Female Mining Deaths: 1851 - 1914: Scotland
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Surname First Type YR MM DD Age Occ Pit Owner Town Description
DOCHERTY Unity (non-fatal) 6 16 1886    Runner  Gartshore No.2  William Baird and Co Kilsyth  Was jammed between an empty and full hutch at teh foot of the blaes bing.
KELLY Mary (non-fatal) 3 24 1890    Runner  Gartshore No.3  William Baid and Co Kilsyth  Struck by runaway hutches.
FRAZER Margaret 9 14 1877 34  Pithead asst.  Holton  Alloa Coal Co Alloa  Fell from pit head scaffold with loaded hutch through scaffold giving way.
PATERSON Mary (non-fatal) 12 31 1891 53  Pitheadworker  Alloa  Alloa Coal Co  Fell over coal bing. Still off.
WILSON Mary 12 30 1851    Pithead worker  Cuttlehill Henderson Wallace and Co. Dunfermline  Crushed between cage and a beam of a scaffold at Pithead.
COOK Elizabeth 8 9 1854      Fordel  William M. Hemderson Dunfermline  Fell down the pit by pushing the hutch into the wrong side.
DRYSDALE Marrion 1 21 1856    Collier  Oakley  Forth Iron Co. Dunfermline  Explosion of firedamp which accumulated under a scaffold at an ironstone working. 4 killed. Killed by a piece at pithead.
JOHNSTON Robina 11 20 1858    Pithead woman  Little Reath  Lochgelly Iron Co. Dunfermline  Crushed between cage and beams of pithead scaffold.
PATERSON Margaret 6 25 1860    Pitheadwoman  Townhill  Andrew Christie Dunfermline  Falling off scaffold at pithead.
MUIR Joan 2 7 1863 50  Pitheadwoman  George  GWM Henderson Dunfermline  Ran an empty tub into the pit and fell after it. Recommended sliding gates.
COOK Ellen 7 30 1876    Pithead worker  Fordell  GWM Henderson Dalgety  Boiler bursting. 5 killed.
HARROWER Isobel 7 30 1876    Pithead worker  Fordell  GWM Henderson Dalgety  Boiler bursting. 5 killed.
PENMAN Catherine 7 30 1876    Pithead worker  Fordell  GWM Henderson Dalgety  Boiler bursting. 5 killed.
PHILIP Isabel 7 30 1876    Pithead worker  Fordell  GWM Henderson Dalgety  Boiler bursting. 5 killed.
MARTIN Catherine 8 21 1876 20  Pithead worker  Wellwood  Thomas Spowart and Co Dunfermline  Crushed between two loaded waggons.
JAPP Ann 11 20 1877 14  Pithead asst.  Dundonald  Alexander Nasmyth Auchterderran  Fell down shaft with an empty hutch which she intended to put on the cage but the cage was 3 feet above.
KYLE Mary (non-fatal) 2 14 1889 18  Waggon trimmer  Kingseat  Wallace Bros  Waggon moving unexpecedely. . 97 days off
BISSETT Margaret (non-fatal) 4 9 1890 56  Trimmer  Townhill  Townhill Coal Co  Run over by waggon leg ampuated. Not yet resumed work.
HUNTER Mary Ann 12 30 1893 18  Pithead runner  Cowdenbeath  Cowdenbeath Coal Co Ltd  Caught by cage.
MURRY Mary 12 26 1894 15  Pithead worker  Cowdenbeath  Cowdenbeath Coal Co Ltd  Knocked down by waggons.
PATERSON Jane 8 6 1897 23  Pithead worker  Donibristle  Donibristle Colliery Co  Run over by waggons on the colliery siding.
BAIN Agnes 5 28 1898 13  Pithead worker  Kelty  Fife Coal Co Ltd  While a boy was lowering a hoist cage which had risen too far a tub containing an iron pipe was pushed on to it and the cage fell away suddenly before the hutch was secured the hutch fell off and struck the deceased girls who were sitting on a box near foot of hoist. 2 killed
BROWN Ephemia 5 28 1898 13  Pithead worker  Kelty  Fife Coal Co Ltd  While a boy was lowering a hoist cage which had risen too far a tub containing an iron pipe was pushed on to it and the cage fell away suddenly before the hutch was secured the hutch fell off and struck the deceased girls who were sitting on a box near foot of hoist. 2 killed
LYNCH Mary 2 27 1906 16 Coal cleaner Michael Wemyss Coal Co Ltd   Deceased worked at the picking table and she appeared to have stood on the bar of a fence and overbalancing fell on a revolving shaft which caught her clothing and she was wound round and crushed.
RAE Mary 2 12 1907 14 Pitheadworker Dalbeath Fife Coal Co Ltd   Deceased was spreading this duff on top of a hopper when this surface foreman unaware of her position pulled open this shutes or sliding door to fill a waggon beneath and she fell down among the fine material and was suffocated.
WILSON Georgina 3 27 1908 16 Coal picker Michael Wemyss Coal Co Ltd   Deceased and another girl had finished their work and proceeded homeward by a siding on which a train of waggons was moving. She was run over and killed instantly. A proper travelling way was provided to obviate travelling on the railway but the siding was the nearer way.
HOGG Mary 1 6 1913 31 Pitheadworker Oakley No. 2 Oakley Collieries, Ltd. Caught and fatally injured by cage when pushing a hutch into the cage at the surface.  A boy who was assisting her signalled to the winding engineman before she was clear.
MORGAN Elizabeth 2 4 1858    Pithead woman  Stonerigg  William Black Aidrie  Falling down pit along with an empty hutch when the cage was at the bottom.
MECHAN Bridget 2 26 1866 22  Labourer  Stand (ironstone)  James Smithers and Co Airdrie  Fell down pit after tub.
GARALLIE M. 5 3 1866 26  Woman  Drumgray (ironstone)  Drumgray Coal Co Airdrie  Stumbled in stepping off windlass platform and fell down pit.
CHERRIE Helen 11 8 1879 38   Asst. at screen  Cavinhill No. 5  W Baid and Co Airdrie  Were run over by hutches which got disconnected on incline. 2 killed
STEWART Mary 4 24 1883 18  Trimmer  Rawyards  Rawyards Coal Co Ltd NewMonkland  Run over by loaded waggon which she was attempting to sprag.
MCPARTLAND Ellen 5 6 1883 17  Pithead asst.  Rawlands  Rawlands Coal Co ltd NewMonkland  Fell down shaft with an empty hutch when the cage was not there. The gate had been left open.
ARMSTRONG Margaret (non-fatal) 3 28 1890 22  Runner  Springbank  Springbank Coal Co  Bursting of tea flasy 8 days off
CURRIE Martha (non-fatal) 8 20 1890 22  Granary woman  Motherwell  John Watson Ltd  Hand crushed by pinion wheel. 2 days off.
WILSON Jeanie (non-fatal) 5 21 1892    Stone picker  Dechmont No.1  Dechmont Colliery Co Cambuslang  Foot caught by a picking band.
NUGENT Catherine 6 4 1892 17  Stone picker  Haughhead  Haughhead Coal Co Uddingston  Clothes caught by a revolving shaft of picking table.
ROBERTSON Margaret 1 25 1894 9  Not employed  Longriggend  James Nimmo and Co ltd  Hand crushed by waggons.
RAFFERTY Mary 1 12 1898 17  Stone picker  Bardykes  Merry and Cuninghame Ltd  While crawling up a shoot from the shaker screen to release a piece of coal her shawl and hair were caught by a revolving shaft.
REYNOLDS Annie 4 12 1901 17 Coal cleaner Chapel Chapel Coal Co Ltd   The shoot which conveyed the nuts from the picking table to a hopper underneath had become choked owing to the hopper being full. Deceased placed her foot upon the nuts and was pushing them down when it was caught by the plates of the picking table her leg was drawn in and the lower part of her body was severely crushed resulting in her death three hours after.
RALSTON Lizzie 7 23 1906 19 Coal cleaner Bellhaven United Collieries Ltd   While stepping across a revolving shaft decease’s clothing was caught and she was wound round and fatally crushed the shaft was unfenced.
DOCHERTY Helen 12 25 1908 15 Message girl Bedisholm United Collieries Ltd   When attempting to pass between moving wagons being weighed she got caught and was run over.
GILLES Mary 3 18 1910 23 Table picker Kenmuir Dunn and Stephens Ltd When boiling tea at boilers her clothes caught fire and she was fatally burned
GRAY Margaret 8 19 1878 18  Pithead runner  East Benhar  Benhar Coal Co Whitburn  Crushed by cage. She was examining the struts unknown to the engineman when the cage came down on her head.
SHAW Isabella 8 18 1889 22  Runner  Balbardie  Walker and Cameron  Struck by waggon when shifting it. . 44 days off
SCOTT Helen 1 14 1891 10  Not employed  Crofthead  Peter Thornton  Crushed by waggons.
MAXWELL Janet 12 22 1903 14 Stone picker Kinniel Kinniel Cannel & Coking Coal Co Ltd   Deceased was employed to pick dirt from amongst the coal on a travelling band 30ft. by 4ft. which conveyed it from the screen to the trucks and which was driven by a horizontal shaft parallel to and 3ft. 9ins. distant from it. He was standing with her back towards the shaft when her clothing was apparently caught by the head of a pinching pin in a thrust collar on the shaft and she was carried round several times with it receiving injuries which terminated fatally on the following day.
DUNNIGAN Margaret 1 26 1906 30 Coal cleaner Boghead Gavin Paul and Sons Ltd   On February 5th 1904 she met an injury by a hoist cage crushing her.
SNADDON Helen 10 18 1856    Pithead Woman  Redding  Duke of Hamilton Falkirk  Falling down pit whilst pushig ahutch forward.
RATKIN Margaret 12 15 1863 55  Pitheadwoman  Carronhall  Carron Iron Co Falkirk  Fatally injured by waggon wheel running over her in pit mouth.
HAMILTON Agnes 4 20 1877 19  Pithead asst.  Limerigg  John Nimmo and Son Slamannan  Fell down shaft from top of scaffold.
MCAUGHY Sarah 11 25 1879    Pithead asst.  Drumriggend  John Nimmo and Son Slamannan  Crushed between waggon and screen.
WINNING Jane 10 28 1880    Pithead worker  Southfield No.1  William Black and Sons Slamannan  Ran a hutch into pit when cage was not there. There was a gate  in terms of General Rule 14  which she had fastened up.
MCCANN Ann (non-fatal) 5 18 1888    Pithead runner  Gatshore No.3  William Baird and Co Kilsyth  Fell off gangway while emptying a hutch.
M’GREGOR Maggie (non-fatal) 4 6 1891 16  Pitheadworker  Grangemouth  Grangemouth Coal Co  Crushed by waggon. 14 days off .
MCFARLANE Susan (non-fatal) 6 8 1892 19  Pithead runner  Binnieford  John Watson Ltd  Struck by safety gate 91 days off.
PROW Janet 5 31 1898 16  Hutch runner  Carronrigg  AG Morre and Co  Caught by the spur wheels of the haulage engine after crawling through fencing with other girls to take a meal. .
MCGHEE Jeannie 12 23 1905 19 Stone picker Auchinreoch William Baird and Co Ltd   For some unknown reason she went over a fence and got caught by the blades of a dross conveyor.
ROBERTSON Lizzie 12 22 1909 18 Dirtpicker Dumbreck No.2 William Baird and Co   Clothing got entangled with counter shaft of screen.