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The Stanley Christian Nelson and
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This is the web page for the Stanley Christian Nelson and Florence Adelia Cary family organization.   The purpose of this website is to collect together family history items --- personal histories, pictures, and other documents.

The webmaster is currently Brent Nelson.  Suggestions, additions, and contributions of material to be posted are all welcomed.  Use the link on the left to send email to Brent.

In case you have noticed, we are being fairly careful about not posting email addresses on our website to avoid spam and email viruses.  Brent has his email address listed since he already gets 300 or so emails a day, most of which are spam, and so has a pretty strong filter in place.  Brent is privately maintaining an email list for the family and will share it with anyone in the family who asks so please email him.  Also, if you have email addresses you can add to the list, please send them to him. 

Who are these people?  Do you know?
If you contribute something to the site, Brent will tell you...