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For a list of Churches in the Parish please click here.
For a list of Tin Mines in Treverbyn-Courtney Manor, 1591, click here.
For a list of Parishes in the St. Austell Registration District, click here.


Please try a variety of spelling. Census enumerators and others used notoriously original spelling, and some places changed their names, such as Carn Rosemary to Bugle. Other places disappeared as mines expanded, and people moved away as mines closed. Many of the modern-day 'smaller' places had one hundred or more persons living there in the 1800's.

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Following some place names are explanations of their Cornish meaning, taken from the book "Cornish Names" by T. F. G. Dexter, 1926.


For a list of Place Names in Treverbyn-Courtney manor in 1591, click here. See if you can guess which modern-day places were listed!


Multi-Maps, modern day maps Online, zoomable

Get-A-Map, modern day maps, searchable and zoomable - see List of Places for some OS coordinates

Old Maps - their coordinates are not the same as the Ordnance Survey maps; St. Austell is "201500-52500". You can then navigate around the map. Maps of other dates, 6 in all, are shown in a series of 3 beneath the 1888 map; you can choose which to view. The 1888 has many places the 1907 or 1933 does not.

Geograph - an effort to take photos of every OS map section in Britain; coverage varies, but seems to be very good for Cornwall, and St. Austell especially. OS references on the List of Places indicate the OS map section in which that particular place will be found.


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