Our Family History ~ Photographs


We were cleaning out the Study one day when we came across a few boxes that had not been unpacked since we moved here several years ago. One of these boxes was filled entirely with framed photographs. I dragged the box, ever so slowly, into the Den to ask my dad who they were. We scanned the pictures onto the computer and have he has since labeled them all. This is what was in the box, if you are a family member and would like a full size picture please email me and I will send you a copy.



My Grandfather and Grandmother, Eugene Anson Stead Jr. & Evelyn Emogene Selby

My grandfather's brother, William Stead
* Died on July 8th 2004

My great grandfather, Eugene Anson Stead Sr.

My grandmother's mother, Harriet Belle Selby


Harriet's parents, Carrie Emogene Brooks & Frederick Joseph Wallace

Carrie Emogene Brooks

Harriet Belle Selby, Frederick Joseph Wallace, & Evelyn Emogene Selby


Evelyn's "Uncle West" and his wife, Wesley G. Brooks & Mabel Martindale Brooks

  66 Lincoln St, owned by Anna Sands, a friend of Harriet's.

34 Kensington Ave, Meriden where Evelyn grew up. It was sold in 1934 after her grandfather's death.