Inventory of Blake Cemetery - Parishville, NY

In July 2008, I visited Blake Cemetery in the town of Parishville, NY. Blake cemetery is a small, cemetery located at the end of cemetery road off of White Hill Road. The GPS coordinates are: Latitude: 44.4781, Longitude: -74.7578

I photographed and recorded the tombstones within the cemetery as well as I could. Below is the inventory I developed during that visit. When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. NOTE: The only names recorded here are for people who had markers that I could find in the cemetery. It does not include any other people who might have been buried but for whom no marker could be found. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Created by Anne M. Cady, August 2008.

Blake Monument
Bessie E Blake , d. Dec 17, 1886; AE 8 yrs
Myra M Blake , d. Dec 21, 1886; AE 10 yrs
Nancy Blake ,
W. B.S. Blake ,
T C Blake , d. Dec 14, 1888; AE 85 yrs

S K Brown , 1841-1916
Ellen S Brown , Wife of S. K. Brown, 1854-1900
Augusta Brown , 1870-1963

Harriet L Brown , d. Apr 29, 1916; Age 28 yrs

Brown Monument
Emily Brown , Wife of Horace Brown, d. Dec 21, 1893; Aged 75 yrs
George P Brown , d. Jan 7, 1887; Aged 23 yrs
Horace W Brown , d. Apr 19, 1877; AE 67 yrs
Marion Brown , d. Jan 16, 1897; Aged 9 months

S S Brown , 1815-1901
Naomi Brown , Wife of S. S. Brown, 1822-1910

Lucinda Downey , Wife of Richard H. Downey, 1836-1912
Richard H Downey , d. Feb 17, 1884; AE 65 yrs
Hosea R Downey , d. May 8, 1901; AE 36 yrs
Horace W Downey , 1863-1921
Sarah A Downey , Wifeof Horace W. Downey, 1865-

Willard A Wildes , 1847-
Emma F Blake , Wife of Willard Wildes, 1849-1911


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