Ancestors of Edward Eugene STEELE


So... Who is Ted Steele?


Ted Steele was born in Los Angeles, California, where he attended Hamilton High School.  He received his B.S. degree in Physics from Grinnell College (Iowa) and did graduate work in Physics and Business Administration at Cornell University (New York).  He is retired from Monsanto Company in St. Louis after a long career in Information Technology.

Ted's two sons live in Denver, Colorado and Austin, Texas.
Ted and his wife, Judy, live in University City, a suburb of  St. Louis, Missouri.

Ted began his family history research in the 1970s. He is a member of

He is a past President and has also served many terms on the Board of the St. Louis Genealogical Society.

Ted is an active lecturer on a variety of genealogical topics.
For information on Ted's lecture topics, click Here.

 My publication of
  A Steele Family History 

was awarded First Prize as the Best Family History in the
Connecticut Society of Genealogists’ 2002 Literary Awards contest.

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The History and Genealogy of the
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From the research done to date, Ted is:
79.6% English
9.4% French
6.2% Scottish
3.1% German
1.5% Dutch
0.2% Irish
Which adds up to:
100% American

Some Brief Remarks

The family history information presented here has been extracted from my home database.
I use Roots Magic to record my genealogical data.  While the extract I use for this Web Site is fairly complete, I may have additional information on these ancestors in my home database.  I also post my data on the WorldConnect site at RootsWeb.

Please send me an email message if you have a question on anything you find here.

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No genealogical infomation is worthwhile if it is not documented with an adequate source citation.  For that reason, I have included my list of sources for each Family History on this web site. Please be aware, however, that these pages are very large.  if you click on a source code number, it may take a while for the source page to load.  Sorry, but that's how it works....

I welcome correspondence on these families, including (of course) corrections or additions. I am happy to share this information with other genealogical researchers who are pursuing these same lines.

And... What's on this Web Site?

This Web Site presents the results of over 30 years of research.
There are two Family Histories here to choose from....

The STEELE Family presents the ancestors of Ted Steele.
It is mostly a Colonial New England family.

The WOOD Family presents the ancestors of Ted's first wife, Sheryl Wood.
It presents some Colonial New England, the Colonial South,
and some French and German lines.

But, before you go dashing off to the Family Histories,
there are some other pages here that also might be of interest to you.
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  Mayflower Ancestors
  Founders of Hartford

  Revolutionary War Ancestors

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In the course of gathering all this Family History information,
I have found some interesting stories.

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in which Ted's ancestors departed this life.

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No Family History is worthwhile without proper documentation.
To assist in understanding the sources I used , I have provided a
Bibliography of the major published sources used
to compile these Family Histories.
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to see this Bibliography.

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