Transcribed Church/Parish registers for Baptisms, Marriages, & Burials, and Associated documents such as the Tithe Apportionment Index of 1841, Manorial Documents, Workhouse census records, amd Directory transcriptions from 1783 to 1873. Reference articles on Poor Laws, Manorial Terminology, and use of Aliases are included as well..

PLEASE NOTE: Records in the FreeBMD INDEX refer to the Registration District of St. Austell. This does NOT mean the records are included in the parish records of St. Austell. For a list of parishes within the district, please press above.

To order birth, marriage, or death certificates of records after June, 1837, please visit the General Record Office website; their fee is minimal, and their service very good. Prior to 1837, we only have Church records on which to rely.

The St. Austell Area Genealogy & History website has transcriptions of records that are not currently included in the LDS 'FamilySearch" database. Please be sure to check both sources frequently for updates.

The LDS website has most, if not all, of the original Cornish Church of England parish registers online, for free access; on many of our transcripts, we have included Image Numbers so you can easily access the original entries.

Please be sure to look at the originals, especially if there is any question.



HOLY TRINITY, St. AUSTELL - 1564 - 1900, completed to 1850.

ST. BLAISE, St. BLAZEY - 1710 - 1837; with more to come. (NEW)

NON - CONFORMIST - Primitive & Wesleyan Methodists, within the St. Austell area; Trethurgy Wesleyan to 1867 included.


donated by Bill O'Reilly.
These are limited to St. Austell entries. To access the full Circuit transcriptions, please visit his website.

Taken from the Fowey Circuit records.

ST. MARY'S, PAR (NEW) 1849 through 1900

ST. ANDREW's, TYWARDREATH - 1608 to 1901 (NEW)

ST. PETER'S, TREVERBYN - 1850 to 1900

These are full transcriptions; however, the register contained many problems. You must verify this information with a second source.

ST. PAUL'S, CHARLESTOWN - 1850 - 1900




HOLY TRINITY, St. Austell, 1565 through 1901.

St. BLAZEY'S MARRIAGES - 1710 - 1837 (NEW)

St. EWE BANNS, 1823 to 1849 by bride; by groom

Charlestown Marriages at ST. PAUL's 1848 - 1900

St. MARY'S Par Marriages - 1850 - 1906 (NEW)

St. ANDREW'S Tywardreath Marriages 1710 - June, 1837 (NEW)

St. PETER'S Treverbyn Marriages - 1850 - 1900

Society of Friends   MARRIAGES



HOLY TRINITY, St. Austell 1564 - 1905

St. BLAZEY, St. Blaise 1710 - June, 1837 (NEW)

SOCIETY of FRIENDS - from the Circuit records

CHARLESTOWN, ST. PAUL'S - 1850 to 1903

PAR, ST. MARY'S - 1857 to 1902 (NEW)

TYWARDREATH, ST. ANDREW's - 1642 to 1922 (Coming soon.....)

TREVERBYN, ST. PETER'S - 1850 to 1900

ST. EWE MEMORIALS - alphabetical list of graves, with links

BODMIN, County Asylum- to 1900




BOER WAR - Persons with ties to St. Austell who served in the Boer Wars (1895 to 1903); various regiments

CENSUS - link to Free Cens, an effort to have all British county census returns online for free access; Cornwall is complete. All entries checked by 2 reviewers, to achieve the most accurate results possible.

CHURCHES and CHAPELS - a list of churches, chapels, and the Methodist Circuits which contain records for the parish.

DEATH DUTY REGISTERS - as held in the PRO. Not the same as Probate Records; see below.

HEARTH TAXES, 1664 - returns for occupants of homes with one or more hearths, which combined with the Poll Tax returns below can aid researchers in making informed genealogical connections. Included are returns for St. Austell, St. Blazey and Tywardreath.

HOLY TRINITY MI's, by Jessie Evans - taken from "St. Austell Town, District, People" by Jos. Hammond, LLB,1897. (Not his well-known book.)  To read a valuable article by Hammond regarding "Burials in Holy Trinity", please click HERE.

LAND TAXES-1798-9, for St. Austell - including owners, lessees, and occupiers of land. (4 pages, in recorded order; with sample of original) (NEW)

LAND TAXES-1798-9, for St. Blazey - including owners, lessees, and occupiers of land. (partial pages)

LAND TAXES-1798-9, for Tywardreath - including owners, lessees, and occupiers of land.

LIST of VICARS, HOLY TRINITY, St. Austell - taken from Canon Hammond's book, 1897.

MANORIAL RECORDS - what records still exist, and where they are located, from the Manorial Registry.


MUSTER ROLLS, 1569 - with explanation of war duties

PARLIAMENTARY SURVEY, 1660 - Freeholders, Copyholders, and Leaseholders for Treverbyn Courtney, donated by a friend.

POLL TAX, 1660 - donated by Clive Pinch

POOR RELIEF, ST. EWE - 1795 to 1843 - including Illegitimate children, and those paying for their support, and officials, as well as persons who donated "usual" amounts to help the poor, etc.

POPULATION & OCCUPATIONS, as abstracted from the 1841 census, by order of Parliament - published in 1844

PROBATE RECORDS; Calendar, 1773-1858, Church of England Probate Records. A guide to individuals in the registers, and which LDS film contains the actual data.

PROTESTION RETURNS, 1641 - information and returns; St. Ewe & Tywardreath signers are included. St. Austell did not submit a list of persons, one of only three parishes in the county to not fully comply.

ST. AUSTELL WAR MEMORIAL - a transcription of all war memorials in St. Austell. Photographs of the Celtic Cross by Myra Davey may be seen here.

ST. EWE PARISH CHURCH - Seating arrangements, with names, 1676

St. EWE WAR MEMORIAL - photographs of the Church and the War Memorial with transcriptions and added details. (NEW)

ST. EWE SCHOOL REGISTER - the register of the school, including birth dates of pupils, when they enrolled, when they departed, etc. (NEW)

ST. EWE and MEVAGISSEY TAXES, 1525 & 1543 - list of taxpayers & rates

SUBSIDIES OF 1625 - a transcription of Original Documents held at the National Archives, with the great help of historian Ken Ozanne. Includes St. Austell, Luxulyan, Lostwithiel, St. Allen, St. Anthonie, Mevagissey, Cuby Grampound, Gorren, Kenwyn, Truro, Tywardreath, St. Stephens in Brannel, and Creed.

TITHE APPORTIONMENT INDEX - a transcription of the 1839-40 list of landowners, lessees, and occupier of land in St. Austell, which corresponds to a map held at CRO.

VOTER LISTS - 1851-52, 1852-53, 1856-57, and 1864-65,

for the parish of St. Austell
for the parish of St. Ewe
for the parish of Tywardreath

Per the Cornwall Record Office, voter lists from 1922 onward are available; however, they cannot copy them as they're too tightly bound. Digital photos of the lists are allowed at the CRO, Truro.

WESLEYAN CHAPEL MI's - taken from "The King's England", Wm. Lake, 1867

WORKHOUSE 1841 CENSUS - on this site.

Per the archivist at CRO, St. Austell workhouse information regarding inmates, in the form of such records as admission and discharge registers, and master's report books, have not survived. The minutes did survive, but deal with buildings and finance, and do not refer to individual pauper inmates. Mothers did sometimes give birth in the workhouse, but these births as a matter of course would be registered with the St. Austell registrar after June,1837.

WORKHOUSE 1851 CENSUS - on this site

WORKHOUSE 1861 CENSUS - on this site

WORKHOUSE 1871 CENSUS - on this site

WORKHOUSE 1881 CENSUS - on this site

WORKHOUSE 1891 CENSUS - on this site


Workhouse diet
Status of St. Austell, 1849 - a newspaper story about the Workhouse
(an image of the workhouse is under Photos, St. Austell)


CORNISH USE OF ALIASES - both surnames and forenames- how the use of an alias evolved, and ways of researching them.

POOR LAWS - an explanation of Poor Law practices, such as Parish Apprentices, Legal Settlement, and Union houses.



BAILEY'S   Western and Midland Directory; Merchant's and Tradesman's Companion; for the Year 1783

PIGOT'S 1837 DIRECTORY - containing the names of the coastal ship owners, and other business owners' information

SLAYTER'S ROYAL NATIONAL DIRECTORY - 1852-1853 - a very comprehensive directory, listed by business type, including tallow chandlers, hairdressers, and temperance eating houses. Also lists coastal ships going to London, Bristol, and Plymouth, amongst other things. 4 pages long.


St. Austell and Treverbyn, Mount Charles and Holmbush, Charlestown, Par and St. Blazey.

KELLY'S 1873 DIRECTORY - St. Austell, Holmbush, and Mount Charles businessmen, clubs, etc. - alphabetical



ST. AUSTELL; by Canon Hammond, 1897 - Surname and Place Name Index of the classic book, with a lookup offer from Larry Treverton.

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