Computer Operating System Description

Computer Operating System Description
Here's some things I learned in a computer class:

Operating systems are basically software that “runs” the computer. They manage all the applications that the computer performs, and integrates the software with the hardware. The OS allows the user to use hardware to get at software. The most popular OS are MS-DOS and Windows – isn’t that what has led to multiple law suits against Microsoft – stating that they have a sort of monopoly? Other systems exist, such as LINUX, and Apple/Macintosh have their own OS. If a user is deciding what OS they need, you must decide what you are using it for. Windows and Macintosh are very visually oriented and fairly user friendly. Larger industrial style computers may consider UNIX or another system. In some housesthey fight over Macintosh vs. Windows, so you should know what systems you want to interface with the most when you make your decision.


The internet is the largest computer network in the world. It is open to public access, and consists of thousands of networks allowing information to be exchanged between computers. This is what we “dial-up” to in our homes when we check our e-mail, Google search information to help our kids with their homework, or check out the best vacation deals on Priceline.


An intranet is a more secure network, often set up by an institution for use by its employees. An intranet allows communication between computers in a secure fashion that is not accessible by the general public. Users often need passwords.


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