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Compiled for the St. Austell Genealogy & History website

Articles and essays regarding the lives of people living in the parishes, including explanations of mines and mining techniques, Sunday School trips, Food Riots, how the Poor House system impacted the District, and mentions of parishes within the District in the West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser newspaper.

Many of these articles have been written by people who love Cornwall, and whose families have lived there for centuries. Other have family ties, but have only been able to visit. They all have developed an expertise over the years, and are willing to share their perceptions, which we greatly appreciate!

The newspaper abstracts are part of a project transcribing the West Briton newspaper; a link to the website for all articles is available.



Charlestown for Sale (NEW) - an article from the Daily Mail Online, regarding the sale of Charlestown port facilities, and two beaches.

A History of St. Blazey - a speech by the Rev. J. Bartlett in 1865; including interesting details about the Civil War, interesting personalities, etc.

A Brief History of St. Ewe - the Church & Parish - by Ivor Herring, circa 1980

The Food Riots in St. Austell -1847- adapted from an article in the West Briton (and associated with it, an account of the trial of the rioters at the QuarterSessions verbatim from the West Briton newspaper.)

Notes from the St. Ewe Registers - 1640's to 1830's - interesting tidbits including parish boundaries in 1630, population in 1841, and petitions to engage a clerk to record BMDs during the Civil War.

The Primitive Methodist Connexion in the St. Austell area - by John Petty, 1860

Statistics and Occupations in St. Austell and Cornwall - population statistics, and a survey of Occupations, abstracted from the 1841 census, published in 1844, by order of the House of Commons.

Status of St. Austell, 1849 - including how the poorhouse Union system was working, the bank failure, and other concerns. Verbatim from the West Briton.

Treverbyn Trevanion - an article appearing in the 1852 West Briton, regarding the ownership of land once within the bounds of Treverbyn Trevanion; includes Carn Rosemary (Carnsmerry), Hallivet, Rosevean, and Rosevear. This article includes later advertisements, and a news article, which explain what happened regarding that land, and why its ownership slipped from the hands of the Trevanions.

CLAY/TIN MINING in the Parish

China Clay Industry of 2010 - by Michael Grey (NEW)

Cornish Cathedrals; Mine Chimney Stacks - by Michael Kiernan, Dec. 2010 (NEW)

Duties of a Mine Agent - by John Vivian
an explanation of what "Mine Captains" or Agents did, by an Agent circa 1850 - and you thought you have a hard job!!! (illustrated)

Tinners and Tin Mining by W. Polkinghorne

Life in the Mines by John Coles

The Cornish Tin Miner, by Sir Francis Bond Head, Bart., 1839, as quoted in the West Briton - from the viewpoint of a noble visitor, unacquainted with mining (illustrated) - with another article, written 50 years before, covering the same territory, but with a decidedly different slant, following.

Life Expectancies of the Cornish Miner - 1840, by Robert Blee, Jnr.

Shining Mountains, Deep Pools - China Clay Mines, by Daphne du Maurier (exerpted from "Vanishing Cornwall, 1966) (illustrated)

Mining in St. Austell District - published in the West Briton newspaper-1839
a geologic, scientific description of the ores, land structures, and mines in the district

TRAVEL in the Parish

Journey through Cornwall -St. Austell, by Cecelia Finnes, 1698

LIVING in the Parish

Leek Seed Wesleyan Chapel, St. Blazey - a precise description from British Heritage

An Abstract of Education in Cornwall, 1833 - a Report by order of the House of Commons, showing details of schools, students, and some details of instructors, for parishes including St. Austell, Fowey, Roche, Mevagissey, and St. Stephens in Brannel.

School Days in St. Austell, 1940's - by Bill Stephens and Gail x.

Schools in the Area - modern day, with links; older schools are being worked on

A Visit to Limpopo; or, a Cornish Sunday School Outing, A. L. Rowse circa 1910 (illustrated)

"Ragged Schools" in Cornwall and St. Austell - by Julia Mosman

My Grandfather's Home, by A.O. Crouse - a short description of the kitchen, cooking, and a glimpse of life in prior times.

Piskies and Spriggans; Folklore in Cornwall - by Julia Mosman

Poor Laws - by Julia Mosman; explains parish relief, criteria for establishing residency, poor rates, poorhouses/workhouses, etc.

St. Austell War Memorial - a listing of the names on all war memorials in St. Austell, linked to photographs of the Cornish Cross memorial and the plaques inside the church - by Myra Novello Davey.

St. Ewe War Memorial - photographs of the Church and the War Memorial (NEW)

A Cornish Hero - Rick RESCORLA , by Julia Symons Mosman (has nothing to do with St. Austell, but should be known)

John William COLENSO, Bishop of Natal - a chronology, and reference material, Yale University

West Briton Newspaper articles and BMD's, associated with St. Austell; the non-underlined entries are years that have been transcribed, but have not been put on this website. They are, however, available on the West Briton website (( )). Articles will be added as quickly as possible to this site.


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Newspaper references from other Newspapers, including obituaries.


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