to The Stilson/Stillson A Family History 1646-1993, by Christie Stilson, brought to you on line by Margaret Lee, this page created on Sept. 16, 2000. Within these pages you will find the last of the 6th Generation in the book, William Stilson/Stillson 1780/1854, son of William & Sarah; & Rueben Stilson 1825/1856, son of William & Affa. The next page will start the 7th generation. Happy Hunting.

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VI. WILLIAM STILSON/STILLSON, born June 22, 1780, son of William and Sarah (Roberts) Stilson of Portsmouth, New Hamshire, married Nancy Chapman in 1805 in Durham, N.H. by Rev. John Osborne. William d. March 25, 1854, possibly in Durham, Stratford Co., N.H. Nancy was the daughter of David and Abigail (Clark) Chapman. At some point this family started spelling their name with the double LL. According to a history of Durham, William attended Lafayette's reception in Durham. The following is from the history of Durham, N.H.


1.Sarah, b. September 22, 1807 in Durham, N.H. She m. 1) Robert Goodwin on November 9, 1825 and 2) John Weare Shaw. She d. February 7, 1843 and her husband John then married her sister Elizabeth.

2. Elizabeth b. February 2, 1810 in Durham, N.H. She d. November 4, 1891. She married Henry Langley/Longley and then on May 15, 1845 she married John Weare Sahw. John d. April 18, 1852.

3. William b. February 22, 1812 and d. December 25, 1835.

4. Lettie, b. March 31, 1814 in Durham. She d. September 21, 1835.

5. James, b. December 9, 1815 in Durham, d. September 21, 1835 in Durham. This editor questions the existence of this individual. It would be impossible that he would be born a month before the James listed below and his death date is the same as his sister above, Lettie. It would appear that this was somehow a mixed, duplicate entry that was inaccurately recorded in the history of Durham.

6. James, b. January 8, 1816 in Newmarket, N.H., m. to Vienna D. Chapman on June 1, 1845 in Durham. James d. July 15, 1892 and his wife d. March 28, 1900 in Newmarket, N.H. of asthma ad cardiac problems. Burial for her is at Riverside Cemetery, Newmarket, Rockingham, N.H. vienna D. is shown as the daughter of Daniel David Chapman of Newmarked and his wife Mary (French) Chapman. Occupation for James is shown as a butcher.

Robert S. Childs of Palo Alto, California contacted this editor with the following information: Family bible records of the French family show Mary Hill, daughter of James and Sarah Hill marrying first Arthur Branscomb and having one son with the same name, becoming widowed and then marrying Benjamin French. They had one daughter, Nancy French, who married paul Chapman. Paul Chapman and his wife Nancy (French) Chapman had four children, Vienna D. Chapman who married James Stilson on June 1, 1845, John H. Chapman who married Sarah Churchill on May 14, 1849, Martha Chapman who married George W. Stilson on February 7, 1850 and Benjamin F. Chapman who married Lydia A. Goodwin on July 7, 1852.

Children of Vienna and James:

   Sarah b. 1846, Newmarket, N.H.

   Carrie b. 1848, ?Newmarket, N.H.



   Henrietta b. March 12, 1849 at Newmarket, N.H.

   Kate b. 1849 at Newmarket, N.H.

   Elizabeth b. 1850 at Newmarket, N.H.

   Hannah b. 1858 at Newmarket, N.H.

   George William b. April 5, 1859, d. April 21, 1916 Portsmouth, N.H. He was m.
   Nov. 27, 1882 by Isaac White, clergyman, in Newmarket, N.H. to Annette
   "Nettie" J. Marden.

      Eva Belle b. Sept. 1, 1883 Newmarket, N.H., d. Jan. 25, 1959 Canton,
      MA. She m. David Henry Childs on June 16, 1908. They had one son. Robert Stillson
      Childs b. Oct. 20, 1916. Robert m. Margaret Crotzer on July 8, 1944. Children:
      Marcia Ann Childs b. May 3, 1945. David Henry Childs b. July 16, 1946.
       Joan Stillson Childs b. October 13, 1956

   Fannie K. b. 1859 (per gravestone-She was possibly a twin of George William and she
   outlived him and was still alive in the 1920's.)

7. Ann, b. July 16, 1818 in Durham. N.H. and d. August 23, 1877.

8. Susanna, b. May 14, 1824 in Durham, N.H. and d. May 5, 1898. She m. John Page Jr., of Kensington, N.H.

9. Edna, b. June 18, 1822 in Durham, N.H. and d. February 28, 1897. She m. W.P. Swain, of Northwood, N.H.

10. John, b. June 1, 1824 in Durham, N.H. and d. February 9, 1848.

11. Daniel Chapman, b. March 25, 1826, at Durham, N.H., married on April 18, 1855 to Ellen R. Davis, Durham, N.H. He d. August 20, 1899 at Somerville, MA. He was the inventor of the Stillson wrench. See Generation VII.

12. George William, b. June 14, 1827 in Durham, N.H. and d. November 18, 1849. See above information under James. It seems possible that the death date of George William of 1849 might be in error, per the French family records which record a George William Stilson's marriage to Martha Chapman on February 7, 1850. Martha was the sister of Vienna D. Chapman who married James Stilson, the brother of George, on June 1, 1845.




(Vincent 1;Moses 2;Moses 3;Nathan 4;William 5;Ruben 6)

VI. REUBEN W. STILSON,son of William and Affa Ward Stilson. Probably named for his maternal grandfather Rueben Ward and perhaps his middle name might have been Ward.

Reuben Stilson, b. December 29, 1825 in Meredith, N.Y. d. in 1856. The Delaware Gazette reports that Rueben Stilson of Meredith was married to Adelia McIntosh of Meredith on November 22, 1846. Ceremony conducted by Elder E.H. Covery. Reuben Stilson is listed in the town of Franklin, Delaware county, New York in the census of 1850. He is shown as a farmer with real estate value of $2,500. His wife is listed as Almira (rather than Adelia) aged 26 years, so her birth would be about 1824. In 1850 Reuben W. Stilson is shown in Meredith married to Delia M. with cildren Willie C. aged 6 years and Cora E. aged 3 years.


1. Willie C. Stilson b. about 1859.

2. Cora E. Stilson b.about 1861.


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