas. This younger Thomas moved to neighboring Horsmonden 1790-1819 and then returned to Marden. In 1830, the younger Thomas and most of his surviving children immigrated to the USA, where they settled in Ripley County, Indiana. One daughter, Martha Small Southon, remained in England.

Between 1856 and 1866, some of Thomas' children moved to Illinois and Nebraska. Today, while many of Thomas' descendents remain in the general vicinity of Ripley County, Indiana, those claiming Thomas as an ancestor are found scattered across the USA.

Other SMALLs in Kent & Sussex

In addition to our line of SMALLs, several other lines of SMALLs are found in the Weald area of Kent & eastern Sussex. These lines are probably all related, but the links have yet to be discovered. Known descendants of these other lines of SMALLs are found today in Kent & Sussex, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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James Louis Small, did much of the research on our line of SMALLs. He personally searched records in England, Indiana, and elsewhere, and most of the information on our English ancestors would not exist but for his research.

Cathy Morgan researched the Nebraska branch of the family. Other cousins who contributed data include: Dorothy Bailey, Jewel Bruce, George Cann, Linda Capps Clark, Donna Coots, Shirley Cummings, Brenda Emery, Bob Small Farnum, Jim Howe, Lora Small Kalbli, Deb Matthews, Doreen McDaniels, Derek Small, Loren Small, Richard Small, Bob Tubesing, and Shawn Whitney.

Links to the available information on the other lines of SMALLs in Kent & Sussex are available on the SMALL Links page. Those who have shared their knowledge of the these lines include Karen Black in Canada, Nigel Small in Kent, Bob Hughes in Sussex, Robyn Bridges, Steve Cook and Jenny Johnston in Australia, and Sue Small Knight, Barry Brungar and the late Ian Tyler in New Zealand.

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