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----- a few major surnames -----

- Dinger, Himes, London, Mohney, Moser, Schuckers, Shaffer, Slawson, Stahlman - 

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Paul Herbert and Marie (Slawson) Stahlman, My Grandparents:

This work is dedicated to the memory of those of our past history, and also, least we forget; to those of the present; as well as those of our the future; for those of past centuries; those of old; who contributed much to the development of our country and heritage; to those of this century; soon ending; who are the ones who saw the old and will soon carry on into the new; to those of the new century who will carry on for us; our children; and those who will come after, to represent our heritage down through the coming ages; and, finally, to all the people who made it possible for this information to be available here; too many to mention...It is our History...

Paul Herbert Stahlman - 1975

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