Cornish Will Abstracts 1764 - 1770

Cornish Will Abstracts 1764 - 1770

Microfilm # 0090197

Angwin - Murley

Thomas Angwin, St Just in Penwith tinner  
  written: 14-Apr 1767
  proved: 27-Apr 1769 
  pages: 463/464 
  grandson - Amos Mason
  two granddaughters - Elizabeth, Sarah Mason
  Elizabeth James 
  poor widows of St Just in Penwith 
  daughter - Jane Angwin
  witnesses - John Edwards, James Reynolds


William Baragwanath, Towednack 
  written: 27-Dec 1765
  proved: 7-Aug 1766 
  pages: 551
  wife - Prudence
  two sons - William, Thos
  daughter - Catherine Man
  daughter - Prudence St?even
  daughter - Elizabeth Quick
  daughter - Jane Man
  youngest daughter - Ann Baragwanath
  witnesses - John Baragwanath, Michl Baragwanath


Cattren Barrett, Lansallos  widow
  written: 9-Sep 1769
  proved: 2-Mar 1770
  pages: 582/583 
  daughter-in-law - Margarett Hooper
  son-in-law - John Barratt
  daughter-in-law - Grace Petters
  daughter - Elizabeth Toms
  daughter - Cattren Betteyson
  son-in-law - Richard Tayler
  daughter - Jane Palmer
  sons - Rigenold, William, Richard Darratt
  son - Charles Barratt
  witnesses - Hugh Fowler, Samuel Coad, Mary Coad


Nicholas Bassett,  
  written: ? ?
  proved: 30-Jun 1769 
  pages: 512/513  
  wife - Jane
  brothers - ?
  Nichs Bassett 
  An, wife of Edwart bre 
  Jane Bassett 
  John, Nickles Bassett 
  witnesses - John Shepeard, Elizabeth Shepeard  

Job Berriman, Phillack 
  written: 9-Apr 1762
  proved: 1-May 1766
  pages: 483/484 
  sons - Nicholas, Richard, Andrew
  son-in-law - John Clements
  daughter - Dorothy
  four grandchildren - John Clements' children
  daughter-in-law - Jane Berriman and her son Job
  daughter - Thomazon
  witnesses - Jas Rogers, William Webber

James Blamey, St Blazey innkeeper 
  written: 22-Feb 1763
  proved: 23-Oct 1767 
  pages: 247  
  daughter - Elizabeth Combe
  daughter - Florance Tamblene
  daughter - Mary Robins
  sons - James, Thomas, John
  wife - Mary
  Mr Thomas Robins 
  witnesses - Wm Carpenter Seniore, Samuel Davy


Judith Blewett, Marazion shopkeeper 
  written: 24-Dec 1768
  proved: 27-Apr 1769 
  pages: 462/463 
  brothers - William, George Rippar
  mentions - Henry Edmonds, deceased
  brothers - Aaron Simmons, Richard Hill
  William Bluett, son of James Bluett of Falmouth 
  Thomas Bluett, son of Richard Bluett of Falmouth 
  niece - Mary Favele
  sister - Mary Favele
  witnesses - James Donithorne, Ralph Polkinhorn, Jane Favell


Jane Blight, St Erth  
  written: 17-Nov 1760 
  proved: 19-Sep 1764 
  pages: 77/78 
  eldest daughter - Margret
  daughter - Jane
  grand daughter - 
  grand son - William George
  grand son - John Simens
  mentions - Tin Work named Wellmarge
  daughter - Mary
  witnesses - Mary Quick, Ann Chylew, Mary Blight

John Bond, Feock blacksmith 
  written: 12-Feb 1769
  proved: 7-May 1770 
  pages: 623/624  
  servant - Jno Blamy
  cousin - Thomas Winn
  servant - Elizabeth Shepheard
  four.god children - Joanna Cock, Kathran Clark, Ann Willy, Katthrane Eva
  wife - Elizabeth
  sister - Jane Sheare
  witnesses - Henry Burnott, Samuel Trethewan  


Eleanor Carn, Penzance  relict and administratrix of husband Henry Carn, cordwainer
  written: 16-Sep 1758 
  proved: 4-May 1768 
  pages: 359/360  
  sons - Henry, John, William
  grandson - Philip
  witnesses - Thomas Cattran, John Jenkin


Nicholas Christopher, Zennor yeoman 
  written: 14-Sep 1767
  proved: 4-May 1768 
  pages: 361/362 
  wife - ?
  mentions - Jno Harris, Esq
  sons - Nicholas, John
  daughter - Catherine Christopher
  daughters - Ann, Elizabeth - wives of Samuel Mitchell and
        Matthew Osborne
  witnesses - Nic Wallis, William Polmear


Benjamin Cock, Gwithen yeoman  

  written: 18-Mar 1769
  proved: 7-Apr 1769 
  pages: 437  

  wife - Elizabeth
  daughters - Grace, Elizabeth
  daughter - Jane and her sons - Richard, John Bawden
  servant - William Harrys
  son - Benjamin  less than 21
  witnesses - Roger Cock, Thomas Grills          

Joan Cock, St Mawes  widow

  written: 5-Nov 1767 
  proved: 7-May 1770
  pages: 624/625 

  son-in-law - William Collins
  mentions - Stephen Jennings Junr
  mentions - James Lean
  mentions - Mr Thomas Curant
  mentions - Right Honble Lord Viscount Clare
  two daughters - Blanch Colling, Eden Crocker, both of St Mawes
  witnesses - Jane Symons, Eden Moorman           


John Cock, Lanteglos yeoman 

  written: 3-May 1764
  proved: ?-Aug 1764
  pages: 50/51  

  sons - Richard, Christopher, Henry
  daughter - Mary Cock
  daughter - Joan, wife of Thomas Hollow
  daughter-in-law - Philippa, widow of William Cock and five children
  eldest son - John
  mentions - Mrs Hanna Hander
  witnesses - John Cuspin, Margaret Hocken, Jno Secombe 


John Cock, St Ives ropemaker 

  written: 1-Jun 1766
  proved: 24-Sep 1766
  pages: 567/568 

  mother - Catherine Cock
  Catherine, daughter of Catherine Jenkin, St Ives 
  Catherine Jenkin 
  Jane Stevens 
  Elizabeth Richards, daughter of sister Elizabeth Richards 
  John Grenfell Junr 
  Richd Harry Junr 
  Thomas Grenfell Junr 
  Eliz:h Quick 
  four sisters - Ann, Elizabeth, Agnes, Alice
  Margaret Quick 
  witnesses - Hu: Edwards, Sabella Geen, Grace Mulfra  


John Cock, Lanteglos by Camelford yeoman 

  written: 4-Aug 1766
  proved: 21-Oct 1766 
  pages: 573/573  

  mentions - John Secombe and a surrender made October 2, 1764
             marriage settlement - him and wife Lucy
  daughter - Joan Cock  less than 21
  sister - Joan, wife of Thos Kellow
  wife - Lucy
  witnesses - Emanuel Waheham, Jno Secombe, John Hocken   


John Cock, St Ive yeoman 

  written: 17-Mar 1768
  proved: 2-Dec 1768
  pages: 405 

  wife - ?
  daughter - Mary
  sons - John, Gregory, George
  brothers - Robert, Walter
  witnesses - Thomas Glanvill, John Hoskin           


Nicholas Cock, St Mawes yeoman 

  written: 4-Nov 1764
  proved: 27-May 1765 
  pages: 206  

  wife - Catherine
  witnesses - Willn Jane Junr, John Jane


Thomas Cock, Mevagissey innholder

  written: 9-May 1767 
  proved: 11-Sep 1767
  pages: 222/224  

  daughters - Mary, Amy, Elizabeth, Ann Cock  less than 21
  wife - Mary
  son - Thomas  less than 21
  Robert Glanvill, wife's brother 
  witnesses - Saml Noall, W: Pomery  


William Cock, Mevagissey yeoman 

  written: 6-May 1741
  proved: 27-May 1768
  pages: 372 

  wife - Ann
  sons - John, William, Edward
  daughters - Jane, Mary
  witnesses - Mary Ivey, Edward Thomas Junr, William Kelly


William Cock, St Ives yeoman 

  written: 28-May 1760
  proved: 29-Dec 1769
  pages: 571 

  sons - John, Enoder
  witnesses - Jno Stevens, John Nicolls, John Stevens Jr


Alexander Cocking, Camborne  

  written: 29-Jan 1768 
  proved: 10-Mar 1769 
  pages: 431/432 

  younger son - Alexander
  daughter - Elizabeth
  elder son - Sowndry
  second son - Richard
  third son - Stephen
  witnesses - James Arthur, Richard Perry, William Rutter             


Joseph Cook, Feock yeoman  

  written: 18-Mar 1756
  proved: 29-Apr 1766
  pages: 433/434 

  wife - Susannah
  son - John
  witnesses - John Resuggan, Thomas Cook


Mary Couche, Fowey  spinster

  written: 8-Mar 1755
  proved: 21-Apr 1769 
  pages: 438/440 

  brother - John and his wife Anne
  brother - William
  sister - Elizabeth Couche
  nephew - Henry Couche, son of brother John  less than 21
  nephew - John Couche, another son of brother John
  nephew - William Couche, another son of brother John
  nephew - Richard Couche, another son of brother John
  kinsman - John Hawke of Disiock, Cardinham, gentleman
  mentions - Mr Alexander Wolcot, deceased
  witnesses - John Wolcott, K ?imber, Geo: Hitchens 


Thomas Eddy, Zennor yeoman 

  written: 1-Sep 1765 
  proved: 1-May 1766 
  pages: 486/488 

  sons - John, Richard, William, Thomas
  daughters - Elizabeth, Ann Eddy
  wife - Ann
  witnesses - Martin Angwin, Jane Phillips  


John Eva, Ludgvan  

  written: 1-May 1767 
  proved: 30-Sep 1767 
  pages: 234 

  wife - ?
  sons - John, Thomas
  daughters - Ann, Martha
  witnesses - Jacob Corin, John Williams Junr  


William Floyd, Crowan 

  written: 11-Jan 1770 
  proved: 23-Feb 1770 
  pages: 581/582 

  sons - Richard, John, William
  daughter - Ann S?oms
  mentions - James Arthur
  daughter - Elizabeth Dunn
  granddaughter - Mary Soms  less than 21
  Ann Champing 
  witnesses - Thos Thomas, William Faulls           


Joseph Ford, Lanivett taylor 

  written: 27-Jun 1764
  proved: 24-May 1765
  pages: 198/199  

  father's wife - Agness Ford
  brother-in-law - Thomas Ford of Lanteglos by Foy
  brother-in-law - James ?
  sister-in-law - Susannah Ford, wife of Thomas Mitchele
  cousin - Thomas Ford Junr
  cousin - Elizabeth Ford, wife of Thomas Colliver of Foy
  brother-in-law - James Ford
  Joseph Ford, son of Thomas Ford Junr of Foy 
  Joseph Ford, son of James Ford of Lanivet 
  John Pascoe, John Hicks  less than 20 
  witnesses - E: Pascoe, Ric:d Thomas 


William Foster, Lostwithiel ropemaker (sound health)

  written: 3-Oct 1754 
  proved: 17-Oct 1766 
  pages: 571 

  wife - Sarah
  witnesses - John Strong, Joseph James, John Foster  


Margaret Frithy, East Looe  widow 
  written: 7-Jun 1762
  proved: 26-Jun 1767
  pages: 177/178
  Margaret Frithy, Polperro 
  Joan Skiner 
  Richard Hankin 
  witnesses - Joseph Howell, Margaret Howell            


Edward Gilbert, Liskeard maltster 
  written: 5-Jul 1765 
  proved: 24-Jul 1767
  pages: 204/206 
  Samuel Rundle, Liskeard, grocer & his wife Mary 
  cousin - John Gilbert
  sister - Joanna Wade
  cousin - Robert Gilbert, son of late brother Robert
  cousin - George Matten, son of George Matten, late of Salisbury, deceased
  friend - Thomas Trott
  Thomas Trott the younger 
  John Allen, son of John Allen, late of Liskeard, deceased 
  Joanna, wife of John Dunstone, St Pinnock 
  Eleanor, Sarah - daughters of Joseph Allen, late of Liskeard, deceased 
  Honour Roase the younger now servant with Thomas Trott 
  tenant - Phillipa Giles, widow & her daughter Elizabeth
  Jane Sargent, Liskeard, widow & her 5 children & to Mary 
        Rowe, her servant
  James Bennicke, son of Thomas of Liskeard 
  Thomas Jeffery, Liskeard cordwainer 
  witnesses - Thos Bennicke, John Cook, Susanna H Bennicke


James Gilbert, Maddern husbandman  
  written: 16-Feb 1760
  proved: 29-May 1765 
  pages: 248/249 
  eldest son - James
  wife - Ann Spargoe
  second son - John
  witnesses - John Lanyon, Tobias Cowling  


Thomas Gilbert, Kenwyn yeoman
  written: 1-Jul 1768  
  pages: 445/446 
  son-in-law - James Hickes, Kenwyn tinner
  daughter - Joan, wife of James Hickes
  grand son - Thomas Gilbert Hickes  less than 21
  wife - Joan
  mentions - Right Honorable Hugh Lord, Viscount, Falmouth
  witnesses - Eliz: Edwards, Joan Roberts, Wm Gribble
  codicil written: 6-Jul 1768 
  proved: 25-Apr 1769 
  pages: 446  

  daughter - Joan, wife of James Hickes
  wife - Joan
  son-in-law - James Hickes
  grand son - Thomas Gilbert Hickes
  witnesses - Eliz: Edwards, Joan Roberts, Wm Gribble


John Gillard, Otterham yeoman 

  written: 20-Dec 1767 
  proved: 9-Jan 1768
  pages: 262/263 

  Robert Jenkin and his wife and four children 
  Homfery How and his wife and four children 
  George Gillard's wife and four children 
  son - George
  witnesses - John Moyse, Thomas Bray         


Ann Grose, Lanivett  spinster 

  written: 15-Oct 1764
  proved: 2-Oct 1764
  pages: 101 

  father - Ricd Grose
  brother - Nich:
  sister - Jenefer Udy
  cousin - Ann Udy
  mentions - Mr Courtney, Mr Glyn
  Mary Nickles 
  Jenefer Udy Junr 
  witnesses - Jane Osborne, Ricd Thomas


Mathew Grose, St Anthony Menage yeoman 

  written: 17-Jun 1760
  proved: 20-Jan 1766
  pages: 335 

  son - Joseph
  daughter - Amy, wife of Peter Rogers
  daughter - Sebella Grose
  witnesses - Robert Kempthorne, John Sandys 


Richard Grose, Lanivett yeoman (somewhat sick)

  written: 11-Jun 1765 
  proved: 6-Nov 1767
  pages: 250/252 

  son - Nicholas
  daughter - Jenefer, wife of William Udy, Luxullyan, yeoman
  grandsons - Nicholas the younger - son of Nicholas, Joseph Grose
  mentions - John Glynn, Esq, Serjiant at law
  mentions - Henry K?ellond Courtenay, Esq, deceased
  William Hoare, son of William 
  William Lawry, Lanivet, taylor 
  granddaughter - Mary, wife of John Grose, Luxullyan
  mentions - John Udy, Ann Udy, Mary Udy
  granddaughter - Elizabeth Grose, daughter of son Nicholas
  witnesses - Walter Hicks, William Marshall, Nichs Phillips     


Richard Guard, Phillack labourer 

  written: 21-May 1765 
  proved: 22-Aug 1766 
  pages: 552  

  daughter - Mary Howass
  daughter - Elizabeth
  mentions - Sarah Michell
  daughter - Ann
  son - John
  wife - Elizabeth
  witnesses - Richd Nicholls  


Jennifer Harry, Ludgvan  widow and relict 
               of John Harry of Ludgvan, deceased 
  written: 9-Mar 1769 
  proved: 7-May 1770
  pages: 625/626 

  sons - William, John, Francis
  children of daughter Honour, deceased, late the wife of 
        Arthur Martyn
  daughter - Catherine, widow and relict of John T?onken
  children of daughter Elizabeth, deceased, late the wife of 
        Andrew Rosewall
  daughter - Jennifer, wife of Bernard Harry
  witnesses - Martin Angwin, Thomas Michell    


Tobias Harry, Ludgvan gentleman

  written: 1-Nov 1764 
  proved: 29-May 1765
  pages: 228/230 

  Elizabeth Edmonds, widow of Robert Edmonds, late of Penzance, butcher, deceased 
  Elizabeth Gendale, widow of Alexander Gendale, late of Penzance, butcher, deceased 
  Jane Williams, daughter of Elizabeth Edmonds 
  William Edmonds, son of Robert Edmonds, late of Penzance, butcher, deceased 
        and grandson of Elizabeth Edmonds and Robert Edmonds  less than 21
  Rachell Gwavas of Penzance, spinster 
  Richard Cornish, now residing in Falmouth, cooper 
  Benjamin Rowe Cornish, his brother 
  Elizabeth Millett, daughter of Mr Oke Millett of Marazion 
  poor of Ludgvan 
  servant - Mary Trezize
  Tobias Filly, son of Mr Hugh Filly of Penzance 
  Hugh Filly 
  Charles Gwavas of Penzance, Pewterer and Chandler 
  Constance, mother of Tobias Filly 
  witnesses - Tho: Clutterbuck, Mary Clutterbuck, Martin Vinicombe  


Charles Hawke, Gwennap tinner  

  written: 11-Feb 1769 
  proved: 21-Oct 1769 
  pages: 545 

  wife - Mary
  daughters - Mary, Isabela
  sons - James, Charles, John
  brother-in-law - Richard Williams
  witnesses - Richd Williams, John Skinner           


John Hawkey, St Neot yeoman 

  written: 7-Jan 1764 
  proved: 31-Aug 1764
  pages: 58/60 

  wife - Phebe
  kinswoman - Jane, wife of John Wills, Anthony, blacksmith
  kinsman - William Gryles, tayler
  kinsman - John Courtis, son of sister Elizabeth
  Peter Davey the elder of Bowden in St Neot 
  apprentice in aid - Margaret, charter of William Will
  servant - Elizabeth Jennings (otherwise Couch)
  mentions - Mr John Comeng of Lestowe, St Neot
  mentions - Mr John Rudle of ?ole, St Neot
  mentions - Mrs Millicent Phillips, widow, St Neot
  mentions - David Coppin of Cardinham
  Henry Jennings (otherwise Couch) - apprentice with Richard Hill of St Clear 
  Thomas Holman Senr of St Neot? 
  Martha Scott, wife of Philip and daughter Ann 
  Philip Scott, William Wadge, both of St Neott 
  John Copplestone, son of John by Mary his wife, St Neot 
  mentions - Late Mr Long of Pendale
  John, Nicholas, Lewis Parsons, sons of Richard, yeoman, St Neot 
  mentions - Revd Mr John Pason, late of St Neot, clerk
  John Copplestone Senr of Trevenna in St Neot 
  mentions - George Hint?, Esq
  mentions - John Pomery of St Neot, gentleman
  mentions - William Morshead, Esq, lately deceased
  witnesses - John Cowling, Richard Parson, Edward Tormouth   


Mary Hockey, Ladock  (perfect health)

  written: 1-Nov 1766
  proved: 10-Dec 1769
  pages: 549/550 

  daughter - Elizabeth Hockey
  son - Thomas
  Mary, daughter of son Thomas 
  sons - Gabriel, Joseph
  witnesses - Jno Courtenay, Thomas Dabb   


Samuel Hawke, Helstone yeoman 

  written: 15-Jul 1766
  proved: 8-Aug 1766 
  pages: 547 

  sister - Jane, wife of John Richards
  sister - Margarett, wife of Gideon Martin
  sister's son - William Veale
  Richard Hawke, Helstone, yeoman 
  witnesses - J Hawkins, B Jane            


John Hawkins, Quiethiock yeoman 

  written: 7-Dec 1767 
  pages: 510/511 

  sister - Margaret Hawkins
  nephew - Edward Hawkins & John, his son
  nephew - Nathaniel Giddy Hawkins
  cousin - Samuel Hawkins
  tenants - William Harris & 6 children
  Jane Hicks of Morvall, widow 
  John, son of Virtue Jope 
  John Laws, Quiethiock 
  Joseph Hawkins, Quiethiock 
  4 cousins - John, Joseph, Jane, Wilmott Hawkins - sons & daughters
        of late nephew John Hawkins, deceased  less than 21
  cousin - Thomas Cloak
  William Connon, younger son of William Connon, Quiethiock 
  servant - Mary Pellow
  poor of Quiethiock 
  Minister of Quiethiock to keep poor children at school & 
       to help in case of distress for rent
  cousin - John Stannings
  witnesses - Tho: Bennicke, ? Bennicke
  codicil written: 25-May 1769 
  proved: 23-Jun 1769
  pages: 512 

  Nathaniel Giddy Hawkins 
  John, son of Edward Hawkins 
  Mary Pellow 
  Thomas, son of William Harris (born since the date of the will) 
  witnesses - John Laws, William Davis  


Richard Hawken, St Breward alias Simonward  (perfect health)

  written: 3-May 1766
  proved: 27-Feb 1767 
  pages: 607/608 

  mother - ?
  brother - Stephen
  brother Stephen 's daughter - Phillipha 
  brother Stephen 's son - Richard 
  brothers - Peter, Joseph
  Nans Hocshen 
  brother Stephen Hawken's son - Peter 
  witnesses - Margarett Rickerd, William Hosken, Sara James  


Roger Hawkens, ffowey clothier 

  written: 9-May 1764
  proved: 10-May 1765 
  pages: 180/181 

  son - Robert
  wife - Mary
  witnesses - Nathl Prym, John Willcock  


John Hawten, Quiethiock 

  written: 17-Apr 1766 
  proved: 6-May 1767
  pages: 64/65 

  wife - Agness
  witnesses - J? Hunn, William Stephens, Jane Stephens       


Honour Hayse, St Erth  widow 

  written: 16-May 1769 
  proved: 9-May 1770
  pages: 637/638 

  Margt Renfry 
  Honr Broad 
  Jno Veal Junr 
  Mary Veal 
  Mary, wife of Andw Berriman 
  Cathn Veal 
  Grace Boyton? 
  Florence Bastard 
  Florence Bastard Junr 
  Tom Hampton 
  Willn Hayse Junr 
  Jno Christopher, son of Jas Christopher 
  Jno Ellis of Carnsew 
  Elizth Ellis Junr 
  nephew - Thos Thom
  Jno Veal 
  witnesses - Jno Ellis, Marry Russell, Eliz: Ellis


Humphry Hitchens, Lostwithiel taylor 

  written: 24-May 1766
  proved: 29-Jan 1768 
  pages: 266/267 

  Mrs Ginefer Whitfer 
  ***nephew - Rebecca Davey, wife of William Barret
  god daughter - Elizabeth Bennett
  John Lukes and his wife and four children 
  Joan Lukes 
  ** nephew - Lualia Toms
  ** nephew - Elizabeth Davey
  nephew - Humphry Toms and his one
  William Barret, husband of Rebecca Davey 
  Mary, daughter of James and Frances Arthur 
  children of nephew Humphry Toms 
  friend - Richard Thomas, Lostwithiel
  Humphry Toms, son of nephew Humphry Toms 
  witnesses - Mihal Kent, Elizabeth Kent   


Benjamin Hocken, Probus gentleman 

  written: 20-Mar 1764 
  proved: 30-May 1766 
  pages: 508/509 

  sons - Benjamin, John
  daughter - Blanch Hocken
  grand son - Charles
  wife - Alice
  witnesses - Thomas Hocken, John Grieve


Charles Hockin, Breage yeoman 

  written: 12-Jul 1766
  proved: 17-Jul 1767 
  pages: 199/200  

  daughter - Jane Hockin
  daughter - Hannah, wife of William Jordan, Germoe blacksmith
  son - William
  witnesses - William St?odden, Jno: Carpenter            


John Hockin, Gwithian yeoman 

  written: 28-Mar 1765 
  proved: 4-Oct 1765 
  pages: 282/284 

  elder sister - Blanch Philipps
  5 daughters 
  second sister - Jane Harris
  nephew - Richard Phillips
  kinsman - Benjn Hockin
  servant man - Phillip Andrewartha
  brother - Benjamin
  wife - Anne
  witnesses - Ralph Clemens, Ann Michel Junr, Roger Cock 


John Hockin, Camborn woaor? 

  written: 3-Jul 1768
  proved: 11-Jul 1769
  pages: 519  

  wife - Susanah & her son Humphry Harvey
  daughter - Honour Prideaux
  daughter - Theodosia Hockin
  daughter - Prudence Baker
  witnesses - Arthur Woolf, Henry Pentior            


Margret Hocken, Michaelstow  

  written: 28-Jul 1751
  proved: 15-Feb 1765
  pages: 136/137 

  cousin - Eliz: Hocken, daughter to brother John Hocken
  Florence, daughter to brother John Hocken 
  John, Mary, Jone, Margrett, William, Jane Hocken - sons 
        & daughters to brother John Hocken
  sister - Mary Horden
  sister - Flornce H?andbury
  Eliz:, daughter of sister Florence H?andbury 
  kinsman - Peter Horden
  cousin - Mary Brinham
  Will:, son to brother Will: Hocken 
  Eliz:, daughter to brother Will: Hocken 
  John, son to brother Will: Hocken 
  poor of Michaelstow 
  brother - John Hocken
  witnesses - John Clode, ffrancis Sloggett, William Hocken


John Hodge, St Kevern  

  written: 17-Jan 1768 
  proved: 26-Nov 1768 
  pages: 403 

  brother-in-law - James Grey, Penryn merchant
  daughter - Ann Roberts, Manakan & her husband Edward
  witnesses - Bartholomew Tripony, Wm Pearce    


Andrew Hosking, Uny Lelant yeoman 

  written: 8-Dec 1767 
  proved: 4-May 1768 
  pages: 349/350 

  wife - Catherine
  sons - Andrew, Henry
  daughter - Gertrude
  mentions - Stephen Noall
  witnesses - Mary Hosking, Jane Richards, Mary Bryant           


James Hosken, Breage yeoman (perfect health)

  written: 2-Mar 1765
  proved: 10-May 1765 
  pages: 175/177 

  wife - Catherine
  sons - James, John, William, Richard, Thomas
  daughter - Prudence, wife of Henry Menadue of Sithney
  daughter - Jane, wife of Richard Williams of Breage
  mentions - Joan Cornish, widow
  poor widows & fatherless children of Breage 
  2 sons - Benjamin, Edward
  witnesses - Prudence Johns, Tremenheere Johns  


Thomas Hosken, Blisland 

  written: 25-Aug 1760 
  proved: 14-Mar 1766
  pages: 375/376  

  wife - ?
  Joan Wimond, Alice Wimond, her daughter & John Wimond, her son 
  witnesses - Wm Marten, William Burnard   


Thomas Hosken, St Kevern yeoman 

  written: 16-Apr 1767 
  proved: 13-May 1767 
  pages: 112/113 

  sons - George, John, Anthony, Nicholas, Richard, William
  daughter - Grace Hosken
  witnesses - Florance Tregoning, Henry Cuttance 


Thomas Hosking, Madron yeoman 

  written: 11-Apr 1769
  proved: 27-Apr 1769 
  pages: 466/470 

  wife - Jane
  daughter - Ann, wife of Mr Nicholas Wallis of Madron
  daughter - Mary, wife of Mr Richard Hosking of Penzance, mariner
  sons - Thomas, John
  daughter - Jane, wife of James Glasson, Madron
  grand sons - Christopher, Nicholas Wallis & every other child of daughter Ann
  grand children, children of daughter Jane Glasson 
  daughter - Elizabeth, wife of William Vinicombe
  mentions - Sir John St Aubyn
  grand son - Thomas Hosking, son of daughter Mary Hosking & Richard Hosking
  mentions - William Broad
  Mr Samuell Phillipps of Gulvall 
  Christopher Edwards of Lelant 
  son-in-law - Nicholas Wallis
  witnesses - G: Borlase, Geo: Borlase Junr, Henry Lugg Junr   


William Hosky, Ladock  

  written: 13-Jul 1755 
  proved: 16-May 1764
  pages: 1 

  sons - Thomas, Gabriel, Joseph
  daughter - Elizabeth
  wife - Mary
  witnesses - William Courtenay, Henry Cock, John Cock 


Ann Jenkyn, Ruan lanihorn  widow 

  written: 1-Jul 1768
  proved: 9-Jun 1769 
  pages: 499 

  two daughters - Ann, Mary Jenkyn
  servant - William Roberts
  witnesses - Jno Doble, Mary Doble  


Henry Jenken, Crowan yeoman 

  written: ? ?
  proved: Jan-01 1766
  pages: 334/335 

  brother - John Jenkyn and his daughter
  James Keigwin, Camborne surgeon 
  brothers - James, William, Peter
  Mary, wife of Hannibal Pool 
  Elizabeth, wife of Peter Eustice 
  Margaret, daughter of brother Peter and her sister Rosamond 
  nephew - John Jenken  less than 21
  Mr Wm Rogers of Penhale, Breage 
  witnesses - James Wood, Thomas Wood    


Ishmael Jenkin, Redruth tynner 

  written: 27-May 1752
  proved: 2-May 1768 
  pages: 333/334 

  two sons - William, James - "shall be brought up to tynners"  less than 21
  wife - Joan
  son - Samuel
  witnesses - Grace Davey, John Harris  


Jacob Jenkin, St Enoder yeoman 

  written: 28-Nov 1764
  proved: 7-May 1770
  pages: 622/623 

  sons - P?usobius, James, Richard
  daughter - Jane, wife of George Hawke
  daughter - Margaret Jenkin
  granddaughters - Margaret, Elizabeth Jenkin, daughters of Joseph Jenkin, late deceased son  less than 21
  widow of deceased son Joseph 
  grandchildren - sons & daughters of son James & daughter Jane, wife of George Hawke
  wife - Rose
  witnesses - Wm Pascoe, John Carthew          


Richard Jenkyn, Helstone blacksmith 

  written: 21-May 1766
  proved: 6-Jun 1766 
  pages: 517/518 

  nephew - Richard Thomas, Wendron, tinner
  mentions - Stepn Cockin, Margt Wearn, Richd Matthew
  mentions - Lady Street, Penventan Lane
  Elizabeth Thomas, daughter of Willn Thomas, Wendron, tanner 
  Sarah Pascoe, wife of Willn Pascoe, Wendron, tinner 
  brother-in-law - William Thomas, Wendron, tinner
  niece - Eliza Collins
  wife - Joan
  mentions - Mr James Belmans
  witnesses - Ew John, Thos Arundell 


Sarah Jenkyn, Launceston  

  written: 22-Feb 1764
  proved: 1-May 1770
  pages: 598 

  Revd Geo: Boughton of Hatherleigh, Devon and his daughter - 
       Mrs Rebecca Boughton
  sister - Ann Tyeth
  Eliz: Knockey, Anna Tynowell - daughters of sister 
       Eliz: Eastcott, deceased
  Eliz: Tynowell, daughter of Anna Tynowell 
  cousin - Sanford Eastcott, son of late nephew Sanford Eastcott,
      apothecary, deceased and his brother Richd
  Mr William Baron of Tregear 
  mentions - "any money due me from the Government or
       Commissioners of the Navy  my position as a purser's widow"
  John Eastcott, son of late nephew Sanford Eastcott, deceased 
  witnesses - Jos: Hales, Ann Eastcott, John Mabyn Junr


Thomas Jenkins, Alverton, Madron gentleman 

  written: 9-Nov 1766
  proved: 4-May 1768 
  pages: 350/351  

  sister - Sarah Symonds, wife of Reverend William Symonds, St Erth, clerk
  sister - Mary Jenkins, spinster
  witnesses - Francis John, Richard Lembrey, Will: Thomas         


Edward K/Hallatt, Stratton  

  written: 13-Jun 17? 
  proved: 21-Oct 1766 
  pages: 573 

  wife - Sarah
  sister - Ann Gobbens
  sister - Sarah Warmington
  sister - Phebe Bronall
  son - William  less than sixteen
  Sarah H/Kallat  less than eighteen 
  son - James  less than eighteen
  brothers-in-law - John Marshall, William Marshall
  witnesses - Ann Hod?, Elizabeth Congdon                    


Ann Lamerton, St Erth  widdow

  written: 9-Jun 1768
  proved: 9-May 1770 
  pages: 638/639 

  grand daughters - Elizabeth Julian, Martha Hodg
  son - Robin Hodg
  grand sons - William, Richard Hodg
  witnesses - Frans John, William John


John Lanyon, Boscaswell, St Just in Penwith yeoman (partial)

  written: ? ?
  proved: ? 1768 
  pages: 354/? 

  wife - Ann
  uncle - Thomas Saundry
  brother-in-law - John Vingor
  witnesses - Thomas Elebbard, Dy Spurr    


William Lockyer, Lanhydrock yeoman  (perfect health)

  written: 14-May 1762 
  proved: 24-Oct 1766
  pages: 575  

  Ann Lockyer, wife of brother Francis 
  mentions - Robert Woon
  mentions - George Lockyer, deceased
  brother-in-law - William Thomas
  sister - Elizabeth Thomas
  Charity Collicill 
  brother - Francis
  witnesses - Petherick Bount, Nicholas Whittaey, Anne Whittey


Mark Luke, Milbrook butcher 

  written: 19-Feb 1767 
  proved: 6-May 1767 
  pages: 62/64 

  brother - James
  nephews - Mark Luke Morris, Stephen Morris
  Mary Giles 
  witnesses - Jn:o Burdwood, Mary Coram  


Mary Lukey, Helstone  spinster 

  written: 31-Aug 1764 
  proved: 31-Dec 1764
  pages: 127/130 

  niece - Mrs Loveday Bawden
  Christopher Hawking of Treseinnard, Esq 
  Thomas Hawking of Trewithan, Esq 
  niece - Blanch Sandys, wife of Mr Richard Sandys, Helston
  grand niece - Blanch Warren, Truro
  Revd William Sandys, Loveday Sandys & Mary Sandys 
       (less than 21), son and daughters of Richard
  kinswoman - Jane Lukey, widow of John, late of Lanreath, deceased
  Mr Richard Sandys 
  two daughters of John Martyn, Helston, cordwainer 
  kinsman - Peter Symons, late of Penzance, shipwright
  sister - Ann Mitchele
  servant - Mary Eve
  Ann, daughter of James Eve, late of Marazion, deceased 
  kinswoman - Loveday Dunn, "wife or widow of Simon Dunn,
        late officer of excise"
  kinswoman - Ursula Martyn, widow of John Martyn, deceased
  Elizabeth Eve, daughter of William Eve, late of Helston, cooper, deceased 
  poor of Helston 
  witnesses - Elizabeth Thornton, Jn Dowe Jr


Thomas Lukey, Helstone apothecary  

  written: 3-Mar 1758
  proved: 6-Jul 1764 
  pages: 34/36 

  great granddaughter - Mary, daughter of Samuel Warren of Truro, attorney at law
  daughter - Blanch, wife of Richd Sandys
  grandson - William Sandys
  daughter - Lovedy Bawden of Penryn
  wife - ?
  Thomas Hawkins of Trewithan 
  Samuel Warren of Truro 
  worthy good friend - Christopher Hawkins
  witnesses - Gilbt Hale Chilcott, Thomas Woolcock, Francis Tresaise


James Lukes signed Lucas, Fowey  

  written: 3-Dec 1763
  proved: 13-Jul 1764
  pages: 45/46 

  sister - Jane, wife of Philip Trembath
  brother - Philip
  sister - Elizabeth, wife of Henry Cowlen
  sister - Mary Lukes
  kinsman - John Lukes
  mother - ?
  witnesses - Wm Sobye


George Luney, St Mawgan in Pider yeoman 

  written: 23-Nov 1764
  proved: 28-Apr 1766 
  pages: 428/429  

  sons - John, Michael, James
  daughter - Catherine, wife of Edward Bennett
  daughter - Elizabeth, wife of Francis Webber
  daughters - Mary Luney, Ann Luney - single women
  witnesses - James Oliver, Wm Thomas


Thomas Martin, Withiel  

  written: 11-Feb 1770 
  proved: 30-Mar 1770 
  pages: 591  

  son - John
  daughters - Mary, Filipa Martyn
  eldest daughter - Jenefer Julenes
  witnesses - Lawrence Growdon, Joseph Growden

Ezekial Mitchell, Landewednack yeoman 

  written: 28-Nov 1765
  proved: 3-Oct 1766 
  pages: 568/569 

  daughter - Susanna
  sons - Roger, Thos, William
  mentions - Thomas Hocken
  daughter - Constance
  son - Ezekial
  witnesses - James Smith, Thomas Coad 


John Michell, Ludgvan yeoman 

  written: 9-Feb 1763 
  proved: 29-May 1765
  pages: 249/251 

  wife - Blanch
  mentions - house wherin Jane Roberts lately lived
  sons - John, Robert
  sons - William, Nicholas   less than 30
  mentions - Tobias Roberts
  daughters - Joan, Blanch, Catherine  less than sixteen
  son-in-law - John Pears
  witnesses - none            


John Murley, Gwinear husbandman 

  written: 8-Apr 1765
  proved: 29-May 1765 
  pages: 239/241  

  wife - Thomasin
  sons - John, William
  son - Arthur  less than 21
  daughter - Mary  less than 21
  daughter - Philippa Edwards, wife of Edward Edwards, Helstone, gentleman
  witnesses - Jas Gillard, Richard Andrewartha, John Carpenter Junr


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