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"Around and About..." books have old photographs, contrasted by newer views of the same thing next to them.

"Around and About St. Austell, Then and Now; 1885-1995; A Glimpse into Yesteryear" by Peter Bray, Corran Publications, 2 Corran Cottage, St. Ewe, St. Austell Cornwall PL26 6ER, 52 pgs. - Also found at regional booksellers.

"Around and About St. Austell, Then and Now; 1880-1930" by Peter Bray, Corran Publications, 2 Corran Cottage, St. Ewe, St. Austell Cornwall PL26 6ER

"Around and About St. Austell, Then and Now; 1903-1933" by Peter Bray, Corran Publications, 2 Corran Cottage, St. Ewe, St. Austell Cornwall PL26 6ER

"Around and About Clay Country, Then and Now; 1822-1924" by Peter Bray, Corran Publications, 2 Corran Cottage, St. Ewe, St. Austell Cornwall PL26 6ER

"Tregrehan Mills, St. Austell, Cornwall; a record of its development and history " by Valerie Brokenshire, self-published, 1985.

"Tregrehan Mills; A Village Portrait " by Valerie Brokenshire; a small booklet, full of history, photographs, and personalities. 48 pgs. 5.5' x8.0"


"St. Austell; pocket images" by Valerie Brokenshire, Stroud Gloucestershire, Nonsuch Publishing, 2005. ISBN 1-84588-184-2.   Over 200 old, archived photographs, and history, in a paperback book about 4" x 6"; 128 pgs.

"Around St. Austell; Circular Walks from Pentewan to Par" Bob Acton, Landfall Walks Books No. 10, Landfall Publications, 1992 ISBN 1-873-443-03X    Interesting details, and lots of mining information

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"St. Austell: Church, Town, Parish" by A.L. Rowse, St. Austell, H.L. Warne, 1960. 88 pgs, hardback. A very valuable history of the town and surrounding areas.

"A Cornish Childhood" A.L. Rowse, New York and London, Clarkson N. Potter, Inc./Crown Publishers, 1942 & 1979 A very good depiction of village life in the early 1900's, especially relating to Tregonissey.

"A Cornish Parish, being an account of St. Austell Town, Church, and District" by Canon Hammond, 1887. Available online for free, and downloadable, at Google Books, or available through used book dealers and libraries. Detailed, less personal history of the parish.

"The Book of St. Austell; the story of a china-clay town" Cyril Bunn, Buckingham, Barracuda Books, 1978. ISBN 086-023-0597

"West Country Farms: House-and-Estate Surveys 1598-1764" by Nat Alcock and Cary Carson, Oxford, Oxbow Books, 2007. 248pgs. Detailed information regarding the actual houses, outbuildings, and farm buildings used at those times. Specifically deals with Treverbyn Farm and Manor, as one of the twenty properties detailed. ISBN 13-978-1-84217-299-5

"Charlestown" by Richard and Lydia Larn, Tormark Press, 1994 ISBN 0952-3971-0 A history of the port, including a transcript of the 1851 census, and an index.

"Clay Country Remembered: Recollections of a St. Austell Boyhood" R.S. Best, Truran, 1986. 150 pgs. ISBN 185-022-0220

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"CORNWALL and It's People: Being a New Impression of the Composite work" by A.L. Hamilton Jenkins -includes [previously published individual works] "Cornish Seafarers" 1932; "Cornwall and the Cornish" 1933; Cornish homes and Customs" 1934. New York, A.M. Kelley, publisher, 1970 ISBN 185-0220-73
This is by far the best book written about Cornish Society, its beliefs and behaviours, to be found. Cannot be too highly recommended - and has not been duplicated.


"CORNWALL in the 17th Century" James Whetter


"TUDOR CORNWALL" A.L. Rowse, Redruth, Dyllansow Truran, 19

"Handbook of Cornish Surnames" C. Pawley White, Dyllansow Truran, 1972









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