Mary Merrington Jakins [1816 - 1899]

[1816 - 1899] MFMMFM

Baptised: 22 September 1816, Gamlingay CAM

Father: Jonas Jakins Marriage Certificate

Mother: Edith Mounsey

At some point she adopted the second name 'Merrington';, this being given on her son Henry's birth certificate, her death certificate, and her gravestone. The earliest usage so far found is 6th September 1836, when she used the Merrington form when witnessing the marriage of Bowyer Barford and Edith Meeks.


  1.   Mary Jakins [1816 - 1899]
  2. Lucy Jeakins [baptised 30 April 1820 Gamlingay CAM - 4th qtr 1878 St Ives HUN RD] married 3rd qtr 1842 St Neots RD William Smith
    Gamlingay Sinks: HO107/1758 f10 p13 {1851}
    Hilton HUN: RG9/980 f60 p18 {1861}
    RG10/1532 f34 p17 {1871}

The baptism of Lucy Jeakins is listed in the IGI (Batch C07363-1), to Jonas and Edith Jeakins. The baptism of Mary is not listed.

5-generation pedigree

Married: Charles Meeks 29 January 1838

Marriage Certificate:

Registration DistrictSt Neots
Solemnized atThe Parish Church
in the Parish ofEverton with Totworth
in the County ofBedfordshire and Huntingdon
When Married29 January 1838
Name and Surname Mary Jakins X
Agefull age
Father's NameJonas Jakins
Father's ProfessionLabourer
WitnessesGeorge Darlow X, John Jeffries


  1. Edith Meeks
  2. Henry Meeks
  3. Edward Jonah Meeks
  4. Jesse Meeks
  5. Charles Meeks
  6. Edmund Meeks
  7. Mary Ann Meeks
  8. Elizabeth Meeks
  9. George Meeks
  10. William Meeks
  11. Eliza M Meeks

Died: 25 December 1899, Everton BDF, Gravestone

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictSt Neots
in the Sub-District ofSt Neots
in the Counties ofHunts Beds and Cambs
When and where died25 December 1899, Tetworth HUN
Name and SurnameMary Marington Meeks
Age85 years
OccupationWidow of Charles Meeks, a farm labourer
Cause of deathSenile Decay, influenza. Certified by W B Lyons MD
InformantMark Meeks, Grandson, in attendance, Gamlingay
When Registered27 December 1899


1841 - 1851 - 1861 - 1871Tetworth HUN
1881Tetworth Fields HUN
1891Tetworth HUN

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