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[The data presented here is, in some cases, in raw form or not completely proven or sourced.

The user is encouraged to perform their own research using this data as a guide.

Should you find any errors in this data or proofs supporting this data, please let me know

so I may correct or add to the information]

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The Childres Timeline Project

Added Aug 2, 2006

Update Jun 12, 2011

Sprouse of the South West Mountains

Albemarle County, Virginia

and Related Families

Added Apr 8, 2010

Update Mar 2, 2012

My Whole World

Includes all the families I have added to research or have researched.

This is it, with sources, some pictures and all the data I have found.

Use at your own discression and please do your own research.

If you have additional data, documents or pictures, please share with me so I can share with others.

Updated May 5, 2020

Sprouse Timeline Project

More than you could ever want to know about all Sprouses.

My special Thanks to Jeff Miller for allowing me

to use some of his research along with mine in this Timeline.

Be sure to visit his Sprouse Web Site from our Links page.

Added Aug 25, 2010

Update Nov 13, 2010


Added May 3, 2010

Update May 3, 2010

Useful Research Links

Added Apr 26, 2010

Update Mar 12, 2012

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