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Manorial Recds





For transcriptions of some Manorial rent records and surveys -

Treverbyn-Courteney (Treverbin Courtney),1591     1660 Parliamentary Survey - Treverbyn-Courteney   Austell Manor (Austell Prior)     Tregorrick Manor - 1602       

INFORMATION regarding the records held for various manors:

The MDR notes that, so far as can be established, the parish of St Austell contained the manors of: 

Austell Prior alias Austell              Penrice                                 St Austell
Tewington                                  Tregorrick                                  Trenance

Treverbyn Courtenay                   Treverbyn Trevanion    
(Treverbyn manor was divided by 2 inheritors; Courtenay was then later forfeited to the King, divided, and sold off to various area families, but Trevanion stayed intact within that family until at least 1815).
Trenance Austell *                       Trenarren *       

The County Record Office website includes the following manors, which had (have) subsidiary manorial holdings within St. Austell Parish.  Please see the manorial holdings listed in the second part of this posting. [2nd List]

Pentewan                                  Prideaux                                                Tredenham

Tregrehan                                  Tregenna, in St. Ewe                   Tregenna, in St. Issey


The MDR contains the following information for these manors:

Austell Prior manor.
Minister's accounts 1542-1623, receiver's accounts 1542-1661 and surveys 1609, 1615, 1619, temp Chas I, 1650, 1784, 1792, 1797, 1840 in the Duchy of Cornwall Office, 10 Buckingham Gate, London SW1 6LA. (Access to records at the Duchy of Cornwall Office is restricted.)

Court rolls and estreats 1575/76, 1624/25-1628/29, estreats 1592/93-1625/26 and Commonwealth survey in the Public Record Office, Ruskin Avenue, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DU (refs incl: SC2/155/25; SC2/156/24; SC2/158/45; SC2/162/24; E317/Cornwall/3).

Survey 17th cent in Southampton Archives Office, Civic Centre, Southampton SO14 7LY (collection ref: D/M).

Penrice manor.
Accounts 1738 and rentals 1750-61, 1804-17, c1802 in Cornwall Record Office, Old County Hall, Truro TR1 3AY (ref: DDCF 3524, 3545-47).

St Austell manor.
Court rolls, some with Tywardreath Priory 1418-30, 1456-71, 1535-40 in Cornwall Record Office (ref: AR/2/8).

List of tenants c1790 in Cornwall Record Office (ref: DDCF 3126).

Tewington manor.
Minister's accounts 1341-75, 1458-1630, receiver's 1400-1660, assession rolls 1333-1752 (non consecutive), court rolls 1628-1796, rentals and assessioning papers 17th-18th cent and surveys 1338, 1619, 1650, 1663-1773
in the Duchy of Cornwall Office (access restricted).

Minister's accounts and assession rolls, etc, with other Dutchy manors 13th-16th cent, court rolls and estreats 1398-99, 1539-1648 and Commonwealth survey in the Public Record Office (no reference given).

Court rolls 1540-1774 in the British Library, Manuscript Collections, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB (ref: BM List 1928, p. 36).

Modern translations of court rolls 1604-1750 in Cornwall Record Office (ref: X507/2).

Court rolls and estreats 1642/43-1643/44 in the Public Record Office (ref: SC2/156/22).

Misc rentals, reeve's accounts and papers rel to enclosure 1662, 1729, 1774-1846 in Cornwall Record Office (collection ref: Mr T Carlyon, Tregrehen; reported on 25 January 1955).

Court book 1790-97, steward's book 1781-1821, assession books 1759, 1767, 1794, 1812, 1822, jury and tenants' answers c1590, c1690, 1710, 1759, 1767, 1774, 1787, list of reeves 1683-1713, lists of tenants c1714, c1790, 1796, 1815, lists, demands and receipts rel to rents and dues 1717-51, list of customary rents c1780, rental 1816 and note of homage 1638 in Cornwall Record Office (ref: DDCF 3134-3159).

Rents and fines, with Tybesta 1798 in Cornwall Record Office (ref: DDEN 1983).

Assession rolls 16th-18th cent in the Royal Institution of Cornwall,  Royal Cornwall Museum, River Street, Truro TR1 2SJ (correspondence address: Courtney Library, Royal Institution of Cornwall, Royal Cornwall Museum,
River Street, Truro TR1 2SJ) (ref: HK).

Tregorrick manor.
Accounts with other manors 1387-1797 (non consecutive), court rolls with other manors 1569-72, 1579-81, estreat rolls with other manors 1556-8, court books with other manors 1634-9, 1664-75, 1792-6, presentments with othermanors 1732-72, 1799-1801, rental 1797 and rentals with other manors 1578, 1586-1603, 1618, c1627, 1662-1799 in Cornwall Record Office (ref: AR/2/479, 734-6, 758-9, 763, 767-8, 778-9, 783-816, 818, 820, 849, 857, 885-1215, 1342-79).

Court roll with other manors 1622-23 and court rolls 1624-28, 1632-33 in Cornwall Record Office (ref: Acc. Jul-Sept 1962, Acc Jan-March 1965).

Rental 1710 in Cornwall Record Office (ref: DDT (1031)).

Rental 1727-30 in Cornwall Record Office (ref: A cc 323, AD 32).

Rentals 1727-31 in Cornwall Record Office (ref: Acc. Oct-Dec 1957).

Trenance manor.
Trenance or Trevant court book 1734-88 in Cornwall Record Office (collection ref: DD R(S)).

Treverbyn Courtenay or Treverbyn Trevanion manor.
Map of commons c1840, copy plan 1840, account of tin tolls 1845-49 and plans c1908, 1947 in Cornwall Record Office (ref: MT 272-3, 847-50).

Treverbyn Courtenay manor.
Court rolls 1355/56-1356/57, 1543/44-1546/47, 1575/76-1600/01 (non consecutive), 1610/11-1648/49 (non consecutive) in the Public Record Office (ref: SC2/156/21, 26; SC2/164/28-30).

Minister's accounts 1561-1623, receiver's accounts 1542-1661, court rolls 1628-1795 and surveys 1611-c1840 (non consecutive), 1974 in the Duchy of Cornwall Office (access restricted).

Extracts from accounts 1528, copy surveys 1601, 1611, copy Parliamentary survey 1650, extract from terrier 1797 and book of reference 1840 in Cornwall Record Office (ref: MT 274-84, 848).

Survey 17th cent in Southampton Archives Office (collection ref: D/M).

Rent rolls 1730, 1790 in Cornwall Record Office (ref: ME 1708, 1712).

Survey 1601/02 in the Public Record Office (ref: E315/414/65-75).

Surveys temp. Jas I in the Public Record Office (ref: LR2/207/44-46).

Court book 1790-1812, rentals 1776, 18th cent, copy quietus 1786, list of tenants 1809, notes on property c1795-6 and deputy steward's book of copies of court roll 1742-1818 (ref: DDCF 3168-77, 3155).

Lease books, with Treverbyn Trevanion 1857-1960 at Wheal Martyn China Clay Heritage Centre (ref: 1992.61).

Printed map of commons with other St Austell manors nd (19th cent) in Cornwall Record Office (ref: Acc. Jan-March 1971, no. 11).

Treverbyn Trevanion manor.
Rental with other manors 1753 in Cornwall Record Office (ref: DDCF 3578).

Court books, rentals and rent accounts 1755-69, 1789-97, 1830-38 and map of commons c1840 in Cornwall Record Office (ref: MT 285-88, 847).

Trenance Austell* 

The MDR has no note of records relating to the manor.


The MDR has no note of records relating to the manor.

MANORS with subsidiary holdings in St. Austell Parish  (Part 2 of listing)



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