Our Family History ~ Evelyn Emogene Selby Stead's Records

Evelyn Emogene Selby Stead's Records


During our trip to the lake house of my grandparents in the summer of 2004, I came across a scrapbook that my grandmother had made detailing what she remembered about the Selby and Wallace sides of the family. This would be her mother and father's lines. I have since been in the process of duplicating the scrapbook. In it contains several pictures and details about individual family members. I have included most of the pictures that were in it, but the people who had pages and pages of pictures I left a few out of. The explanations of what was recorded in the scrapbook are summaries that I have written, my grandmother's writings will be in quotes.



The picture to the left is that of my grandmother, Evelyn Stead, with her mother, Harriett, and her grandmother, Carrie. Carrie was born in November 1861. The picture on the right is Evelyn with her grandfather, Frederick, "at the shore" when she was six months. Frederick was born in September 1859. My guess is that she is also six months in the first picture.

    "These pictures were culled from many saved by my mother. She was born Harriett Belle Wallace in Meriden, Conn., Dec. 12, 1889.* She was the only one of five siblings to live to grow up and was the youngest of the five. Her brother Wheeler was killed at age 12 when running with a blow-pipe in his mouth, he fell. The blow pipe punctured his throat. I believe Carrie and Edward died of diphtheria. I do not know about the fifth child. These four and my grandparents are buried in Walnut Grove Cemetery, Meriden. My grandparents were Frederick Joseph Wallace and Carrie Emogene Brooks. My grandfather was from Massachusetts. Before coming to Meriden he lived on Wallace Hill near Townsend, Mass., and in Plymouth, Mass. My grandmother was from in or near Meriden. *d. Apr. 1, 1984"

Written: Jan. 1983


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