Inventory of Belleville Cemetery - Russell, NY

In July 2008, I visited Belleville Cemetery in the town of Russell. This is a small burying ground located on the west side of Belleville Road, north of County Route 24. The GPS coordinates are: Latitude: 44.38087, Longitude: -75.19696.

I photographed and recorded the tombstones within the cemetery as well as I could. Below is the inventory I developed during that visit. When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. NOTE: The only names recorded here are for people who had markers that I could find in the cemetery. It does not include any other people who might have been buried but for whom no marker could be found. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Created by Anne M. Cady, July 2008.

Richard Bullock, 1810-1902
Rachel, his wife, 1816-1904


Sally, wife of Baron Buskirk, d. Oct 22, 1844; AE 68 yrs

Russell Buss, d. June 8, 1819? in his 53 yr
Amy, wife of Russell Buss, d. Feb 21, 1813, AE 41 yrs, 7 mos; Close-up

Eugene H., son of R Buck, d. Oct 4, 1862 AE 8 yrs

Arthur M. Buck, d. Feb 3, 1860 AE 2 yrs, 9 mos, 9 dys

Lewis Carncrose
Betsy J. Potter, his wife, Sept 12, 1901; AE 80 yrs
James L., son of L & B Carncrose, d. June 14, 1864; Age 2 mos, 1 dy

Clark (See also: Schuyler)

Leverett Collister, 1817-1900
Emeline Steele, his wife, 1825-1900

Rachel, Wife of Arba Collister, d. Sept 12, 1842 AE 64 yrs

Arba Collister
Clarissa, wife of VanRansler Loop, d. March 7, 1879; AE 48 yrs
V.R. Loop, father, 1813-1896

Wm H Cook, CO E 20 NY Cav; 1824-1906
Rosetta H., his wife, 1824-1912
John F. Cook, 1861-1948

Stanton Covey, d. May 12, 1842; AE 73 yrs, 1 mo; Close-up

Enos W. Demmon, d. April 9, 1876 AE 55 yrs

C.R. Dygert, 1859-
Janne, his wife, 1859-
Cecil, their dau, 1887-1899

Given Monument
Joseph Given, d. April 29, 1892; Age 54 yrs
Nancy, his wife, 1837-1925

Charlotte E> Gurtin, d. April 8, 1855, AE 23 yrs

Roswell Haskell, 1832-1908
Susan C., his wife, 1825-
Ruth, 1800-1864
Imogene Laughton, 1837-1859

Mary, wife of * Hutchinson
Mary A., dau of J & Mary Hutchinson, d.

Wheeler R., son of W & S Hutchison, d. Nov 17, 1879 AE 3 mos

Laughton (See also: Haskell)

Mary A., wife of Amasa Lesuer, d. Jan 1, 1858

Loop (See also: Collister)
J. Henry Loop, 1848-1911

Sally, wife of David Loop, d. Aug 25, 1844; AE 58 yrs
David Loop, Father, Dec 30, 1869 in his 90 yrBottom of Stone<

Charles P. Loop, adopted son of L & B Collister, died * 4, 1874; AE 18 yrs, 1 mo, 5 dys;

Potter (See also: Carncrose)

Webster Schuyler, 1875-1895
Betsey Clark, 1837-1903

Steele (See also: Collister)

Rachel Stephenson, d. May 20, 1888, AE 75 yrs; Bottom of Stone
Robert Stephenson, d. Aug, AE 78 yrs; Bottom of Stone
Col William Stephenson, 1817-1906
Ellen, his wife, 1823-1896
Mary J. Stephenson, 1839-1905

George D. Walker, CO G 96 Regt NY VOl, 1823-1903

Mahatable, wife of ...

Anne Unknown, d. Feb 2, 1867


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