Heather June Berriman [1951 - >2018]

[1951 - >2018] M

Born: 2 July 1951, Colchester

Letter from her Aunt Lavinia to her father after the birth.

Father: John Hall Berriman

Mother: Violet Sybil Kirk

5-generation pedigree

Blood Group: O rh+

DNA Test results:

Mitochondrial DNA (People who share the Mitochondrial DNA)
HVR 1 16304C The results shown are those
locations that differ from the
Revised Cambridge Reference Sequence.
HVR 2 146C 195C 263G 309.1C 309.2C 315.1C
HVR 3 456T
These results suggest membership of mt-DNA Haplogroup T.

Siblings: (For dates, etc, see the extended family)

  1.   Heather June Berriman
  2. John Henry Berriman
  3. Susan Jane Berriman
    Susan Jane Berriman

Married: Alan Michael Stanier 31 March 1979


  1. Joel Berriman Stanier
  2. Simon Joshua Stanier
  3. Nathan Alexander Stanier

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