Female Mining Deaths: 1851 - 1914: Wales
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Surname First Type MM DD YR A Occ Pit Owner Town Description
DAVIS Anne 6 20 1866 27 Nantyglo (ironstone) J and C Bailey Beaufort Killed by a sudden fall of ground.
MORGANS Mary (injured) 8 31 1882 25 Lead ore dresser South Darren (metalliferous) Aberystwith A tram waggon on an incline became unhooked ran down and struck her as she was wheeling ore in a barrow. 10 weeks and 3 days off.
READ Sarah 12 5 1855 Bankswoman Plas isa Samuel Giller Ruabon Falling down No.20 pit.
MILL Harriet 6 4 1872 13 Hafod Ruabon Coal Co Ruabon By coal trucks under screen.
WILLIAMS Sarah 11 29 1893 17 Screen girl Hafod Ruabon Coal and Coke Co Ltd Ruabon Inspection made and inquest attended. The deceased was adjusting the coal on a loaded waggon when five waggons were shunted by the loco and bumped against the waggon she was on throwing her off on to the ground and she received such injuries that she died immediately afterwards. Stop blocks will be used in future.
LLOYD Martha 4 13 1901 25 Screener Vauxhall Vauxhall Colliery Co Inspection made and inquest attended. She was coming down the colliery siding and appears to watching a passenger train passing when the brakesman was lowering three empty waggons to the screen and could not see the deceased who got run over and fatally injured. Died May 2nd 1901.
MORRIS Sarah 11 2 1853 14 Cwmfelin Major Phillips Swansea Dazzled by pit lamp and fell down shaft.
DAVIS Martha 6 6 1854 13 Tram Oiler Dowlais Dowlais Iron Co. Methyr Fell off tram which passed over her.
PRICE Mary 8 25 1855 7 Gorse Richards and Glasbrook Swansea Tram passed over her on incline.
JENKINS Jane 4 17 1866 14 Oil girl Dowlais Guest and Co MerthyrTydfil Got entangled with carriage at pit top.
BUTLER Ann 11 9 1866 Oiler Gadlys Gadlys Iron Co Aberdare Fell before trams at surface.
DANIEL Margaret 11 11 1869 17 Labourer Blaengwawr David Davies and Co Pontypridd Killed by falling down shaft.
ROBERTS Jane M 4 2 1885 11 Trespasser Abergorkie Burnyeat Brown and Co Treorky Fell under trucks on surface.
THOMAS Louisa 2 19 1886 22 Oil girl Mardy Locketts Merthyr Steam Coal Co Ltd Mardy Killed by tram running wild down incline.
ANDREWS Margaret 8 17 1886 16 Coal loader Saron Level Mortgagees of the Plymouth Works Troedyrhiw Crushed between coal trucks on the sidings.
REES Mary 5 21 1887 21 Greaser Squborwen Samuel Thomas and Co Aberdare Run over by trams on surface incline while going to office for her wages.
JONES Charlotte 9 18 1889 23 Screenwoman PlymouthAbercanaid Plymouth Works Proprietors Merthyr Knocked down and run over by empty waggons which were being shunted into the empty line while she was standing on line and speaking to men on the screens.
BOWEN Eleanor 8 2 1892 18 Oiler Werfa James Evens and Co Ltd Aberdare Fell off gangway which was fenced by two wire ropes.
RYAN Catherine 1 13 1896 24 Trimmer Dowlais South Tunnel Dowlais Iron Co Run over by waggons while cleaning the road under the small coal screens.
EVANS Mary Jane 12 1 1896 20 Tram oiler Werfa James Evens and Co Ltd Run over by waggons on surface incline.
STACK Elizabeth 6 10 1901 44 Shackler Cwmdu Drift Crawshay Bron Ltd Deceased uncoupled a tram and seeing the tippers could not move a tram they had went to assist them when the tram she uncoupled ran after and crushed her.
ATKINS Margaret 10 7 1857 16 Banker Hope Messrs. Campbell and Needham Bedwellty Crushed between carriage and landing in attempting to decend pit clothes caught. .
LEWIS Sarah 3 14 1861 14 Picker Castle Patch (ironstone) Rhymney Iron Co Rhymney Fall of rubbish from side of patch.
LEWIS Ann 5 1 1863 13 Driver Brynpwllog Patch (Ironstone) Rhymney Co Rhymney Crushed by trams on the surface.
REES Hannah 4 27 1867 17 Bankswoman Bedwellty Tredegar Iron Co Tredegar Fell from the top of deep pit. This dreadful calamity arose from the custom or habit at that pit of teh banksman or the girl or both getting onto the cage to get the loaded tram off it.
STAGG Gwenllian 10 15 1868 45 Filler Patch (ironstone) open mine work Tredegar Iron Co Tredegar Fall of mine ground as she was filling a tram. There was a slip through the strata and the ground should have been stoped down from above. I object to women taking this employment as they can not jump back as men can.clothing is not adept for this work
EDWARDS Margaretta 12 21 1875 Dressing girl Wye Valley (metalliferous) Wye Valley Mining Co Crushed in the dressing machinery. It was a windy day and it is supposed that some porrtion of her clothing was blown into the machinery and so she was dragged in.
PROTHERO Elizabeth 6 17 1878 17 Tip girl Ty-Trist Tredgar Iron Co She was cleaning the sidings on the surface and just before the accident was told by the man in charge to move out of the way as he was about to shunt some waggons. She did not do so and was crushed to death by them
JONES Mary 6 1 1888 15 Coal washer Sirhowy Ebbw ValeSteel Iron and Coal Co Ltd Sirhowy Fell from the buffer of an empty railway waggon on which she intended riding to the loading place where she worked. .
JAMES Elizabeth 8 30 1894 18 Coal loader Whitworth Tredegar Iron and Coal Co Ltd Tredegar Run over on the branch line near the coke ovens while on her way her to work in the morning. An engine was pushing an empty colliers carriage in front and it appears to have impeded the outlook.
JONES Mary 3 26 1906 64 New Tredegar Tredegar Iron and Coal Co Ltd Found dead on the Rhymney Branch Railway leading to New Tredegar Colliery on the 26th March having been run over during shunting operations.
BROCK Mary 11 14 1852 52 Little Milford Sir John Pakington Milford Fell into coal pit. Collierís wife.
JAMES Martha 10 29 1855 44 Winder Littlehaven Dr. Reed Fell backwards down pit.