Cornish Will Abstracts 1742 - 1744

Cornish Will Abstracts 1742 - 1744

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Pascoe - Whear

Ann Pascoe, Marazion  widow 
  written: ?-Jul 1740   
  pages: 219/223  
  kinsman - James Milette? & his wife
  kinsman - Joseph Hill the younger & his wife
  kinsman - William Frethe of Falmouth
  son-in-law - John Pascoe, gent
  poor of Marazion 
  poor widows of Marazion 
  poor of St Hillary 
  poor of Phillack 
  ? - Mr Glover, minister of Phillack
  kinswoman - Ellianor Millitt, dau of late uncle Richd Millett
  sister - Grace, Jane, Hannah Millett
  Reverd Mr Wm Hambly, Vicar of St Hillary 
  kinswoman - Elizabeth Elies, wife of Benjn Elies of Falmouth
  good friend - Phillis, wife of John Maugham
  niece - Ann Hugh, daughter of sister Elizabeth Hugh
  trusty & well beloved friends & kinsman - 
         Joseph Hill the younger of Marazion, mercht
         James Millett of Penzance, gent
         Leond Millett of Marazion, mercht
         Wm ffreethy of Falmouth, merchant
  sister - Mary, wife of John Tresedden of Illoggen, tinner
  Anna Tresedden, daughter of sister Mary  less than 21 
  desire to be buried in Phillach Churchyard in late 
         husband Erasmus Pascoe's vault
  witnesses - Will: Ripper, Eliz: Farish

John Roberts, St Stephens in Brannell yeoman  
  written: 3-Feb 1739 
  pages: 85  
  sons - Lewis, Jacob, Thomas, John, William
  daughter - Jane
  grandson - John, son of son John
  son - Charles
  wife - Priscilla
  witnesses - Jno Truscott, Jane Kascacke  

Ann Rogers, St Erth  widow 
  written: 18-Apr 1734  
  pages: 92/ 93 
  father - ?
  brothers - Humphry, James, William Millet
  sisters - Margarett, Honor Millet
  William, George Millet, sons of Leonard Millet of Marazion, shopkeeper 
           less than 21
  poor of Crowan, St Hillary 
  brother - John Millet
  mentions - Skewis Polkrobe, Polkrobe Wollan, Polkrobe Wartha
  mentions - Coskewis, Chypons Skewis, Little Coskewis, Boskaveran in Crowan
  witnesses - C: Davies, Hum: Cole, Jos: Hill Junr:

William Rowe, St Erth yeoman  
  written: 20-May 1743 
  pages: 226  
  son - John
  wife - Jane
  Mr Gregory Jenking & his children 
  witnesses - Fra: Bowcher, Thos: Hearle, John Phillips

George Sampson, ?  
  written: 22-Nov 1741 
  pages: 47  
  sons - Richard, George
  daughters - 
  witnesses - Wm Sampson, John Sampson 

John Shuge, ?  
  written: 12-Mar 1743  
  pages: 289  
  sons - John, Thomas, James
  daughters - Elizabeth, Jane, Grace
  granddaughter - Jane Shuge
  Thomas Brees daughter Jane 
  witnesses - Nicholas Lean, William Jennings  

Francis Stephens, St Ives merchant  
  written: 20-Mar 1740 
  pages: 48/ 49  
  mother - Temperance Stephens
  wife - Elizabeth
  witnesses - Jasper Kaw, Chris: Carpenter, John Noall  

Stephen Stephens, North tamerton yeoman
  written: 20-May 1742  
  pages: 341 
  son-in-law - William Wymond
  daughter - Elizabeth, wife of William Wymond
  wife - Joan
  witnesses - Henry Mark, John Sprittigne          

William Stephens, Grampound tayler
  written: 9-Jan 1738  
  pages: 58 
  Mary, daughter of brother Richard, deceased, wife of 
        Theophilus Johns of St Keverne, carpenter
  Honour, wife of John Varcoe otherwise Pearce of St Ewe, 
        blacksmith, the other daughter of brother Richard
  Elizabeth, wife of John Thomas of Grampound, cordwainer, 
        daughter of brother John
  witnesses - Jn Lanyon, John Winow, Edward Thomas 

Thomas Strick, Perranuthnoe  
  written: 11-May 1743 
  pages: 230 
  son - Christopher of Burgan
  daughter - Prudence  less than 21
  wife - Margarett
  sons - Thomas, William
  witnesses - Wm Tavelle         

Elizabeth Symons, St Ewe  widow (very aged, but perfect health)
  written: 17-Apr 1742 
  pages: 64/ 66 
  nephew - Nathaniel Carkeet of Tregilgas
  niece - Elizabeth Carkeet of Tregilgas
  niece - Mary Short, wife of Samuell, St Ewe
  niece - Elizabeth Pears, St Ewe widow
  niece - Hannah Carkeete
  kinsman - William Carkeete, gentleman
  nephew - William Freethy, St Issey
  kinsman - Peter Ellery
  cousins - Samuel, John Gumma, sons of Edward Gumma of Lower St Collombe, cordwainer  less than 21
  nephew - Nicholas Buctland
  witnesses - Will: Keagle, John Exbridge, William Pearse

William Symons, Poundstoke yeoman 
  written: 13-Apr 1743 
  pages: 192/194 
  sons - Phillipp, William, John
  Richard Clark, Launceston, gent  (unmarried) 
  wife - Jane
  3 youngest children - Thomas, Joanna, Ebbett Symons
  witnesses - Av: Penfound, Sim: Uglow, Robt Burgoyne

William Simons, Columb minner yeoman  
  written: 7-Aug 1739  
  pages: 39 
  Jullian Sleep, daughter of Gorge Sleep 
  wife - Jone
  witnesses - E?d? Symons, Thomas Bonython

George Veale, Penzance gentleman 
  written: 12-Oct 1730  
  pages: 12/16 
  poor of Gulvall, Penzance, Maddern 
  wife - Elizabeth
  daughter - Elizabeth Veale  less than 21
  sons - William, George- (unmarried)
  daughter - Anne Veale, less than 21, & her aunt ffrancis Davy, the wife
       of Charles Davy of Thonborough of Devon
  3 youngest children - Anne, George, Elizabeth Veale  less than 21
  sister - Honour Cock & her? Son Richard
  Uriah Tonkin, Thomas Vigues, merchants 
  witnesses - Zacharias Walters, Wm Cottle, Henry Pearce 

Humphry Velenoweth, Ludgvan tinner  
  written: 25-Nov 1734   
  pages: 105/106 
  wife - ?
  brother James' children 
  brother Thomas' children 
  brother - Velenoweth
  kinsman - Thomas Velenoweth, eldest son of James
  witnesses - C: Davies, Katherin Edwards 

Dorothy Waring, Calstock  spinster 
  written: 26-May 1739 
  pages: 308/309 
  Elizabeth, daughter of Symon Bond 
  kinsman - George Warring
  Mary Lawers 
  Mary, daughter of Elizabeth Martyn 
  Richard, son of Trsteram Weeks 
  John, son of George Warring, kinsman  less than 21 
  poor labourers of Calstock 
  Mary, daughter of brother John Warring 
  witnesses - Robert Collings, Agness An Dounstan, Susanna Colling  

Ambros Wearn, St Erth mason 
  written: 18-May 1743  
  pages: 229  
  sons - William, Ambros, Roger
  daughters - Mary, Margarett
  witnesses - Roger Wearn, William Hocking

Digory Warne, Calstock yeoman 
  written: 13-Nov 1748?   
  pages: 298 
  wife - Mary
  2 sons - John, Digory
  daughter - Mary Warn
  sister - Mary Peters
  witnesses - Henry Fowler, Thomas Triscott, John Doidge

John Whearn, Probus yeoman
  written: 28-Mar 1743 
  pages: 146/ 147 
  daughter - Elizabeth
  daughter - Mary Cornish
  daughter - Dorothy Secombe
  grand daughter - Elizabeth Elizabeth Doubt
  grand daughter - Jane Raslegth
  brother - Henry
  Ennegin Warn, daughter of Anthony Warne 
  Elizabeth Thomas 
  wife - Elizabeth
  son - James
  witnesses - Ishmaell Teague, John Bennack

John Whear, Mawgan in Menage 
  written: 1-Mar 1742/ 43  
  pages: 114 
  mother's brother's son - John Whearen 
  maid - Elizabeth Penhall
  Peter Monday, Mulyan taylor 
  witnesses - James Grubb, John Dey


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