Inventory of 1812 Soldiers Gravesite- Pierrepont, NY

In July 2008, I visited the gravesite of two 1812 soldiers in the town of Pierrepont. The gravesite is off of Route 24 in the town of Pierrepont. GPS coordinates are 44.56525, -74.98559. There is a historical marker on the side of the road marking the path to the gravesite.

The path leads into the woods as shown below:

Following the path a short ways into the woods leads to the gravesite with the two markers and flags. It is in very good condition.

One marker is for Elijah Sackett, who may be the same person for whom there is a marker in Gouverneur Riverside Cemetery, reading: In Memory of Elijah Sackett, who died April 1, 1813 in the 46 year of his age. The marker at this gravesite shows the date of death as April 13, 1813, however, the dates are very close.

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Created by Anne M. Cady, July 2008.

Elijah Sackett, April 13, 1813

Unknown, April 7, 1813


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