William Skipper

William Skipper

Hazel Clarke [HAZEL@hazel12.fsnet.co.uk], a great-great-granddaughter of William Skipper, has done much work on his tree. She has also supplied copies of many family photographs.

Susan Skipper (née Stapleton), who married William Skipper

William Skipper (seated), but which William Skipper is unknown.

William Skipper with his grandson William Henry Williamson

Near the Bailey gates at Castle Acre:
from left to right: Fred Williamson, George Purton, Gracie Bonus, Daisy (Purton? - née Williamson - Fred's daughter), Helen (a friend of Daisy's from London?), Annie (oldest of Fred's daughters) and ‘Jack’ Bonus in front.

Adelaide Williamson (née Skipper), William and Susan's daughter, holding William Henry Williamson

'The Canadian cousins': Little is known about these except that one of Adelaide's sisters married a Canadian and went to live over there - these are their children. The note on the back seems to read "Sue Linda and Millicent in the snow".

Fred and Adelaide Williamson standing outside their house in Castle Acre

Fred and Adelaide Williamson with Annie, Daisy and Clem

Fred and Adelaide Williamson

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