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Notes from the St Ewe registers


The Civil War started in 1642, Charles I was executed at the end of January 1648/9. Cromwell was made Lord Protector in 1653 and he died in September 1658. Charles II was invited to return to the throne in 1660.

During this period, the “Commonwealth Gap” 1653-1660, many parish records were interrupted. Cromwell himself was not keen on the established church and during his ‘reign’ marriages were not allowed to be celebrated in the parish church and he apparently appointed a person in the parish to record baptisms and burials. Some vicars tried to record events retrospectively after the monarchy was restored in 1660, but many of our ancestors disappear into this gap.

In St Ewe, the gaps in the records are Baptisms 1646-1652; Marriages spotty 1642-1659, much information missing from entries; Burials spotty 1645-1660.


Some time around 1646 (not dated) the leading men of St Ewe attempted to appoint Nicholas Carkeete to keep the records. The page records the signatures of those for and against, with some joking remarks inserted in the upper right section. They perhaps didn’t take it very seriously.

LDS Film 246792 Image 115


Wee the inhabitants of the Pshe of Ewa, do nominate and make wheise [wish?] of Nicholas Carkeete as an able man, for the keeping of the register booke, and to be register for our paid of it.


Hugh Penkeevell gent.

Hugh Penkeewell gent

John Robins gent.

Thomas Didimus and the rest of the Doz & half

John Williams

Judas Iscariot, Peter denyed

Jo Robins Jun.

Uryn Harris

John Broad

Jermen [Jerome] James

John Henwood

Richard Hancock

George Smyth gent

Tho. Williams

Henry Martine

Richard Randle

Roger Luney

William Croft refused?

Robert Williams

Thomas Hickes denyed

Thomas Mander

Balsemus Hooker would not

Edward Mander


William Bennett

signed below Nicholas Carkeete

Theophylus Trypconey gent


Edward Wise

Ja Daniells

John Jago


William Mewdon


John Bennett



The parishioners refusing to allow five shillings per annum for keeping of the register there was none kept for the years [1675] and 1676. Only these two [entries] were entered by me Joseph Maye Clerk.

The entries were

1675 – Ruth the daughter of Antony SLADE by Abigail his wife baptized 29 November.

1676 – Elizabeth the daughter of Stephen COOKE by Agnes his wife baptized 2 January.

LDS Film 246792 Image 130.



Inscribed on the Front page of the “Register Booke of St Tue als St Ewe Beginning from the Year of our Lord 1687”


The weather cock on ye steeple was taken down Novemb ye 3d 1696 and sett up again ye 4 th of ye same month by Edward Williams ye Churchwarden and Artist.


Was taken down, gilded, and sett up again March ye 17 th1701.


The weather cock on the steeple was taken down, Decr. 5 th1753, gilded, and sett up again the 8 th of the same month by Henry Mudge of Eggbuckland.

LDS Film 1595533 Image 184


(original page torn along the side)

Mary Jenkins of the Parish of Lawarneck in the County of Cornwall came before me one of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace in and for the said county, and made oath as follows That the Body of Swete Nicholas Archer Esqr. lately deceased was wrapt in Linnen wh[en] it was put into the Coffin, that she saw the Coff[in] screwed down, and that he is intended to be bur[ied] in manner aforesaid contrary to the Statute fo[r] burying in Woollen only.

Sworn 10 th November 1788. X the sign of Mary J[enkins]

Before W. Carpenter

LDS Film 246792 Image 268 (1788)



St Ewe Febry 9 1807

Note: this is a memorandum of what has been many years the custom in the Parish of St Ewe, for every Person Buried, not being a legal Parishioner, whether Pauper or not, the Sum of five Shillings which is a double Fee, also the Sum of six Shillings & Eightpence is to be demanded for braking the Burial ground, this charge is to be made, before the Corpse is Inter’d.

John Cregoe, Rector


Page 101 in the Baptisms register (1831)

Memorandum relating to the Account of ye population of Great Britain (as respects St Ewe) according to ye Act of Parliament 2 nd George 4th comprising ye Period of ten years viz from year 1821 to the year 1830 both inclusive



245 males varying from 34 to 16 in the year

203 Females varying from 32 to 11

448 Total



133 Males varying from 18 to 8 in the year

115 Females varying from 19 to 6

248 Total



Total 111


Amount of population in the Parish of St Ewe as taken in the year 1830

887 Males

812 Females

1699 Total




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