Female Mining Deaths: 1851-1913 - England
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Surname First Type YR MM DD Age Occ Pit Owner Town Description
DAVIES Ada 1865 2 13    Not occupied  Woodbridge  Woodbridge Coal Co Pontyeats  Killed by getting entangled in machinery.
GRIFFITHS Hannah Jane 1904 11 10 16 Stone picker Waunhir Trimsaran Co Ltd   Run over while attempting to cross the sidings between two loaded trucks during shunting operations.
HALL Eliza Jane 1873 7 8 16  Tindresser  Ding Dong (metalliferous)  Ding Dong Mining Co Gulval  Crushed between cog wheels. During the dinner hour she in spite of warnings from other girls persisted in jumping onto the crown wheel of the whim andriding round. At last her leg caught between the wheel and pinion and she died from her injuries.
NOY Elizabeth 1874 8 1 8  Tin Dresser  Morvah Consuls (metalliferous)  Morvah Consuls Mining Co Morvah  Fell from floor of an engine house to lower one.
BOTTRELL Rebecca (injured) 1888 5 16 16  Tindresser  Wheal Agar (metalliferous)   Redruth  Went to speak to a lad away from her working place and got her dress entangled in the gear of the dipper wheel. Seriously bruised. The shafting was properly fenced. .
MARTIN Annie (non-fatal) 1892 4 13 23  Spaller  Dolcoath (metalliferous)  Dolcoath Mining Co Camborne  Hand crushed by the crank of engine driving the stone-breaker she having thoughtlessly leaned up against the engine pillar.
HARRIS Ada 1896 12 29 8  Child  East Pool  Dressing Floor  Having accompanied her sister with her Father's dinner to the East Pool Dressing Floors where he was employed  strayed from the footpath and getting on top of the Arsenic Flues  fell through receiving injuries from which she died on the 9th January 1897. The iron plates coveting the flues seem to have been corroded and were not fenced off from the footpath this however has since been done.  . Deaths not Compromised
HINES Mary 1869 8 28 40  Picker  Flimby  Flimby Colliery Co Maryport  Crushed by tubs on surface incline.
RODGERSON Jane 1881 6 1 55  Coal cleaner  Ellenborough  Maryport Haematite Iron Co Maryport  Crushed by waggons.
HIGH Mary 1888 11 2 34  Coal cleaner  Clifton  Buckbill Allerdale Coal Co Clifton  Caught by revolving shaft driving screen belt.
IRELAND Hannah Mary 1899 3 1 17  Coal picker  Buckhill  Alleradel Coal Co Ltd  Inspection made and inquest attended. While improperly passing across picking belt in motion the deceased fell on the edge of the frame received injuries from which he died on March 11th.
MCKINNEY Annie 1905 8 16 11 Schoolgirl Whitehaven Whitehaven Colliery Co   The coal from the Croft pit is taken by a locomotive to an incline down which the wagons are run to the harbour.  The road inclines a little from the pit. A train of 18 loaded wagons was being taken to the incline and in some way the last wagon was became uncoupled and deceased who was trespassing on the railway collecting coal that had fallen from trains had not noticed the uncoupled wagon which followed the train ran by gravity and she was caught by it. The coupling is a chain and some of the couplings were not in very good order.
SKELLY Margaret Ann 1906 7 23 17 Screener Whitehaven Whitehaven Colliery Co Ltd   Died July 27. New screens erected in connection with the sinking and fitting-up of the Ladysmith Pit close to the Croft Pit had been in operation for about 7 weeks and new work was still being added. The manager had given instructions to fence all the more dangerous parts and this had been accomplished and men were busy completing the fencing. Deceased was employed picking stones from the coal passing along on a travelling belt and occasionally she shovelled the refuse down a shoot where it fell into wagons below. On the floor on which she worked there was a space of 16 feet 3 inches from the belt to the side of the building and within 1 foot 9 inches of the side and 1 foot 6 inches from the floor a shaft 3 inches in diameter revolved 70 times per minute  and within about 3 feet of one of the shoots there was  a carriage for the shaft and on each side of it a ring was placed round the shaft secured by two set screws the squared end of which projected 0.5 inch; the rings were fixed on the shaft to prevent longitudinal movement. Deceased was standing near the carriage and her skirts which were about 6 inches from the floor were caught by a set screw of one Of the rings and she was drawn in and carried round several times before the machinery was stopped. The nearly plain shaft did not look particularly dangerous but where girls and women are working anything revolving is always a source of danger. and should be carefully fenced.
WALLIS Eliza 1866 2 21 11  Not employed  Monkwood  Plevins and Co Ltd Chesterfield  Run over while gathering coal on the heap.
LINSEY Minnie 1889 7 12 2  Child  Bathurst Main  Bathurst Firebrick Co Bolsover  Run over by a train of tubs upon a branch tramway leading from the colliery to a brickyard. The child had strayed upon the tramway.
DAVIDSON Elizabeth 1889 7 30 50  Woman  Alma  Thomas Holdsworth ClayCross  Crushed between railway waggons whilst crossing the colliery sidings.
COLLIER Emma 1896 4 7 12  Child  Granville  Granville Colliery Co Deceased was taking her father's breakfast and was run over by a railway truck in the colliery sidings.
MASON Mary 1863 12 7 53  Not employed  Seaham  Marchioness of Londonderry Seaham  Crushed by surface waggons.
URWIN Ann 1867 12 18 7  Not employed  Mickley Cookson Liddell and Co Gateshead  Run over by waggons while gathering coals.
DENHAM Hannah 1897 10 8 7  Girl  Newfield  Bolckow Vaughan and Co Ltd  When crossing a railway crossing she was caught by an empty waggon and killed.
ROSEBERRY Mary 1898 11 22 14  None  Harraton  Lambton Collieries Ltd  When two waggons were passing her she slipped her foot on the ice and was thrown in front of the last waggon which ran over her and broke both thighs and the left arm. Died five hours afterwards. .
RICHARDSON Margaret 1906 2 18   Married woman Pelton Owners of Pelton colliery Ltd   Poisoned by gases issuing from a burning rubbish heap adjacent to her house. 
CROW Lilian 1904 7 2 4 Girl     Ramsgate Was killed by falling into a chalk pit at Cemtery Road on or about 2nd July.
CASTLE Lilian 1904 7 2 5 Girl     Ramsgate Fell into a pit near Hereson Road and was killed.
YATES Mary 1854 1 21      Sankey Brook  Sankey Brook Coal Co. St.Helens  Run over by railway wagon.
FARRIMON Elizabeth 1854 10 3 16    Spring  Thomas Pearson Wigan  Run over by railway wagon near pit.
MARSH Mary 1854 11 25      Orrell  W.H. Brancker and Co. Wigan  Injured on surface railway.
MOSS Ann 1855 1 22      Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Works  Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Co. Wigan  Crushed by wagon in Arley pit.
NORCROSS Susannah 1855 12 10      Blackbrook Bromilow Brother and Sothern St.Helens  Caught in machinery.
GOLDING Mary 1856 8 23      Pemberton  Jonathan Blundell and Son Wigan  Being run over by arailway truck near the pit bank.
FISHER Mary 1857 12 8      Sankey Brook  Sankey Brook  Coal Co. St.Helens  Crushed between coal trucks at surface.
MOSS Jane 1861 10 17 21  Labourer  Blackleyhurst  Samuel Stock St.Helens  Run over by locomotive on tramway.
PENNINGTON Mary 1861 10 22      Ince Hall  Ince Hall  Coal Co Wigan  Crushed between flywheel of engine and foundation.
CUNLIFFE Alice 1861 11 2 13  Wagon filler  Blackeyhurst  Samuel Stock St.Helens  Crushed betwen two waggons on surface.
EDEN Sarah 1862 8 8 23  Labourer  Blackbrook  Bromilow Bros and Co St.Helens  Falling into shaft from surface.
KNOWLES Margaret 1864 1 6    Labourer  Haydock  Richard Evans and Co St.Helens  Crushed by loaded truck on surface.
BARKER Margaret 1865 2 23 17  Coalsetter  The Springs  Pearson and Knowles Wigan  Crushed between coal trucks above ground.
HIGHCOCK Ann 1865 7 5 19  Coal dresser  Sankeybrook  Sankey Brook Coal Co St.Helens  Falling from one stage to another about 7 feet along the pit-box she was pushing.
BROADHURST Sarah 1865 9 9 29  Coaldresser  Kirkless Hall  Kirkless Hall  Coal and Iron Co Wigan  From injuries by coal trucks on surface railway.
BERRY Lucy 1865 11 15 36  Coalscreener  Blackeyhurst  Samuel Stock St.Helens  Crushed between coal screen and loaded tub.
APPLETON Alice 1866 3 15 16  Coal cleaner  Rainford  Walmesley and Co St.Helens  Attempting to cross the line when the trucks were moving.
TABES Hannah 1867 11 6 32  Labourer  California  Wigan Coal and Iron Co Wigan  Crushed by coal trucks on surface.
ROBY Lydia 1868 12 22 17  Labourer  Blackeyhurst  Samuel Stock St.Helens  Coal cleaner.
HACKETT Alice 1871 2 3 20  Coalcleaner  Hindley  Wigan Iron and Coal Co Wigan  From a wound in the leg by a fork above ground.
WINSTANLEY Sarah 1871 7 5 30  Coalcleaner  Blackeyhurst  Samuel Stock St.Helens  Run over by a coal truck above ground.
MOLYNEAUX Ellen 1872 5 24 26  Sreener  Garswood Park  William Whalley St.Helens  Crushed by waggons.
LEATHERBARROW Mary 1873 11 8 56  Screener  Haydock  Richard Evans and Co Haydock  Killed on railway at Level Crossing by an engine and waggons.
WALKDEN Ellen 1874 8 1 18  Screener  Ladies Lane  Wigan Coal and Iron Co Ltd Wigan  Run over by waggons
WALLS Ann 1874 8 13 55  Screener  Bradshaw  Wigan Coal and Iron Co Wigan  Crushed between waggon and wall.
HARRISON Tryphena 1877 9 1 25  Browoman  Queen  Richard Evans and Sons Haydock  Felll down pit from surface.
ATHERTON Annie (injured) 1879 12 4 19  Screener  Hewlett  Wigan Coal and Iron Co Ltd Westhoughton  Foot crushed by being caught in machinery on surface. No.1 Pit.
CATTERAL Mary 1880 3 14 20  Screener  Brynn Moss  Smethurst Hoyle and Grime Wigan  Found drowned in the canal at colliery. There was no evidence to show how the accident occurred.
LEDBURY Mary (injured) 1880 12 2 22  Waggon timmer  Hewlett No.1  Wigan Coal and Iron Co Ltd Westhoughton  Shaken. Falling off a railway waggon in the siding.
KING Matilda 1881 5 9 16  Screener  Pemberton  J Blundell and Sons Wigan  Inquest attended.  The deceased and another girl were engaged cleaning up the screens and she went to push a waggon under the screen to put the rubbish in when some others were pushed against it by two men who were not aware of her presence and she was crushed between the buffers. There was no necessity for her to touch the waggon and she had been specially warned a few days previously on no account to interfere with any of the waggons.
JONES Priscilla 1881 5 12 4  Child  Robinhill    Killed by a tub which rolled down dirt heap where she had been placed by an aunt. Not comprised.
SALE Martha 1881 7 17 35    Haughton    Married woman committed suicide by getting over fence and jumping down shaft. Not comprised.
TAYLOR Ellen 1882 7 11 15  Screener  Bamfurlong  Cross Tetley and Co Ltd Wigan  Inspection made.  Deceased fell into a tank of hot water when she went to fill her can  and was scalded to death. The tank was 2 feet square and 8 feet high  and appeared to be perfectly safe.
EASTHAM Jane 1884 2 21 20  Screener  Hindley Green  J Scowcroft and Co Wigan  Inquest attended. The deceased and some other girls were passing between the buffers of some waggons which were standing a few feet apart when some other waggons where  were  being lowered ran too fast  owing to the slippery state of the rails and bumping up against the standing waggons knocked them over the scotches. The manager promised to make such arrangements that it would not be necessary for the girls to cross the line  in future.
ATHERTON Elizabeth 1884 5 1    Screener  White Moss  White Moss Coal Co Ltd Skelmersdale  According to the medical evidence the woman died in Aug. from an ulcerated stomach. After her death  however the man with whom she lived stated that she had been injured at the colliery on the 1st May. Inquiries were made and it was found that she had had a slight blow through her dress catching in the nut of a revolving shaft and that she was off work for a day or two  but she subsequently worked till she left the colliery and got employment elsewhere.
HILTON Theresa (injured) 1884 5 15 16  Coal picker  Hic-Bibi  Ellerbeck Collieries Ltd  A prop which she put in front of her waggon was thrown against her.
KAY Mary 1885 6 16 24  Coal picker  Hindley Green  John Scowcroft and Co Wigan  Deceased was at work in a waggon when she was struck by a tub which fell down the screen having by some means slipped out of the tippler.
TURTON Faith 1886 1 15 16  Waggon timmer  Deep  Wigan Coal and Iron Co Ltd Hindley  Inspection made and inquest attended. The  wagon lowerer lowered some waggons without looking to see that the road in front was clear and his waggons struck against the one the woman was on and knocked her off under the wheels. .
BIRCHALL Mary 1886 7 9 39  Pitbrow woman  Queen  Richard Evans and Co Ltd Haydock  Inspection made and inquest attended. The waggon lowerer was lowering the waggon down to the next screen when deceased who was in the waggon was crushed against the screen shoot. The deceased told the  man to lower the waggon but she must have been taken by surprise as she could easily have slipped on one side of the shoot.
PLATT Margaret 1886 7 29 21  Screener  Fir Tree House  Crompton and Shawcross Wigan  Inspection made. Deceased was picking out stones en the top of a loaded waggon and was told to get off as the waggon had to be moved. She neglected to do so and when the other waggons bumped up against it she was knocked off and fell under the wheels.
LEYLAND Elizabeth 1886 12 2 25  Screener  Alexandra  Rose Bridge & Douglas Bank Collieries Co Ltd Wigan  Deceased was supposed to have strained herself but went on working till the 4th inst. when she was taken ill and died on the 14th inst. from typhus fever.
DAVIES Lucy Ann (injured) 1888 5 16 30  Number taker  Brinsop Hall No.6 Siding  Brinsop Hall Colliery Co. Ltd.  Four ribs between the buffers of two railway waggons. She was standing against the buffer waggon with her back to one which the waggon lowerer was letting down and he not did not call out.
DICKINSON Ellen 1889 2 27 52  Not employed  Scot Lane    Killed by the colliery locomotive engine as she was making a short cut across the colliery and No.5 Pit the night being dark. Non-Comprised. . Inspection and inquest attended.
CARWRIGHT Martha (injured) 1889 5 6 17  Coal picker  Atherton  Fletcher  Burrows and Co  Fingers crushed drum which carries the conveying rope bands at the coal cleaner. Inspection and inquiry.
GREENALL Moira 1890 1 16 24  Screener  Orrell  Orrell Coal and Cannel Co Ltd Wigan  Inquest attended. She was passing across the line to her work ands was going between two waggons when the engine suddenly backed and she was crushed to death. . Noon
JONES Jemima (injured) 1891 4 27 17  Coal cleaner  Hewlett No.2  Westleigh Colliery Co. Ltd. Westhoughton  Thigh broken by falling about four yards from the stage where she worked. She fell underneath a fence rail as she was resting. Inspection and inquiry.
GORE Margaret 1891 5 4 14  Coal cleaner  Blainscough Hall Siding  Blaincough Hall Colliery Co Coppull  Fatally injured. Arm ran over by a railway waggon that was moved when she was getting down. Inspection and inquiry. Died 8th at Wigan Infirmary. Arm amputated 7th. Attention at the inquest was called to time being scarcely allowed for her to get clear and to the danger of delay in amputating in such cases. Inquest attended. .
FIELDS Mary 1891 6 3 25  Waggon trimmer  Low Hall  Moss Hall Coal Co Ltd Wigan  Inspection and inquiry made. This woman had to trim waggons and with the intention of getting up on one on the brake side she went between the buffers of a standing waggon and one being lowered by hand and was crushed. She could have gone behind the waggon quite as readily. . 11.0 am
PRESCOT Ann 1894 7 5 15  Screener  Abram  Abram Coal Co Ltd Bickershaw  Inspection made. While in the act of coming down the steps from the screen to which there was a hand rail attached she accidentally fell and received injuries the following day.
MAKINSON Ellen 1894 10 17 18  Tub cleaner  Crawford  Wigan Coal and Iron Co Ltd Aspull  Inspection made and inquest attended. There were some tubs standing at the top of the wooden inclined stage and the deceased appears to have pushed one over and got in front to try to stop it when it overpowered her and causing such injuries that he died on the 31st instant.
BRISCOE Margaret 1897 12 15 16  Screener  White Moss  White Moss  Coal Co Ltd Rainford  Attended inquest. The deceased in going to warm her dinner was crushed in passing between some stationary coal wagons which were suddenly moved in the siding by the wagon lowerer unknown to her. The wagon lowerer is required by the rules to warn those about but he did not do this effectively.
ROWLEY Elizabeth 1898 6 18 23  Wagon setter  Princess  Richard Evans and Co Ltd Haydock  Inspection made and inquest attended. The locomotive was pushing waggons past the screens. The deceased was walking up the line and apparently did not hear the wagons coming and was run over. The driver did not whistle but the brakesman was between the two tail waggons and although he stated he was looking out he never saw her until she was under the wagons.
OSWALD Ellen 1898 7 26 16  Screen hand  Garswood Hall  Garswood Hall  Collieries Co Ltd Ashton-in-Makerfield  Inspection made and inquest attended. Three girls sat down on a fence rail the edge of the pit black and it broke suddenly being partly rotten with age causing them to fall a distance 25 feet to the ground. The bad state of the rail was partly hidden being bad where it was socketed into upright. She succumbed to the  injuries received on the 31st instant.
MASON Elizabeth A. 1901 12 28 13 Pitbrow girl Middle Place Garswood Coal and Iron Co Ashton-in-Makerfield Inspection made and inquest attended. Deceased had been paid her wages and had to cross the railway lines near the screens to go home. She was knocked down and run over by the two empty waggons. The loco was pushing the two waggons and one of the brakesmen ought to have ridden on the leading waggon but he neglected to do so hence the accident which otherwise would have been prevented. She died form her injuries received at Wigan Infirmary Jan. 25th.
PRESCOT Mary 1902 11 7 18 Screenhand Wigan Junction Wigan Junction Colliery Co Wigan Inspection made and inquest attended. Deceased attempted to cross some bevelled pulleys where a face rail had been taken off near the screens and her dress got caught in the wheels and she got her leg severely injured. She expired at the Wigan Infirmary 5th 1903 after undergoing an operation. Manager prosecuted and convicted for non-fencing.
GREENOUGH Elizabeth 1906 3 27 19 Screenhand Old Boston Richard Evans and Co Haydock Inspection made and inquest attended. While engaged at the screens her skirt came in contact with the end of a revolving shaft the clutch of which was under repair and part of the fence down. She succumbed to the injuries received 30th March 1906.
POWELL Margaret 1910 6 4 23 Pit brow girl Low Hall Moss Hall Coal Co., Ltd Wigan Whilst on her way to work and whilst crossing Moss Hall Co.'s railway, Powel was knocked down by a wagon in course of shunting and killed.  She is reported to have been employed at Wigan Junction Colliery.
RUDD Sarah Ann 1910 7 22 32 Coal picker Eatock Wigan Coal and Iron Co., Ltd Crossing railroad near screens, whilst passing between buffers of two waggons it shunter on opposite side lowering an empty waggon bumped it against waggon standing, she was crushed so that she died in an hour.  She was crossing to go to breakfast.
CHAPMAN Margaret 1913 4 18 23 Dirtpicker Agecroft A Knowles and Sons, Ltd. Whilst widening about the premises at a meal interval, she stepped on the cover of a hot water well; both legs badly scalded.  Died 25th April
LALLY Margaret injured 1915 4 24 19 Pit brow worker Sutton Manor Sutton Manor Collieries Ltd. St. Helens
CHISNALL Bessie injured 1916 1 20 14 Filler Princess Richard Evans and Co. Ltd.  Haydock Caught between tubs, fractured wrist
BROWN Ethel injured 1916 6 29 19 Picker on belts Nook No.3  Astley and Tyldesley Collieries Co Ltd. Tyldesley Crushed by tub, fractured arm
FAULKNER Sarah injured 1916 7 3 16 Pit brow girl Pendleton A Knowles and Sons Ltd. Pendleton Crushed by tubs, fractured arm
HEYES Mary injured 1916 10 30 20 Coal tippler Low Hall Moss Hall Coal Co. Ltd.  Wigan Crushed between tipple and tubs, severe contusions
FAIRHURST Elizabeth injured 1917 3 14 16 Browhand Sutton Manor Sutton Manor Collieries Ltd. St Helens Slipped and fell, broken leg
WARBURTON Maggie injured 1917 8 24 30 Labourer Bamfurlong Cross Tetley and Co. Ltd. Ashton-in-Makerfield Crushed between barrel and tub, crushed hand
PYE Sarah injured 1917 9 12 16 Brow hand Sherdley Sutton Heath and Lea Green Collieries Co Ltd St. Helens Caught between tubs, jaw fractured
QUINN Mary injured 1917 10 2 14 Screener Old Boston Richard Evans and Co Ltd Haydock Caught by tunaway tub, injury to foot
LIVESLEY Mary injured 1917 11 27 16 Browhand Parr No.1 Richard Evans and Co Ltd St Helens Wind blew her over, fractured leg
ACTON Edna injured 1918 9 24 17 Coal picker Tyldesley Astley and Tyldesley Collieries Co Ltd Tyldesley Fell in waggon, injured face
SMETHURST Mary injured 1919 3 20 67 Office cleaner Astley     Fell, fractured thigh
BELCHER Ada 1891 7 1 12  Girl  Ibstock  Ibstock Ashby-de-la-Zouch  The child was sent with its father's breakfast to the colliery and in crossing the railway sidings was run over by railway waggons and killed.
ROBSON Margaret 1902 10 4 4 Child Montagu Fireclay Walter Scott Ltd   Some children are supposed to have been playing with fire at the brick kilns near the colliery and deceased clothing was set on fire.
MURPHY Margaret 1904 11 2 57 Not employed North Walbottle North Walbottle Coal Co Ltd   Deceased trespassed on the colliery wagon way which at the place of accident is a self-acting incline in taking dinner to her husband who was a mason not employed by the colliery company. She appears to have crossed the line about 45 yards above the meetings immediately after the full set passed her and was caught by the upcoming empty set. Notices as to trespassing are posted at several points on the line but these have no effect the public apparently cleaning right of way. The colliery propose prosecuting trespassers in future.
BIRCH S.A. 1858 6 4 12  Girl  Wombridge  J. Bennitt and Co. Wellington  Fell down pit.
UNKNOWN Unknown 1863 7 2    A woman  Lightmoor (ironstone)  Coalbrookdale Co Wellington  Rode on a skep into shaft. 2 killed.
JACKSON J. 1864 10 7    Girl  Lilleshall (ironstone)  Lilleshall Co Wellington  Fell down the shaft while banking for her father.
TAYLOR M.A. 1865 8 31    Bankwoman  Wombridge (ironstone)  John Bennett Wellington  Fell down shaft.
DANIELS Sarah 1880 2 4 26  Banker  Priors Lee  Lilleshall Co Wellington  Crushed by cage at pit top.
FERREDAY Charlotte 1853 6 18      Old Park  Loyds and Fosters Wednesbury  Fell down shaft.
BAUGH Ann 1853 12 7      Meadows  P. Williams and Son Bilston  Fell down shaft.
UNKNOWN Unknown 1854 10 19      Hall Park  William Riley Bilston  Fell down shaft. A girl.
CANNON Mary 1857 3 5 20  Bankswoman  Ettingshall  Jones and Murcott Bilston  Pushing the empty skip to the mouth of the shaft it suddenly went with a run and pulled her with it. Women should not be employed in banking.
BOYCOTT Mary 1857 8 29 19  Bankswoman  Neachells  T. Davies and Sons Willenhall  Whilst tackling the skip her foot slipped and she fell down the shaft. The employment of women for banking should be prohibited.
VINCENT Rebecca 1857 9 9 45  Bankswoman  Wallbutts  Blackwell and Co. Bilston  Putting out her hand to lay hold of the chain she missed it and fell down the shaft. Another shocking result of the employment of women in the dangerous duty of banking.
SWIFT Mary 1857 11 21 21  Bankswoman  Monmore Green  Corbett and Co. Wolverhampton  In stretching out her arms to hang the horse-net to the foot-hook she fell down the shaft the night being dark and slippery. Another victim of a bad system.
FOX Mary 1859 3 30 50    Coltham  Mannix and Bate Nr.Willenhall  Fell down shaft.
JOHNSON Emma 1859 10 3      Darlaston Green  Hartland Walsall  Killed in the winding machinery.
MCHALE Bridget 1860 9 19 14  Bankswoman  Wednesfield Heath  Caswell and Co. Wolverhampton  Pushing a skip to the edge of shaft it went in with a run pulling her with it and she was precipitated to the bottom.
GARSIDE Jane 1862 7 25 17  Loader  Sneyd Green (ironstone)  Silverdale Co Burslem  A piece of calcined ironstone fell on her.
KEENALL B. 1863 1 9 18  Banksgirl  Hatherton  WF Fryer Walsall  Accidentally walked into pit.
BLAINEY E. 1863 10 18 18  Banksgirl  Stowe Heath  W and J Sparrow Bilston  The banksman incautiously pulled the waggon off the pit top and precipated her down the shaft.
BADGER Esther 1883 9 4 62  Oiler  Gospel Oak  Grazebrook and Aston Tipton  By tubs on the surface. Injured 31st August. When oiling the sheaves she in some way allowed the full tubs to run over her leg.
EDGELEY Mary 1904 10 20 27 Not employed Podmore Hall   Killed by being knocked down by wagons at a level crossing on private railway.
VINCENT Pricalla 1860 5 25 22  Bankswoman  Netherend  Joseph King and Co. Stourbridge  Fell down the shaft from the surface as she was pushing the skip in and wither got hooked or slipped in but as she was preganat she was no doubt unable to disentangle herself.
HIGHES Lillie 1901 11 25 10 School girl Anthony Road clay quarry Matthew Frost   Deceased and her brother aged 12 got lost on a very dark and foggy night. After getting through a fence they both fell down a disused part of the quarry and deceased was drowned.
ALLOTT Martha 1857 5 9    A girl  Denby Grange  Sir J.L.L. Kaye Bart. Wakefield  Crushed by a railway waggon.
HAGUE Eliza 1865 11 24 5  Not employed  Unston  Rangley Sheffield  Explosion of boiler. 2 killed.
NEWSHAM Jane 1867 8 16 30    Oaks Firth Barber and Co Barnsley  Dress caught in machinery.