Hammond, Stephen Andrew

Stephen Andrew Hammond

S. A. Hammond (1874 - 1951)           -           Sarah M. Bell (1885 - 1967)

He spelled his surname Hammond, not Hammonds although some of the family spells their surname with the s on the end.

Stephen was born June 30, 1874 in Robeson County. 1st he married Florence Revels on September 11, 1893. He next married

Sarah Margaret Bell, daughter of Peter Bell and Helen Hardin, on December 6, 1903 in Robeson County with witnesses James

Alfred Thomas & James Burnette.

He attended Pembroke Normal School in 1894 and also attended Pembroke State College. He was a member and Leader of

the Red Man's Lodge in his community. He was a preacher, taught school and
also many other professions.

"The Robesonian, Thursday, Dec. 11, 1967" Page 2

Mrs. Sarah Margaret Hammond, 82, widow of Rev. S. A. Hammond, died at 6:30 p.m. Sunday in Southeastern General Hospital. She had been ill for ten weeks.
The body will be at Biggs Funeral Home until one hour prior to the service in Ten Mile Center Baptist Church at 3 p.m. Tuesday. Burial will be in the Hammonds family cemetery.
The family requests that in lieu of flowers contributions be made to the church.
Surviving are six children, 35 grandchildren, 80 great grandchildren, six great-great grandchildren, and two sisters.

"The Robesonian" Thursday, September 10, 1914 - Page 2

Red Men Picnic

The annual Indian picnic of confederation of Red Men will be held at Tecumsah lodge, near Union chapel, Sept. 8, 1914. The public is invited.

S.A. Hammonds,
High Chief
"The Robesonian" Thursday, July 4, 1935 - Page 4


Widely known Preacher, Teacher and Farmer Celebrates Anniversary at Home

The 61st birthday of Rev. S.A. Hammonds, widely known preacher, teacher and farmer of the Saddletree section, was celebrated at his home on Lumberton, R. 2, Saturday night with numerous friends and relatives in attendance.

With no formalities other than handclasps and hearty congratulations, guests were led to the dining room table for a stag dinner. The men enjoyed a generous meal of fried chicken, ham, vegetables, frozen custard and punch, prepared by the host's wife and children from produce raised on his farm. At the conclusion of the meal, gifts were opened by his niece, Bertie Mae Thomas, and the men adjourned to the porch for conversation, while other guests entered the dining room.

Varied Career
A successful farmer, Rev. Hammonds grew up in the Saddletree section, and has erected a handsome, well-equipped home within a mile of his birthplace. His preaching and teaching career, however, has carried him to all sections of the county, and there is hardly a native of Robeson over 40 years of age whom he does not know. As moderator of the Burnt Swamp Baptist association and member of the Mount Olive Missionary Baptist church he continues to preach regularly, though he gave up his pastorate after 20 years of service which began at the age of 17. He has been pastor of a dozen or more churches in Robeson and one in Sampson County. At 21, he started public school teaching, and continued in that work throughout the county for 35 years while farming on a small scale. For the past 5 years he has farmed extensively, gaining a reputation as a tobacco grower.

Dinner Guests
Guests at the stag dinner were Lt. E.L. Bowman, Messrs. B.F. McMillan, D.W. Biggs, Cutlar Moore, Howard Nye, Bill Timberlake, J.A. Sharpe Jr., of Lumberton. Revs. M.C. Lunsford, L.W. Jacobs, C.E. Locklear, of Pembroke.

Among the relatives and other guests were: A brother, Will Hammonds; a sister, Mrs. Edward Emanuel; 6 children, Stevie and Henry Hammonds, Mesdames Charlie Hammonds, Harry West Locklear, Hartman Hammonds, John Brooks; 20 grandchildren; a great-grandchild; George Locklear, Ashley and Mrs. Jacobs, Dewit and Mrs. Locklear, Evander and Mrs. Chavis. Mesdames Loyd Hunt, Frank Bell, H. Canady, Lizzie McNeill, Fuller Locklear, Misses Vernie Mae Hunt, Tessie Hunt, Maginora Emanuel.
Hammond Reunion

By grandson Lloyd Andrew Hammond

The descendants of Stephen Andrew Hammonds Sr. and his first wife, "Florence Revels"; his second wife "Sarah Margaret Bell," had a family reunion at Godwin Heights Park in Lumberton, N. C. on October twenty-seventh at 1:00 p.m. There was over one hundred and twenty-nine present, a good time was had by all. The children played and got to know each other. There was food for all, after which a celebration was held to Honor S. A. Hammond Sr. and wives.
Mary Locklear did an outstanding job of telling the story of S. A. Hammond Sr. and Florence and Sarah Margaret. Mary Locklear, James Hammonds, Dexter Brooks, John L. Locklear, Lloyd A. Hammond and Doshie Emanuel told of memories each had of our Ancestors.
Certificates of Recognition was given to Bill Hall and Albert Haats Jr. for their dedicated and outstanding service in the "Adopt-A-Highway Project which covers four and eight tenths of highway along formerly owned by S. A. Hammond, Sr. Recognition was given to the family with the most present, S. A. Hammond Jr.'s family won with twenty nine present.
Stephen Andrew Sr. was the son of George Washington, who was the son of Ollen, who was the son of John Hammons who settled on Saddletree Swamp before Seventeen Fifty. Today you will find two county road named Hammond road and Henry Hammond road in Saddletree.
S. A. Hammond, Sr. was the last of seven children by George Washington and Caroline Carter. He was born in 1874. By 1880 his father no longer lived with the family, he went to school with the blacks (no school for Indians at that time). After 1885 there was a school for Indians at Pembroke. He rode his bicycle each day from Saddletree to Pembroke in order to receive an Education. He went on to become a successful Teacher, Principal, Preacher, Business Man and Farmer.
He married Florence Revels in 1893, to this union was born Dennis, Henry, and Docia. In 1903 he married Sarah Margaret Bell, to this union was born Lelia, Stephen Andrew, Jr., Eunice and Mary, also she raised a grandson Lloyd Andrew Hammond, the son of Stephen Andrew Jr. With Sarah by his side he began to make a life for his family. Sarah cared for the children, run the farm and was a faithful wife. He was loved and respected by the leaders of this county. He amassed over seven hundred acres of good farmland; he owned the only brick home with electric lights and indoor bathroom in Saddletree.
To sum up, S. A. Hammond Sr., he was a man who came from a home with one parent, with no money, to become one of the outstanding men of Robeson County. At his death the Robesonian had this to say, "Rev. S. A. Hammond Sr., one of the most prominent members of the Indian race in this section, died yesterday at 1100 A.M. This family has produced successful Farmers, Educators, Brick masons, Business, Nurses, Lawyers, Welders, Doctors, a WestPoint graduate and a Judge, "Sandy Dexter Brooks."

"The Robesonian" Tuesday, April 3, 1951

Prominent Indian Pastor Succumbs In City Hospital

Rev. S.A. Hammonds, 78, of Lumberton, R. 3., one of the most prominent members of the Indian race in this section, died yesterday at 11:15 a.m. in the Thompson division of Robeson County Memorial hospital after an extended illness.

Funeral services will be conducted by Rev. L.W. Jacobs and Rev. C.E. Locklear, both of Pembroke, at Magnolia school at 3 p.m., Thursday. Interment will be in Hammonds cemetery, No. 2.

Surviving are six children and on adopted daughter, Dennis, Henry, Mrs. Charlie Revels, Stephen Andrew, Jr., Mrs. Hartman Hammonds, all of Lumberton, RFD, Mrs. John Brooks, and Mrs. Harry West Locklear, both of Pembroke, 42 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren.