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This section gives the inscriptions from the 5 remaining headstones found during a visit during December 2001.

The information in grey boxes refers to the plot and entries in the official register of burials.  Click here for the register.

Unknown grave, concrete headstone with flaking paint, and concrete surround.

According to Roddie Andrews, this is the grave of Sammy and Jane Currie, d.Mar 1956



Erected by John Thompson
of New York
in memory of his father
James Thompson
he died 17th Feb’y 1905 aged 90 years


Plot number 137

1 Burial

Registry entry 309

Erected by Captain William Dalton
In Loving memory of his wife
Jane Reynolds
Who died Larne 13th October 1900 aged 49years
Also their son William George who died November 1877 aged 15 months
The above named Captain William Dalton who died 2nd April 1906


Plot numbers 41, 42, 43

Registry entries 77,78,79 (claim to ground)

8 Burials

Reg entries 125, 149, 157, 181, 234, 315, 332, 356

Erected by Charles Hill
In memory of his beloved son
Robert John Ardis Hill
Who died 29th January 1897 aged 1 year and 7 months
“suffer little children to come unto me”
Also his daughters Mary aged 10
Betty aged 18
Robina aged 6 years who died 11th April 1914
Also his beloved wife Sarah who died 25th December 1937
Also the above named Charles Hill who died 6th June 1953


Plot number 5

Registry entries 8, 9, 10 (Claim to ground)

11 Burials

Reg Entries 196, 202, 204, 207, 219, 326, 367, 418, 431

Robert J and Sarah Ross

Lower Woodburn
In memory of their
oldest and dearest beloved son
Robert John
who died 19th Nov 1902 aged 24 years
“He shines in the light of God,
his likeness damps his brow
through the valley of death
his feet have trod
and he reigns in glory now.
His end was peace perfect peace”
Also their 4 children
who died in infancy.
The above named Robert J Ross
who died 25th April 1904 aged 47 years
The above named Sarah Ross
who died 30th Jan 1929 aged 69 years.

Plot number 36

Registry entry 70 (Claim to ground)

6 Burials

Reg Entries129, 147, 155, 167, 259, 410

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Erected by G. Shaw
In memery(sic) of
his beloved
Mother who
died Nov 24 1872
aged 37 years

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All information Copyright Stephen Barnes 2002.  Quoted text copyright original author.