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IMAGES of ORIGINAL CHURCH OF ENGLAND PARISH REGISTERS are now on the FamilySearch website - however, over 50% of the population of Cornwall were members of non-conformist churches after July 1, 1837, and many before that date had ceremonies in the C. of E. because of legal restrictions. If you cannot find a record for a person, please be sure to check the Wesleyan, Bible Christian, and Primitive Christian registers by circuit.

As of January 1, 2012, FamilySearch (the free LDS website) has added images of original parish registers, some of which extend to 1985. The URL is; to locate specific parish registers follow these steps.

1. select "United Kingdom " on left side, about halfway down
2. A choice-list will appear. Click on "England, Cornwall Parish Registers 1538-2010+."
The next screen merely shows Devon or Cornwall. Click on Cornwall.
4. This will bring up a list of parishes, in alphabetical order. All parishes starting with Saint are under "S". Click on your parish of interest.
5. Finally, a list of choices of films for a particular parish will appear. Choose the one you want, and click on it.
6. It will open with the first image. You can change which image is selected by inserting the desired image number in the small box above the image where it says "image xx of xx images"
7. Please note that many of our transcriptions include references to image numbers; these reflect the images on the LDS website.

We have transcriptions of records that are not currently included in their database, and they have records 1910-1985 which we do not have. Please be sure to check both sources frequently for updates.

TRANSCRIPTIONS in the IGI, part of the Family Search website

LDS has transcribed some of the St. Austell Parish Registers, and put them on the standard FamilySearch website. (This is the original, older part of the site.) The URL is If you use P016511, for Holy Trinity, or C065351 and C065361 for Non-Conformist registers, you will only have those transcribed records, which are for the most part accurate. If the "batch numbers" are used, you can search on various criteria that otherwise isn't possible, such as surname only.

Most of these records have been re-transcribed and posted to this website, as well as the new section of the FamilySearch site.

LDS 'standardized' the spelling of many surnames, whereas we have transcribed "as is". Enumerators, vicars, curates, etc. - everyone who kept records - had their own way of spelling before 1860-70; one researcher has found 39 ways his family name was recorded!

Please be aware the LDS transcribers recorded the years BEFORE 1752 as going from January 1 to December 31, while the registers were kept according to the Julian calendar, (aka Old Style), with the year extending from 25 March to 24 March. Our records reflect the Julian calendar, which results in differences with the IGI. Please allow for this difference.

After 1752, when the English calendar was changed by law, our records change also, and the years run January 1 to December 31.




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