Census Return

2 April 1871Swaffham Street East, Castleacre NFK (RG10/1861 f62 p7)
Name Relationship to
Head of Family
as to Marriage
Age of Rank, Profession
or Occupation
Where Born
Charlotte SKIPPERHeadWidow 40Field WorkCastleacre NFK
Emma SKIPPERDauUnm 19Field WorkCastleacre NFK
George SKIPPERSonUnm17 Field WorkCastleacre NFK
Walter SKIPPERSonUnm15 Field WorkCastleacre NFK
Charlotte SKIPPERDauUnm 8ScholarCastleacre NFK
William SKIPPERSonUnm6  Castleacre NFK
Phoebe SKIPPERDau  6 weeks Castleacre NFK
Henry GARNERLodgerWidower50 LabourerCastleacre NFK
Harriett SKIPPERDauUnm 4 Castleacre NFK

Charlotte's last 5 children (Charlotte, William, Phoebe, Harriett, and the not-yet-born Robert) were born after the death of her husband, and are presumably illegitimate. Harriett is given as filia nullim on her marriage certificate. Might the curious layout of the census return hint at Henry Garner being Harriett's father?