Cornish Will Abstracts 1818 - 1821

Cornish Will Abstracts 1818 - 1821

Microfilm # 0090212

Allen - Martyn

William Allen, Gwennap miner  

  written: 30-Jul 1818 
  proved: 7/8-Jun 1819 
  pages: 235  

  wife - Elizabeth
  mother - Ann
  mentions - John Winn
  3 sisters 
  nephew - Michael Allen, son of Michael Allen & his brother James
  witnesses - James Reed, George Wallis 
William Bennats, Gwennap miner  

  written: 11-Aug 1814 
  proved: 29-May 1820 
  pages: 595/596  

  wife - Sarah
  sister - Mary Soser
  mentions - Capt James Whiteburn
  witnesses - Isaac Watts, Richard Tyack  


Francis Blamey, Gwennap miner 

  written:  18-May 1818 
  proved: 8-Feb 1820
  pages: 465/466 

  wife - Ann
  children - ffrancis, William, Ann, Joel, James
  mentions - late brother William
  nephew - Philip Blamey, butcher
  witnesses - Jno Blamey  


Joseph Blamey, Carne, Veryan yeoman  

  written: 18-Jul 1817 
  proved: 20-Jan 1820 
  pages: 440/441  

  niece - Rachel, wife of John Johns
  Hannah, wife of John Philp 
  nephew - Peter Blamey
  nephews - Richard, Joseph Blamey
  nephews - Samuel, Daniel Blamey
  witnesses - Digory Polkinghorne, Frances Blamey


Thomas Bluett, Lanlivery cordwainer 

  written: 16-Jan 1820 
  proved: 08-Jul 1820 
  pages: 683 

  daughters - Sarah, Mary, Bestsy, Lydia
  son - Philip
  servant - Jane Frethy
  William Bellman, John Parkin 
  witnesses - Walter Chapple, Joseph Curteys  


William Blewett, Lostwithiel blacksmith 

  written: 13-Aug 1818 
  proved: 30-Jan 1819 
  pages: 93/94  

  son - John, blacksmith
  wife - Mary
  witnesses - John Marshall, James Davey


Edward Bray, Tilgullow, Gwennap miner 

  written: 18-Jun 1818
  proved: 29-May 1820
  pages: 592/593  

  wife - Margaret
  children - William, Joana?, Thomas, Edmund?, Elizabeth Bray
  witnesses - Joseph Michell, Ann Michell  


Andrew Cardall, Kenwyn yeoman 

  written: 08-Jan 1820 
  proved: 29-May 1820 
  pages: 604/605 

  sons - Jacob, William, Andrew
  witnesses - Daniel Doible, Warne Woolcock  


John Cardell the elder, Phillack yeoman 

  written: 28-Jan 1818  
  pages: 853/854  

  wife - Mary & her 2 daughters
  sons - Thomas, Joseph, Hannibal
  daughters - Elizabeth, Honor Cardell
  daughter - mary Thomas, wife of Thomas
  grandson - John Thomas, son of Thomas of Gwinear
  son - Richard
  witnesses - Thomas Ellis, John Pool
  codicil proved: 20-Dec 1820 
  pages: 854
  son - Christopher
  daughter - Honor
  witnesses - Thomas Ellis, John Pool  


Samuel Cock, Lanteglos by Camelford yeoman  

  written: 24-Sep 1818 
  proved: 05-Dec 1818
  pages: 6/10  

  sons - Samuel, Thomas
  grandson - Thomas, son of Thomas
  daughter - Elizabeth Coney
  wife - Joan
  son - Robert
  witnesses - Mary Lobb, Frances Lobb, F: Lobb


Thomas Coke, Lee, Morwinstow yeoman/farmer 

  written: 18-Jan 1919   
  pages: 89/92 

  brother - Richard of Kilkhampton
  brother - William of Moorwinstow
  sister - Elizabeth, wife of William Yeo of the parish pf Week Panerofs
  Mary, wife of brother, Richard Coke 
  niece - Mary, wife of Lawrence Cholwell Junr of Moorwinstow
  niece - Phillippy, wife of John Adams of Moorwinstow
  niece - Margaret H?owell of Stoke Damarall
  nephews - John, William, Richard Coke, sons & daughter of late brother John
  niece - Susanna Coke
  Fanny, daughter of Lawrence Cholwell Junr 
  nephews - Thomas Coke of St?owemills in Kilkhampton, Richard Coke of Moorwinstow
  niece - Ann Coke of Moorwinstow
  witnesses - Lawrence Harward, John Heydon, George Rodd

  codicil written: 18-Jan 1819 
  proved: 28-Jan 1819 
  pages: 92/93 
  Susanna, wife of James Lark of Launcells 
  witnesses - Laurence Harward, John Heydon, George Rodd


William Cock, St Endellion grocer 

  written: 08-Sep 1819 
  proved: 03-Jun 1820 
  pages: 647/648  

  wife - Harriot
  daughter - Harriot Trevithick Cock
  mentions - Thomas Stark, John Trevithick of Mevagissey
  witnesses - Thos Richards, Elizabeth Lakeman   


Mary Couch, East Looe widow

  written: 01-Nov 1820 
  proved: 19-Jan 1821 
  pages: 911 

  grand daughter - Jemima Couch Coad, wife of Joseph Coad, blacksmith
  witnesses - Isaac Couch, Thomas Roberts  


John Davey, Zennor yeoman  

  written: 20-Jan 1819 
  proved: 13-Aug 1819 
  pages: 330/331 

  wife - ?
  2 sons - John, William
  son Richard's children 
  witnesses - William Polmear Singr, William Polmear Junr            


Jane Ellis, Marazion  widow

  written: 28-Dec 1818 
  proved: 09-Jun 1819 
  pages: 275/287  

  Grace Vinnicombe of Penzance, spinster 
  Patience Dennis, wife of Richard of Trembath in Madron, farmer 
  Ann Davey, wife of William of Penzance, merchant 
  Christopher Ellis Richards of Penzance, screviner 
  Richard Richards of Penzance, screviner 
  Ann Richards, wife of John of Marazion, butcher 
  Henry Vellnoweth of R?udgeon in St Hillary, farmer 
  maid servant (living with) 
  Merriam Ellis of penzance, spinster 
  Grace Richards of Penzance, widow 
  Margaret Laity of Perranuthnoe, spinster 
  Christopher Ellis Edwards, son of Joseph of Perranuthnoe, miner - less than 21 
  Elizabeth Andrews, wife of Joel of Germoe, miner 
  Florence Tyacke of Breage, spinster 
  Ann Laity, wife of John of Perranuthnoe, farmer 
  John, Henry, Samuel, William, George Laity - 
       sons of Ann Laity & John Laity
  Mary Vellnoweth of Perranuthnoe, widow 
  Thomas, William, Mary Vellnoweth, her children 
  Jane Pearce, wife of Francis of Perranuthnoe, miner 
  Henry Laity of Perranuthnoe, son of Henry 
  Catherine Donald of Helstone, widow 
  William Ralph the younger of Perranuthnoe, farmer 
  Ann King of St Hillary, widow 
  Elizabeth Laity of Perranuthnoe, widow 
  John, Thomas, Elizabeth Laity & Ann, wife of Joseph Thomas - her children 
  godchildren - Henry, George Laity; Thomas, William, Mary Vellnoweth;
        Honor Rowe Gundry, Grace Oatey, William Favil Mildrun, Patience Harvey
  churchwarden & overseers of the poor of Perranuthnoe for poor widows 
  churchwarden & overseers of the poor of Marazion for poor widows 
  Joseph Edwards of Perranuthnoe, miner 
  mentions - Wheal Neptune in Perranuthnoe
  brother - Thomas Polkinghorne of Perranuthnoe
  mentions - Tobias Edmonds
  John Laity of Trevarthen in St Hillary, farmer 
  John Richards of Goldsithney, farmer 
  youngest child of John Hosking? Of madron, gentleman 
       by Jane his now wife - less than 21 
  witnesses - Thomas Peter Gurney Jr, Nicholas Thomas, Thos Rogers


Nancy Gilbert, Priory House, Bodmin wife of Walter Raleigh Gilbert (1) 

  written: 23-Feb 1818  
  pages: 29/41  

  mentions - certain Indenture of 3 parts dated on or about 18-Feb 1783
  maiden name - Vivian  (2) 
  Thomas Pitt Esquire, Richard Coffin Esquire  (3) 
  mentions - another Indenture dated on or about ?-May 1784
       1) W.R. Gilbert; 2) Nancy, his wife; 3) Right Honorable Thomas Lord Camelford & 
			 Richard Coffin
  mentions - another indenture dated 1-Oct 1797
       1) W.R. Gilbert; 2) Nancy, his wife; 3) Edmund John Glynn Esquire & Edmund 
			 Prideaux esquire
  General William Moreshead, Charles Rashleigh 
  Reverend John Kempthorne clerk - eldest son of late kinswoman 
  Eleanor Kempthorne, deceased
  James Plomer of Borough of Helstone 
  Joan May spinster (in her service) 
  Judith Plomer, widow, mother of James 
  4 daughters of Judith Plomer 
  Catherine Stone of Borough of Bodmin, widow 
  particular friend - Ann Hunter, widow of late John Hunter Esquire 
  Digory King, Lieutenant 
  Sally & Susanna Hambly, daughters of William Hambly, 
        Borough of Bodmin surgeon, deceased
  James Kempthorne of Kirland in Borough og Bodmin, gentleman 
  Eleanor Bryant, sister of james kempthorne 
  Marchionefs of Bude 
  Right Honorable the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe 
  Right Honorable Lady Grenville 
  William Morshend, Charles Rashleigh 
  Captain William Hambly of Borough of Bodmin 
  Mrs Cory of Egloshayle 
  Mrs Richard Grylls, wife of Reverend Richard Grylls of Luxillion, clerk 
  William Clift, residing at the Royal College of Surgeons in 
        Lincoln Inn Fields London
  charity for widows & orphans of clergymen 
  servants who resided above one year 
  Richard Hocking & Elizabeth Nicholls 
  Rose Chapman, living in "our" service 
  Reverend John Pomeroy Gilbert, nephew of husband 
  poor of the borough & parish of Bodmin not supported by parish pay 
  poor of the borough & parish of Saint Kevern not supported by parish pay 
  Walter Raleigh Gilbert 
  witnesses - Edward Durell, clerk; Edward Pearce of Bodmin Atty at Law; Richard Arthur, his clerk

  codicil written: 28-Mar 1818
  proved: 23-Dec 1818
  pages: 41/42 
  revoked - James Kempthorne of Kirland in Borough of Bodmin, gentleman
  given - Mrs Elizabeth Collins of Tresardale? In parish of Blisland, widow
  witnesses - John Waldon, Andw Hill Sargent


Ralph Goldsworthy, Wendron yeoman 

  written: 13-Jan 1820 
  proved: 27-Mar 1820
  pages: 502/506 

  sister - Jane, wife of James Jenkin & her son Thomas
  sister - Mary Goldsworthy
  sister - Elizabeth, wife of Martin Martin
  brother - Joseph
  servant - Mary Woolcock
  nephew - Joseph, son of late brother John
  brother - John, son of late brother John
  nephew - Harry & his son Richard
  nephew - John, son of Harry? Goldsworthy
  witnesses - W ?uth, Peter Moyle, Thomas Eathorn  


Henry Gundry, St Erth yeoman 

  written: 14-Aug 1816   
  pages: 134/135  

  wife - Mary
  witnesses - David Mollard, Thomas Williams

  codicil written: 14-Aug 1816 
  proved: 22-Mar 1819 
  pages: 135 
  son - Thomas
  witnesses - David Mollard, Thomas Williams 


John Harris, Gwennap miner 

  written: 10-Feb 1818
  proved: 07-Jun 1819 
  pages: 232/233 

  wife - Ann
  3 sons - John, Nicholas, Edward
  son - Joseph, less than 21
  mentions - wife's father - David Annear?
  3 youngest children - Joseph, Betsey, Catherine
  William Bath of St Clements, yeoman 
  witnesses - Thomas Bray, Warne Woolcock  


William Harvey, Gwennap miner  

  written: 27-Jan 1820 
  proved: 29-May 1820 
  pages: 596/598  

  wife - ?
  daughter - Grace, Martha
  son - William
  son-in-law - William Tregoning & Ann his wife
  witnesses - John Honey, Elizth Honey            


Elizabeth Hocking, St Martin  widow

  written: 24-Mar 1819 
  proved: 07-May 1819 
  pages: 158/159  

  dear friends - (Mefsrs)Messrs James James & James Launder
  mentions - Mr John Hocking?
  niece - Catherine Maria Paul & her son John Hocking Paul, less than 21
  poor persons of St Martin 
  4 godchildren - Mary Ann, daughter of Thomas Roskruge
                  Richard, son of Richard Roskruge
                  Jane & Charles - son & daughter of John Roskruge
  witnesses - James Bishop, Margaret Bishop


George Hocking, Trelogan, Lower St Columb farmer 

  written: 29-Apr 1817
  proved: 24-Feb 1821 
  pages: 901/902  

  daughter - Eliz: Solomon
  daughter - Catherine Martyn
  sons - Richard, James, William
  grandson - Richard Hocking, son of Richard, less than 21
  witnesses - Richd Rowe, Joseph Moffatt  


Richard Hawken, St Columb Major yeoman  

  written: 21-Feb 1818 
  proved: 15-Sep 1820 
  pages: 751/752  

  children - Richard Hawken; Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Johns; John Hicks Hawken
  Phil: Prisk of Roach, widow 
  wife - Elizabeth
  son - James Hawken
  witnesses - Fras Hearle, Thos Whitford


Thomas Hockin, St Enoder yeoman  

  written: ? ? 
  proved: 17-Feb 1821
  pages: 893/894  

  sister - Ann Hicks of St Agnes
  cusen - Elizabeth, wife of John Bray
  cusen - William Hockin, son of Richard & Ann of Loggon
  cusens - William & Joseph Andrew, sons of Thomas & Ann of St Enoder
  witnesses - Mary Andrew, Elizabeth Williams  


William Hocking, Illogan miner  

  written: 25-Jul 1818
  proved: 07-Oct 1820
  pages: 770/771  

  daughter - Jane, wife of James Richards
  daughter - Ann, wife of Stephen Allen
  sons - William, John
  wife - Ann
  witnesses - John Honey, Elizth? Honey


Benjamin Hosken, Breage blacksmith 

  written: 02-Jul 1813 
  proved: 13-Jan 1820 
  pages: 442/443  

  sons - James, Benjamin, Thomas
  daughter - Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Allen
  daughter - Catherine, wife of Richard Piarce
  2 daughters - Jenefer, Susannah Hosken
  witnesses - Elizabeth Champion, Christr Wallis          


Nandy Hoskin, Millbrook, Maker superannated Quartermaster in His MN ship Havannah 

  written: 30-Jul 1820
  proved: 09-Aug 1820 
  pages: 727/728 

  brother - John Hoskin of Maker
  Elizabeth, wife of John Hoskin & five of his children - 
  Elizabeth, Ann, Maryane, George Foster Skinner, Dolly Skinner
  Rebecca Hoskin & her daughter Rebecca Jane Jago  
  Elizabeth Hodge,  Mary Rowe 
  witnesses - Peter Warne, William Hancock   


Richard Hoskyn, Torpoint builder 

  written: 11-Nov 1819 
  proved: 11-May 1820 
  pages: 530/531 

  wife - Susannah Sophia
  witnesses - WD Sole Solicitor Plymouth Dock, Ann Doidge           


Elizabeth Jenkyn, St Enoder  widow 

  written: 15-Mar 1815
  proved: 30-Apr 1819 
  pages: 157 

  Christian Chapman, daughter of John & Mary Chapman of St Enoder 
  Elizabeth Chapman, daughter of John & Mary Chapman of St Enoder 
  daughter - Mary Chapman, wife of John
  daughter - Elizabeth Warne, wife of James of St Ifsey, carpenter
  witnesses - Wm Hocker, Frances Hocker


William Jenkin, Redruth (sound health)  

  written: 06-Apr 1818
  proved: 05-Mar 1821
  pages: 909/911 

  mentions - James Buller, Esquire         
	wife - Honour
  2 daughters - Sarah Jenkin, Catherine Phillips Jenkin
  sons - Alfred, John
  2 grandchildren - William, Betsy Jenkin, children of late son William
  daughter - Grace, wife of Thomas Price A???
  2 daughters - Ann, wife of Samuel Milford; Elizabeth, wife of John Chester
  mentions - Religious Society of Friends of the Western Division of Cornwall
  witnesses - Tiberius? James, John Provis Junr  


Digory Jose, St Juliot yeoman  

  written: 17-Jul 1819
  proved: 30-Oct 1819 
  pages: 380/381 

  wife - Jane
  sons - Edward, John less than 21
  witnesses - Walter Sleep, Thos Rickard, John Hodge  


Robert Jose, St Ewe yeoman 

  written: 01-Oct 1818
  proved: 12-Apr 1819 
  pages: 148/149 

  wife - Mary
  son - Robert
  witnesses - Cath: G: Tucker, Ns Crews  


Abigail Luke, Helstone  spinster 

  written: 05-Nov 1808
  proved: 08-Jun 1819 
  pages: 246/248  

  niece - Mary Harry
  2 nephews - Joseph, Thomas Harry
  witnesses - Jas Plomer, John Herby, Samuel Rogers


Edward Luke, Grampound farm manufacturer 

  written: 08-Sep 1819 
  proved: 29-May 1820 
  pages: 586/587  

  wife - Ann
  3 daughters - Jemima, Sophia, Anna
  Mr Thos Croggan, tanner of Grampound 
  witnesses - Thos Secombe  


Robert Lutey, Penzance linen draper 

  written: 23-Sep 1817
  proved: 09-Jul 1819 
  pages: 260/262 

  wife - Elizabeth
  daughter - Sarah Perrow Harrison & children?
  daughter - Eliza Malthy
  daughters - Peggy, May Lutey
  son - Theophilus
  Ralph Hacker Bodilly, Charles Moody 
  witnesses - Thomas Vigers Lawrencw, William Baynard


Edward Martyn, Gwennap miner 

  written: 30-Jan 1820 
  proved: 30-May 1820
  pages: 612/613 

  wife - Elizabeth
  witnesses - Samual Pollard, Francis Moyle  

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