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The following photographs are from the STILSON/STILLSON A Family History, at back of book. A second page to this album will be other family photos, donated by Stillson/Stilson families. Many Thanks to those Who Donate Photos. If you have a photo to donate to this family, please send info to Margaret Lee, administer of this site, or David C. Stilson, assistant administrator.

A special thanks to all of you who dug deep into their family archives to share these pictures. We were unable to use every picture submitted and tried to choose photos of individual who best represented each family. There is quite a discrepancy in the clarity of the photos. Some are the result of age, others are because we were unable to use the original photos for copies, but instead used photographs of photographs whichh reduced the quality of the imgae. We apologize to those who sent us photo copies that we were not able to use, due to poor quality that would have resulted in reproducing it.

SECTION ONE: The family of Jacob & Miranda (Taylor) Stilson

1.Leonard G. Stilson, son of Jacob and Miranda Taylor and wife Nancy (Henser) Stilson. Taken in the late 1890's.
 2. Simon, b. 1819, son of Jacob and Miranda Taylor and wife Nancy (Henser) Stilson. Taken in the late 1890's.
Five daughters and one son are in the photo which appears on the front cover.
 3. Sons of Simon and Nancy Stilson: Schuyler, Francis Marion "Frank", John Fremont, James Ambrose.
 4. Daughters of Simon and Nancy: Hazel, Naomi, Lila, Eva, Lucille. These same ladies are pictures as young girls in picture under #2, above.
 5. Mary Caroline Stroh b. 1870, d. 1866. THe wife of John Fremont Stilson. in pic. #6.
 6. John Fremont Stilson b. 1857, d. 1927, the son of Simon and Nancy Stilson.
 7. Family photo of Arnold Franklin Stillson, with wife Nina Hazel Davidson Stillson. Children pictured are Boyd James, Bessie Pearl and Arnold Franklin II.
 8. John McKinley Stilson, son of John and Mary (Stroh) Stilson. Chief Petty Officer during WWII.
 9. James Ambrose Stillson and first wife Wilhelmina Dennstadt taken on December 25, 1888, their wedding day.
 10. James Ambrose Stilson with third wife, Gerite.
 11. Mahala Stillson Vickerman, daughter of Simon and Nancy. b. 1859, d. 1927.
 12. Children of Schuyler Stillson - notice the amazing resemblance between Dora (on the left) and picture of Alice (Photo #13). They are presumably the four eldest of Schuyler and Hattie's; Dora, Ruth, Benjamin and Lowell.
 13. Alice Stillson, daughter of Simon and Nancy, in a photo with her family.
 14. Wedding photographs of Melvin and Goldie Benser Stillson in July 1928.
 16. Photo of Melvin and Goldie in 1978 at their 50th wedding anniversary.
 17. Alta Vickerman Williams, grandaughter of Simon and daughter of Martha Stilson.
 18. Thomas "Reese" Williams, son (yes it is a boy) of Thomas and Alta Vickerman Williams.
 19. Bernetta Williams, daughter of Alta and Thomas Williams and sister of Reese. She died at about five years of age.
 20. Thomas "Tom" M. Williams, husband of Alta Vickerman. (pic.#17)

SECTION TWO: The family of Edmund and Salenda (Jackson) Stilson.
21. Edmund Stilson b. 1829 in New York.
22. Salenda Jackson Stilson, b. 1934, wife of Edmund Stilson (above).
23. Milford Quiggle, Edmund Stilson, Mary Stilson Quiggle, Salena Stilson appear in the back row. In the fron row are Gertrude & Grace Quiggle & Mary Stilson.
24. William Edmund & Virginia (Hartless) Stilson, 1878, Philomath, Oregon. William is the son of Nathan.
25. Willis Jackson Stilson, son of Edmund, b. 1866, with wife Ella Field Fletcher, in wedding picture.
26. Lodemia (Sampson) Stison, wife of Nathan, takein in 1914.
Photograph of Nathan appears on the front cover.
27. Willis Jackson Stilson farmhouse, built about 1907.
28. Willis Jackson and wife Ella Field Fletcher with children Hettie and Cephas Charles.
29. The children of Charles Newel Stilson. Back row: Philip, Philo, Salenda and Newell. Front row: Willis, Cornelia, Lettie, Charles and Leona.
30. Wedding photo taken in 1912 of Philip E. and Ora Ethel (Gilger) Stilson. Philip was b. 1889 the son of Charles Newel Stilson.
31. Philo, son of Charles Newel, Photographed with wife Ada.
32. Willis Winfred Stilson, b. 1879, son of Charles Newel, Photo as an infant.
33.Willis Winfred Stilson, b. 1879, son of Charles Newel with wife Rhena and children Chester and Margaret. TAken Diamond, WA 1912.
34. Hettie Fairchild (Torrance) Stilson and her daughters. Pictured left to right: Addie Stilson, Lenore Stilson, mother: Hettie Stilson, Mary Stilson, Lillian Stilson.
35. Pictured left to right, Phillip, Willie, Salenda and Newel Stilson. Photo taken in 1945.
36. Brothers Leroy, Phillip and Willis Stilson.
A Photograph of the Leroy Stilson farm in Diamond, Washington appears on the cover.
37. Rachel I. Stilson b. 1904. Pictured at age 20 months.
38. Rachel I. Stilson pictured March 16, 1924 with husband Theodore Fournier.
39. Cephas Charles Stilson and wife Dorothy (Waterfield) Stilson.
Fred Arba Stilson and wife are pictured on the cover.
40. Harold M. Stilson and Mildred (Roberts) Stilson, photo taken 1926 in Chehalis, WA. Harold is the son of Fred Arba Stilson.
41. Grover M. Dawson and wife Hettie Irene (Stilson) Dawson. Hettie was the oldest child of Willis Jackson Stilson. The Photograph was taken at their 25th wedding aniversary.
42. Elain Hart, wife of Roy Hart who is the son of Cornelia Stilson.

SECTION THREE: Famous Stillson's

43. William Charles Stillson, 1886-1964, Author of "Notes on Stilson Genealogy."
44. Daniel Chapman Stillson, 1830 - 1899, Inventor of the Stillson wrench. The photo is from a newspaper clipping found among the collection of notes of the late Edward Stilson of Cortland, N.Y. There was o mention of the paper from which it was taken. Information & photograph courtesy of William Charles Stillson history.

SECTION FOUR: Amos Stillson Family

45. David Stilson and Margaret (Page) Stilson.
46. Emma Emelia (Stilson) Pilling and husband Henry Piling. Emma was the daughter of Anson.
47. Rev. Charles and Betsy (Baker) Truesdell with their son Steward and daughter Stella. Stella became the wife of Amos Clinton Stillson. The picture was taken previous to March 1, 1870 which was the date of Steward's death.
48. This portrait of William Edward and Deborah (page) Stilson was originally in a family album owned by Nancy Ann (Stilson) Horton and later became a possession of William Charles Stillson. It was probably taken about 1880.


Sylvester Eley

Joseph & Mary Ann (Webb) Eley & 5 children

Elizabeth Webb/Eley

THOMPSON PHOTO's of Margaret Lee's family.

Anna Eva (Dorion) Stilson, wife of Robert Hunter Stilson

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