Louisa Meeks [1866 - 1931]

[1866 - 1931] MFMM

Born: 22 May 1866

Birth Certificate:

Registration DistrictCaxton
in the Sub-District ofCaxton
in the County ofCambridgeshire and Huntingdon
When and where born22 May 1866, Gamlingay
Name of Father Henry Meeks
Name of Mother Elizabeth Meeks, formerly Surll
Profession of FatherFarm Labourer
InformantElizabeth Meeks, Mother, Gamlingay
When Registered1 June 1866

Father: Henry Meeks

Mother: Elizabeth Sarll

5-generation pedigree


  1. Catherine Meeks [31 March 1865 - 8 July 1901] photograph
  2.   Louisa Meeks [1866 - 1931]
  3. George Meeks [21 October 1868 - 29 August 1954]
  4. Mark Meeks [2 October 1869 - 15 April 1948]

Married: Joseph Hall, 19 May 1891, Gamlingay

Marriage Certificate:

Registration DistrictCaxton
Solemnized atThe Parish Church
in the Parish ofGamlingay
in the County ofCambridge
When Married19 May 1891
Name and Surname Louisa Meeks
Rank or Profession
Father's NameHenry Meeks
Father's ProfessionGardener
WitnessesGeorge Meeks, Catherine Meeks
bride's brother and sister?


  1. Mabel Hall
  2. Mark Walter Hall
  3. Harold Frank Hall
  4. Henry Howard Hall
  5. Catherine Mary 'Kath' Hall

Died: 11 October 1931

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictCaxton
in the Sub-District ofCaxton
in the Counties ofCambridge etc.
When and where died11 October 1931, Gamlingay
Name and SurnameLouisa Hall
Age65 years
OccupationFarmer retired Widow of Joseph Hall Farmer
Cause of death cardiac failure, chronic rheumatism and chronic gastro-enteritis
InformantMark Meeks, Brother, Gamlingay Cambs
When Registered13 October


OfLouisa Hall of Manor Farm Gamlingay widow
Dated1 July 1915
ExecutorsMark Meeks (brother) of Gamlingay market gardener,
Alfred Hall (brother in law) of Eynesbury market gardener,
Mabel Hall (daughter)
WitnessesLionel Abrahams of St Neots solicitor, L J Fluit his clerk
LegaciesPersonal effects equally to daughters Mabel and Catherine.
Real estate to be held in trust until the youngest child reaches 21, or marries before, then to be equally divided between children, with provision for any dying leaving issue.
It was her wish that son Harold should succeed to the farming business, if he so desired.

Probate: 21 January 1932


1871Shop, Gamlingay Sinks
1881Tetworth Hall, Tetworth
1891Gamlingay Sinks
1901Station Road, Gamlingay
1899-1911-1915Manor Farm, Gamlingay

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