Inventory of an Unknown Cemetery, Town of DeKalb:

Provided by J Wm Holland Howells (



The cemetery is located on Stevenson Road, headed away from Kendrew Corners, approximately 2 miles up. The gravesite is about 200 yards back in the pasture.

We contacted the owner of the property that the cemetery is located on, Worth Hurlbut, and he told us the following about the people buried there:


The family died and they were all buried at the property during the night, they all died of Black Diphtheria and originally there were between 6-9 burials and that he didn't know where the other stones were but if we wanted to clean up the cemetery that we could as long as if we put up a fence we maintained the grass and kept trees from growing up in it.  The family originally lived in the area on a farm on Rensselaer Falls Road on the Oswegatchie, the barn was closer to the road with the house behind it towards the river.


Also, any person wishing to visit the cemetery MUST ask landowner's permission prior to visiting.


Text of Headstone in "Unknown Cemetery": (click on the name to see the photo)




died June 1,


Aged 29 Yr's,

4 mo's, & 11 da's