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Ebbets Family History Book  


The History and Genealogy

of a New York Family

Revised Edition

Ebbets Field
The definitive history and genealogy of the Ebbets family of New York.  Over 450 pages, richly illustrated with photographs, maps and signatures.  Ebbets Field, designed and built by Charlie Ebbets, then president of the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team, opened for the 1913 baseball season.

All new Revised Edition is now available for $75 postpaid.

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Ebbets Genealogy

For those who are interested in the genealogical details of the family history, the complete database is posted on the RootsWeb genealogical Website.  That database can be found here.

To join in the discussion about the Ebbets family, please visit our Ebbets Family History Facebook page here.


Preface to the Original Edition
Preface to the Revised Edition


First Generation
    Daniel Ebbets (ca. 1664–1725) m. Eleanor Chapman

Second Generation
    Daniel Ebbets (1712–1771) m. Marytje Van Vorst
    Richard Ebbets  (1717–bef. 1788) m. Jannetje Waldron
    John Ebbets (ca. 1720–ca. 1760) m/1 1747 Margaret Smith; m/2 1758 Margaret [—?—] Smith

Third Generation
    Daniel Ebbets  (1739–1807) m. Catherine Smith
    Daniel J. Ebbets  (1752–1842) m. Elizabeth Kip

Fourth Generation
    “Captain” John Ebbets  (1775–1835) m. Sarah Woodard
    John B. Ebbets  (1781–1841) m/1 Sarah Baxter; m/2 Elizabeth Kniffin
    Daniel Ebbets  (1785–1855) m. Ann Stanbury
    Richard Ebbets  (1788–1824) m. Cornelia Wetmore
    James Ebbets  (1790–1877) m. Mary A. [—?—] (perhaps Mary Ann Van Derveer)
    Edward N. Ebbets  (1794–1860) m. Elizabeth Resler

Fifth Generation
    John Jacob Astor Ebbets  (1813–1861) m. Catherine Vanderburgh
    John Augustus Nicoll Ebbets  (1823–1854) m. Amanda M. Heath
    Daniel Ebbets  (1804–1863) m/1 Temperance Fish;  m/2 Joanna K. Byram
    John B. Ebbets  (1824–1888) m. Ann Maria Quick
    Edward A. Ebbets  (1821–1909) m/1 Catherine Anna Arcularius ; m/2 Mary Jane Clyde
    William Henry Ebbets  (1825–1890) m. Sarah Mansfield Talmadge
    Arthur Mercein Ebbets  (1830–1903) m/1 Charlotte White Penniman; m/2 Elizabeth Ann Stevenson
    James Ebbets  (1815–1897) m. Catharine A. Wood
    Edward Nicol Ebbets  (1833–1902) m. Mary L. Hall

Sixth Generation
    George Augustus Ebbets  (1843–1887) m. Alida McKee
    William Henry Ebbets  (1826–1884) m. Catherine Hassett
    Martin Emmons Ebbets  (1837–1886) m. Josephine Graham
    Joseph Preston Ebbets  (1847–1899) m. Mary Chivris Ferdon
    George Webb Ebbets  (1847–1911) m. Alice Marie Olms
    John B. Ebbets  (1852–1909) m. Katherine A. Tallon
    James Tunis Ebbets  (1854–1913) m. Mary Elizabeth Moore
    Charles Henry/Hercules Ebbets  (1859–1925) m/1 Minnie Frances Amelia Broadbent ; m/2 Grace Eleanor Slade
    William Snell Ebbets  (1861–1904) m. Laura Isabella Quackenbush
    George Arcularius Ebbets  (1843–1902) m/1 Mary C. Hankins; m/3 Lottie P. Hall; m/4 Kate L. [—?—]
    Edward A. Ebbets  (1845–1930) m. Annie Cortissos
    Thomas Bell Ebbets  (1849 –1894) m. Emma Ida Velsor
    James Gilbert Ebbets  (1867–1935) m/1 Mary Francis Jarvis; m/2 Bertha Leaton
    Samuel Clyde Ebbets  (1870–1958) m/1 Flora C. Fowler; m/2 Minnie Aliene West
    John Augustus Ebbets  (1880–1928) m/1 Eva M. [—?—]; m/2 Isabelle Bland
    William Tallmadge Ebbets (a.k.a. John W. Burton )  (1851–1920) m/1 Annie Wollensak; m/2 Martha Jane Rogers; m/3 Annie Byrd Cooper
    Henry G. “Harry” Ebbets  (1855–1931) m/1 Abby Etta Foss;  m/2 Honora “Nora” Driscoll
    Frank Lowe Ebbets  (1863–1947) m/1 Grace [—?—]; m/2 Agnes Bund
    Charles O’Connor Ebbets  (1874–1937) m. Catherine “Kittie” Meyer
    Arthur Stevenson Ebbets  (1872–1922) m. Jean Jeffrey Smedberg
    Ebenezer W. “Edward” Ebbets  (1838–1908) m/1 Anna J. Boyd; m/2 Josephine R. Currier; m/3 Clara Lena Gebhardt
    James Ebbets, Jr.  (1844–1918) m/1 Margaret W. McNurney; m/2 Caroline A. “Carrie” Boden
    Harry Vandervere Ebbets  (1848–1897) m/1 Anna Eliza Hunter; m/2 Ida E. Stackhouse
    William Everett Ebbets  (1852–1911); m/1 Emma Charlotte Leichert; m/2 Emilie/Annie Hyde

Seventh Generation
    Daniel Ebbets  (1851–1893) m. Mary Ella Dougherty
    William Andrew Ebbets  (1855–1893) m. Nellie Estella Murphy
    John Palmer Ebbets  (1866–1931) m. Sarah C. “Sadie” Chipman
    Joseph Preston Ebbets  (1867–1933) m/1 Ruth Agnes Mann; m/2 Mary Frances Carroll
    George Webster Ebbets  (1873–1927) m/1 Annie R. Meringer; m/2 Johanna “Hannah” Edom
    William Olms Ebbets  (1883–1956) m. Ida Virginia Denney
    John Worden Ebbets  (1890–1941) m. Pearl Estelle Bradford
    Raymond Henry Ebbets  (1894–1987) m. Olga Von Wallmenich
    Arthur Henry “Artie” Ebbets  (1881–1959) m/1 Lola E. Overman; m/2 Katharine Sheed; m/3 Alice Wilson Ware
    Herbert Joseph Ebbets (1884–1950) m. Mae Edna Trant
    Charles H. Ebbets, Jr.  (1879–1944) m. Martha Joan “Mattie” Ronayne
    Charles Hall Ebbets  (1877–1968) m. Florence H. Hall
    Benjamin Thomas “Ben” Ebbets  (1882–1967) m/1 Anna Stockman; m/2 Mabel Seigel
    John Albert “Al” Ebbets  (1885–1968) m. Wilhelmina “Minnie” Johnston
    Edward Russell “Russ” Ebbets  (1889–1972) m. Mary Finnegan
    Richard Borden “Dick” Ebbets  (1891–1978) m. Hilda Annett Mullin
    Charles Clyde Ebbets  (1905–1978) m/1 Josephine E. Ward; m/2 Mary F. Green; m/3 Laurie Chase; m/4 Joyce Russo
    Eugene LeWarne Ebbets (1906
–2001) m. Annie Mae Henton
    William Everett Ebbets  (1869–1936) m. Josephine Flower Ohlsen

Eighth Generation
    Warner Addison Ebbets  (1887–1943) m. Edith Elizabeth Morgan
    Carl Chipman Ebbets  (1904–1955) m. Mary Decker
    Keith Palmer Ebbets  (1904–1990) m. Ferne Wiswell Hinden
    Joseph James Joe Ebbets  (1907–1985) m. Louise Margaret Dixon
    Gerard Aloysius Roddy Ebbets  (1913–1985) m. Frances Mary Phelps
    Raymond Bernard Ebbets  (1918–2009) m. Jane Cole
    Charles William Chuck Ebbets  (1927–1993) m. June Marie Rose
    John James Ebbets  (1912–1961) m. Eleftheria M. Lauretta Georgiades
    Charles Henry Chick Ebbets 3rd  (1905–1963) m. Mary Delphine Scott
    Charles Edward Ed Ebbets  (1912–2000) m. Ruth Smith
    Robert Roger Ebbets  (1912–1983) m. Margaret Dennis
    John Albert Jack Ebbets  (1916–1973) m. Onorina Nora Silvestri
    James Russell Russ Ebbets  (1917–2008) m. Mary Elizabeth Doherty
    Richard Borden Dick Ebbets  (1918–1993) m/1 Joan Ericson; m/2Peggy Smotherman; m/3 Evelyn (Williams) Thompson
    Henry Bell Ebbets  (1920–  ) m. Ruth DeGeorge
    Arthur Ivan Art Ebbets  (1922–  ) m. Mary Lillian Lili Hollingsworth
    Charles Clyde Ebbets, Jr.  (1933–  ) m. Louise Morris May
    Charles Chobee Ebbets  (1951–  ) m/1 Nancy Louise Shannon; m/2 Rebecca Ann Becky Lambert
    Bruce Allen Ebbets  (1956–  ) m. Crystal Diane Day
    William Aymer Bill Ebbets  (1891–1954) m. Anna Elizabeth Hancock

Appendix 1: Ebbets Family Charts
Appendix 2: Ebbets Census Citations
Appendix 3: Green-Wood Cemetery
Appendix 4: Other Ebbets Families
Index of Names
Index of Places
Index of Subjects

This work is the results of over 20 years of research and presents much new information on this significant New York family.
Expanded from Seven to Eight Generations, with the addition of many new persons, pictures, and stories.

“Ted has produced a work that meets the highest standards of the field and is clearly one of the best
family histories produced in recent years. . . .  Ebbets: The History and Genealogy of a New York Family
is a book that anyone interested in American history should take the time to read.”

     Harry Macy, Jr., FASG, Editor, The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record.

“. . . this beautiful book by St. Louis genealogist Ted Steele, who has masterfully pulled together a wonderful blend of traditional genealogy and the equally as important family history that helps bring all the Ebbetses back to life.”

     Roger D. Joslyn, CG, FGRS, FASG

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