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BOSCOPPA - a Farm and mine near St. Austell 
The historic Boscoppa farm was just east of Charlestown, west of St. Blazey, across the road from 
Tregrehan Manor, and Boscoppa Mine about 1/2 mile west of the farm.   There were 2 mines named 
Boscoppa; the later mine was described by Dines as 'a small mine in killas country' (that is, where the 
mineral-bearing lode ran through sedimentary rock rather than granite) and was recorded as having produced 
27 tons of black tin during the 1870s, and a little more from openwork in 1899.  It was probably worked by 
just two men. Boscoppa Downs and Common were between the Farm and Holmbush, which was also a village separate from St. Austell. Valerie Brokenshire writes that 'Boscoppa Downs had many mines, and leading from Mr. Allen's farm at Boscoppa is a labyrinth of tunnels, adits and shafts.   It is said that when the mines were all working one could walk from Boscoppa to Crinnis underground.'  Near where the Carlyon Hotel now stands, A.L. Rowse describes a lovely summer afternoon some years earlier, when guests of the Carlyon's, playing lawn tennis in their crisp white linens, felt the ground suddenly collapse into one of those mining tunnels! (At the farm next door, the neighbouring men put up a hay rick ner the house - when they returned the next day, the rick and all the hay had disappeared.) According to R. Morton Nance's " A guide to Cornish Place Names " 3rd Edition, the Cornish meaning of the place name is
 Bos(bod,bo) m.or f.; plural, bossow = dwelling  OR  bos, pl bosow,=bush
Cop= summit According to older walking guides of the Parish, the "old farm buildings" were attractive, and though ruins, still evoked a sense of contentment, as nestled in a lovely woods they looked over the Downs and Commons to the sea.
Current-day maps have a location marked "Boscoppa" which is not the same as the original setting - it's on the far
western side of what once was Boscoppa Downs.

A view similar to one from Boscoppa farm - only this is a bit more distant.


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