Census Return

7 April 1861Union School, Castle Acre NFK (RG9/1252 f69 p1)
Name Relationship to
Head of Family
as to Marriage
Age of Rank, Profession
or Occupation
Where Born
Charlotte SKIPPERHeadMarr 31Field WorkerRudham NFK
Mary A SKIPPERDau  12Field WorkerCastleacre NFK
Emma SKIPPERDau  9SchoolCastleacre NFK
George SKIPPERSon 7 SchoolCastleacre NFK
Walter SKIPPERSon 5  Castleacre NFK
Arthur SKIPPERSon 1  Castleacre NFK

Charlotte Skipper's husband Robert was a patient in the West Norfolk and Lynn Hospital (RG9/1257 f15 p24). His death was registered 2nd qtr 1861 King's Lynn RD, so presumably his illness was terminal.