Inventory of Briggs Cemetery - Lisbon, NY

In July 2008, I visited Briggs Cemetery in the town of Lisbon. This cemetery is located on Route 37, about half-way between Ogdensburg and Red Mills. It is on the east side of the road, and can easily be missed as it only consists of a single monument. The GPS coordinates are: Latitude: 44.7444, Longitude: -75.4092.

I photographed and recorded the names within the cemetery. Below is the inventory I developed during that visit. When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. NOTE: The only names recorded here are for people who had markers that I could find in the cemetery. It does not include any other people who might have been buried but for whom no marker could be found. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Created by Anne M. Cady, July 2008.

Briggs Monument
Col Wesson Briggs, 1775-1851
Mary Tibits, wife of Col. Wesson Briggs, 1766-1810
Benjamin Briggs, their son, 1802-1877
Ann Hatton, his wife, 1810-1882
Walter Briggs, their son, 1801-1863
Wesson Briggs, their son, 1806-1834

Hatton (See also: Briggs)

Tibbits (See also: Briggs)


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