Inventory of Evergreen Cemetery - Canton, NY

During 2008 and 2009, I visited Evergreen Cemetery in Canton NY. The cemetery is located at the intersection of CR 68 and HWY 11 on the East side of Canton, next to the "Comfort Suites" hotel which is just a bit further East on HWY 11. I photographed and recorded the tombstones within the cemetery. Below is the inventory I developed during that visit.

When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Created by Anne M. Cady, October 2009.

Cemetery Contact Info Sign

Adams (See also: Sykes)
Edith M Adams, Wife of George Adams, 1881-1909 (Section B)

Agon (See also: Bradley)
Mary Agon Gillette, Wife of Jere Gillete, 1824-1914 (Section B)
Agon Monument, (Section B)
William C Agon, 1863-1947 (Section B)
Mary A Agon, 1876-1960 (Section B)
George Agon, 1841-1921 (Section B)
Mary Agon, 1854-1921 (Section B)
Worth Agon, 1877-1894 (Section B)
Leon Agon, 1881-1881 (Section B)
Ethel Agon, 1887-1889 (Section B)
Charles A Agon, 1868-1910 (Section B)
Harrison Agon, 1888-1915 (Section B)
John Agon, 1882-1950 (Section B)

Aldous (See also: Leonard, Noble)
Marion Roach Aldous, Wife of Wm Howard Aldous (Section E)
William Howard Aldous, 1906-1976 (Section E)

Gordon H Aldous, 1905-1998 (Section G, Block A)
Sara E Smith Aldous, 1913-1943 (Section G, Block A)

Aldous Monument, (Section G, Block A)
James Aldous, 1832-1911 (Section G, Block A)
Mary Aldous, Wife of James, 1828-1911 (Section G, Block A)
Stella L Aldous, Wif eof William, 1871-1918 (Section G, Block A)
William A Aldous, 1860-1922 (Section G, Block A)

Aldous Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Henry J Aldous, 1859-1933 (Section G, Block B)
Nettie M Aldous, Wife of Henry, 1865-1945 (Section G, Block B)

Alexander (See also: Broeffle, Hemenway, Walker)

Elizabeth H Alguire, 1874-1968 (Section E)
Herman L Alguire, 1875-1950 (Section E)

Allen (See also: Kip, Lawrence, Raycraft)
Jana R Allen, 1912-1959 (Section E)

Alverson Monument, (Section D)
Albert M Alverson, 1864-1942 (Section D)
Mattie M Alverson, Wife of Albert Alverson, 1874-1961 (Section D)

Hetty M Cooke Ames, Wife of George Ames, dau of Christopher & Thankful Cooke, d. Oct 2, 1889 AE 73 yrs, 9 mos, 29 dys (Section B)

Harriet G Anable, Wife of Ray E. Anable, 1894-1944 (Section B)

Anderson (See also: Leonard)
Ruth Powers Anderson, 1912-1998 (Section E)
Wendell M Anderson, 1898-1965 (Section E)
Gary W Anderson, 1943-1989 (Section E)

Catherine A Short Antoine, 1929-1992 (Section E)
Edward J Antoine, 1923-1992 (Section E)

Frederic Gunnison Appleton, 1933-1992 (Section F)
Charles William Appleton, 1937-1999 (Section F)
Appleton Bench, (Section F)
Elsa Gunnison Appleton, 1904-1972 (Section F)
Oliver Dayton Appleton, 1905-1973 (Section F)
Charles W Appleton, 1874-1945 (Section F)
Harriet R Ferry Appleton, 1873-1958 (Section F)
John R Appleton, 1910-1955 (Section F)

Arnold (See also: Bailey, Hammarstrom)
Eleanor Arnold, 1908-1979 (Section B)

Ashwood (See also: Bradley)

Atwood (See also: Black, Church, Dona)
Atwood Monument, (Section D)
Christina A Atwood, Wife of Lucius B. Atwood, 1843-1922 (Section D)
Lucius B Atwood, 1848-1909 (Section D)

Atwood Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Nora Atwood, 1866-1948 (Section G, Block B)
Alice Cary Atwood, 1876-1947 (Section G, Block B)
John Murray Atwood, 1869-1951; For over half a century minister of the larger faith, teacher, counselor, friend of mankind, exemplar of the good life. (Section G, Block B)
Addie Ford Atwood, 1867-1963 (Section G, Block B)
Isaac Morgan Atwood, 1838-1917; 59 years a minister of Christ, he faithfully served the Universalist Church as preacher, educator, editor, and executive officer (Section G, Block B)
Almira Church Atwood, 1836-1921; Wife of Isaac Morgan Atwood (Section G, Block B)

Austin (See also: Storrs)
Chellis Asahel Austin, Son of Lillian Deming & Cleland Austin; June 17, 1876 - Dec 13, 1929 ;Inscription (Section B)
Austin Monument, (Section B)
Cleland Austin, April 16, 1848 - Aug 13, 1911 (Section B)
G Lillian Deming Austin, Nov 28, 1855 - Sept 17, 1918 (Section B)

Betty May Ayers, 1922-1924 (Section B)
Horace E Ayers, 1897-1983 (Section B)
Mary L Ayers, 1894-1969 (Section B)

Ellie F Poste Babbitt, Wife of George F. Babbitt, 1853-1914 (Section D)

Bacheller (See also: Haines, Hale)
Amelia P Brownell Bacheller, Wife of Charles, 1823-1870 (Section F)
Charles L Bacheller, 1822-1892 (Section F)

Bacheller Chair, (Section F)
Achsah Ann Buckland Bacheller, Wife of Sanford, 1824-1900 (Section F)
Addison Irving Bacheller, 1859-1950 ;"Here where the Wood Thrush Sings I lie down with those I love" - Irving Bacheller (Section F)
Anna Detmar Schultz Bacheller, Wife of A. Irving, 1861-1924 (Section F)
Arthur E Bacheller, 1853-1881 (Section F)
Burton P Bacheller, 1854-1877 (Section F)
Burton Paul Bacheller, Son of Irving and Anna, 1905-1961 (Section F)
Charles Loren Bacheller, 1852-1880 (Section F)
Evelyn Bacheller, Daughter of Arthur E., 1880-1881 (Section F)
Sanford Paul Bacheller, 1820-1883 (Section F)
Wilbur Samuel Bacheller, 1863-1907 (Section F)
Epaphrus Buckland, Father of Achsah, 1791-1875 (Section F)
Eliva E Bacheller Stickles, 1848-1927 (Section F)
Bertha Tuller, Dau of Sarah Bacheller Tuller, 1872-1873 (Section F)
Sarah Bacheller Tuller, 1850-1873 (Section F)

George W Backus, 1976-1966 (Section G, Block B)
Pina Mae Backus, Wife of George Backus, 1876-1966 (Section G, Block B)

Bacon (See also: Smith, Thompson)
Claude Bacon, Jan 20, 1923 - Mar 29, 2008 (Section F)
George Bacon, July 29, 1916-Oct 22, 2002 (Section F)

Jeffry Daniel Baffaro, 1949-2002 (Section E)

Bailey (See also: Harper, Poste, MacLennan, Russell, Sanford)
Bailey Monument, (Section F)
Adelia Bailey, Wife of Leonard, 1851-1924 (Section F)
Leonard Bailey, 1851-1917 (Section F)
Herbert Bailey, 1881-1953 (Section F)
Oria L Bailey, Wife of Herbert, 1884-1977 (Section F)
Gerald S Pierce, 1909-1995 (Section F)
Mildred Bailey Pierce, Wife of Gerald, 1911-1988 (Section F)

Bailey Monument, (Section B)
Belinda Bailey, Wife of Clapp, d. Dec 24, 1897 Aged 87 yrs (Section B)
Clapp Bailey, d. May 26, 1873; Aged 63 yrs, 7 mos (Section B)
Alonzo Bailey, d. Aug 4, 1841 AE 1 yr, 4 mos ;Second Marker (Section B)
Edward P Bailey, d. Aug 15, 1849 AE 1 yr, 24 dys ;Second Marker (Section B)
Edgar W Maloney, June 13, 1883 - Apr 7, 1919 (Section B)
Mabel M Bailey Maloney, Feb 24, 1881 - May 5, 1922 (Section B)
Luman Bailey, July 19, 1838 - Nov 7, 1911 (Section B)
Mary E Conant Bailey, Wife of Luman, Sept 16, 1850 - Aug 10, 1923 (Section B)
Frank John Arnold, May 31, 1872 - Nov 3, 1953 (Section B)
Sybil Bailey Arnold, Jan 19, 1876 - Sept 20, 1956 (Section B)
Floyd Bailey, 1882-1884 (Section B)
Morris Bailey, 1877-1881 (Section B)
Homer Bailey, Co D 11th Reg, 1842-1897 (Section B)
Catherine Bailey, 1855-1891 (Section B)

Baker (See also: MacLennan, Russell, Sanford)
Ethelyn G Baker, Wife of Clark J. Baker (Section E)

Baker-Robinson Monument, (Section F)
Agnes Brown Baker, Wife of D.D. Baker (Section F)
O D Baker, d. 1890 (Section F)
A S Robinson, 1821-1890 (Section F)
Clara Baker Robinson, Wife of A.S. Robinson, 1828-1915 (Section F)

Baker Monument, (Section B)
Ernest Baker, d. April 26, 1882 (Section B)
Fidelia Baker, Wife of Orson, April 7, 1822 - Apr 25, 186 (Section B)
Orson D Baker, Oct 29, 1818 - June 30, 1896 (Section B)
Anna E Baker, Wife, Nov 15, 1827 - Dec 22, 1868 (Section B)
Sophia Baker, Wife, May 4, 1825 - Oct 17, 1885 (Section B)
Roswell Baker, Son, d. 1874 (Section B)
Mildred B Baker, 1884-1965 (Section B)
William R Baker, 1884-1955 (Section B)
Mother Baker, (Section B)
Father Baker, (Section B)
Gladys Baker, (Section B)
Ernest Baker, (Section B)

Balcome (See also: Barber)

Baldridge (See also: Buck)

Baldwin (See also: Perry, Sherman)
Baldwin Monument, (Section F)
Elizabeth Strong Baldwin, Wife of Silas, d. Mar 4, 1864 AE 63 yrs (Section F)
Harriet Farwell Baldwin, Wife of Silas, d. Apr 6, 1828 Age 28 yrs (Section F)
Silas Baldwin, d. Oct 22, 1884 Age 87 yrs (Section F)

Ball (See also: Kip)

Barber (See also: Clark)
Barber Monument, (Section E)
Stanley E Barber, 1882-1951 (Section E)
Winifred Stevens Barber, Wife of Stanley Barber, 1898-1986 (Section E)

Barber Monument, (Section B)
Isabel J Barber, Wife of R.A., d. Dec 19, 1890 AE 67 yrs (Section B)
R A Barber, d. June 26, 1895 AE 72 yrs (Section B)
Leslie Hoffman Barber, Child of RA & IJ Barber; d. Feb 19, 1859 Age 5 yrs, 2 mos, 11 dys (Section B)
Alma J Barber, Dau of RA & IJ Barber, d. May 30, 1877 Age 27 yrs (Section B)
E Louise Barber, d. Jan 9, 1909 AE 48 yrs (Section B)

Balcome-Barber Monument, (Section B)
Elon S Balcome, Co H 11 NY Cav, 1844-1923 (Section B)
Hannah M Goolden Balcome, Wife of Elon, 1844-1924 (Section B)
Catherine D Barber, Infant Dau, 1927-1927 (Section B)
Osman Barber, 1869-1944 (Section B)
Ruth Balcome Barber, 1870-1954, wife of Osman (Section B)
Elon L Barber, 1902-1980 (Section B)
Catherine M Smith Barber, Wife of Elon, 1898-1968 (Section B)

Barbone (See also: McCormick)

Elizabeth Barbour, Daughter, 1924-1993 (Section G, Block B)

Beatrice M Brooks, 1910-1982 (Section B)
Jennie Brooks, 1870-1953 (Section B)
Percy Brooks, Son of M & J Brooks, d. Jan 2, 1905 AE 6 mos, 3 dys ;Percy (Section B)
Elvira M Barbour, 1843-1913, wife of Myron ;Close-up (Section B)
Myron J Barbour, Co K 11th NY Cav, 1839-1912 ;Close-up (Section B)
Maude L Brooks Barbour, Wife of Elmer Barbour, 1888-1960 (Section B)
Elmer S Barbour, 1883-1966 (Section B)
Cora E Barbour, 1908-1995 (Section B)
Bessie E Barbour, 1910-2005 (Section B)
Bertha M Town Barbour, Wife of B. S. Barbour, 1874-1921 (Section B)
Burton S Barbour, 1869-1928 (Section B)
William Wing, 1898-1945 (Section B)
Marion Barbour Wing, 1901-1943 (Section B)
Myron S Barbour, 1907-1982 (Section B)
Cora M Brooks, Wife of W. J. Brooks, Mother; 1863-1892 (Section B)
L Frederick Barbour, 1921-2003 (Section B)
James E Barbour, 1946-1981 (Section B)

Garrison J Barcomb, Tec4 US Army World War II; Jan 10, 1919 - Nov 10, 1963 ;Military Marker (Section G, Block B)

Ivan M Barden, 1918-1938 (Section F)
Mary A Barden, 1893-1971 (Section F)

Barker (See also: Hooper, Meservey)

Barkley (See also: Longshore, Martin)
Anson G Barkley, New York TEC4 150 Armd Sig Co, World War II; Mar 1, 1907 - Dec 8, 1965 (Section E)

Louisa Barlow, 1809-1894 ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)
William Barlow, 1806-1890 ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)

Barnes (See also: Ellsworth)
Juliet Barnes, 1830-1915 (Section B)

Barr (See also: Hecht)
Barr Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Robert L Barr, 1918-2008 (Section G, Block A)
Patricia McKenzie Barr, Wife of Robert, 1925-1996 (Section G, Block A)
Grace Laidlaw Barr, 1892-1970, wife of Roy (Section G, Block A)
Roy M Barr, 1891-1980 (Section G, Block A)

Barrows (See also: McMonagle)

Barry (See also: French)

Barter Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Charles A Barter, 1846-1935 (Section G, Block B)
Ella M Barter, Wife of Charles, 1860-1937 (Section G, Block B)
Forrest E Barter, 1886-1935 (Section G, Block B)

Bassett Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Roy H Bassett, 1888-1978 (Section G, Block B)
Fannie Sizeland Bassett, 1886-1981 (Section G, Block B)
Infant Son Bassett, Infant son of R.H. & F.S. Bassett, Jun 8, 1923 (Section G, Block B)
Nettie Herns Bassett, Wife of Frank, July 10, 1866 - Sept 9, 1921 (Section G, Block B)
Frank E Bassett, Jan 31, 1855 - Feb 7, 1893 (Section G, Block B)

Frances G Westbrook Bates, 1900-1973, wife of O. Kenneth (Section F)
O Kenneth Bates, 1900-1996 (Section F)
Daryll C Tennis Bates, Wife of Westbrook Bates, 1938-1985 (Section F)
Margaret W Bates, Daughter of O. Kenneth & Francis Bates, Oct 5, 1926 - Mar 2, 1997 (Section F)

Marjory Luce Hill Bayley, May 22, 1922 - Apr 10, 1987 (Section F)

Beard Monument, (Section D)
Dora K Beard, 1868-1936 (Section D)
Wriley N Beard, 1867-1922 (Section D)
Alice W Beard, 1846-1921 (Section D)
Eri D Beard, 1845-1926 (Section D)

Beckstead (See also: Bradley)

Bedell Monument, (Section F)
Irene Lewis Bedell, Dec 31, 1859 - Sept 28, 1926 (Section F)

Jack S Beldon, b. Oct 15, 1939 Newark, NJ; d. Oct 18, 1993 while jogging; Wolverhampton, Eng (Section G, Block A)

William H Bell, MOMMI US Navy World War II; July 30, 1920 - Aug 28, 1991 ;Military marker (Section F)

Bennett (See also: Laidlaw, Lee, Spicer)
Noble E Bennett, Aug 3, 1874 - May 12, 1962 (Section E)
Stella M Bennett, June 22, 1888-July 10, 1963 (Section E)

Frank Bennett, 1861-1934 (Section B)
Almeron Bennett, AE 3 yrs ;Close-up (Section B)
Alvin Bennett, AE 6 mos ;Close-up (Section B)

Bessie Christy, d. July 8, 1885; Age 27 yrs ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)

Best (See also: Ford)
Margaret Best, 1867-1942 (Section G, Block B)
Christiana Best, 1871-1940 (Section G, Block B)

Rev Alan E Best, (Section B)
Florence Stilwell Best, (Section B)

Lillian M Vebber Beswick, Wife of Pierce, 1871-1947 ;Close-up (Section B)
Pierce E Beswick, 1862-1929 ;Close-up (Section B)

Eugene G Bewkes, 1895-1992; President St. Lawrence University, 1945-1961 (Section F)
Helen V.V. Bewkes, 1898-1992, wife of Eugene (Section F)

Robert F Bice Sr, 1924-2008 (Section F)

Alice H Bice, Mother of Harry, 1865-1967 (Section B)
Cleo B Bice, Wife of Harry, 1903-1973 (Section B)
Harry A Bice, 1898-1979 (Section B)
Blanche D Bice, Sister of Harry, 1891-1899 (Section B)
Kitty G Bice, Sister of Harry, 1889-1899 (Section B)
Tonya Bice, Granddau of Harry, 1955-1958 (Section B)

Billings (See also: Comstock)

Mary Elizabeth Birzelle, 1895-1988 (Section F)

Black Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Fielder Black, 1916-1963 (Section G, Block B)
Carlyle Helmle Black, 1886-1973 (Section G, Block B)
Edith O'Dell Black, 1884-1976 (Section G, Block B)
Alexander Black, 1859-1940 (Section G, Block B)
Elizabeth Helmle Black, 1861-1934 (Section G, Block B)
Malcolm Stuart Black, 1894-1960 (Section G, Block B)
Ruth Atwood Black, 1896-1992 (Section G, Block B)

Adelord S Blanchard, 1932-1980 (Section F)
Sylvia Hallett Blanchard, Wife of Adelord, 1936-1999 (Section F)

John Bohan, 1921-2009 (Section F)

Boorman Monument, (Section F)
Sarah Boorman, June 7, 1834-Apr 29, 1882 (Section F)
Caroline E Boorman, Daughter, Aug 8, 1854 - Jun 7, 1888 (Section F)

Ethel L Bouchey, 1897-1986 (Section F)
Francis R Bouchey, 1918-1977 (Section F)
Frank A Bouchey, 1888-1949 (Section F)

Redmond L Bowen, S Sgt US Army; World War II; 1921-1987 (Section F)

C Leonard Bowler, 1896-1973 (Section B)
Winifred R Bowler, 1898-1977 (Section B)

Bowman (See also: Watts)

Boyden-Garner, (Section B)
William H Boyden, 1861-1927 (Section B)
Anna S Vaughn Boyden, 1862-1922 (Section B)
Leroy Eli Garner, 1899-1973 (Section B)
Ethel Garner, Wife, 1892-1968 (Section B)

Boyle (See also: Traver)

Salmon D Boynton, d. Jan 26, 1845 AE 47 yrs & 8 mos (Section F)
Florilla Boynton, b. Mar 10, 1800 - d. Aug 21, 18**, AE 53 yrs ;Middle of stone (Section F)
Boynton Stones, (Section F)

Brabaw (See also: Laddison)
Brabaw Monument, (Section F)
Flora Brabaw, 1895-1968 (Section F)
George Brabaw, 1888-1946 (Section F)

Kathryn W. Bradley, 1919-2000, wife of Raymond F (Section G, Block A)
Raymond F Bradley, CSK US Coast Guard, World War II; 1918-1990 ;Military Marker (Section G, Block A)
Cathy Joan Bradley, Twin sister of Kathy Jean Bradley; Mar 17, 1951 (Section G, Block A)
Kathy Jean Bradley, Twin sister of Cathy Joan Bradley, Mar 17, 1951 (Section G, Block A)

Bradley-Beckstead Monument, (Section B)
Charles M Beckstead, 1869-1916 (Section B)
Frances B Bradley Beckstead, 1870-1930, wife of Charles (Section B)
Amanda Rodwell Bradley, 1848-1939, wife of John (Section B)
John L Bradley, 1843-1922 (Section B)
Edward J Bradley, 1876-1937 (Section B)
Mabel Agon Bradley, 1884-1964, wife of Edward (Section B)
Grace D Ashwood Bradley, 1880-1957 (Section B)
William J Bradley, 1879-1955 (Section B)

Brainard (See also: Buck)

Brewer (See also: Sykes)
Brewer Monument, (Section B)
Sheldon S Brewer, 1803-1883 (Section B)
Lura Crampton Brewer, Wife of Sheldon S., 1805-1895 (Section B)
Sheldon Brewer, 1828-1907 (Section B)
Emily Snow Brewer, Wife of Sheldon, 1837-1902 (Section B)
Charles S Brewer, 1870-1934 (Section B)
Helen Marsh Rock, Wife of Charles S. Brewer and Roger J. Rock, 1880-1955 (Section B)

Broeffle (See also: Whitney)
Broeffle Monument, (Section B)
Charles Broeffle, 1881-1941 (Section B)
Eva McCullough Broeffle, Wife of Charles, 1879-1972 (Section B)
Fred M Wellington, 1874-1956 (Section B)
Pearl O Broeffle Wellington, Wife of Fred, 1878-1935 (Section B)
Frances E Olin Broeffle, Wife of C.E. Broeffle, 1854-1910 (Section B)
Cyrus E Broeffle, Father, 1855-1932 (Section B)
Olin Monument, (Section B)
John C Broeffle, 1825-1880 (Section B)
Ellen Fisher Broeffle, Wife of John, 1830-1887 (Section B)
John Alexander, 1860-1945 (Section B)
Clara J Broeffle Alexander, Wife of John, 1865-1914 (Section B)
Asa W Olin, 11th NY Cav,1818-1864, buried at Soldier's home (Section B)
Betsey Champney Olin, Wife of Asa, 1817-1878 (Section B)

Ira J Broeffle, 1851-1921 ;Close-up (Section B)
Mary A Alexander Broeffle, Wife of Ira, 1853-1933 ;Close-up (Section B)

Maggie P. Bromaghin, Wife of Stanley Bromaghin, 1872-1966 (Section E)
Stanley L Bromaghin, 1871-1949 (Section E)

Brooks (See also: Barbour, Sellis)
Brooks Monument, (Section F)
Joseph E Brooks, Jan 2, 1805-Mar 1, 1885, AE 80 yrs, 2 mos (Section F)
Julia E Brooks, Wife of J. E. Brooks, July 10, 1807 - Aug 2, 1898 (Section F)
Caroline Brooks, Wife of J. E. Brooks, Sept 1, 1809 - May 1, 1854 (Section F)

Fred Browe, 1867-1922 ;Close-up (Section F)
Minnie A Browe, 1869-1946 ;Close-up (Section F)
Frederick Browe, 1898-1973 (Section F)
Ruth M Browe, 1904-1983 (Section F)
Earl F Browe, 1893-1968 (Section F)

Brown (See also: Baker, Caswell, Leonard, McKibben, Meservey, Payne, Sherman, Younger)
Jennie Brown, Wife of Robert Brown, 1881-1944 (Section E)
Robert Brown, 1878-1957 (Section E)

Harriet A Shaw Brown, 1884-1952, wife of Leon D. Brown (Section E)
Leon D Brown, 1880-1968 (Section E)

Hollis Albert Brown, Son of Leon D., Jan 28, 1923 - Nov 13, 2007 (Section E)
Jane E Woodworth Brown, Sept 15, 923 - June 8, 1999, same stone as Hollis Albert Brown (Section E)

Brown Monument, (Section D)
Joseph F Brown, d. 1940 (Section D)
Clara M Brown, d. 1939 (Section D)

Earl G Brown, 1891-1981 ;Close-up (Section G, Block A)
Veiva M Brown, Wife of Earl, 1888-1957 ;Close-up (Section G, Block A)
Carlton Brown, New York PVT 28 Regt Infantry, Dec 15, 1887 - May 9, 1943 (Section G, Block A)

C Everett Brown, 1889-1984 (Section G, Block B)
Jessie MacLelland Brown, Wife of C. Everett, 1889-1932 (Section G, Block B)
Clisson E Brown, Jan 19, 1921 - Feb 15, 2006 (Section G, Block B)
Albert W Brown, d. 1944 ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)
Grace E Brown, d. 1951 ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)

Carroll F Brown, 1902-1971 (Section F)
Dorothy S Brown, 1917-1973 (Section F)

Amasa O Brown, 1827-1886 (Section F)
Charlotte A Brown, 1827-1913 (Section F)
Livingston Brown, 1905-1936 (Section F)
Margaret Losee Brown, Wife of Melford, 1865-1946 (Section F)
Melford Gay Brown, 1853-1930 (Section F)
Helen Clark Brown, Wife of Melford, 1902-1979 ;Second Stone (Section F)
Melford Losee Brown, 1887-1956 ;Second Stone (Section F)

Brown Monument, (Section F)
Foster Sargent Brown, 1908-1985 (Section F)
Catherine Pickard Brown, 1908-1978 (Section F)
Ruth Brown Salisbury, 1938-1973 (Section F)
Celia Houghton Brown, 1943-1943 (Section F)
Brown Monument, (Section F)
Alita Hunter Brown, 1920-1997 (Section F)

Wallace P Brown, 1947-1992 (Section B)
Catherine D Carney, 1888-1983 (Section B)
Catherine C Brown, 1914-1991 (Section B)
Charles M Brown, 1909-1976 (Section B)

Helen M Brown, 1853-1931 ;Close-up (Section B)
Nelson W Brown, 1851-1932 ;Close-up (Section B)
Charles F Brown, 1878-1965, SLU 1900 ;Second Marker (Section B)

Browne Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Ethel M Browne, 1903-2005 (Section G, Block B)
Freda W Browne, 1876-1943 (Section G, Block B)
Harry Browne, 1876-1846 (Section G, Block B)

Brownell (See also: Bacheller)
Ida K Brownell, 1890-1975 (Section F)

Buck (See also: Humphrey)
Robinson Monument, (Section B)
Buck Monument, (Section B)
D A Buck, (Section B)
F R Buck, (Section B)
Elizabeth Baldridge Buck, Mother (Section B)
Lemuel Buck, Father (Section B)
Eugenia Charlotte Buck, b. 1843 (Section B)
Cornelia Angelica Buck Brainard, (Section B)
C F Brainard, (Section B)
Leffert L Buck, Civil Engineer, Captain Co A 60th NY Vol In; 1837-1909 (Section B)
George Robinson, (Section B)
G W Robinson, (Section B)
Cordelia Victoria Buck Robinson, (Section B)
Frederick D Robinson, (Section B)
Nelson Lemuel Robinson, 1857-1944 (Section B)
Maude Richmond Henderson Robinson, 1866-1934 (Section B)
Clara Weaver Robinson, 1854-1905 (Section B)
Marjory Robinson, 1886-1960 (Section B)
Elizabeth Palmer Buck, 1839- (Section B)

Buckland (See also: Bacheller)

Buffham (See also: Maybee)

Burdick (See also: Stacy)

Alma T Burkman, Wife of Ronald, 1915-2005 (Section G, Block A)
Ronald T Burkman, 1905-1996 (Section G, Block A)

Burnette (See also: Williams)

William G Burnham, 1844-1888 (Section B)

Burrowes Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Harold Burrowes, 1890-1928 (Section G, Block B)
Beatrice Burrowes, 1890-1954 (Section G, Block B)
Henry M Burrowes, 1855-1932 (Section G, Block B)
Harriette Burrowes, 1860-1948 (Section G, Block B)

Burwell Monument, (Section E)
Edna Bruce Burwell, His wife, 1920-1987 (Section E)
Millard E Burwell, Father, 1904-1967 (Section E)
Dorothea L Burwell, Mother, 1908-2003 (Section E)
Eugene Burwell, Son, 1931-1948 (Section E)

Butler (See also: Grandaw)
Loren A Butler, 1870-1938 (Section B)
Gary M Butler, Nov 15, 1951 - June 11, 1990 (Section B)

Butterworth (See also: Cheetham)
Amaryllis W Butterworth, d. Apr 23, 1900, Age 65 yrs; Wife of G.B. ;Close-up (Section F)
G B Butterworth, d. Sept 27, 1893 Age 68 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)
Clara A Butterworth, d. Aug 27, 1876 Age 18 yrs (Section F)

Buys (See also: Stauble, Traver)
Buys Monument, (Section B)
John Levenus Buys, 1897-1955 (Section B)
Kathryn Slingerland Buys, 1895-1935 (Section B)
Doris Louise Fonda Buys, 1914-2000 (Section B)

Byron (See also: Traver)

Caldwell (See also: Conkey)
Nellie M Caldwell, Wife of C. C. Caldwell, 1870-1904 (Section F)

Caldwell Monument, (Section F)
Harriet Hawley Caldwell, Mar 16, 1807 - Oct 21, 1890 (Section F)
Theodore Caldwell, Mar 23, 1802 - Mar 1, 1882 (Section F)
Perlina Davis Caldwell, Wife of T. Caldwell, Aug 21, 1810-Oct 14, 1841 (Section F)
Harry Caldwell, Son of T & S.F. Caldwell, Mar 12, 1867 - July 20, 1892 (Section F)
Sarah Simmons Caldwell, Wife of Theodore Caldwell Jr, 1849-1928 (Section F)
Theodore Caldwell Jr, 1843-1921 (Section F)
Everett Caldwell, Son of C.C. & E.B. Caldwell, 1869-1921 (Section F)
Eliza Caldwell, Wife of C.C. Caldwell, 1845-1898 (Section F)
C C Caldwell, CO 106 NY Reg (Section F)

Kevin James Calnon, 1957-1957 (Section F)
Ruth H Calnon, 1924-2004 (Section F)

Campbell (See also: Miner)
Benjamin Campbell, Son of Daniel & Betsey Campbell, 1807-March 18, 1825 ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)
Betsey Sedgewick Campbell, Wife of Daniel Campbell, 1771-Dec 18, 1853 ;Second Marker (Section G, Block B)
Daniel Campbell, 1764-April 10, 1821 ;Second Stone (Section G, Block B)
Robert Campbell, Son of Daniel & Betsey Campbell, Aged 2 years ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)
Theodore Campbell, Son of Daniel & Betsey Campbell, Aged 4 years ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)

Elizabeth Campbell, Mother, d. Jan 6, 1896 Age 65 yrs (Section B)

Lucille Vradelis Cannon, 1930-1981 (Section F)
Thurlow O Cannon, S Sgt US Army World War II; July 2, 1923 - June 4, 2000 ;Military marker (Section F)

Anthony J Capallario, 1912-1989 (Section E)
Brenda M Capallario, 1913-1967 (Section E)

Carpenter Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Cecile C Carpenter, Mother, Wife of Howard, 1898-1943 (Section G, Block A)
Howard E Carpenter, 1898-1960 (Section G, Block A)

Carney (See also: Brown)

Carr (See also: Lovell)

Ruth S Cartmill, 1925-1999 (Section F)

Cary (See also: Atwood)

Howard L Casselman, 1907-1982 (Section E)
Maud M Casselman, 1884-1958 (Section E)
Percy H Casselman, 1883-1962 (Section E)

Castleman (See also: Paro)

Caswell (See also: Brown)
Elizabeth Brown Caswell, 1918-1950 (Section F)

Caten (See also: Remington)

Chamberlain Monument, (Section B)
John Chamberlain, Father (Section B)
Mary Chamberlain, Mother (Section B)
Worth Chamberlain, (Section B)
Emma Chamberlain, Wife of Worth (Section B)

Eldon Worth Chamberlain, Son of * & M.E. Chamberlain, d. May 12, 1881 AE 22 mo. ;Close-up (Section B)

Chamberlain Monument, (Section B)
Carson E Chamberlain, 1839-1903 (Section B)
Anna J Palmer Chamberlain, Mother, 1858-1924, wife of Carson (Section B)
May M Chamberlain, Daughter of Carson & Anna, 1888-1961 (Section B)

Chambers (See also: Newman)

Champney (See also: Broeffle)

Chaney (See also: Morrell)

Betty P Charlton, 1928-1930 (Section B)
Frances A Charlton, 1899-1965 (Section B)
Maurice L Charlton, 1927-1990 (Section B)
Morley D Charlton, 1896-1972 (Section B)

John E Cheetham, Nov 17, 1850 - July 15, 1932 ;Close-up (Section F)
Mary A Butterworth Cheetham, Mar 11, 1866 - July 14, 1946 ;Close-up (Section F)
Paul L Cheetham, May 6, 1900 - June 16, 1985 (Section F)
Grace M Cheetham, July 7, 1902 - July 8, 1985 (Section F)

Chesebrough (See also: Tracy)
John Chesebrough, d. 1960 (Section G, Block B)

Chisholm Monument, (Section E)
Stacie R Chisholm, Daughter of Wm & Judith Chisholm, d. May 21, 1967 (Section E)
George A Chisholm, 1908-1990 (Section E)
Eila Given Chisholm, 1910- (Section E)

Chismore (See also: Weigel)
Glenn M Chismore, 1906-1922 ;Close-up (Section B)
Nora E Chismore, Wife of Walton, 1870-1945 ;Close-up (Section B)
Walton E Chismore, 1860-1942 ;Close-up (Section B)

Francis Christensen, 1918-1975 (Section B)
Virginia Christensen, 1920-2008 (Section B)

Mary Christy, d. Feb 8, 1898 Age 76 yrs ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)

Church (See also: Atwood, Spears, Woodhead)
Church Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Anne Atwood Church, Apr 25, 1864 - Aug 1, 1913 (Section G, Block B)
Augustus Byington Church, Jan 11, 1858 - Nov 16, 1912 (Section G, Block B)

Clark (See also: Brown, Olin, Sawyer)
Charles Clark, Son, 1920-1985 (Section E)
C Milton Clark, 1867-1962 (Section E)
Mabel B Clark, 1876-1963, wife of C. Milton (Section E)

F. Leslie Clark, 1870-1944 (Section G, Block A)
Frances H Clark, 1874-1958 (Section G, Block A)

Clark Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Phyllis K Forbes Clark, 1892-1987 (Section G, Block B)
Albert Merwin Clark, 1889-1953 (Section G, Block B)

Leila Gay Forbes Clark, Beloved librarian of the Smithsonian Institution. Five are grateful you came our way. Wife of Austin Hobart Clark, 1887-1964 (Section F)

Clark Monument, (Section F)
Dr Darius Clark, 1799-1871 (Section F)
Clarissa M Clark, 1810-1876 (Section F)
Maria L Clark, 1834-1869 (Section F)
Darius D Clark, 1828-1859 (Section F)

Charles F Clark, Son of Alanson & Fanny Clark, d. March 30, 1834 Aged 16 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)
Fanny Clark, Wife of Alanson Clark, d. July 2nd, 1825 in her 46 yr ;Close-up (Section F)
Amanda Clark, Wife of Alanson Clark, d. Aug 7, 1856 AE 61 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)
J E Clark, d. Feb 17, 1868 AE 62 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)
Clark Monument, (Section F)
Henry E Clark, 1837-1910 (Section F)
Matilda Clark, Wife of Henry, 1840-1916 (Section F)
Elizabeth Clark, d. June 1, 1858 in her 14th year ;Close-up (Section F)
Frances L Clark, Dau of JE & E Clark, d. July 15, 1847 AE 14 yrs (Section F)
Catherine Clark, Dau of JE & E Clark ,d. 1841, aged 7 mos, 4 dys (Section F)
Alanson Clark, d. Sept 2, 1848 in his 72 yr (back of Amanda Clark stone) (Section F)

Anna Barber Clark, May 8, 1861 - Sept 2, 1946, wife of John (Section F)
John H Clark, June 29, 1856 - Jan 1, 1948 (Section F)

Clark Monument, (Section B)
Unknown Clark, (Section B)
Theodore Clark, d. Dec 13, 1915; AE 74 (Section B)

Clarke (See also: Ellsworth, Martyn)
Joseph E Clarke, 1902-1991 (Section B)
Anna B Clarke, 1903-1985 (Section B)
Edward A Clarke, 1929-2002 (Section B)

Edward A Clarridge, 1871-1956 (Section E)
Margaret C Clarridge, Wife of Edward Clarridge, 1865-1953 (Section E)

H Betty Claus, 1901-1984 (Section E)
Leon H Claus, 1900-1991 (Section E)

Cleaveland Monument, (Section D)
Francis Cleaveland, 1822-1880 (Section D)
Harriet Ellsworth Cleaveland, Wife of Francis Cleaveland, 1829-1921 (Section D)
Helen E Cleaveland, 1859-1937 (Section D)
Jennie Ryther Cleaveland, Wife of Rollin E. Cleaveland, 1861-1943 (Section D)
Rollin E Cleaveland, 1857-1938 (Section D)

Cleland (See also: Sherwin)

Clifford (See also: Cook)

Lloyd F Coburn, Dec 2, 1932 - Dec 4, 2005 ;Close-up (Section E)

Clarence C Coffey, 1919-1968 (Section E)
Charles H Coffey, 1895-1964 (Section E)
Florence M Coffey, 1889-19__ (Section E)

Coffie (See also: Short)
Coffie Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Wilbur F Coffie, 1872-1936 (Section G, Block A)
Lida Longshore Coffie, Wife of Wilbur, 1875-1962 (Section G, Block A)

Cogger (See also: Rezelman)

Annie T Cohen, 1915-1997 (Section F)
Herbert L Cohen, PFC US Army World War II; Aug 29, 1909 - Jun 27, 1991 ;Military Marker (Section F)

F. Kenneth Colby, 1910-1994 (Section E)

Cole (See also: Farr)
Herbert Phalon Cole Jr, 1919- (Section D)
Carl Vincent Cole, 1917-1977 (Section D)
MAJ Herbert Phalon Cole, 1880-1935 (Section D)
Jessie Elizabeth Wells Cole, 1882-1969 (Section D)
Cole Monument, (Section D)

Elizabeth J Cole, 1919-1984 (Section F)

Coller (See also: Sellis)

Collins (See also: Ellsworth, Witherbee)
Fred C Collins, 1869-1945 ;Close-up (Section G, Block A)
Mary Kelly Collins, Wife of Fred C., 1879-1956 ;Close-up (Section G, Block A)
James T Collins, 1907-1983 (Section G, Block A)
Margaret Veio Collins, Wife of James, 1922-1985 (Section G, Block A)

Thomas A Collins, 1851-1910 ;Close-up (Section B)
Susan E Tanner Collins, Wife of Thomas, 1856-1921 ;Close-up (Section B)
Maude Collins Hayden, 1883-1974 ;Close-up (Section B)

Collins Monument, (Section B)
Alton W Collins, 1907-1972 (Section B)
Gladys M Powell Collins, 1906-1998, wife of Alton (Section B)
Charles M Collins, 1917-1982 (Section B)
Mildred F Witherbee Collins, Wife of George, 1885-1966 (Section B)
George W Collins, 1875-1940 (Section B)
George W Collins, CPL US Army Air Corps, World War II; Nov 8, 1922 - Nov 6, 1988 (Section B)

Collison (See also: Sheets)

Elizabeth Come, Wife of J, 1870-1947 (Section B)
J Come, 1854-1931 (Section B)

Lewis E Comstock, 1864-1929 (Section G, Block A)
Eliza Billings Comstock, Wife of Lewis, 1861-1933 (Section G, Block A)
Comstock Monument, (Section G, Block A)

Sue M Comuntzis, Mother, 1912-1977 (Section E)

Conant (See also: Bailey)

W Channing Cone, Feb 12, 1871 - Aug 7, 1977 ;Back of Stone (Section B)
Cone Monument, (Section B)
Orello Cone, 1835-1905 (Section B)
Marian Cone, Mother, 1830-1921 (Section B)

Donald E Congdon, 1919-1972 (Section E)
Bertha M Congdon, 1917-1992 (Section E)

Conkey (See also: Tupper)
Conkey Monument, (Section F)
Clinton P. Conkey, d. Feb 18, 1907 AE 34 yrs (Section F)
M S Marks Conkey, Wife of C. N. Conkey, d. April 15, 1899 AE 60 yrs (Section F)
Corolyn S Conkey, d. Feb 23, 1932 in her 60 yr (Section F)
Henry M Conkey, d. July 24, 1915 in his 38 yr (Section F)
Mary V Conkey, d. Sept 16, 1963 in her 83rd yr (Section F)
Anna Conkey, Wife of Asa Conkey, d. Apr 27, 1817 AE 32 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)
Asa Conkey, d. Feb 4, 1874 in his 90 yr ;Close-up (Section F)
Infant Son Conkey, d. 1817, son of Asa & Anna ;Close-up (Section F)
Mary Conkey, Wife of Asa Conkey, d. April 2, 1861 AE 77 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)
Anita Conkey, Dau of CN & SP Conkey, d. April 3, 1873 AE 15 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)
C N Conkey, d. April 27, 1905 ;Close-up (Section F)
Susan Page Conkey, Wife of C.N. Conkey, d. Mar 5, 1872 AE 40 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)

Conkey Monument, (Section F)
Harlow H Conkey, Dec 11, 1817 - Feb 27, 1888 (Section F)
Loraine Conkey, Aug 5, 1822 - Aug 3, 1901 (Section F)
Farmer Monument, (Section F)
Nellie Conkey Farmer, Wife of Dr. G. S. Farmer, May 14, 1852 - Dec 6, 1881 (Section F)
Eliza B Conkey Caldwell, Wife of Charles C. Caldwell, Aug 14, 1845 - Mar 15, 1899 (Section F)

Conkey Monument, (Section B)
Jonas Sheldon Conkey, July 13, 1817 - May 16, 1882 (Section B)
Mary Frances Paige Conkey, Wife of J.S. Conkey, Nov 20, 1822 - July 7, 1911 (Section B)

Conkey Monument, (Section B)
George S Conkey, 1862-1929 (Section B)
Annette M Homer Conkey, Wife of George, 1863-1928 (Section B)
Ogden F Conkey, 1886-1958 (Section B)
Ruth MacGibbon Conkey, Wife of Ogden, 1897-1986 (Section B)
Mary Annette Conkey, 1921-1999 (Section B)

Connell (See also: Reddick)

Loryne B Connick, 1908-1981 (Section F)

Robert E Consler, 1916-1982 (Section G, Block A)

Cook (See also: Hanes)
Doris Gilbo Cook, Died 1961 (Section E)

Cook Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Clarence Everett Cook, March 28, 1964 (Section G, Block A)
Mildred Forbes Cook, March 29, 1972 (Section G, Block A)

C.S. Cook Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Clarence S Cook, 1874-1958 (Section G, Block A)
Phebe L Cook, 1846-1925 (Section G, Block A)
M Clifford Cook, Wife of Clarence, 1878-1965 (Section G, Block A)
Artemis D Cook, 1926-1998 (Section G, Block A)
Lewis T Cook, 1901-1994 (Section G, Block A)
Doris E Cook, Wife of Lewis, 1903-1973 (Section G, Block A)
Lewis T Cook Jr, 1925-2003 (Section G, Block A)
Ruth C Cook, 1925-2007 (Section G, Block A)

Harry M Cook, May 5, 1920 - Nov 18, 1989 ;Close-up (Section B)
Mildred I Cook, June 5, 1907-Feb 24, 1964 ;Close-up (Section B)

Cooke (See also: Ames)
Cooke Headstone, (Section G, Block B)
Hartwell J Cooke, GAR, 1845-1918 (Section G, Block B)
Ellen J Cooke, Mother, 1844-1920 (Section G, Block B)
Carol Cooke, 1869-1939 (Section G, Block B)
Cooke Inscription, Buried here are Hartwell J. Cooke and the members of his family. This cemetery once formed part of the Farm of his father Hiram Cooke purchased in 1858. The Cookes descended from Israel Cooke who settled near here in 1814. (Section G, Block B)
Pearl Cooke, 1871-1954 (Section G, Block B)
Frank B Cooke, 1872-1942 (Section G, Block B)
Mabel Huntley Cooke, Wife of Frank B., 1880-1925 (Section G, Block B)

W C Cooke, Feb 13, 1822 - Oct 15, 1880 (Section B)
Julia B Cooke, Wife of W. C. Cooke, d. June 20, 1857 AE 28 yrs (Section B)
Charley Cooke, Son of WC & JB Cooke, d. Oct 24, 1870 AE 20 yrs (Section B)

Elizabeth Nearling Coombs, (Section B)
Whitney Coombs, 1897-1930 (Section B)

Levinas Copeland, d. Aug 11, 1883 Aged 55 yrs, 3 mos, 27 dys (Section F)

Corey (See also: Koblenzer)
Charles A Corey, 1883-1964 (Section E)
Vera Hoke Corey, 1894-1949 (Section E)

Arthur S Corey, 1873-1943 (Section B)

Cornell (See also: Grant, Purvee)
Cornell Monument, (Section B)
Leslie E Cornell, 1876-1929 (Section B)
Vivian A Cornell, 1906-1920 (Section B)
L Don Cornell, New York CPL US Army World War II; June 19, 1910 - June 23, 1963 (Section B)
Violet L Cornell, 1903-1971 (Section B)

George Coryer, New York, 345 Infantry 87 Div, World War I; Mar 14, 1886-Aug 15, 1938 (Section G, Block A)
Lillian Coryer, Wife of George, 1898-1973 (Section G, Block A)

Mary Costa Hanselman, 1937-1989 ;Second Marker (Section B)
Paul A Hanselman, 1965-1971 ;Second Marker (Section B)
Eileen Phelps Costa, 1912-2002, wife of MacMillan ;Footstone (Section B)
MacMillan F Costa, 1911-1990 ;Footstone (Section B)

Vera Gotham Costanzo, Wife of Dominick Costanzo, 1901-1928 ;Close-up (Section B)
Mary Rose Costanzo, Dau of Domnick & Vera Costonzo, May 10, 1919 - May 12, 1919 (Section B)

Hattie M Cota, 1885-1956, wife of John S. Cota (Section E)
John S Cota, 1888-1961 (Section E)

Couper (See also: Kerr)

Roca-Courser Monument, (Section F)
Lyle W Courser, 1902-1980 (Section F)
Avis H Courser, 1907-1989 (Section F)

Cowan (See also: Rogers)

Craig (See also: McMonagle)

Cramer (See also: Priest)

Crampton (See also: Brewer)

Crary (See also: Sherman)

Charles Crossman, 1900-1966 (Section B)
Mildred Crossman, 1901-1990 (Section B)

Mary Adelia Crowder, 1878-1955 (Section E)
Crowder Monument, (Section E)
Mary Crowder Phillips, 1898-1956 (Section E)
Susan Agnes Crowder Hall, 1900-1991 (Section E)
Luella Tiernan Crowder Davis, 1911-2004, wife of Robert Crowder & Charles Davis(Section E)
Robert Lewis Crowder, 1906-1977 (Section E)

Edward W Crutchley, 1921- (Section G, Block B)
Jean B Crutchley, 1924- (Section G, Block B)
Marc Edward Crutchley, Son of Edward M & Jean Black Crutchley, Jan 1, 1951 - Feb 3, 1999 (Section G, Block B)

Cuglar (See also: Jackman)
George D Cuglar, PFC US Army World War I, 1898-1977 ;Military Marker (Section B)
Pearl G Cuglar, 1897-1985 (Section B)
Robert C Cuglar, US Army World War II; 1924-1990 ;Military Marker (Section B)

Cuma (See also: Sherman)

Cunningham (See also: O'Keefe)
Anna O'Keefe Cunningham, Wife of William, 1914-1993 (Section G, Block A)
William A Cunningham, 1907-1985 (Section G, Block A)

Curtis (See also: Murray)
Terri A Sgroi Curtis, 1966-2002 (Section F)

Allerton Cushman, Jan 18, 1863 - Jan 18, 1943 (Section G, Block B)

Doris A Daigneau, 1901-1972 (Section E)
John A Daigneau, 1907-1966 (Section E)

Dains (See also: Wait)

Cooper Joan Daniels, May 29, 2005 - Nov 27, 2009 (Section F)
Nellie Daniels, 1905-1975 (Section F)
Harry Daniels, 1898-1947 (Section F)

Anna Perry Daniels, 1866-1934 (Section B)
Oliver B Daniels, Son of Anna Daniels, Co B 305th Inf A.E.F., 1891-1934 (Section B)
Isabelle Daniels Santimaw, Dau of Anna Daniels, 1888-1967 (Section B)

Genevieve Davidson, 1885-1958 (Section B)

Davies (See also: Hobbs)
Hazel Florence Davies, 1901-1984 (Section B)
Bernard F Davies, 1893-1958 (Section B)

Davis (See also: Caldwell)
Gordon A Davis, 1938-1985 (Section E)

Davis Monument, (Section E)
Elnor O Davis Jr, 1936-1947 (Section E)
Unabelle Davis, 1905-1984 (Section E)
Elnor O Davis, 1899-1983 (Section E)

Emma Alice Davis, 1892-1982 (Section D)
Harry F Davis, 1885-1955 (Section D)

Arley Davison, Mother, July 16, 1912 - June 11, 1957 (Section E)

Charles A Dawley, 1883-1965 (Section E)
Clara Putney Dawley, Wife of Charles Dawley, 1886-1974 (Section E)
Glenn G Dawley, TEC 4 US Army World War II; Feb 19, 1911 - July 1, 1982 (Section E)
Robert Dale Dawley, SGT US Army World War II; Jan 11, 1914 - Sept 28, 1993 (Section E)
Dawley Monument, (Section E)

Owen A Dean, d. June 3, 1884, Aged 32 yrs (Section D)
Dean Monument, (Section D)

Cora B Dean, Wife of Fred, 1880-1947 (Section G, Block B)
Fred Dean, 1866-1954 (Section G, Block B)
John C Dean, 1901-1911, son of Fred & Cora (Section G, Block B)
Mark J Dean, Son of Fred & Cora, 1912-1962 (Section G, Block B)
Frank L Reese, 1891-1934 (Section G, Block B)
Mildred I Reese, Wife of Frank, 1898-1966 (Section G, Block B)
Dean-Reese Monument, (Section G, Block B)

Nora Riley DeGouff, Wife of John Clayton De Gouff, July 13, 1925 - Nov 21, 1999 (Section B)
John Clayton DeGouff, CPL US Army World War II; Aug 24, 1921 - Aug 25, 1995 (Section B)
DeGouff Monument, (Section B)
Theodore D DeGouff, New York S1C USNR World War II; June 27, 1925 - April 28, 1944 (Section B)
Margaret L DeGouff, Gold Star Mother, Jun 12, 1901 - Feb 9, 1995 (Section B)
John J DeGouff, New York SGT US Army World War I; Mar 4, 1894 - July 31, 1973 (Section B)

DeGraff (See also: Lalone)
Fannie B DeGraff, 1865-1939 (Section G, Block A)
Oscar DeGraff, 1863-1943 (Section G, Block A)

Delair (See also: Legault)

Delance (See also: Noble)

Deming (See also: Austin)

Alan Brian Denhoff, New York SP5 201 Aviation Co, Vietnam DFC-AM & 8 OLC-ARCON; May 29, 1947 - April 27, 1969 ;Military Marker (Section E)
Denhoff Monument, (Section E)

M Louise Dennis, d. Feb 16, 1884, Aged 18 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)

Elmer N Desso, 1911-1987 (Section F)
Laura E Desso, 1901-1987 (Section F)

See also: Dewey

Dewey (See also: Rich)

Dezell (See also: Seaver)
Dezell Monument, (Section B)
Fannie M Dezell, 1870-1944 (Section B)
Robert B Dezell, 1868-1920 (Section B)

Dickson (See also: McCoy)

Dixon (See also: McCoy)

Ralph M Dodds, 1910-1955 (Section E)
Susan K Dodds, 1910-2005 (Section E)
Francis J Dodds, 1908-1988 (Section E)
Helen C Dodds, 1913-2002 (Section E)
Edna F Price Dodds, Wife of Murray Dodds, 1886-1947 (Section E)
Murray A Dodds, 1883-1967 (Section E)

Dona (See also: Kerr)
Franklin E Dona, 1882-1969 (Section B)
Edith Whitney Dona, 1887-1980 (Section B)
Evelyn Atwood Dona, 1917-1964 (Section B)
Everett Whitney Dona, 1910-1993 (Section B)
Ralph J Dona, 1916-1999 (Section B)
M Elizabeth Dona Petzold, 1918-1988, wife of Norman (Section B)

Donovan Monument, (Section F)
George Warren Donovan Jr, Oct 1, 1925 - Feb 25, 2004 (Section F)
Mary Joan Olsen Donovan, May 25, 1926-Aug 22, 1995 (Section F)

Brenda Helen Dorpalen, d. March 1951 (Side Edge)

Dow (See also: Lytle)

Doyle (See also: Lachance)
Margaret A Doyle, 1906-1945 (Section F)
Owen D Doyle, 1881-1942 (Section F)

Lee R Drake, US Navy World War II; Mar 21, 1923 - April 25, 1981 (Section B)
Bernice E Drake, Mar 18, 1927 - Sept 9, 1987 (Section B)

Robert F Drenge, 1891-1918 (Section D)

Albert G Drew, 1902-1979 ;Close-up (Section B)
Margaret N Drew, 1898-1983 ;Close-up (Section B)

Pauline E DuMoulin, 1926-1989 (Section E)
Albert J DuMoulin, 1910-1970 (Section E)

Dunn (See also: Storrs)

Richard H Dunne, 1925-2005 (Section F)

Durham (See also: Laddison)

Duskas Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Dr John W. Duskas, Optometrist, 1923-2001 (Section G, Block A)
Katherine Zaharis Duskas, 1901-1970 (Section G, Block A)
William J Duskas, Sgt QM Corps, A.E.F., 1887-1942 (Section G, Block A)

Harry Hall Dwight, 1900-1918 ;Close-up (Section B)
Marion Dwight La Rue, 1906-1950 ;Close-up (Section B)
Ella M Dwight, Mother, 1876-1959 (Section B)

Eager Monument, (Section F)
Frederick A Kenyon, Father, 1859-1925 (Section F)
Norris E Eager, Apr 26, 1886 - Nov 14, 1934 (Section F)
Jessie Kenyon Eager, 1884-1979, wife of Norris (Section F)

Earll (See also: Yantis)

Eastman Monument, (Section D)
Albert D Eastman, 1862-1933 (Section D)
Alice L Matteson Eastman, Wife of Albert Eastman, 1868-1938 (Section D)

Eaton (See also: Hepburn, Priest)

Mathews V Edgerton, 1920-1983 (Section E)

Herbert F Eggleson, July 3, 1926 - Sept 7, 2001 (Section B)
Herbert F Eggleson, 1901-1966 (Section B)
Winifred C Eggleson, 1904-1981 (Section B)

Eggleston Monument, (Section B)
Ruth E Eggleston, 1891-1966 (Section B)
Flora Smith Eggleston, 1862-1943, wife of Edward (Section B)
Edward A Eggleston, 1862-1928 (Section B)
Marian Wade Eggleston, 1896-1977, wife of John (Section B)
John L Eggleston, 1893-1992 (Section B)

Ellis (See also: Spears)
Ziba N Ellis, d. Nov 20, 1847 Aged 36 yrs ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)
Sarah J Ellis, Dau of Z.N. & J. Ellis, d. May 1849 in her 10 yr (Section G, Block B)
Jane Adele Ellis, d. Nov 25, 187* (Section G, Block B)

Ellsworth (See also: Cleaveland, Mills, Moody, Poste)
Ellsworth Monument, (Section B)
Amanda Barnes Ellsworth, Wife of Lyman, 1802-1876 (Section B)
John West Ellsworth, Son of Lyman & Amanda, 1825-1869 (Section B)
Lyman Ellsworth, 1796-1881 (Section B)
Mary Sophronia Ellsworth, Dau of Lyman & Amanda, 1832-1869 (Section B)
Fannie M Collins Ellsworth, Wife of Horace, Dec 7, 1850 - April 9, 1935 ;Second Marker (Section B)
Horace Ellsworth, Dec 4, 1834 - Jan 11, 1918; Major 11th NY Cav ;Second Marker (Section B)
Richard C Ellsworth, Son of Horace & Fannie, July 17, 1872 - Sept 21, 1948 ;Second Marker (Section B)
Horace Clarke Ellsworth, Son of Joseph & Mary, 1863-1866 (Section B)
Joseph Ellsworth, 1828-1914 (Section B)
Mary Anna Clarke Ellsworth, Wife of J.B. Ellsworth, 1835-1887 (Section B)
Mary L Miner Ellsworth, Wife of Richard, Nov 5, 1846 - April 5, 1916 ;Footstone (Section B)
Richard Ellsworth, born April 25, 1837 in Canton NY - died June 18, 1894 in Canton NY ;Footstone (Section B)
Joseph C Ellsworth, Feb 1, 1908 - Sept 15, 1987 (Section B)
Ethel Sophronia Ellsworth, July 24, 1905 - Aug 11, 1994 (Section B)
Frances Ellsworth, Dau of JS & NC Ellsworth, d. May 11, 1896 AE 14 days (Section B)
Anna Ellsworth, Dau of JS & NC Ellsworth, Jan 2, 1902 - May 24, 1904 (Section B)
Joseph Frank Ellsworth, Oct 1, 1936 - Jan 13, 1967 (Section B)

Ellwood Monument, (Section F)
Blanch M Ellwood, Dau of Alex & Olive, d. July 4, 1896 in her 6 yr (Section F)
Erwin Ellwood, Son of Alex & Olive, d. July 29, 1896 in his 18 yr (Section F)
Florence Ellwood, Dau of Alex & Olive, d. July 16, 1896 in her 11 yr (Section F)
Ida Ellwood, Dau of Alex & Olive, d. July 24, 1896 in her 15 yr (Section F)
Alex Ellwood, Co G 11 Reg, NY Cav; b. 1844 - d. May 9, 1909 Age 64 yrs (Section F)
Olive Ellwood, Wife of Alex, d. May 1896 (Section F)

Elmer (See also: Farmer)
Dickinson Elmer, Son of John & Eileen, -1967- (Section E)
Elmer Monument, (Section E)
George R Elmer, 1904-1981 (Section E)
Edyth M Elmer, 1905-2002 (Section E)
Carrie Sanderson Elmer, Wife of George Helmer, b. Apr 16, 1845 - d. Feb 17, 1935 ; George H Elmer, b. May 10, 1841 - d. Dec 7, 1898; Co H 71 Reg PA Vol Inf ; Della Elmer Jameison, b. Aug 27, 1868 - d. July 26, 1917 ; Cevilla A Elmer, Wife of Dickinson Elmer, 1882-1952 ; Dickinson B Elmer, 1871-1952 ; Emma M Sanderson, b. Nov 26, 1848 - d. July 2, 1913 ; Maude Elmer Wass, b. Aug 5, 1876 - d. Apr 13, 1935 ; Diane Elmer, -1938-; daughter of Richard & Grace (Section D)
Grace W Elmer, 1913-1989, Wife of Richard (Section D)
Richard H Elmer, 1908-1986 (Section D)

Ricky Emerson, 1977-1977 (Section B)
Alice Powell Emerson, 1927-1976 (Section B)
Robert H Emerson, 1920-2001 (Section B)

Endersbee (See also: Johnson)

Marie G Erwin, Wife of Elmer, 1925-1978 (Section F)

Ransom M Everest, d. Mar 10, 1899 Aged 61 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)
Sarah Everest, Wife of Ransom, d. Dec 1, 1895 Aged 76 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)

Farmer (See also: Conkey, Johnson, Stiles)
Melissa H Farmer, Wife of R. H. Farmer, d. July 17, 1873 AE 56 yrs ;Close-up (Section B)
Reuben H Farmer, d. June 19, 1876 AE 63 yrs ;Close-up (Section B)
Fannie Dell Farmer, d. June 13, 1887 AE 38 yrs, dau of R & M Farmer ;Close-up (Section B)

Farmer Monument, (Section B)
Almena J Farmer, Wife of Gaylord, May 26, 1894 AE 58 yrs (Section B)
Gaylord G Farmer, d. Mar 14, 1890 Age 57 yrs (Section B)
Mabel Farmer McLaughlin, Dau of Mr & Mrs F.D. Farmer, buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Lebanon, Penn; 1891-1968 ;Back of Stone (Section B)
Genie Westaway Farmer, 1862-1947 (Section B)
Fred Dexter Farmer, 1859-1922 (Section B)
Farmer-Merrill Monument, (Section B)
Clyde Farmer Merrell, d. 1882 AE 7 month, Died in Indiana (Section B)
Hiram A Merrell, Died in Florida, 1852-1884 (Section B)
Lella Farmer Merrell, 1857-1921, wife of Hiram Merrell (Section B)
Leonard S Farmer, d. Nov 19, 1908 AE 73 yrs (Section B)
Harriette Farmer, d. May 18, 1884 AE 46 yrs (Section B)
Luana A Farmer, d. Aug 31, 1876 AE 39 yrs (Section B)

Lillian Elmer Farmer, Wife of J.L. Farmer, d. Nov 30, 1887 Age 30 yrs ;Close-up (Section B)
Farmer Monument, (Section B)
Lauren J Farmer, d. April 25, 1874 AE 51 yrs, 7 mos (Section B)
Marion B Farmer, Wife of L.J. Farmer, 1822-1892 (Section B)
William B Farmer, d. Jan 1887 in his 27 yr (Section B)
Nellie M Farmer, d. Apr 13, 1970 in her 86 yr (Section B)

Kermit Roosevelt Farr, SSGT US Army, World War II; May 4, 1907 - June 13, 1978 (Section G, Block B)
Cole-Farr Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Lorene Cole Makowiec, 1924-1972 (Section G, Block B)
Farr Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Kenneth Miles Farr, Capt US Army World War II; 1902-1977 (Section G, Block B)
Florence Kapples Farr, Oct 11, 1902 - Feb 23, 1995 (Section G, Block B)
Harriet Saunders Farr, Dec 7, 1877 -July 12, 1964 (Section G, Block B)

Farwell (See also: Baldwin)

Alfred Felt, 1874-1947 ;Close-up (Section B)
Cora S Felt, Wife of Alfred, 1874-1982 ;Close-up (Section B)

Lois M Ferguson, Wife of Robert, 1928-1981 (Section F)
Robert A Ferguson, 1926-2006 (Section F)

Ferguson Monument, (Section B)
William T Ferguson, 1863-1948 (Section B)
Sarah M Ferguson, 1866-1958 (Section B)
Leslie William Ferguson, 1894-1967, Son (Section B)
Edith Ford Ferguson, Wife of Leslie, 1905-1977 (Section B)

Ferry (See also: Appleton)
Mary Russell Ferry, June 26, 18897 ;Close-up (Section F)
Moses Jared Ferry, June 29, 1814 - June 21, 1878 (Section F)

Fethers (See also: Peterson)

Field Monument, (Section B)
Unknown Field, 1842-1906 (Section B)
Unknown Field, (Section B)
Unknown Field, (Section B)

Finley (See also: Lewis)

Alex Finne, Sept 15, 1900 - Jan 13, 1996 (Section G, Block B)
Ramie Finne, "My Pal Ramie", Aug 4, 1986-Mar 6, 1995 (Section G, Block B)

Finnimore (See also: Sims)

Fisher (See also: Broeffle)
Fisher Monument, (Section F)
Ebenezer Fisher, 1st President of the Theological School of St. Lawrence Univerisity, d. Feb 21, 1879 Aged 64 yrs ;Erected by Alumni of the Theological School (Section F)
A W L Fisher, AE 57 yrs (Section F)
Nellie Fisher, AE 6 yrs (Section F)

Fiszell (See also: Reynolds)

Eugene L Fitzsimmons, 1932-2004 (Section B)

Charles N Flanders, Father, 1863-1920 (Section F)
Frances M Flanders, 1871-1959, Mother (Section F)
Grace Flanders Woodhead, 1897-1979 (Section F)
Elizabeth Flanders Hill, 1893-1987 (Section F)

Fleming Monument, (Section B)
Frank Fleming, 1867-1934 (Section B)
Marie W Fleming, 1879-1943 (Section B)

Mark S Fleming, Son of Jane & John Fleming, d. 1965 (Section B)

George Lester Flint Monument, (Section G, Block B)
William Benjamin Flint, (Section G, Block B)
George Lester Flint, d. 1947 (Section G, Block B)
Lavina Plant Flint, d. 1931 (Section G, Block B)

Fonda (See also: Buys)
Carla Stone Fonda, 1954-2002 (Section G, Block A)

Forbes (See also: Clark)
Forbes Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Robert H Forbes, 1860-1932 (Section G, Block A)
Emma J Forbes, 1862-1951, wife of Robert (Section G, Block A)

Henry Prentiss Forbes, For 33 years he gave his life to the education of young men for the Christian ministry, 1849-1913 (Section F)
Harriet Elizabeth Forbes, Wife of Henry Prentiss Forbes, June 21, 1851 - Aug 1, 1937 (Section F)
Portia Standish Forbes, Jan 31, 1892 - Dec 15, 1926 (Section F)
Ruth Dorothea Forbes, Sept 11, 1889 - Aug 17, 1969 (Section F)
Forbes Monument, (Section F)

Ford (See also: Atwood, Ferguson, Thomas)
Robert Dale Ford, 1859-1934 (Section G, Block B)
Elizabeth Best Ford, 1869-1953 (Section G, Block B)

Edwin M Forester, 1857-1876 (Section F)

Mary E Forsyth, Wife of William, 1845-1930 ;Close-up (Section B)
William Forsyth, 1842-1903 ;Close-up (Section B)
Hattie Forsyth Aldrich, (Section B)
Estella Forsyth, (Section B)

Fox (See also: Maloney, Roach)
Fox Monument, (Section F)

Carrie M Frair, 1863-1959, same stone as Herbert R. (Section E)
Herbert R Frair, 1872-1961 (Section E)

Fraser (See also: Noyes)
George Harold Fraser, 1880-1931 (Section G, Block A)

Freeman (See also: Wight, Woodhead)
Freeman Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Milton Harvey Freeman, 1871-1925 ;Second Stone (Section G, Block B)
Dr Gertrude VanDeMark Freeman, Wife of Milton Freeman; 1883-1932 ;Second Stone (Section G, Block B)

Barry-French-Greenfield Monument, (Section B)
Leon Barry, Son of W. Byron & Sarah, 1888-1899 (Section B)
Sarah E Barry, Wife of W. Byron, 1867-1953 (Section B)
W Byron Barry, 1865-1953 (Section B)
Lt H Gregory French, Killed in Hungary, buried in France; 1916-1944 (Section B)
Ida Amelia French, Wife of Nelson, 1865-1938 (Section B)
Margie N French, Wife of Raymond, 1890-1950 (Section B)
Nelson I French, 1858-1938 (Section B)
Raymond J French, 1889-1979 (Section B)
Emmit L Greenfield, 1890-1978 (Section B)
Mildred I Greenfield, Wife of Emmit, 1892-1961 (Section B)

Dorothy R Friedel, 1919-2001 ;Close-up (Section F)
Kenneth Friedel, 1915-1992 ;Close-up (Section F)

Fuller (See also: Heckles)

Fulton (See also: Place)

Absalom Graves Gaines Monument, President of the College of Lettters & Science, 1872-1888 ;Close-up (Section F)
Cammie Woods Gaines, 1856-1928 (Section F)
Charles Kelsey Gaines, 1854-1944 (Section F)
Absalom Graves Gaines, 1827-1903 (Section F)
Emma Clara Hurd Gaines, 1830-1887 (Section F)
Chloe Stearns Gaines, 1880-1944 (Section F)

Gale (See also: Richardson)
Henry M Gale, 1831-1905 ;Close-up (Section B)
Janette H Gale, Wife of Henry, 1832-1914 ;Close-up (Section B)
James N Gale, 1873-1948 (Section B)

Alma B Gale, 1880-1955 (Section B)
Leon E Gale, 1880-1962 (Section B)

Helen Sprague Gardner, Wife of William Gardner, 1910-1991 (Section D)
William P Gardner, 1907-2000 (Section D)

Robert Lee Gardner, New York 2 Lieut Infantry; May 12, 1935 ;Close-up (Section G, Block A)

Garner (See also: Boyden)
Garner Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Albert J Garner, 1857-1928 (Section G, Block A)
Ruby A Garner, Wife of Albert, 1857-1942 (Section G, Block A)
Hazel A Garner, 1900-1982 (Section G, Block A)

David R Garner, Sept 23, 1932-Aug 21, 1999; Lawyer and Civic Leaer ;Second Stone (Section G, Block B)

Paul A George, US Army Korea; Aug 4, 1931 - Jan 15, 1986 ;Military Marker (Section E)
Gloria J George, 1935-1968 (Section E)

Gibbon (See also: Remington)

Eva Myers Gibson, 1870-1931 (Section F)
Fred Gibson, 1866-1936 (Section F)

Gibson-Smith Monument, (Section B)
C Archie Gibson, 1861-1934 (Section B)
Olga P Gibson, 1896-1926 (Section B)
Ida Gibson, Wife of C. A. Gibson, 1857-1930 (Section B)
, 1885-19__ (Section B)
Inez V Smith, 1886-19__ (Section B)
Burdetta P Smith, 1908-19__ (Section B)
Phyllis A Smith, 1918-1918 (Section B)

Bessie L Gibson, 1890-1968 (Section B)
Charles T Gibson, 1889-1944 (Section B)

Gilbo (See also: Cook)

Gilchrist (See also: Sykes)

Gillett Monument, (Section B)
Charlie Gillett, 1881-1905 (Section B)
Jennie Gillett, 1863-1953 (Section B)

Gillette (See also: Agon)
Albert Gillette, 1873-1914 ; (Section B)
Andrew Gillette, 1830-1898 ; (Section B)
Charles Gillette, 1860-1916 ; (Section B)
Johanna Gillette, 1835-1920 ; (Section B)
Myra Gillette, 1864-1927 ; (Section B)

Gillis (See also: Lovell)

Philbert F Gilman, 1910-1964 (Section E)

Gilmour Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Jacob I Gilmour, Father, 1856-1935 (Section G, Block B)
Josephine Gilmour, Mother, 1860-1929 (Section G, Block B)

John H Gilmour, 1882-1958 (Section B)
Laura A Maybee Gilmour, 1887-1978 (Section B)

Walter R Gilson, TEC5 US Army World War II; Oct 15, 1917 - May 17, 1980 ;Military Marker (Section E)
Myrtle M Gilson, Wife of Walter D. Gilson Sr, 1890-1979 (Section E)
Walter D Gilson Sr, 1888-1977 (Section E)

Gilson Monument, (Section E)
Edna L Gilson, 1920-2007, Wife of Donald F. Gilson (Section E)

Gilson Monument, (Section B)
William H Gilson, Dec 17, 1869 - Dec 5, 1923 (Section B)
Rachel S Gilson, April 1, 1866 - Jan 1, 1960 (Section B)
Aubrey W Todd, 1890-1966 ;Close-up (Section B)
Floy Gilson Todd, 1890-1979 ;Close-up (Section B)

Rolland E Ginn, Jan 7, 1903 - Feb 20, 1989 (Section E)
Velma C Ginn, Feb 23, 1909-June 16, 2002 (Section E)

Given (See also: Chisholm)
Meade-Given Monument, (Section E)
Martha A Given, 1889-1956 (Section E)
Irene Given Meade, 1913-1945 (Section E)
Dayton Bruce Meade, 1915-1998 (Section E)

Pluma Given, (Section F)
George E Given, 1912-2001 (Section F)

Glascock Monument, (Section G, Block B)
James C Glascock, 1915-2003 (Section G, Block B)

Rodger D Goodale, 1931-1931 (Section G, Block A)
Luther L Goodale, Father, 1874-1927 (Section G, Block A)
Minnie M Goodale, Mother, wife of Luther, 1882-1956 (Section G, Block A)

Clark H Goodnough, Feb 8, 1872 - Jan 24, 1942 (Section B)
Sadie N Goodnough, Jan 31, 1875 - May 15, 1939 (Section B)

Goolden (See also: Barber)
Kelly-Hawes Monument, (Section B)
Norman C Hawes, 1878-1963 (Section B)
Elizabeth Goolden Hawes, Wife of Norman, 1888-1961 (Section B)
Mabel Goolden Kelly, 1885-1972, wife of George A. Kelly (Section B)
George A Kelly, 1881-1964 (Section B)
Goolden Monument, (Section B)
Charles Goolden, 1855-1943 (Section B)
Margaret J More Goolden, 1857-1929 (Section B)

Gorman (See also: Sanderson)

Gotham (See also: Constanzo)

Lewis D Gowell, New York CPL Btry F 103 Field Arty, World War I, May 12, 1898 - Dec 9, 1940 (Section B)
Bertha M Gowell, 1896-1965, wife of Lewis (Section B)
Eugene Gowell, Son of LD & BM Gowell, 1927-1955 (Section B)

Thomas Graham, 1854-1921 (Section B)
Addie E Graham, Wife of Thomas, 1863-1941 (Section B)
Gertie E Graham, 1885-1887 (Section B)
Martha M Graham, 1900-1901 (Section B)

Frances Butler Grandaw, 1870-1958 ;Close-up (Section B)
Jerome J Grandaw, 1869-1930 ;Close-up (Section B)

Harry Grange, Son of J & * Grange, d. Aug 25, 1884 AE 9 mos ;Back of Stone (Section B)

Ulysses Sherman Grant, 1909-1959 (Section E)
Thelma P. Grant, 1920-1977 (Section E)

Herbert Grant, 1889-1957 (Section G, Block A)
Harriet V Cornell Grant, Wife of Herbert Grant, 1900-1937 (Section G, Block A)

Margaret L Graves, 1901-1994 (Section B)
Earl D Graves, 1897-1967 (Section B)

Gray (See also: Smith)
Gray Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Ross A Gray, 1885-1946 (Section G, Block A)
Alice M Gray, Wife of Ross, 1884-1967 (Section G, Block A)

Greene (See also: Romer)

Greenfield (See also: French)

Griffin (See also: Hahn)

Eleanor L Griffith, 1914-1992 (Section E)
Manley Elmer Griffith, TEC4 US Army World War II; Apr 1, 1910 - June 23, 1989 ;Military Marker (Section E)

Elsie E Griffith, 1887-1924, wife of Howard (Section B)
Howard S Griffith, 1886-1968 (Section B)
Remoth M Griffith, 1892-1972, Wife of Howard (Section B)

Argalous D Gulley, d. Sept 24, 1894 AE 63 yrs (Section G, Block B)
Caroline E Gulley, Wife of A. D. Gulley, d. Nov 20, 1884 Age 52 yrs (Section G, Block B)
Gulley Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Arnold Gulley, 1825-1901 (Section G, Block B)
Emily Gulley, Wife of Arnold, 1826-1917 (Section G, Block B)

Gunnison (See also: Appleton, Poste)

Guyett (See also: Wilson)
Alice H Guyett, 1887-1968 (Section B)
Howard J Guyett, 1888-1970 (Section B)
Alice B Guyett, 1920-2007 (Section B)
William C Guyett, 1918-1998 (Section B)

Genevieve Griffin Hahn, Jan 5, 1904 - Nov 3, 1987 (Section F)

Dora Bacheller Haines, 1877-1969 (Section B)

Hale (See also: Pfund)
Hale Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Dorothy Long Hale, Wife of John, 1924-1990 (Section G, Block B)
John Heald Hale, 1922-1991 (Section G, Block B)
Horace Winthrop Hale, unreadable (Section G, Block B)
Betsey Hale, 1814-1870> (Section G, Block B)
Ledyard Park Hale, 1854-1926 (Section G, Block B)
Georgia Ettie Bacheller Hale, 1856-1935 (Section G, Block B)
Horace Charles Hale, 1888-1942 (Section G, Block B)

Everett E Hale, 1904-1964 (Section G, Block B)
Robert L Hale, 1898-1941 (Section G, Block B)
Hale Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Grace R Hale, 1870-1945 (Section G, Block B)
Charles M Hale, 1858-1933 (Section G, Block B)

Edward Haley, Nov 18, 1835 - Feb 4, 1892 (Section F)
Susan A McIntyre Haley, Jan 14, 1836 - Oct 9, 193 ;Close-up (Section F)
Ledyard Haley, July 27, 1796 - July 13, 1866 ;Close-up (Section F)
Ann Haley, Wife of *. Haley ;Close-up (Section F)
Clarissa Haley, Wife of Ledyard Haley, b. Mar 17, 1798 ;Close-up (Section F)
William Haley, d. Mar 25 (Section F)

William L Haley, 1856-1912 (Section B)
Julia S Haley, 1847-1933 (Section B)

Hall (See also: Crowder)
Phebe Hall, Wife of Waley, 1816-1882 (Section F)
Rev Waley P Hall, 1817-1897 (Section F)

Mary Hall, Wife of D. L. Hall, d. Dec 2, 1874 in her 36 yr ;Close-up (Section F)

Gar Edwin Hall, PVT US Army, Feb 17, 1936 - Feb 14, 1987 (Section B)
Calvin E Hall, 1907-1965 (Section B)
Grace B Hall, 1914-2004 (Section B)

Hallett (See also: Blanchard, Morrill)


Elizabeth Arnold Hammarstrom, 1901-1981 (Section B)

Howe-Hammond Monument, (Section B)
Frederic G Hammond, 1895-1963 ;Close-up (Section B)
J Fred Hammond, 1870-1938 ;Close-up (Section B)
Jessie Howe Hammond, 1867-1942 ;Close-up (Section B)
Clarissa A Howe, 1840-1926 ;Close-up (Section B)

Willie H Hance, 1899-1958 (Section E)
Ethel I Hance, 1908-1978 (Section E)

Mary L Hance, Dau of Mahlon & Ruth; Aug 3, 1943 - Sept 8, 1943 (Section G, Block A)
Mahlon M Hance, 1918- (Section G, Block A)
Ruth A Hance, Wife of Mahlon, 1920- (Section G, Block A)

Margaret Cook Hanes Whitney, 1875-1958, wife of John P. Hanes and Arthur E. Whitney (Section F)
John P Hanes, 1867-1912 (Section F)

Hanselman (See also: Costa)

Martha A Hardacker, 1845-1884 ;Close-up (Section B)

Eva M Bailey Harper, Dau of Jos A Bailey & Margaret Adams, 1864-1934 ;Close-up (Section B)
Grace Mildred Harper, Dau of J. Gilbert & Eva Harper, 1896-1897 ;Close-up (Section B)
J Gilbert Harper, Son of David Harper and Helen Gray, 1863-1945 ;Close-up (Section B)

Harriman (See also: Rich)

Harrington (See also: McKenzie, Olin, Purvee)
Avis C Harrington, 1876-1973, wife of George (Section B)
George Harrington, 1872-1960 (Section B)
Grace F Harrington, Dau of George & Avis, 1896-1921 (Section B)
Clarence J Harrington, 1909-1976 (Section B)
Georgia M Harrington, 1910-2005 (Section B)

Harris (See also: Weegar, Witherbee)

Hart (See also: Kelly)

Hartridge (See also: Russell)

Hastings (See also: Smith)

Havens Monument, (Section F)
Lucretia S Havens, Mar 3, 1845 - Feb 17, 1902 (Section F)
R R Havens, Aug 2, 1844 - July 31, 1883 (Section F)

Havington (See also: Norman)

Hawes (See also: Goolden)

Hawley (See also: Caldwell)



Haywood Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Fred R Haywood, d. 1978 (Section G, Block B)
Blanche B Haywood, d. 1950 (Section G, Block B)

Hazeltine (See also: Sackrider)

Hazen (See also: Sheets)

Jeffrey S Hazzard, Son of Geo W & Jean F. Hazzard, Aug 29, 1945 - May 9, 1948 (Section F)

Heaton (See also: Pink)
Heaton Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Edward L Heaton, 1855-1931 (Section G, Block A)
Emma L Heaton, 1861-1960, wife of Edward (Section G, Block A)
J Gertrude Heaton, Daughter, 1917-2002 (Section G, Block A)
Frank C Heaton, 1871-1941 (Section G, Block A)
Agnes H Heaton, 1883-1965 (Section G, Block A)
Fred H Heaton, 1885-1954 (Section G, Block A)

James P Heaton, 1882-1926 (Section B)
Jane E Heaton, 1912-1929 (Section B)
John L Heaton, 1914-1957 (Section B)

Elizabeth Osborn Putnam Heaton, d. Jan 2, 1919 (Section B)
John Langdon Heaton, Jan 29, 1860 - Feb 21, 1935 (Section B)
Lucia E Heaton, June 18, 1856 - Oct 16, 1944 (Section B)
Ira Willmarth Heaton, Aug 27, 1820 - Nov 19, 1894 (Section B)
Lucinda Langdon Heaton, Nov 13, 1821 - Oct 23, 1885 (Section B)

M Eleanor Barr Hecht, 1910-1990 (Section B)
Sam Hecht, 1905-1974 (Section B)

Heckles Monument, (Section B)
William Heckles, Co D 106 NY Reg; 1842-1925 (Section B)
Oli E Fuller Heckles, 1845-1913; wife of William (Section B)
Charles E Heckles, 1876-1934 (Section B)
William J Heckles, 1875-1944 (Section B)
Olive Edna Heckles, 1880-1954 (Section B)

James Heffron, 1892-1970 (Section B)
Vena L Heffron, 1898-1972 (Section B)

Halmle (See also: Black)

Hemenway Cross, (Section B)
Clarence Hemenway, 1873-1916 (Section B)
Schuyler S Hemenway, 1852-1927 (Section B)
Mildred Alexander Hemenway, 1856-1940 (Section B)

Henderson (See also: Buck)
James S. Henderson, 1994-1969 ;Close-up (Section E)
Jessie Mae Henderson, 1897-1999, wife of James S. ;Close-up (Section E)

Luther B Henderson, Nov 7, 1974 - Oct 18, 1990 ;Inscription (Section G, Block A)

Kenneth G Hendricks, PFC US Army World War II; Feb 16, 1922 - Sept 17, 1978 ;Military marker (Section B)
Sylvia M Hendricks, 1924-1998 (Section B)

Hepburn Monument, (Section B)
A Barton Hepburn, July 24, 1846 - Jan 25, 1922 ;Inscription (Section B)
Emily Eaton Hepburn, Sept 7, 1865 - Aug 14, 1956 ;Inscripiton (Section B)

Herns (See also: Bassett)
Herns Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Artemas B Herns, July 27, 1836 - March 14, 1896 (Section G, Block B)
Elsie Howe Herns, Wife of Artemas, June 30, 1842 - Nov 11, 1925 (Section G, Block B)

Herriman (See also: Sherman)

Jessie B Hicks, 1883-1945 (Section F)
John W Hicks, 1885-19__ (Section F)

Hill (See also: Bayley, Flanders, Willson)
Margaret V Hill, Wife of Irvin Hill, 1904-1999 (Section E)
Irvin W Hill, 1903-1955 (Section E)

Hill Monument, (Section B)
Bernice M Hill, 1896-1972 (Section B)
D. Rodger Hill, 1885-1942 (Section B)
Robert J HIll, 1883-1940 (Section B)
Lois Hill, 1854-1923, wife of David (Section B)
David HIll, 1845-1932 (Section B)
Jack A Hill, S1 US Navy World War II; 1927-1980 ;Close-up (Section B)
Kenneth R Hill, Oct 7, 1919 - Sept 2, 1971 (Section B)
Robert John Hill, New York CPL Army Service Forces, World War II; Sept 5, 1925 - June 9, 1946 (Section B)

Hilton (See also: McCartney)

Himes (See also: Kirkland)

Hoage (See also: Pierce)

Dorothea Hobbs Davies, 1926-1949, Wife (Section B)
Clifford M Hobbs, 1902-1979 (Section B)
Ida Paro Hobbs, Wife of Clifford, 1903-1966 (Section B)

Hodge (See also: Speer)

Shirley B Hodyke, Daughter, 1919-1989 (Section E)
Diane M Hodyke, Granddaughter, 1948-1990 (Section E)

Verginia Hoenes, 1907-1965 (Section E)

Julia Hoffer, 1883-1976 (Section E)

Hogle (See also: Hogle)

Hoke (See also: Corey)

Holden (See also: Woodside)

Holcomb Monument, (Section D)
John M Holcomb, 1899-1979 (Section D)
Pauline K Holcomb, 1897-1991 (Section D)

Homer (See also: Conkey)

Hooper (See also: Rood)
Hooper Monument, (Section B)
Bernard F Hooper, Son of Judson & Nellie, 1893-1948 (Section B)
Judson R Hooper, 1869-1941 (Section B)
Nellie J Barker Hooper, Wife of Judson, 1870-1934 (Section B)
Freeman T Hooper, 1851-1931 (Section B)
Mary A Wood Hooper, 1848-1924, wife of Freeman (Section B)

Hopkins (See also: Moody)

Grace R Horn, 1895-1982 (Section B)
Henry B Horn, 1898-1987 (Section B)

Earle Mayo Horton, Jan 4, 1908-June 1, 1980 ;Close-up (Section F)
Elizabeth MacNaughton Horton, Mar 7, 1906 - July 24, 1996 ;Close-up (Section F)

Fanny Hosley, Wife of James, 1804-1868 (Section B)
James Hosley, 1802-1875 (Section B)
Harmoney Malinda Hosley, Dau of Adolphus & Harmony Hosley, d. May 18, 1844 in her 26 yr (Section B)

Hosmer Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Francis L Hosmer, New York, CPL CO C 7 Infantry, World War I; June 18, 1895 - Oct 3, 1970 (Section G, Block A)
Emma Storr Hosmer, Wife of Francis, 1892-1959 (Section G, Block A)
Albert M Hosmer, 1867-1935 (Section G, Block A)
Carrie A Hosmer, Wife of Albert, 1871-1953 (Section G, Block A)
Vivian P Hosmer, Wife of Paul, 1909- (Section G, Block A)
Paul R Hosmer, 1897-1980 (Section G, Block A)
Doris Elizabeth Hosmer, 1924-1984 (Section G, Block A)

Alexander Houliston, 1850-1916 (Section B)

Howard Monument, (Section F)
Gale Howard, 1914-1935 (Section F)
Marianne Howard, 1883-1968, wife of Horton (Section F)
Horton M Howard, 1884-1971 (Section F)
Grace C Howard, 1911-1996 (Section F)
Theron M Howard, 1858-1937 (Section F)
Harriet M Howard, 1861-1947 (Section F)

Ralph M Howard, 1887-1968 (Section B)
Hessel A Howard, 1888-1984 (Section B)
Austin A Howard, 1926-1983 (Section B)
Allan K Howard, 1884-1923 (Section B)
Edgar E Howard, 1863-1927 (Section B)

Howe (See also: Hammond, Herns)

John Hoyt Jr, TEC5 US Army World War II; Feb 25, 1921 - Dec 8, 2008 ;Military Marker (Section F)

Donald M Hubbard, 1st Lt US Army World War II; Mar 25, 1919 - Feb 25, 2009 ;Military marker (Section F)

Alice H Huddleston, 1910-2002 (Section E)
Don E Huddleston, 1909-1985 (Section E)

George Hufschmid, Born in Germany; 1910-1986 (Section B)
Helene L Hufschmid, Wife of George, 1916-1984 (Section B)

Rev Humphrey Monument, (Section B)
C B Humphrey, In her 21st Year (Section B)
Adelaide Olive Buck Humphrey, 1827-1917 (Section B)
A F Humphrey, AE 4 yrs, 4 mos, 23 dys (Section B)
Rev F Humphrey, 1826-1908 (Section B)
G F Humphrey, (Section B)

Hunter (See also: Brown, Roulston)

Huntley (See also: Cooke)

Cleland C Huntress, 1903-1966 (Section E)
Dorothy L Huntress, 1916-1978 (Section E)
Eleanor S Huntress, 1938-1999 (Section E)

Hurd (See also: Gaines)

Hurlbert (See also: Redford)

Hurlbut Monument, (Section F)
Mary J Hurlbut, 1852-1940 (Section F)
Infant Dau Hurlbut, 1875-1875 (Section F)
Sumner C Hurlbut, 1871-1929 (Section F)
Eunice Hurlbut, 1881-1947 (Section F)
George H Hurlbut, 1880-1950 (Section F)

Isaac Hurst, 1850-1918 ;Close-up (Section F)
Jennie Johnston Hurst, Wife of Isaac, 1851-1924 ;Close-up (Section F)

Harriet Huston, Mother, 1894-1926 (Section G, Block A)

Hutchins (See also: Sackrider)

Imrie (See also: Roulston)

Gilbert L Ingram, 1958-2008 (Section F)

Anna Stiles Inlay, Wife of John Inlay, 1841-1918 (Section B)
John F Inlay, Co *, 12 Reg NY Vol Cav, 1837-1918 (Section B)

George B Ivery Jr, PVT US Army, Jan 11, 1942 - July 1, 1992 ;Military Marker (Section F)

Frances M Cuglar Jackman, 1922-1990 (Section B)

Jackson (See also: Sawyer)
Jackson Monument, (Section F)
Elmer E Jackson, d. Apr 28, 1872 Aged 44 yrs, 2 mos, 2 dys (Section F)

Arthur L Jackson, Infant son of CF & CE Jackson, d. July 31, 1876, Age 5 mos, 9 dys (Section F)

Lynda Jacobs, Aug 31, 1940 - Dec 28, 1997 (Section F)

Greta Louise Jakobson, Oct 8, 1942 - Feb 3, 1943 (Section G, Block A)

Jameison (See also: Elmer)

Max Atwood Jameson, 1887-1960 (Section G, Block B)
Nettie Spears Jameson, 1886-1953 (Section G, Block B)

Margaret R Jarvis, Wife & Sister, 1934-1992 (Section F)
Lilah Maroun Jarvis, 1922-1979 ;Close-up (Section F)

Justin Jaunzems, May 16, 1975 - Aug 8, 1997 (Section F)

Jenne (See also: Tyler)
Hazel Jenne, 1913-1999, wife of Hollis Jenne (Section E)
Hollis J Jenne, 1909-1986 (Section E)
Asa L Jenne, 1883-1958 (Section E)
Grace Jenne, 1881-1974, Wife of Asa Jenne (Section E)

Florence E Jesmer, 1897-1975, wife of Morris (Section B)
Morris V Jesmer, 1894-1977 (Section B)
Ronald F Jesmer, Son of Morris & Florence, 1917-1918 (Section B)
Delia Jesmer, Mother, 1870-1948 (Section B)
Lorraine Jesmer, (Section B)

Jewett (See also: Lawrence)
Jewett Monument, (Section F)
Jacob Jewett, Father (Section F)
Martha Jewett, Mother (Section F)
Jacob C Jewett, (Section F)
George R Jewett, (Section F)
Martha A Jewett, (Section F)
Sarah E Jewett, (Section F)
Sanford S Jewett, (Section F)

Johnson (See also: Longshore, Noble, Norman, Stacy)
Johnson Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Matthew M Johnson, 1886-1925 (Section G, Block A)
Mayfred D Johnson, 1882-1946, wife of Matthew (Section G, Block A)

Eunice Miller Johnson, 1879-1962 (Section B)
Riley L Johnson, 1876-1955 (Section B)
Ernestine T Johnson, CPL US Army World War II; 1912-1980 (Section B)
Robert I Johnson, SGT US Army Air Corps, World War II; July 13, 1917 - Apr 20, 1996 (Section B)

Johnson Monument, (Section B)
Almira Farmer Johnson, Wife of Jerome, d. Dec 28, 1891 AE 68 yrs, 10 mos (Section B)
Jerome Johnson, d. Sept 12, 1891 AE 71 yrs, 8 mos (Section B)
Lelia Mary Johnson, Dau of Jerome & Nancy, d. May 12, 1841 Aged 1 year (Section B)
Nancy Polley Johnson, Wife of Jerome, d. July 27, 1840 in her 22 yr (Section B)

Johnson Monument, (Section B)
John Johnson, Co I 11th NY; 1830-1865; Father (Section B)
James E Johnson, 1856-1928 (Section B)
Hettie Johnson, Wife of J Johnson, 1831-1907 (Section B)

Charles E Johnson, d. Feb 29, 1952 (Section B)
Johnson Monument, (Section B)
Ela L Johnson, d. May 22, 1895 (Section B)
Martha Perry Johnson, Wife of Seth Johnson, March 14, 1879 (Section B)
Seth Johnson, d. March 3, 1891 (Section B)
Helen E Johnson, d. Nov 30, 1930 (Section B)

Leona Johnson Endersbee, 1918-1951 (Section B)
Bessie M Johnson, 1897-1965 (Section B)
Howard G Johnson, 1890-1957 (Section B)

Johnston (See also: Hurst)

Jones (See also: Levis, Sykes, Wilmarth)
Jones Monument, (Section F)
Delos E Jones, 1847-1918 (Section F)
Alice E Jones, 1845-1919 (Section F)
Arthur D Jones, d. Sept 4, . (Section F)
Minnie E Jones, Dau of DE & AF Jones, 1869-1904 (Section F)
Ferry W Jones, 1882-1973 (Section F)
Edwin Jones, Father, 1804-1887 (Section F)
Salome Jones, Mother, wife of Edwin, 1813-1887 (Section F)

Jones Monument, (Section F)
H H Jones, d. July 31, 1909, Age 78 yrs (Section F)
Hilah L Jones, d. June 28, 1892 Age 60 yrs (Section F)

Herbert H Joyce, New York PFC MP Basic Sch PMG SCH World War II; Oct 24, 1897 - Dec 6, 1960 (Section E)
Clifford M Joyce, New York PVT 601 Coast Arty AA, World War II; June 9, 906 - March 4, 1950 (Section E)

Caroline Joyce, Wife of Hugh, 1841-1915 (Section B)
Hugh Joyce, 1835-1926 (Section B)

Jennie D Judd, Wife of Spenser Judd, d. Aug 24, 1888 Age 42 yrs ;Close-up (Section B)
Spenser Judd, Aug 20, 1851 - Jan 16, 1896 ;Close-up (Section B)
Sarah Nellie Judd, Dau of Orson & Precepta Judd, d. Aug 11, 1873 Aged 11yrs ;Close-up (Section B)
Precepta Judd, Wife of Orson W. Judd, Feb 22, 1828 - Jan 1896 ;Close-up (Section B)
Orson Judd, June 12, 1822 - June 10, 1897 ;Close-up (Section B)
Manerva Judd, Dau of JB & L Judd, d. Feb 27, 1857 AE 27 yrs ;Close-up (Section B)
Elton W Judd, Son of Spencer & Jennie Judd, d. Sept 3, 1878 AE 11 m, 3 dys ;Close-up (Section B)
Nellie P Judd, Dau of Spencer & Jennie Judd, d. July 17, 1880 AE 10 mos, 4 dys ;Close-up (Section B)
Charlotte E Judd, d. 1857 AE 11 mos ;Close-up (Section B)

Herman W Kalberer, 1939-2003 (Section F)

Frances Earla Kamarck, 1884-1974 (Back Edge)
Martin Kamarck, 1881-1930 (Back Edge)

Robert T Kane, Scott's 900 N.Y.S.V. died at Washington D.C. April 8, 1864 Age 28 yrs ;
Kapples (See also: Farr)

Keeler Monument, (Section F)
John C Keeler, d. Oct 19, 1899 Age 49 yrs (Section F)
Ida Hathaway Servis Keeler, Wife of John C. Keeler, d. April 23, 1883 Aged 23 yrs, 10 mos, 4 dys (Section F)

Kelley (See also: Pink)
Kelley Monument, (Section F)
Charles A Kelley, 1911-1928 (Section F)
Blanche Randall Kelley, 1882-1936, wife of Charles (Section F)
Rev Will A Kelley, 1871- (Section F)
Henry N Kelley, 1879-1947 (Section B)

Almeda Kellogg, 1815-1900 (Section F)

Kelly (See also: Collins, Goolden)
Lori Ann Kelly, 1962-1974 (Section E)
Thomas J Kelly, Sgt US Marine Corps, Oct 10, 1931 - Nov 18, 1996 ;Military Marker (Section E)

Kelly-Stretton Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Edith S Kelly, 1881-1952 (Section G, Block A)
Irene Kelly Remmers, "Our Loving Aunt", 1908-2002 (Section G, Block A)
Ambrose V Kelly, 1873-1950 (Section G, Block A)
Dr Ernest H Stretton, 1908-1976 (Section G, Block A)
Edith Kelly Stretton, 1911-1975 (Section G, Block A)

Barbara J Kelly, 1907-1934 (Section G, Block B)
Eleanor J Kelly, 1909-2003 (Section G, Block B)
Homer T Kelly, 1906-1991 (Section G, Block B)

Harry C Kelly, 1877-1965 (Section B)
Jessie Hart Kelly, 1879-1933 (Section B)
Helen Kelly Stauble, 1903-1942, dau of Harry & Jessie (Section B)
Grace Marion Kelly, 1901-1986. dau of Harry & Jessie (Section B)

Kennedy (See also: Paro)

Kenyon (See also: Eager)
Arthur E Kenyon, 1903-1972 (Section B)

Kenzie (See also: Storrs)

Dona Monument, Reverse of Kerr Monument (Section G, Block A)
George P Kerr, Co M Scottt's 900; May 30, 1845 - Jan 9, 1914 (Section G, Block A)
Jane Kerr, 1848-1851 (Section G, Block A)
Sarah Kerr, 1847-1851 (Section G, Block A)
Joseph E Kerr, 1852-1858 (Section G, Block A)
Mary Couper Kerr, Wife of Samuel, Oct 5, 1817-July 15, 1895 (Section G, Block A)
Samuel C Kerr, May 13, 1817 - Oct 22, 1883 (Section G, Block A)
Kerr Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Lawrence Dona, 1850-1937 (Section G, Block A)
Margaret Kerr Dona, Wife of Lawrence (Section G, Block A)
Jane Dona, 1885-1981 (Section G, Block A)
Ada E Dona, 1877-1934 (Section G, Block A)
Leslie P Dona, 1880-1975 (Section G, Block A)

Mary C Keyes, Wife of Charles C., 1879-1960 (Section G, Block A)
Charles C Keyes, 1879-1963 (Section G, Block A)

Martha Killingbeck, 1877-1936 (Section B)
Thomas Killingbeck, 1879-1954 (Section B)

Christina A King, Wife of Floyd, 1895- (Section G, Block A)
Floyd A King, 1893-1969 (Section G, Block A)

Sophia K Kingsbury, 1823-1903 (Section F)

Kenneth Kingston, Son, 1933-1947 (Section E)
Marion Kingston, Mother, 1910-1947 (Section E)
Catherine Kingston, Wife of John, 1912-1980 (Section E)
Kingston Monument, (Section E)

Lettie Kinney, Mother, 1866-1948 (Section E)

Kip Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Albert Frederick Kip, Oct 25, 1868 - May 5, 1949 (Section G, Block B)
Beatrice Willson Kip, Wife of Benjamin Miller, June 19, 1874 - Jan 19, 1955 (Section G, Block B)
Benjamin Miller Kip, Aug 27, 1871 - Oct 1, 1957 (Section G, Block B)
Harriet Ball Kip, Wife of Henry Kip, Jan 7, 1835 - April 12, 1917 (Section G, Block B)
Harriet May Kip, Jan 22, 1861 - Nov 11, 1930 (Section G, Block B)
Henry DeValcourt Kip, Nov 24, 1830 - Feb 21, 1909 (Section G, Block B)
Ida Allen Kip, Wife of Albert, Oct 8, 1866 - Oct 6, 1957 (Section G, Block B)
Welthia Beatrice Kip, Mar 25, 1909 - Sept 9, 1960 (Section G, Block B)
William Francis Kip, Mar 13, 1865 - Mar 21, 1954 (Section G, Block B)

Kirk Monument, (Section B)
David B Kirk, 1891-1960 (Section B)
Katharyn V Kirk, 1891-1957 (Section B)
Anna Kirk, 1862-1948 (Section B)
Andrew A Kirk, 1848-1925 (Section B)
William A Kirk, 1884-1957 (Section B)
Marion S Kirk, 1897-1990 (Section B)

Kirkland Monument, (Section D)
Edwin Myers Kirkland, 1870-1921 (Section D)
Minnie L Salisbury Kirkland, 1867-1922 (Section D)
Mary Alice Kirkland, 1898-1899 (Section D)

Kirkland Monument, (Section F)
Lottie May Stiles Kirkland Himes, Wife of Thomas Kirkland and DeWitt Himes, 1871-1932 (Section F)
Thomas G Kirkland, 1859-1918 (Section F)
Vivil Kirkland, Wife of T. G. Kirkland, d. Dec 1, 1885 in her 22 yr (Section F)
Maude Anna Kirkland, 1883-1972 (Section F)

Marian Klock, 1896-1971 (Section F)
Dean R Klock, 1895-1963 (Section F)

Barbara A Knauerhase, 1917-1977 (Section B)
Carl O Knauerhase, 1915-1975 (Section B)

Knox (See also: Sanderson)
William H Knox, Jan 14, 1872 - Sept 26, 1888 ;Close-up (Section B)
Lucina S Knox, Wife of Harvey Knox, d. Oct 11, 1878 AE 63 yrs (Section B)
Harvey Knox, Oct 12, 1801 - May 4, 1884 (Section B)
John H Knox, Son of Harvey & Lucina S. Knox, d. Jan 15, 1852 in his 15 yr (Section B)
Knox Monument, (Section B)

Knox Monument, (Section B)
Harry Knox, 1878-1937 (Section B)
Anna B Knox, 1896-1939 (Section B)
Hetta Russell, 1851-1920 (Section B)
Harvey W.S. Knox, 1847-1908 (Section B)
Horal H Knox, 1851-1919, wife of Harvey

Maud E Corey Koblenzer, Mar 17, 1876 - July 25, 1968 (Section B)

L Walter LaBrake, CPL US Army, World War I; 1897-1975 ;Military marker (Section B)
Ethel LaBrake, Wife of L. Walter, 1903-1981 (Section B)

LaCasse (See also: Stiles)

Leo LaChance, 1899-1952 (Section F)

LaChance-Doyle Monument, (Section F)
Owen J LaChance, 1929-1979 (Section F)
Nancy C LaChance, 1929-2008 (Section F)
Constance M LaChance, 1924-2004 (Section F)
Carrie B Doyle, 1914-1991 (Section F)

Wilfred J LaCoss, PFC US Army World War II; April 10, 1922 - Jan 4, 2001 ;Military Marker (Section E)

Ladd (See also: Todd)
Alexander L Ladd, 1869-1922 (Section F)

Catherine E Ladd, Jan 17, 1835 - Sept 16, 1891 (Section B)
David Ladd, June 3, 1804 - Aug 13, 1886 (Section B)
Elizabeth Ladd, Wife of David, Oct 15, 1803 - Sept 14, 1885 (Section B)
George K Ladd, Son of David & Elizabeth, d. Sept 17, 1877 AE 31 yrs ;Close-up (Section B)

Edgar M Laddison, New York Tec 4 47 Tank BN World War II; Sept 24, 1922 - Jan 13, 1945 (Section F)

Lydia M Laddison, 1894-1977 ;Close-up (Section B)
Murray A Laddison, 1892-1975 ;Close-up (Section B)

Leo W Laddison Sr, 1914-1995 (Section B)
Thelma D Brabaw Laddison, 1915-1993; wife of Leo (Section B)
Helene M Laddison Durham, 1937-1969 ;Close-up (Section B)

Cathy Laddison, 1962-1962 (Section B)

Jeffery C LaFountain, Jan 31, 1964 - Nov 23, 1991 ;Close-up (Section E)

Laidlaw (See also: Barr, Stiles)
Viola D Shaw Laidlaw, Wife of Charles C. Laidlaw, 1849-1920 (Section B)
Charles C Laidlaw, 1844-1919 (Section B)
Laidlaw Monument, (Section B)
C Dean Laidlaw Jr, 1903-2000 (Section B)
Alice J Bennett Laidlaw, 1904-1981 (Section B)
Mabel Sprague Laidlaw, Wife of C. Dean Laidlaw MD; 1876-1953 (Section B)
Dr C Dean Laidlaw, 1878-1940 (Section B)
Helena L Laidlaw Livermore, Wife of Merle, 1907- (Section B)
Merle D Livermore, 1899-1974 (Section B)

Dorothy DeGraff Lalone, Wife of Emerson, Listerary Mentor, 1900-1975 (Section G, Block A)
Emerson Hugh Lalone, Universalist Minister and Editor, 1899-1960 (Section G, Block A)

Lalone Monument, (Section B)
Frank L Lalone, 1876-1934 (Section B)
Albena M Lalone, 1870-1921 (Section B)
Mildred Lalone McCallion, 1901-1992 (Section B)
Irene Lalone Reilly, 1906-1978 (Section B)

Ernie Lamson, Son of O & N Kamson, died Mar 8, 1889, Aged y rs, 7 mos, 22 dys ;Back of stone (Section G, Block B)

Lane (See also: Meenan)

Langdon (See also: Sanderson)

Frank A LaPierre, 1892-1951 (Section F)
Mabel E LaPierre, 1892-1945 (Section F)

LaRue (See also: Dwight)

Lavery (See also: Taylor)
Julius T Lavery, d. Feb 20, 1888; AE 48 yrs (Section G, Block B)
Lovisa M Lavery, Wife of Julius, 1847-1930 (Section G, Block B)

Lawrence (See also: Longshore, Sanford)
Ivan C Lawrence, 1922-2002 ;Close-up (Section E)

Ruth J Lawrence, 1920- (Section G, Block B)

Lawrence-Smith Monument, (Section F)
Henry C. Smith, 1862-1937 (Section F)
Harriet Lawrence Smith, Wife of Henry C. Smith, 1863-1944 (Section F)
Eliza Lawrence, 1845-1886 (Section F)
Unknown Lawrence, (Section F)
Julia A Jewett Lawrence, Wife of Dwight, d. 1887 (Section F)
Dwight Lawrence, 1821-1891 (Section F)

Lawrence Monument, (Section F)
Russell B Lawrence, 1887-1946 (Section F)
Hazel G Lawrence Allen, 1894-1991 (Section F)
Vernon G Lawrence, 1915-1935 (Section F)
Dorothy C Lawrence, 1919-1987 (Section F)
Russell B Lawrence Jr, 1917-2002 (Section F)
Lawrence Monument, (Section F)
Millard D Lawrence, Father, 1865-1926 (Section F)
Annie Lawrence, Mother, 1864-1925 (Section F)
Elizabeth Lawrence, Wife of Lorenzo Lawrence, d. Feb 9, 1848 AE 37 yrs ;Second Marker (Section F)
Susan Lawrence, Wife of Lorenzo Lawrence, d. Nov 29, 1858, AE 36 yrs (Section F)
Lorenzo Lawrence, d. May 26, 1890 AE 67 yrs (Section F)

Jennie A Lawrence, 1867-1944 (Section F)
Thomas J Lawrence, (Section F)

Thomas Lawrence, 1873- (Section F)
Jennie Lawrence, Wife of Thomas (Section F)

Lee Monument, (Section F)
Elmina Bennett Lee, Wife of John Stebbins Lee, Sept 8, 1821 - Feb 5, 1903 (Section F)
John Stebbins Lee, First President of the St. Lawrence University, Professor 1859-1902, Universalist Clergy Man; Sept 22, 1820 - Sept 18, 1902 (Section F)
Frederic Schiller Lee, Son of John & Elmina Lee, 1859-1939 (Section F)
Florence Lee, Dau of John & Elmina Lee, 1862-1948 (Section F)
Gertrude Lee, Dau of John & Elmina Lee, 1864-1949 (Section F)
Ida Elmina Lee, Dau of John & Elmina Lee, 1850-1851 (Section F)
John Clarence Lee, Son of John & Elmina Lee, 1856-1940 (Section F)
Leslie Alexander Lee, Son of John & Elmina Lee, 1852-1908 (Section F)

Larry Delair, Son of Eugene & Joyce Legault (Section F)
Eugene P Legault Jr, S1 US Navy World War II; Jun 7, 1925 - May 4, 1999 ;Military Marker (Section F)

Leonard (See also: Safford, Sherwin, Willmarth)
Herbert E Leonard, Lt US Navy, World War II; Jun 19, 1918 - Jan 29, 2004 (Section E)
Julie Anne Leonard, Jan 15, 1969 - Mar 10, 2001 (Section E)

Hazel Aldous Leonard, 1916-1960 (Section E)
T Elmer Leonard, 1913-2000 (Section E)
Ira Lyel Leonard, Died age 10 mos, 1949-1950 (Section E)
Gene Leonard, Our Baby, 1954-1956 (Section E)

Moses Leonard, d. July 21, 1849 in his 79 yr (Section B)

Leonard Monument, (Section B)
Winfield Scott Leonard, 1845-1940 (Section B)
Melvina Brown Leonard, Wife of Winfield S. Leonard, 1850-1932 (Section B)

Walter James Leonard, 1921-2007 (Section B)

Amy Anderson Leonard, 1889-1981 ;Footstone (Section B)
Charles Leonard, 1888-1961 (Section B)

May Lessey, d. Nov 22, 1860 Aged 10 yrs, 2 mos; dau o E & A Lessey ;Back of stone (Section F)

Levis Monument, (Section B)
J Robert Levis, Son, 1895-1946 (Section B)
Sarah Jones Levis, Mother, 1871-1945 (Section B)
Thomas W Levis, Father, 1863-1925 (Section B)
Mary Levis Martin, 1903-1959 (Section B)
John A Martin, 1902-1969 (Section B)

Lewis (See also: Bedell)
Lewis Monument, (Section F)
Xury Lewis, d. Mar 21, 1877; Aged 50 yrs (Section F)
Louise G Finley Lewis, Wife of Xury Lewis, Jul 28, 1832 - Mar 22, 1924 (Section F)

Gardner William Lewis, Born in West Berkshire Vermont June 1, 1863 - d. Canton, NY July 22, 1938 ;Close-up (Section B)

Sally M Lewkowitz, 1918-2007, married to William J. Lewkowitz (Section E)
William J Lewkowitz, Capt US Army World War II; Aug 23, 1919 - Dec 27, 1998; Purple Heart ;Military marker (Section E)

Donald Paul Lincoln, Apr 18, 1961 - Nov 22, 1999 (Section F)

Henry J Lindley, 1860-1935 (Section B)
Tryphena Lindley, Wife of Henry, 1868-19__ (Section B)
Unknown Lindley, 1885-1914 (Section B)
Unknown Lindley, 1913-1920 (Section B)
Loren E Lindley, New York CPL 5 Ord Rep Shop Det World War I; June 8, 1886 - July 1, 1948 (Section B)

Dorothy Rainey Lindley, 1824-1907; wife of James (Section B)
James Lindley, 1821-1894 (Section B)
John Lindley, 1865-1912 (Section B)

Charlotte L Vaucher Liotard, Wife of Henri Liotard, 1838-1916 (Section F)
Frederic F.A. Liotard, Son of Henri & Charlotte, 1863-1883 (Section F)
Henri Hermann Liotard, 1830-1917 (Section F)
Marie Camille Liotard, Dau of Henri & Charlotte, 1859-1932 (Section F)

Liskum (See also: McCormick)

Little (See also: Spears)

Livermore (See also: Laidlaw)

Lockwood (See also: Witherbee)

Long (See also: Hale)

Longshore (See also: Coffie)
Merton S Longshore, New York PVT 153 Depot Brigade World War I; Dec 16, 1889 - Mar 28, 1960 (Section D)
Letitia McCollum Longshore, Wife of Merton Longshore, Mar 11, 1886 - May 2, 1928 (Section D)
Hazel Johnson Longshore, Wife of Merton Longshore, Oct 25, 1908 - Dec 31, 1965 (Section D)
Longshore Monument, (Section D)
David Longshore, Jan 12, 1804 - July 24, 1886 (Section D)
Margaret Longshore, Wife of David Longshore, Oct 17, 1804 - Feb 24, 1892 (Section D)
Eliza Longshore, Sept 25, 1825 - Oct 24, 1887 (Section D)
Fred R Longshore, 1875-1919 (Section D)
Charlotte Longshore, 1851-1930 (Section D)
Silas Longshore, 1844-1928 (Section D)
Longshore Monument, (Section D)
Andrew Michael Longshore, Nov 20, 1974 - July 23, 2001 (Section D)
Willard Merton Longshore, July 21, 1917 - Oct 3, 1971 (Section D)

Miles S Longshore, PFC US Army World War II; Mar 12, 1921 - Feb 15, 1978 ;Military Marker (Section G, Block A)
Michael D Longshore, Nov 29, 1944 - Oct 20, 1997 (Section G, Block A)

Michael Barkley, 1880-1959 (Section B)
Nellie Longshore Barkley, Wife of Michael, 1886-1972 (Section B)
Mary Lawrence Longshore, 1852-1927 (Section B)
Peter Longshore, 1842-1924 (Section B)

Loose (See also: Witherbee)

Lormore (See also: Richardson)

Losee (See also: Brown)

Eugene Lothian, 1874-1923 (Section F)
Alma O Lothian, 1875-1957 (Section F)

Lovell Monument, (Section B)
Myrtle Lovell Gillis, Wife of John S. Gillis, 1907-1981 (Section B)
John Stephen Gillis, 1909-1970 (Section B)
H H Lovell, 1857-1930 (Section B)
Louise Carr Lovell, Wife of H. H. Lovell, 1859-1911 (Section B)
May Lovell Hogle, 1886-1966 (Section B)
Daisy Taylor Lovell, d. Feb 22, 1945 (Section B)
Dr Frederick S Lovell, d. Feb 6, 1929 (Section B)

Lovely (See also: Roulston)

Harry Lumbard, 1909-1977 (Section G, Block B)
Phyllis Lumbard, 1919-1985 (Section G, Block B)
Thomas Lumbard, 1937-1965 (Section G, Block B)
Helen V Lumbard, Wife of Harry Lumbard, 1916-1934 (Section G, Block B)

Lumbard Monument, (Section F)
Stephen G Lumbard, 1948-2001 (Section F)
Eugene A Lumbard, PVT 3 Cav, May 14, 1934 (Section F)

Lumley Monument, (Section B)
Ruth Lumley, 1893-1894 (Section B)
Weldon A Lumley, 1912-1929 (Section B)
Jane W Lumley, 1870-1940 (Section B)
Albert M Lumley, 1862-1936 (Section B)
John H Lumley, 1905-1966 (Section B)
Catherine I Lumley, 1912-1978 (Section B)

Luney (See also: Storrs)

Lynde Monument, (Section D)
Dolphus S Lynde, 1833-1902 (Section D)
Esther C Lynde, 1837-1936 (Section D)
Grace P Lynde, 1872-1961 (Section D)

Henry W Lytle, 1887-1969 (Section E)
Pauline A Dow Lytle, Wife of Henry Lytle, 1904-1989 (Section E)

Lytle Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Henry A Lytle, 1910-1964 (Section G, Block B)
Kate Lytle, 1879-1935 (Section G, Block B)
Almon Lytle, 1876-1964 (Section G, Block B)
James C Lytle, 1913-1987 (Section G, Block B)

Nancy A Lytle, July 21, 1943-Apr 21, 1997 (Section F)

Sarah M Lytle, 1888-1951, wife of Ernest (Section B)
Ernest E Lytle, 1888-1965 (Section B)

MacGibbon (See also: Conkey)

MacLelland (See also: Brown)

Carl B MacLennan, 1928-2008 (Section F)
Eva Baker MacLennan, 1926-1983, wife of Carl (Section F)

MacNaughton (See also: Horton)

Irene Noble MacWhorter, Wife of Pratt MacWhorter (Section E)
Pratt F MacWhorter, 1904- (Section E)

Albert H Mager, 1930-1979 (Section F)
David A Mager, 1962-1962 (Section F)

Kathryn Mager Raschke, Beloved wife, daughter, sister; 1956-2002 (Section F)

Makowiec (See also: Farr)

William D Mallam, Dec 29, 1913 - Oct 15, 2003 (Section B)

Mallinson Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Hazel McCoy Mallinson, 1883-1960 (Section G, Block A)
George D Mallinson, 1883-1936 (Section G, Block A)
John McCoy, 1867-1940 (Section G, Block A)
Martha T Mallinson, 1920-1975 (Section G, Block A)
McCoy Monument, (Section G, Block A)

Maloney (See also: Bailey)
Nellie Fox Maloney, (Section F)
Richard J Maloney, (Section F)

Alice Reynolds Manley, Wife of Gilbert Manley, Sept 4, 1895 - Nov 16, 1896 (Section G, Block B)
Gilbert Atwood Manley, Oct 31, 1893-Sept 6, 1989 (Section G, Block B)

Hattie C Wall Manley, 1860-1953 ;Footstone (Section B)
William Edward Manley, 1854-1930 ;Footstone (Section B)

Mary Ellsworth Manning, 1898-1988 (Section B)
Mary Frances Manning, 1925-1931 (Section B)

Marks (See also: Conkey, Taylor)

Marsh (See also: Brewer)

Martin (See also: Levis)
Gladys Barkley Martin, 1911-1970; Wife of Anson Barkley & Wife of Edson A. Martin from Aug 3, 1967 - Dec 20, 1970 ;Second Marker (Section E)

Harriette Martin, 1896-1944 (Section G, Block B)

Beatrice S Martin, 1917-1989 (Section F)
Wilbur G Martin, 1907-1971 (Section F)

Martin Plot, (Section B)
Elisha J Martin, 1850-1913 (Section B)
Abbie Squire Martin, 1853-1941, wife of E.J. Martin (Section B)
Bessie M Martin, Daughter, 1876-1881 (Section B)
Jennie Roach Martin, Wife of E.J. Martin, 1854-1881 (Section B)
Millie L Martin, Daughter, 1873-1892 (Section B)

Martyn (See also: Phelps)
Chauncey W Martyn, 1865-1939 (Section F)
Chauncey W Martyn Jr, AE 55 yrs (Section F)
Florence Martyn, Wife of Donald, 1905-1953 (Section F)
Donald H Martyn, 1902-1950 (Section F)
Effie Martyn, Wife of Tyler, 1882- (Section F)
Tyler Martyn, 1870-1943 (Section F)

Martyn Plot, (Section B)
Alanson H Martyn, Dec 12, 1875 - Dec 16, 1956 ;Footstone (Section B)
Albert Martyn, Nov 5, 1840 - Jan 27, 1913 (Section B)
Jennie C Martyn, Nov 7, 1863 - Nov 29, 1943 ;Footstone (Section B)
Mahlon H Martyn, July 23, 1862 - Feb 14, 1888 (Section B)
Mary Clarke Martyn, Wife of Albert, Dec 2, 1842 - Sept 29, 1926 (Section B)

Baby Martyn, 1880-1880 (Section B)

Charles R Martyn, Son of Tyler & Mary Martyn, d. Oct 8, 1856 AE 1 yr, 10 mos (Section B)
Millicent S Martyn, Dau of T & M Martyn, d. Apr 29, 1858 AE 21 yrs (Section B)
Mahlon T Martyn, Son of * Martyn, d. June 6, 1857 AE 12 yrs, 2 mos (Section B)
Martyn Monument, (Section B)
Hartwell T Martyn, Co D 11 NY Cavelry, who was lost at sea in the foundering of the U.S. Steamer N. America off the coast of Florida, Dec 22, 1864, AE 22 yrs (Section B)
Tyler Martyn, d. April 8, 1890 Aged 80 yrs (Section B)
Mary Tracy Martyn, Wife of Tyler Martyn, d. Feb 8, 1871 AE 57 yrs (Section B)

Ernest Massey, 1897-1935 (Section G, Block A)

Mastrocola (See also: McMasters)

Matteson (See also: Eastman)

Matthews (See also: Purvee)
Matthews Stone, (Section G, Block B)
Glenn A Matthews, 1879-1933 (Section G, Block B)

Elvira P Matthews, Mar 2, 1822 - Nov 16, 1900 ;Close-up (Section F)
Heman P Matthews, Feb 1, 1820 - Sept 24, 1896 ;Close-up (Section F)

Rolf-Dieter Mauch, Nov 20, 1941 - Sept 26, 2001 (Section F)

Maybee (See also: Gilmour)
Nelson A Maybee, 1900-1961 (Section B)
Margaret Buffham Maybee, Wife of Nelson, 1908-2005 (Section B)
Maybee Monument, (Section B)
Mildred Maybee McKenney, 1891-1982 (Section B)
Shirley Maybee, 1895-1896 (Section B)
John H Maybee, 1859-1942 (Section B)
Clara B Wood Maybee, Wife of John, 1861-1950 (Section B)

Keith R Mayhew, 1st Lt US Army Air Corps, World War II; Sept 20, 1923 - July 10, 1986 (Section G, Block B)

Mary C Mayhew, 1923-1961 (Section B)

Charles L McAllaster, Infant son of Mary, d. Sept 8, 1867 AE 1 mo, 23 dys ;Second Marker (Section B)
Mary Elizabeth McAllaster, Wife of L. McAllaster & only dau of John & Jane E. Miller, d. Aug 20, 1867, AE 22 yrs ;Second Marker (Section B)

McCallion (See also: Lalone)

Elizabeth Scott McCartney, Wife of Fred McCartney, 1868-1960 (Section E)
Fred A McCartney, 1866-1947 (Section E)

McCartney Monument, (Section E)
Jane McCartney Hilton, "Betty", wife of R. E. Hilton, 1918-2004 (Section E)
Remus E Hilton, 1904-1990 (Section E)
Jane M Russett McCartney, Wife of J.E. McCartney, 1892-1959 (Section E)
John Everett McCartney, "Buck", 1888-1971 (Section E)

McCollum (See also: Longshore)
Elwyn Dale McCollum, Son of Paul & Thelma, July 26, 1945 ;Second Stone (Section G, Block A)
Paul E McCollum, June 20, 1919 - June 26, 1979 (Section G, Block A)
Thelma Todd McCollum, June 2, 1922 - Nov 4, 2006; Wife of Paul (Section G, Block A)
Bruce E McCollum, Sept 29, 1952 - Jan 9, 1988 (Section G, Block A)
Todd A McCollum, Dec 14, 1963 - July 20, 1988 (Section G, Block A)

Anna Barbone McCormick, Wife of Capt. James F. McCormick (Section G, Block A)
Capt James F McCormick, Capt U.S.A.A.F. Sept 3, 1921 - Feb 11, 1946 (Section G, Block A)
David McCormick, Son of James & Eula, 1925 (Section G, Block A)
Eula M McKenney McCormick, Wife of James F., 1891-1979 (Section G, Block A)
James F McCormick, 1889-1979 (Section G, Block A)

Alice Liskum McCormick, Mother, 1912-1982 ;Close-up (Section F)

McCoy (See also: Mallinson)
Albert McCoy, 1869-1950 (Section G, Block A)
Laura Ward McCoy, Wife of Albert, 1872-1922 (Section G, Block A)
Bessie McCoy Dickson, Dau of Albert & Laura, 1895-1954 (Section G, Block A)

Harry W. McCoy, May 25, 1915 - July 1, 1985 (Section G, Block A)
Eva McCoy Dixon, May 19, 1897 - June 5, 1970 (Section G, Block A)

George McCoy, d. 1904 (Section B)
Jemima Rathwell McCoy, d. 1921, wife of George (Section B)

McCuen (See also: Pike, Stone)
Edith McCuen Remington, 1888-1952 (Section B)
George L McCuen, 1895-1953 (Section B)
Rose A Parks McCuen, 1866-1925 (Section B)
William H McCuen, 1843-1920 (Section B)

McCullough (See also: Broeffle)

Anna Murray McDermid, Wife of Millan, 1893-1940 (Section G, Block B)
Millan H McDermid, 1890-1970 (Section G, Block B)
Myron A McDermid, 1916-1997 (Section G, Block B)
Sally Ann McDermid, Daughter of Myron & Marion Stacy McDermid, -1964- (Section G, Block B)

McDonald Monument, (Section G, Block B)
David E McDonald, 1907-1956 (Section G, Block B)
Elizabeth S McDonald, Wife of David, 1908-1977 (Section G, Block B)

McElroy (See also: Servis)

McGaughey Monument, (Section B)
John McGaughey, 1876-1950 (Section B)
Georgia McGaughey, 1873-1943 (Section B)
Ella McGaughey, Wife of James, 1878-1966 (Section B)
James McGaughey, 1877-1965 (Section B)

McGlaskey (See also: Reddick)

McIntyre (See also: Haley)
Nancy M McIntyre, Wife of Angus A. McIntyre, d. May 24, 1878 AE 67 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)

McKay (See also: Storrs)

McKenney (See also: Maybee, McCormick, Storrs)
McKenney Monument, (Section B)
J Richard McKenney, 1918-1965 (Section B)
Donna Vant McKenney, 1920-1994 (Section B)
Katherine E McKenney, 1916-1982 (Section B)
John Manley McKenney, 1913-1994 (Section B)

McKenzie (See also: Barr, Storrs)
Bertram W McKenzie, 1893-1949 (Section E)
Julia Sewell McKenzie, Wife of Bertram McKenzie, 1896-1977 (Section E)
Bertram W McKenzie, 1918-1994 (Section E)
Jean Harrington McKenzie, Wife of Bertram W. McKenzie, 1922-1957 (Section E)

Jean Brown McKibbben, 1924-1976 (Section G, Block B)

McKinney Monument, (Section F)
Jessie May McKinney, 1874-1947 (Section F)
Robert McKinney, 1902-1927 (Section F)
James L McKinney, 1872-1949 (Section F)

McLaughlin (See also: Farmer)

McMasters Monument, (Section E)
Norman P. McMaster, 1892-1984 ;Plaque (Section E)
Zona A McMaster, 1893-1978 (Section E)
Philip D McMasters, GM3 US Navy World War II; Jan 13, 1924 - June 10, 2004 (Section E)
Emma Mastrocola McMasters, Feb 2, 1923 - Mar 1, 2008 (Section E)

McMonagle Monument, (Section B)
Burton R McMonagle, 1897-1996; World War I (Section B)
Kathleen McMonagle, Wife of Burton, 1901-1942 (Section B)
Alice M McMonagle, Wife of Burton, 1902-1995 (Section B)

McMonagle Monument, (Section B)
Peter Reid McMonagle, 1856-1926 (Section B)
Orra A Craig McMonagle, 1859-1888, wife of P.R. McMonagle (Section B)
Clara F Barrows McMonagle, 1863-1949, wife of P.R. McMonagle (Section B)
Leslie R McMonagle, 1895-1990 (Section B)

McMullen Monument, (Section F)
Michael McMullen, Father, 1813-1873 (Section F)
Mary McMullen, Mother, 1819-1879 (Section F)
Weldon Monument, (Section F)
Mary L McMullen Weldon, M.L.W. (Section F)
Thomas J Weldon, T.J.W. (Section F)
Charles McMullen, Son of M & M McMullen, d. Jan 13, 1852 AE 7 yrs, 9 mos (Section F)
Mary J McMullen, Daughter of M & M McMullen, d, Mar 20, 1848 (Section F)

McRostie (See also: Stiles)

Mead (See also: Southworth)

Meade (See also: Given)

William E Meenan, Father, Aug 24, 1910 - June 4, 1962 ;Second Marker (Section F)
Bella Lane Strong, Mother, wife of William Meenan, Dec 3, 1908 - Sept 11, 2005 ;Second Marker (Section F)
Ryan James Meenan, 1981-1982 (Section F)

Merkley (See also: Sackrider)

Merrell (See also: Farmer)

Merrill Monument, (Section F)
Miner S Merrill, 1860-1918 (Section F)
Ida B Merrill, 1861-1942 (Section F)
Lyndon D Merrill, 1898-1957 (Section F)
Dorothy S Merrill, 1897-1988 (Section F)

Helen E Merriman, 1889-1981 (Section B)
Frank C Merriman, 1860-1940 (Section B)

Meservey (See also: Utz)
Byron Meservey, 1859-1925 (Section G, Block B)
Carrie B Barker Meservey, 1859-1956 (Section G, Block B)
Margaret Brown Meservey, 1862-1951 (Section G, Block B)
Myron Meservey, 1859-1927 (Section G, Block B)

Michaels Monument, (Section B)
Shirley Ellen Michaels, 1926-1941 (Section B)
Ralph Harold Michaels, 1893-1970 (Section B)
Elizabeth Sykes Michaels, 1898-1987 (Section B)

Miller (See also: Johnson)
Miller Monument, (Section F)
Hugh Miller, Dec 12, 1814 - May 17, 1891 (Section F)
Margaret Miller, Mar 12, 1812 - Mar 29, 1898 (Section F)
Anna E Miller, Dau of Hugh & Margaret, Nov 14, 1842 - May 9, 1848 (Section F)
Charlotte S Miller, Dau of Hugh & Margaret, Nov 8, 1851 - Nov 18, 1851 (Section F)
Hugh Miller, Son of Hugh & Margaret, June 4, 1845 - Mar 22, 1846 (Section F)

Irene M Miller, Aug 16, 1915 - Aug 24, 2000 (Section F)
Miller Monument, (Section B)
Dora Miller, Dau of W & E Miller, d. May 18, 1876 AE 9 mos (Section B)
William Miller, d. Mar 2, 1887 in his 53 yr (Section B)

Miller Monument, (Section B)
Jane Eliza Miller, Wife of John Miller, Dec 31, 1814 - Nov 21, 1877 ;Second Marker (Section B)

Newton Millham, 1908-1982 (Section E)
Lucia Pink Millham, Wife of Newton Millham (Section E)

Alice Amanda Mills, Class of 1900 SLU, 1878-1965 (Section B)

Walter E Mills, S1 US Navy World War II, July 12, 1910 - Jul 28, 1979 ;Military Marker (Section E)

Elizabeth A Ellsworth Mills, 1844-1920, wife of John ;Close-up (Section B)
John H Mills, 1st Lieut 11h NY Cav, 1839-1934 ;Close-up (Section B)

Milne Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Alexander Milne, 1854-1926 (Section G, Block B)
Susan Milne, His wife, 1864-1939 (Section G, Block B)

Miner (See also: Ellsworth)
Infant Miner, 1842-1842, Son of Ebenezer & Eliza Miner ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)
Adah Miner, Dau of Ebenezer & Eliza Miner, 1849-1849 ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)
Ebenezer Miner, 1794-1871 ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)
Eliza G Campbell Miner, Wife of Ebenezer, 1805-1891 ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)
George Miner, Son of Ebenezer & Eliza Miner, 1838-1839 ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)
Robert Sedgewick Miner, 1845-1845, Son of Ebenezer & Eliza Miner ;Second Stone (Section G, Block B)
George S Miner, Infant son of Ebenezer & Eliza Miner, who died May 23, 1840 Aged 8 mos, 27 days (Section G, Block B)
Isaac Miner, Died 1839, in the 47 year of his age (Section G, Block B)

Walter F Monteith, 1928-1996 (Section F)

Moody Monument, (Section F)
Capt Lucius Moody, July 24, 1806 - Jan 26, 1878 (Section F)
Julia A Moody, Wife of Capt Moody, d. Oct 31, 1869 Aged 56 yrs (Section F)
Lucius D Moody, Son of Capt L & Julia Moody, d. Aug 4, 1854 Aged 22 yrs, 4 mos (Section F)
Henry W Moody, Son of Capt L & Julia A. Moody, d. May 28, 1836 Aged 2 mos, 24 dys (Section F)
Salome Ellsworth Moody, Wife of Horace D. Moody, 1841-1911 ;Close-up (Section F)
Adelia H Moody, Wife of H. D. Moody, died at Colorado Springs, C. T., June 15, 1871 AE 34 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)
Horace D Moody, 1887-1917 (Section F)

Luman Moody Monument, (Section F)
Luman Moody, d. April 3, 1854 AE 46 yrs (Section F)
Lydia H Hopkins Moody, d. May 9, 1875 AE 66 yrs (Section F)

Nathaniel S Moore, d. April 25, 1862 AE 51 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)
Maria Moore, d. June 25, 1883 Aged 39 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)

More (See also: Goolden)

Earle M Morecock, AS US Navy World War I; Sept 11, 1898-Jan 31, 1982 (Section B)

Caroline A Morrell, 1903-1966 (Section G, Block B)
Edith K Morrell, Wife of Nathan, 1908-1999 (Section G, Block B)
Nathan C Morrell, 1905-1980 (Section G, Block B)
Morrel Chaney Stone Close-up, (Section G, Block B)
Morrell Chaney Stone, (Section G, Block B)
Nathan Parmeter Chaney, b. 1839 in Orange Mass, d. 1907 in Buffalo NY (Section G, Block B)
Caroline Wheeler Chaney, b. 1842 in Salem, Mich; d. 1910 in Buffalo, NY (Section G, Block B)
Charlotte Chaney Morrell, b. 1873 in Potsdam, NY; d. 1948 in Canton, NY (Section G, Block B)
Rev H Philbrook Morrell, b. 1869 in Calais ME, d. 1938 in Potsdam, NY; 47 years a minister of the Gospel, 25 years a teacher in the Theological School of St. Lawrene University. He loved his neighbor better than himself. (Section G, Block B)

Stanley A Morrill, New York PVT US Army World War I; Dec 9, 1894 - Feb 9, 1972 (Section G, Block A)
Helena J Hamilton, Wife of Stanley A. Morrill, June 1, 1900 - Oct 13, 1986 (Section G, Block A)
Morrill Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Fred Morrill, Father, 1866-1928 (Section G, Block A)
Mary Morrill, Mother, wife of Fred, 1866-1928 (Section G, Block A)

De Archie Mott, 1894-1980 ;Footstone (Section B)
Thelma L Mott, 1896-1924 ;Footstone (Section B)
Shirley Mott Stockwell, 1924-1990, daughter of De Archie & Thelma (Section B)
Robert Mott, Baby, 1923-1923 (Section B)

Irene M Mouthorp, 1913-2000 (Section F)
John N Mouthorp, 1906-1981 (Section F)

Moxley Monument, (Section F)
Maria Moxley, Wife of Rev. O. W. Moxley (Section F)
Rev O W Moxley, (Section F)
Almeron Z Squires, 1847-1913 (Section F)
Emma M Moxley Squires, 1849-1899 (Section F)

Stanley M Moyer, 1915-1977 ;Close-up (Section F)

A Lucille Mulvaugh, 1905-1986 (Section B)
R Lloyd Mulvaugh, 1900-1966 (Section B)

Murray (See also: McDermid)
Ella J Curtis Murray, Wife of James, 1872-1921 (Section B)
James Hoffman Murray, 1864-1928 (Section B)
Dan Murray, 1869-1925 (Section B)
Mary J Ward Murray, Wife of Dan, 1870-1940 (Section B)

Myers (See also: Gibson)
William Myers, 1858-1896 (Section F)

Harriett L Willson Nash, 1846-1877 (Section F)

Charles W Nash, ;Charley (Section B)
Richard D Nash, d. Nov 23, 1875 AE 61 yrs, 5 mos (Section B)

Franklin Nassivera, US Army World War II; July 21, 1918 - Apr 10, 2004 (Section F)

Frances H Nearing, 1918-1952 (Section E)

M Esther Neil, 1909-1970 (Section B)

Jack Kenyon Newman, Jan 14, 1930 - Aug 14, 2008 (Section F)

Florence Newman, 1922-2008 (Section F)
Glenn A Newman, 1921-1994 (Section F)

Korleen N Newman, 1904-1990 (Section B)
Emogene K Newman, 1898-1949 (Section B)
John A Newman, 1893-1979 (Section B)
Newman Monument, (Section B)
Allen Newman, 1896-1979 (Section B)
Hazel Chambers Newman, 1898-1987 (Section B)
Newman Monument, (Section B)
George A Newman, 1852-1923 (Section B)
Nettie J Newman, 1857-1938, wife of George (Section B)
Newman Monument, (Section B)
Vera E Newman, 1879-1962 (Section B)
Frank B Newman, 1895-1982 (Section B)
Alma I Newman, 1891-1986 (Section B)
Roger A Newman, Apr 22, 1924 (Section B)

Newton Monument, (Section D)
Royal Newton, 1850-1922 (Section D)
Eliza Newton, 1856-1934, wife of Royal Newton (Section D)

Bernice Nickerson, 1903-1999 (Section B)
Fred A Nickerson, 1907-1988 (Section B)

Noble (See also: MacWhorter, Wagner)
Ethel Johnson Noble, Wife of Rollin Noble, 1883-19__ (Section E)
Rollin Clark Noble, 1879-1955 (Section E)

Noble Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Samuel G Noble, 1863-1918 (Section G, Block B)
Zetta Aldous Noble, Wife of Samuel, 1869-1958 (Section G, Block B)
Charles Aldous, 1871-1942 (Section G, Block B)
Elizabeth DeLance, d. Aug 25, 1872; AE 12 yrs ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)
Sarah DeLance, ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)
Delevan DeLance, d. Oct 17, 1898; AE 80 yrs ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)
Eliza Noble DeLance, Wife of Delevan DeLance, d. Apr 3, 1910 in her 86th yr ;Second Monument (Section G, Block B)
Noble Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Dr William Noble, d. Feb 18, 1871 AE 88 yrs (Section G, Block B)
Martha N Noble, 1828-19__ (Section G, Block B)
Sally Pickett Noble, Sacred to the memory of Sally, wife of Doct William Noble and daughter of * Pickett, ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)
Martha M Noble, Dau of Dr. William Noble, d. Jan 15, 1916 in her 88 year; She kept the faith (Section G, Block B)

Ida Noble, (Section B)
Jacob F Noble, d. May 20, 1868 AE 50 y rs ;Close-up (Section B)
Melissa Noble, Wife of Jacob F. Noble, d. June 1, 1877 AE 53 yrs ;Close-up (Section B)
Jamie Noble, Sept 30, 1857 - Mar 12, 1863 ;Close-up (Section B)
Arthur J Noble, Son of JP & MA Noble, d. Feb 20, 1848 in his 3 yr ;Close-up (Section B)

Douglas W Norman, 1926-1976 (Section E)
L. Rodney Norman, 1943-2003 ;Close-up (Section E)
Infant Norman, 1970-1970 (Section E)
Robert L Norman, US Army Korea; Jan 20, 1935-Mar 10, 1986 ;Military Marker (Section E)
Herbert M Johnson, 1919-1980 (Section E)
Joyce Norman Johnson, Wife of Herbert Johnson, 1923-1989 (Section E)
G Wallace Norman, Vet W.W.I., 1892-1970 (Section E)
Mildred Havington Norman, Wife of G. Wallace Norman, 1903-1970 (Section E)
June Elaine Norman, In memory of our daughter, 1940-1942 (Section E)

North Monument, (Section F)
Edwin Delos North, Sergt 60 NYV, 1832-1912 (Section F)
Emily L White North, Wife of Edwin, 1846-1912 (Section F)
Isabel D North, Wife of Edwin, 1833-1872 (Section F)
Arthur A North, 1881-1968 (Section F)

Northrup (See also: Weller)

Lucinda A Fraser Noyes, 1874-1952 (Section G, Block A)

O'Dell (See also: Black)

O'Keefe (See also: Cunningham)

Olds (See also: Sawyer)
James Olds, Sept 3, 1794 - Aug 21, 1869 (Section G, Block B)
Mary Pennock Olds, Wife of James Olds, b. Jan 27, 1785 - d. Feb 18, **** (Section G, Block B)

O'Leary (See also: Sherwin)

Olin (See also: Broeffle)
Olin Monument, (Section B)
Mary Scruton Olin, 1848-1943, wife of Arthur (Section B)
Arthur V Olin, 1846-1933 (Section B)

Herbert E Olin, 1853-1926 (Section B)
Julia A Pierce Olin, Wife of Herbert, 1852-1935 (Section B)

Olin Monument, (Section B)
Ernest S Olin, 1866-1933 (Section B)
Mary Harrington Olin, 1868-1931, wife of Ernest (Section B)
Harriette M Olin, 1900-1968 (Section B)
Mark E Olin, 1900-1956 (Section B)
Ernest F Olin, 1909-1943 (Section B)
Alberta A Olin, 1906-1992; wife of Ernest F (Section B)
Josie B Olin, 1894-1977 (Section B)
Harold W Olin, 1890-1961 (Section B)
Glenn W Olin, 1902-1961 (Section B)
Augusta Clark Olin, Wife of Glenn, 1905-1933 (Section B)

Dorothy W Oliver, 1906-1983 (Section E)
John Oliver Jr, 1901-1988 (Section E)

Olsen (See also: Donovan)

O'Neil (See also: Sykes)

Carl Ornhein, d. Nov 16, 1887 Age 26 yrs ;Close-up (Side Edge)

Page (See also: Conkey, Sherman)
Harriet E Page, d. July 30, 1881 Aged 75 yrs (Section D)
John Page, d. Mar 31, 1899, Age 82 yrs (Section D)
George W Page, Son of John & Harriet Page, d. Mar 5, 1842; Age 5 yrs, 10 mos ;
Dolly Shaw Page, Wife of Elias C. Page, d. Nov 23, 1857 AE 61 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)
Elias Page, Father, d. Oct 20, 1868 AE 78 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)
Orville Page, d. Dec 15, 1879 Aged 61 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)
Zenia Page, Wife of Orville, 1817-1892 ;Close-up (Section F)
Helen Mai Page, Dau of Elias C & Dolly Page who died Aug 13, 1830 AE 5 yrs, 11 mos, 23 dys ;Close-up (Section F)
Joseph S Page, Son of Elias C. & Dolly Page, d. August 27, 1826 Aged 3 mos, 18 dys ;Close-up (Section F)
Alvira Page, Dau of Elias C & Dolly Page, d. July 2, 1829 Aged 7 mos, 22 dys ;Close-up (Section F)

Paige (See also: Conkey)

Palmer (See also: Chamberlain)

Maeferd R Parisian, June 15, 1891 - Oct 3, 1965 (Section B)
William H Parisian, May 7, 1892 - Nov 13, 1977 (Section B)

Parks (See also: McCuen)

Paro (See also: Hobbs, Samphier)
Paro Monument, (Section B)
Maude Paro Kennedy, Daughter of Henry & Harriet, 1891-1959 (Section B)
Harriet Paro, Mother, wife of Henry, 1850-1929 (Section B)
Henry Paro, Father, 1849-1925 (Section B)
Harriet Paro Castleman, Dau of Henry & Harriet, 1888-1973 (Section B)
Bernice Paro, 1880-1887 (Section B)
Burton Paro, 1876-1887 (Section B)
Dow Castleman, 1896-1957 (Section B)

Janet Wight Patterson, 1918- (Section G, Block B)
Thomas F Patterson Sr, 1915-2002 (Section G, Block B)

Hermon W. Payne, 1859-1926 (Section G, Block A)
Ala M Payne, 1864-1940, wife of Hermon (Section G, Block A)
Payne Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Harold K Payne, 1913-1925 (Section G, Block A)
Lora Payne Brown, 1885-1953 (Section G, Block A)
Hermie Payne, 1892-19__ (Section G, Block A)
Charles B Payne, 1918-1965 (Section G, Block A)
Lois A Payne, 1884-1977 (Section G, Block A)
Albert B Payne, 1888-1971 (Section G, Block A)

Pease Monument, (Section B)
William H Pease, Father, 1849-1927 (Section B)
Cornelia A Pease, Mother, 1858-1929 (Section B)

Peck Monument, (Section E)
Merton E Peck, 1884-19__ (Section E)
Clara H Peck, Wife of Merton Peck, 1885-1962 (Section E)

Donald Charles Peckham, Sept 11, 1922 - Mar 19, 2009 (Section F)

Pennock (See also: Olds)

Francis J Perkins, 1824-1890 ;Close-up (Section B)

Perrin Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Clarence L Perrin, WAGR US Army World War I, 1893-1975 (Section G, Block A)
Mary C Perrin, 1915-1993, wife of Clarence (Section G, Block A)

Perry (See also: Daniels, Johnson)
Silas B Perry, 1874-1919 (Section F)
Leana Perry, 1879-1942 (Section F)
Edward W Perry, 1863-1929 (Section F)
Elizabeth Perry, 1835-1932 (Section F)
Perry Monument, (Section F)
Edward W Perry, d. May 11, 1811; AE 75 yrs (Section F)
Jane M Baldwin Perry, d. May 10, 1893; AE 53 yrs (Section F)

Perry Monument, (Section B)
Eilzabeth P Perry, d. Dec 18, 1913 (Section B)

Laurelle H Peterson, 1951-1972 (Section G, Block B)

Ella Clark Peterson, Dau of Ogden & Frances; July 5, 1869 - Oct 9, 1871 (Section B)
Laura May Peterson, Dau of Ogden & Frances; July 13, 1872 - June 18, 1877 (Section B)
Ogden Hoffman Peterson, Sept 20, 1848 - July 3, 1911 (Section B)
Frances Conkey Peterson, Wife of Ogden, Feb 6, 1847 - Aug 19, 1917 (Section B)
Fethers Monument, (Section B)

Petzold (See also: Dona)

Irma Hale Pfund, 1881-1968 (Section G, Block B)
Carl Frederick Pfund, 1883-1935 (Section G, Block B)

Phalen (See also: VanBrocklin)

Phelps (See also: Costa, Spears)
Mary Martyn Phelps, Wife of Merchant, 1884-1979 ;Footstone (Section B)
Merchant O Phelps, 1883-1965 ;Footstone (Section B)

Phillips (See also: Crowder)

Pickard (See also: Brown)

Pickering (See also: Remington)

Pickett (See also: Noble)
Ruth Pickett, d. Mar 7, 1873 AE 84 yrs (Section G, Block B)
Sally Pickett, d. 1811, AE 26 yrs (Section G, Block B)

Pierce (See also: Bailey, Olin)
Pierce Monument, (Section D)
Demetrius Y Pierce, 1833-1915 (Section D)
Mary Jane Pierce, 1841-1925 (Section D)
Douglas O Pierce, 1869-1923 (Section D)
Gertrude Pierce Hoage, 1871-1942 (Section D)

Pike Monument, (Section D)
Roy Benton Pike, 1883-1953 (Section D)
Hartie E McCuen Pike, Wife of Roy Benton Pike, 1889-1967 (Section D)
Dr John Benton Pike, Capt US Army, World War II; Nov 22, 1916 - Jan 21, 1993 ;Close-up (Section B)

Pink (See also: Milham)
Pink Monument, (Section B)
Austin K Pink, 1919-2002 (Section B)
Agnes B Pink, 1921-2000 (Section B)
Louise Heaton Pink, 1882-1955 (Section B)
Hazelton Kelley Pink, 1882-1967 (Section B)

Pink-Heaton Monument, (Section B)
Bernhard Jacques Pink, June 6, 1833 - Mar 2, 1900 (Section B)
Carl Pink, Infant son of Bernhard J & Evelyn H. Pink (Section B)
Evelyn Heaton Pink, Dec 31, 1853 - May 12, 1883; Wife of Bernhard (Section B)
Max Pink, Infant son of Bernhard J & Evelyn H. Pink (Section B)
George Bernhard Pink, Infant son of Louis H & Hazel K. Pink, d. July 1908 (Section B)

Piskor Monument, (Section F)
Frank Peter Piskor, 1916-2006 (Section F)
Anne Calder Piskor, 1916-2000 (Section F)

Howard M Pitman, 1876-1955 (Section D)

Wires-Pitt Monument, (Section D)
Milton M Pitt, 1887-1972 (Section D)
Helen Woodward Pitt, Wife of Milton Pitt, 1886-1978 (Section D)
Ora S Wires, 1882-1935 (Section D)
Cora E Pitt Wires, Wife of Ora Wires, 1879-1948 (Section D)

Place (See also: Spencer)
Myra Root Smith Place, Wife of Roy D. Place, 1888-1977 (Section E)
Roy D Place, 1890-1973 (Section E)

Theron O Place, 1868-1943 (Section B)
Nellie Fulton Place, 1873-1954, wife of Theron (Section B)
Ivan E Place, 1903-1977 (Section B)

Plant (See also: Flint)

Porteous Monument, (Section G, Block A)
John P Porteous, 1874-1951 (Section G, Block A)
Frances S Porteous, Wife of John P., 1878-1937 (Section G, Block A)
Carrie J Porteous, Wife of John P., 1876-1948 (Section G, Block A)
Wendell S Porteous, 1913-1925 (Section G, Block A)
Lucile Porteous, Dau of J.P. & F. S. Porteous, 1903-1910 ;Front of Stone (Section G, Block A)

John P Post, SSGT US Air Force, June 2, 1934 - Aep 15, 2002 ;Military Marker (Section F)

Poste (See also: Babbitt)
Herman A Poste, July 24, 1821 - Mar 3, 1891 ;Close-up (Section B)
Matilda P Bailey Poste, Wife of Herman, Feb 10, 1829 - Dec 23, 1892 ;Close-up (Section B)
Ellsworth Poste, New York 2d Lt Air Service, World War I; Mar 12, 1879 - July 14, 196 (Section B)
Anna A Ellsworth Poste, Wife of William, 1858-1945 (Section B)
William A Poste, 1849-1896 (Section B)
Alice Poste Gunnison, 1881-1972 (Section B)
Adelaide Poste, 1886-1964 (Section B)
Eleanor Poste, 1882-1960 (Section B)
Harriette Poste, (Section B)

Powell (See also: Collins, Emerson)
Powell Monument, (Section G, Block B)
John R Powell, 1864-1942 (Section G, Block B)
Clara B Powell, 1865-1936 (Section G, Block B)
Laurence F Powell, D.D.S.; 1896-1962 (Section G, Block B)

Powers (See also: Anderson, Smith)
Powers Monument, (Section F)
William U Powers, Co B 92 Reg NYV, Killed at the battle of Fair Oaks, Va in 1864, Aged 24 yrs (Section F)
Hubbard Powers, Died in Hospital in 1862; Aged 18 yrs (Section F)
B S Powers, d. Sept 13, 1835 Aged 1 yr, 8 mos (Section F)
Harriet Powers, (Section F)
William G Powers, d. Aug 24, 1882 Aged 76 yrs (Section F)

Pauline Powles, (Section B)
Glenn Powles, (Section B)

Florence L Preston, 1896-1974 (Section G, Block A)

J C Preston, 1822-1897 (Section F)

Price (See also: Dodds)

Priest Marker, (Section F)
Alice Priest, Their dau, b. Dec 16, **** - d. July *, 1907 (Section F)
Flora Coburn Eaton Priest, Wife of Henry Priest, Mar 11, 1854 - Jan 1, 1943 (Section F)
Henry Priest, 1847-Sept 27, 1912 (Section F)
Ward Curtiss Priest, Their son, June 16, 1886 - Dec 20, 1945 (Section F)
Barbara E Cramer Priest, Wife of Ward C. Priest, Feb 1, 1886 - Sept 5, 1992 (Section F)

Purvee Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Pascal Purvee, Father, 1859-1927 (Section G, Block A)
Amanda Purvee, Mother, wife of Pascal, 1861-1945 (Section G, Block A)
Charles H Purvee, Son of Pascal & Amanda, 1886-1974 (Section G, Block A)
Rollin E Purvee, 1905-1996 (Section G, Block A)
Jennie M Purvee, 1905=1962 (Section G, Block A)
Audria Purvee Tucker, 1890-1985 (Section G, Block A)
Ralph D Harrington, 1895-1983 (Section G, Block A)
Lela Purvee Harrington, Wife of Ralph, 1894-1981 (Section G, Block A)
Inez A Cornell Purvee, Wife of Alton J. Purvee (Section G, Block A)
Alton J Purvee, 1888-1959 (Section G, Block A)

Nina Matthews Purvee, 1889-1953 (Section G, Block B)

Putnam (See also: Heaton)

Putney (See also: Dawley)

Danielle Quaife, 1988-1988 (Section F)

Racine Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Samuel Racine, d. March 27, 1892; Aged 31 yrs, 5 mos, 17 dys (Section G, Block B)

Rainey (See also: Lindley)

Rainsier Monument, (Section B)
Henry Rainsier, 1891-1912 (Section B)
Margaret Rainsier, Wife of Samuel, 1856-1944 (Section B)
Samuel Rainsier, 1853-1935 (Section B)
William A Rainsier, 1882-1883 (Section B)

M D Ralph, 1848-1882 ;Footstone (Section G, Block B)
C E Ralph, (Section G, Block B)
H E Ralph, (Section G, Block B)
Ursula E Ralph, Wife of S. W. Ralph, died Oct 15, 1864, AE 42 yrs ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)

Imogene Ralph, Wife of Murray, 1847-1907 (Section B)
Murray Ralph, 1843-1924 (Section B)
Ella J Ralph, Dau of Murray & Imogene, 1871-1897 (Section B)

Randall (See also: Kelley)
Randall Monument, (Section E)
Helen E Randall, 1906-2006 (Section E)
Jerry A Randall, 1902-1972 (Section E)

Randall Monument, (Section F)
Amelia L Randall, 1861-1925 (Section F)
Milon O Randall, 1855-1920 (Section F)
Harriet Randall, 1865-1921 (Section F)

Sarah K Randall, Wife of W. Randall (Section F)

Raschke (See also: Mager)

Rathwell (See also: McCoy)

Mary Raycraft Roberts, 1931-1968 (Section B)
Florence Allen Raycraft, Mother, 1894-1948 (Section B)

David M Reddick, 1909-1992 (Section B)
Katherine Phelps Reddick, 1919-2007 (Section B)
Cynthia Reddick Connell, 1943-1996 (Section B)
Harriet McGlaskey Reddick, 1909-1954 (Section B)

Keith Deal Redford, Mar 7, 1906 - Apr 16, 1998 ;Close-up (Section F)
Wilma Hurlbert Redford, Nov 27, 1904 - Dec 27, 2000, wife of Keith ;Close-up (Section F)

Reese (See also: Dean)

Reilly (See also: Lalone)

Rein Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Augustus Philip Rein, Aug 15, 1855 - March 17, 1929 (Section G, Block B)
Cora Evelyn Rein, March 11, 1855-July 3, 1926 (Section G, Block B)

Remington (See also: McCuen)
Remington Burial Plot, (Section F)
Remington Monument, (Section F)
William R Remington, May 25, 1839 - Mar 8, 1907 (Section F)
Lavilla J.E. Remington, May 16, 1844 - Jan 16, 1908 (Section F)
Josephine Gibbon, Jan 25, 1843 - Aug 14, 1906 (Section F)
Remington Monument, (Section F)
Rev S W Remington, d. Apr 12, 1871 Age 74 yrs, buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Henderson NY (Section F)
Maria Pickering Remington, d. Apr 20, 1878 Age 67 yrs; wife of Rev. S. W. Remington (Section F)
George H Remington, Mar 20, 1864 - Mar 23, 1907 (Section F)

Remington Monument, (Section B)
Col S Pierre Remington, 1834-1880 (Section B)
Clara Sackrider Remington, 1836-1912 (Section B)
Emma L Caten, Dau of Lawton & Flora Caten, 1869-1957 (Section B)
Eva Caten Remington, 1859-1918 (Section B)
Frederic Remington, 1861-1909 (Section B)

Remmers (See also: Kelly)

Reynolds (See also: Manley)
Reynolds Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Charles Pennoch Reynolds Jr, New York, Apprentice Seaman U.S.N.R.; Aug 1, 1926 - Aug 31, 1944 (Section G, Block B)
Charles Pennoch Reynolds, New York, PVT Base Hosp 70 World War I; Nov 16, 1897 - June 20, 1970 (Section G, Block B)
Stella Fiszell Reynolds, May 4, 1894 - Oct 2, 1977 (Section G, Block B)

Rezelman Monument, (Section F)
Betsy Anne Cogger Rezelman, Apr 30, 1947 - Jan 27, 2000; Wife of Jack (Section F)
John Reyer Rezelman, "Jack", Dec 3, 1946-Dec 9, 1997 (Section F)

Rice (See also: Sherwin)

Rich Monument, (Section B)
Rev Lawson Carter Rich, 1861-1942 (Section B)
Elizabeth Granger Harriman Rich, 1869-1934 (Section B)
Rev William A Rich, 1826-1888 (Section B)
Sarah L Rich, 18*2 - 1888 (Section B)
George Rich, d. 1872 (Section B)
Jennie Rich, d. 1872 (Section B)
Charles A Rich, 1867-1919 (Section B)
John Montgomery Rich, 1866-1924 (Section B)
Hattie Bertha Rich, Wife of John, 1879-1935 (Section B)
Frances Rich Dewey, 1904-1975 ;Close-up (Section B)
Herbert Barton Dewey, 1909-1980 ;Close-up (Section B)

Richards (See also: Spears)

Ann Lormore Richardson, Jan 3, 1944 - Mar 27, 2003 (Section F)
David Herzig Richardson, July 3, 1941 - May 16, 2005 (Section F)

George H Richardson, 1867-1946 (Section B)
Mary Gale Richardson, Wife of George, 1870-1959 (Section B)
Ruth J Richardson, 1895-1983 (Section B)
Charles F Richardson, 1833-1911 (Section B)
Laura E Richardson, 1836-1911 (Section B)

Riggs (See also: Tanner)

Riley (See also: DeGouff)
Earl Emmett Riley, Commisary Steward, US Navy, d. June 1936 ;Close-up (Section F)
Riley Monument, (Section F)
Frances Riley, Nov 5, 1942 - June 20, 1991 (Section F)
John C Riley, Feb 27, 1941 - June 20, 1991 (Section F)

Michael Kent Ringo, May 28, 1954 - Jan 28, 2007 (Section F)

Anna W Rivers, 1869-19__ (Section G, Block B)

Roach (See also: Aldous, Martin, Wainwright)
Roach Monument, (Section F)
Arthur W Roach, Father, 1884-1931 (Section F)
Hattie Fox Roach, Mother, wife of Arthur, 1891-1952 (Section F)
Frederick W Roach, 1856-1929 (Section F)
Ella J Roach, Wife of Frederick, 1859-1934 (Section F)
Frederick T Roach, 1920-1979 (Section F)

Roberts (See also: Raycraft)

Robinson (See also: Baker, Buck, Smith, Willson)
Roinson-Slater Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Gilson M Slater, 1910-1993 (Section G, Block A)
Eleanor R Slater, 1911-1984, wife of Gilson (Section G, Block A)
George E Robinson, 1885-1941 (Section G, Block A)
Ruth H Robinson, 1886-1964, wife of George (Section G, Block A)

Maleska Spears Robinson, 1890-1961 (Section G, Block B)
Thomas H Robinson, 1893-1938 (Section G, Block B)

Betty J Robinson, Wife of Sherwood, 1926-2003 ;Close-up (Section B)
Sherwood G Robinson, TEC 5 US Army World War II; 1927-1976 ;Military Marker (Section B)

Roca (See also: Courser)

Rodwell (See also: Bradley)

Alice Cowan Rogers, Nov 29, 1921 - Dec 21, 2003 (Section F)
Robert Thomas Rogers, July 26, 1920 - June 29, 2006 (Section F)

Rohde (See also: Shillady)

Alfred Romer, 1906-1998 (Section E)
Emily Greene Romer, 1907-1960 (Section E)

Joseph J Romoda, 1907-1966 (Section G, Block B)
Ruth W Romoda, 1910-1993 (Section G, Block B)

Clara L Hooper Rood, Wife of William, Aug 22, 1872 - Jan 3, 1951 (Section B)
William L Rood, June 1, 1870 - Apr 23, 1911 (Section B)
Eva C Rood, 1897-1988 (Section B)
Herbert W Rood, 1898-1962 (Section B)

Rood Monument, (Section B)
Leslie G Rood, 1902-1975 (Section B)
Elva A Rood, 1912-1990 (Section B)
Edith R Woods, 1913-2003 (Section B)
Amy G Rood, 1874-1956 (Section B)
Milton D Rood, 1875-1942, Father (Section B)

Elywn D Rosenbarker, PVT US Army World War II; Feb 25, 1926 - June 21, 2004 ;Military Marker (Section F)

Mary L Rosenberg, 1894-1976 (Section F)
William Hathaway Rosenberg, 1893-1944 (Section F)

Roulston Monument (Section B)
Leslie H.Roulston, 1876-1876 (Section B)
Mable L Roulston, 1887-1887 (Section B)
Nellie M Roulston, 1893-1908 (Section B)
Jessie H. Imrie, 1875-1913 (Section B)
William L.Imrie, 1877-1914 (Section B)
Imrie Monument, (Section B)
Thelma L. Imrie, 1898-1916 (Section B)
Frederick Roulston, 1879-1925 (Section B)
Charles R Hunter, 1910-1980 (Section B)
Robert H Roulston, 1892-1973 (Section B)
Myrtle Lovely Roulston, 1890-1975 (Section B)
Donald G Roulston, SGT US Army World War II; Oct 5, 1914 - Nov 5, 1988 ;Military Marker (Section B)
Gage R.H. Roulston, 1913-1914 (Section B)
Ada R Hunter, 1890-1971 (Section B)
Mother Roulston, 1854-1919 (Section B)
Father Roulston, 1847-1934 (Section B)

Neil H Royal, 1898-1942, Veteran World War I (Section G, Block B)
Doris R Royal, 1900-1970 (Section G, Block B)
James O Royal, 1852-1932 (Section G, Block B)
Abbie R Royal, 1866-1946 (Section G, Block B)

Rule (See also: Wade)

Larry C Ruslow, Husband of Irene, 1929-1988 (Section E)

Russell (See also: Knox)
Lawrence Russell, July 27, 1867 - March 17, 1938 (Section D)
Mabel Bostwick Russell, Oct 31, 1868 - Dec 8, 1930 (Section D)

Thomas Victor Russell, 1817-1893 (Section F)

Russell Monument, (Section B)
Leslie W Russell, April 15, 1840 - Feb 3, 1903 (Section B)
John Leslie Russell, d. April 19, 1861 AE 56 yrs (Section B)
Mary Sybil Wead Russell, Wife of John Leslie Russell, d. May 24, 1870 AE 57 yrs (Section B)
Jessie Russell Hartridge, Nov 9, 1873 - July 13, 1908 (Section B)
John Leslie Russell, d. Aug 6, 1868 AE 2 yrs, 8 mos ;Back of Stone (Section B)
Mary Lawrence Russell, d. April 21, 1870 AE 7 mos ;Back of Stone (Section B)
Leslie Russell, Baby Leslie; June 24, 1879 - July 12, 1879 ;Baby Leslie (Section B)
Walter E Russell, 1905-1966 (Section B)
Ferne Baker Russell, 1907-1982 (Section B)
Russell Monument, (Section B)
Dr George A Russell, 1856-1923 (Section B)
Nellie W Russell, 1866-1933, wife of Dr. George Russell (Section B)

Russett (See also: McCartney)

Rutherford (See also: Skinner)
Rutherford Monument, (Section B)
Wallace W Rutherford, 1869-1927 (Section B)

Ryther (See also: Cleaveland)

Sackett (See also: Tanner)

Sackrider (See also: Remington)
Sackrider Monument, (Section F)
Henry L Sackrider, 1809-1895 (Section F)
Mary Hutchins Sackrider, Wife of Henry, 1815-1894 (Section F)
Horace D Sackrider, 1834-1890 (Section F)
Marcia A Hazeltine Sackrider, Wife of Horace, 1836-1882 (Section F)
Robert H Sackrider, 1845-1924 (Section F)
Emma Merkley Sackrider, Wife of Robert, 1851-1935 (Section F)
Frances E Sackrider, Dau of HL & MB Sackrider, 1860-1861 (Section F)
Henry M Sackrider, 1877-1976 (Section F)
Anna Schorn Sackrider, Wife of Henry, 1872-1963 (Section F)

Hammond B Safford, Nov 22, 1837 - Apr 2, 1908 (Section F)

Sarah B Safford, Mother, 1843-1929 (Section B)
Murray Safford, 1881-1924 (Section B)
Clifton Safford, 1878-1920 (Section B)
Safford Monument, (Section B)
Walter E Safford, 1883-1936 (Section B)
Ella M Leonard Safford, 1875-1958, wife of Rowland (Section B)
Rowland H Safford, 1875-1932 (Section B)

Salisbury (See also: Brown, Kirkland)

Wayne F Samphier, June 11, 1948 - July 25, 1967 (Section E)
Henry Samphier, 1910-1989 (Section E)
Irene Samphier, 1917-1999 (Section E)

Burton Samphier, 1875-1964 (Section G, Block A)
Lila Paro Samphier, 1890-1975 (Section G, Block A)

Sanderson (See also: Elmer)
Nelson H Sanderson, 1902-1991 (Section D)
Mary Gorman Sanderson, 1909-1984 (Section D)
Nelson Harvey Sanderson, 1868-1903 (Section D)
Gertrude Mildred Sanderson, 1866-1931 (Section D)
Mary C Knox Sanderson, Mother, 1840-1932 (Section D)
Florence May Sanderson, 1870-1895, Buried at Statham, Georgia (Section D)
Ebenezer L Sanderson, Father, 1839-1915 (Section D)
Genevieve Grace Sanderson, 1872-1873 (Section D)
Sanderson Monument, (Section D)
Nelson Sanderson, Father, d. Sept 18, 1882; Aged 65 yrs ; Zaida M Langdon Sanderson, Mother, Wife of Nelson Sanderson, d. Aug 3, 1895, Aged 77 yrs ;
Sally D Sanderson, May 17, 1936-June 26, 2002; Loving mother and grandmother (Section F)

Harriet Sanderson, Dau of E.H. & E. M. Sanderson, 1853-1947 (Section F)

Bertha Sands, 1888-1955 (Section D)
Roy Sands, 1890-1973 (Section D)

Lillian Lawrence Sanford, Wife of Frank B. Sanford, 1885-1964 (Section E)
Frank B Sanford Jr, Nov 11, 1917 - Sept 21, 1973 (Section E)
Doris Baker Sanford, Wife of Frank B. Sanford Jr, Oct 1, 1917 - May 6, 2005 (Section E)
Sanford Monument, (Section E)

Santimaw (See also: Daniels)
Bernard A Santimaw, 1905-1959 (Section F)
Ella F Santimaw, 1896-1989 (Section F)
Edward George Santimaw, 1906-1959 (Section F)
Edward J Santimaw, New York SGT US Army, Korea CR; July 30, 1932 - Dec 15, 1957 (Section F)
Marion I Santimaw, 1907-1938 (Section F)

Saunders (See also: Farr)

Ella Skinner Savoy, Wife of Charles Savoy, 1863-1950 (Section E)
Arthur J Savoy, 1890-1975 (Section E)
Mabel E Savoy, 1895-1970, wife of Arthur Savoy (Section E)

Robert Joseph Savoy, New York AMM 3C U.S.N.R. World War II; Feb 5, 1923 - May 20, 1945 (Section G, Block A)

Sawchuck (See also: Wilson)

Sawyer Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Alva C Sawyer, April 1823 - March 30, 1893 (Section G, Block B)
Mary Olds Sawyer, Wife of A. C. Sawyer, April 25, 1835 - Sept 27, 1889 (Section G, Block B)

Benjamin Ames Sawyer, 1868-1938; Beloved husband of Sibyl Caroline Sawyer (Section F)
George Sawyer, 1855-1910 (Section F)
Carrie D Jackson Sawyer, Wife of George, 1862-1952 (Section F)
Sawyer Monument, (Section F)
Mary L Sawyer, 1870-1961 (Section F)
Marion Sawyer, 1862-1924 (Section F)
Marion H Clark Sawyer, Mother, 1831-1917 (Section F)
William H Sawyer, Father (Section F)
Lawrence C Sawyer, 1853-1931 (Section F)
Hugh A Sawyer, 1878-1886 (Section F)
Henry H Sawyer, 1865-1872 (Section F)
Anna C Sawyer, 1873-1873 (Section F)

Guy Bradford Sawyer, 1866-1941 (Section F)
Darius C Sawyer, 1860-1949 (Section F)

Lillian T Sayer, 1902-1976 (Section E)
Percy L Sayer, 1904-1981 (Section E)
Ira Ulysses Sayer, 1873-1958 (Section E)
Josie M Sayer, 1879-1977 (Section E)

Schorn (See also: Sackrider)

Schultz (See also: Bacheller)

Scott (See also: McCartney)
Adrian Michael Scott, New York PFC CO B 328 Inf 82 Div, World War I, PH; Sept 13, 1892 - Dec 10, 1958 ;Military Marker (Section E)
Lu R Scott, 1894-1978 (Section E)

Agnes Ann Scott, 1914-2002, same stone as Howard D. Scott (Section E)
Howard D Scott, 1910-1994, President Evergreen Cemetery association 1970-1993 ;Plaque (Section E)
Cyril Scott, 1886-1963 (Section E)
Grace Scott, 1888-1964, same stone as Cyril (Section E)
Kelly Lynn Scott, 1962-1965 (Section E)

Frank B Scott, 1871-1964 (Section E)
Nancy Ann Scott, 1875-1978 (Section E)

Bernard P. Scott, (Section G, Block B)

Scott Monument, (Section B)
John Scott, 1874-1965 (Section B)
Hazel Scott, Wife of John, 1889-1987 (Section B)

Mary Scott, Mother, d. Apr 22, 1901 Age 68 yrs ;Close-up (Section B)

E Kendall Scouten, 1910-2003 (Section F)
Marion S Scouten, 1910-2002 (Section F)

Scruton (See also: Olin)
Thomas Scruton, 1807-1883 (Section B)
Margaret Scruton, 1807-1900, wife of Thomas (Section B)
John B Scruton, 1836-1915 (Section B)
Thomas L Scruton, 1843-1921 (Section B)

Seaver Monument, (Section D)
Henry Seaver, (Section D)
Charlotte Dezell Seaver, Wife of Henry Seaver, d. June 22, 1945 (Section D)
Eleanor Dezell Seaver, Died April 2, 1974 (Section D)
Infant Seaver, (Section D)

Sedgewick (Campbell)

Walter J Brooks, 1856-1926 (Section G, Block A)
Bessie L Brooks Sellis, Wife of Orange, 1890-1947 (Section G, Block A)
Ida A Coller Sellis, Wife of Moses, 1860-1940 (Section G, Block A)
Moses A Sellis, 1858-1930 (Section G, Block A)
Orange B Sellis, Son of Moses & Ida, 1880-1956 (Section G, Block A)

Servis (See also: Keeler)
Servis Monument, (Section F)
Syreen W Servis McElroy, Wife of James McElroy, d. Feb 22, 1906; Age 74 yrs (Section F)
John Servis, d. Aug 18, 1880 Aged 47 yrs, 5 mos (Section F)

Severance Monument, (Section B)
Fred H Severance, 1881-1950 (Section B)
Olga D Wires Severance, 1884-1930, wife of Fred (Section B)
Alice J Wires, Wife of Charles, 1862-1948 ;Close-up (Section B)
Charles E Wires, 1854-1937 ;Close-up (Section B)

Sewell (See also: McKenzie)

Seymour Monument, (Section D)
George W Seymour, 1843-1903 (Section D)
Alwilda E Seymour, 1847-1936 (Section D)

Sgroi (See also: Curtis)

Sharkey (See also: Sherwin)

Sharlow (See also: Smith)

Shaver (See also: Wade)

Shaw (See also: Brown, Laidlaw, Page)

Helen M Sheets, Wife of William, 1849-1903 ;Close-up (Section B)
William H Sheets, 1851-1937 ;Close-up (Section B)
Effie Sheets Waite, 1876-1936 (Section B)
Ada Sheets Hazen, Wife of DeForest, 1879-1954 ;Close-up (Section B)
DeForest Hazen, 1877-1972 ;Close-up (Section B)
Earl J Collison, 1905-1985 (Section B)
Helen Hazen Collison, Wife of Earl, 1909-1980 (Section B)

Sheldon (See also: Sherman, Weller)

Sherman Monument, (Section F)
Agnes A Herriman Sherman, Wife of Lucius, d. Oct 9, 1869; Age 41 yrs (Section F)
Harriet F Baldwin Sherman, Wife of Lucius, d. June 28, 1887 Age 57 yrs (Section F)
Lucius V Sherman, d. June 22, 1907 Age 81 yrs (Section F)
Frederick L Sherman, Son of LV & AA Sherman, d. May 23, 1858 in his 3 yr (Section F)
J. H. Sherman, d. Nov 5, 1880 Age 37 yrs (Section F)
Sarah L Sherman, Dau of LV & AA Sherman, d. Jan 19, 1851 in her 7 yr (Section F)

Sheldon Monument, (Section B)
H Sheldon, d. Mar 15, 1873 AE 29 yrs (Section B)
Ida M Sherman Sheldon, Wife of H. Sheldon, 1850-1913 (Section B)
Benjamin P Sherman, 1860-1931 (Section B)
Elizabeth Page Sherman, d. June 16, 1899 Age 75 yrs (Section B)
Dr Ransom R Sherman, d. May 2, 1883 AE 59 yrs (Section B)
John C Sherman, Son of RR & EA Sherman, d. Nov 12, 1856 (Section B)
George G Sherman, Son of RR & EA Sherman, d. Sept 14, 1856 (Section B)
Ella M Sherman, Dau of RR & EA Sherman, d. Oct 3, 1859 AE 11 yrs, 1 mo, 15 dys (Section B)

Sherman Monument, (Section B)
Belle Sherman, 1877-1946 (Section B)
Nancy Cuma Sherman, Mother, 1856-1928 (Section B)
Mary Sherman Crary, 1874-1931 (Section B)
Eva Sherman Brown, 1888-1968 (Section B)

Donald R Sherman, 1903-1985 (Section B)
Marjorie W Sherman, 1903-1985 (Section B)

Margaret O'Leary Sherwin, 1889-1984 (Section D)
Proctor Fenn Sherwin, 1891-1958 (Section D)

Mary Sherwin, Wife of Webster, 1844-1926 (Section F)
Webster Sherwin, 1845-1929 (Section F)
Sherwin Monument, (Section F)
Ida Sherwin Rice, 1871-1954 (Section F)
Arthur Sherwin, 1878-1919 (Section F)
Floyd Sherwin, 1875-1939 (Section F)
John Sherwin, 1881-1928 (Section F)
Frank Sherwin, 1872-1878 (Section F)
Fred Sherwin, 1868-1913 (Section F)
Robert Sherwin, 1885-1885 (Section F)

Carrie M Leonard Sherwin, Wife of William, 1867-1942 ;Close-up (Section B)
William E Sherwin, 1863-1937 ;Close-up (Section B)
Azariah P Sherwin, 1828-1907 ;Close-up (Section B)
Joan Cleland Sherwin, Wife of Azariah, 1836-1920 ;Close-up (Section B)
Nancy E Smith, Dau of Gerald & Alyce Smith, -1930- (Section B)
Frank A Sharkey, 1905-1988 (Section B)
Mildred E Sherwin Sharkey, Wife of Frank, 1910-2002 (Section B)
Alyce C Sherwin Smith, Wife of Gerald, 1903-1993 (Section B)
Gerald T Smith, 1904-1991 (Section B)

John R Shillady, 1873-1943 (Section G, Block B)
Etta Rohde Shillady, Wife of John Shillady, 1873-1947 (Section G, Block B)

Shoecraft (See also: Smith)

Short (See also: Antoine)
Short Monument, (Section E)
Reginald J Short, 1894-1983 (Section E)
Hazel A Short, Wife of Reginald Short, 1896-1992 (Section E)

Thomas J Short, 1892-1979 (Section G, Block A)
Eva M Coffie Short, Wife of Thomas Short, 1896-1982 (Section G, Block A)
Lucille W. Short, 1918-1933 (Section G, Block A)

Simmons (See also: Caldwell)
Abel A Simmons, 1814-1893 (Section F)
Martha E Simmons, Dau of Abel & Mary, 1843-1860 (Section F)
Mary L Whitney Simmons, 1816-1898 (Section F)
Simmons Monument, (Section F)
Emma P Simmons, Sister of A. A. Simmons, Sept 24, 1841 - July 24, 1903 (Section F)

Sims Monument, (Section G, Block B)
George Ernest Sims, 1861-1936 (Section G, Block B)
Carrie Finnimore Sims, wife of George, 1863-1923 (Section G, Block B)
William E Sims, 1886-1959 (Section G, Block B)
Mildred E.J. Welch Sims, Wife of William, 1889-1952 (Section G, Block B)

Jane A Sims, d. June 23, 1894 Age 63 yrs; wife of William ;Close-up (Section B)
William Sims, d. Oct 8, 1866 Age 37 yrs ;Close-up (Section B)

Sizeland (See also: Bassett)

Estelle May Sizer, Wife of Lucian N. Sizer, 1884-1915 (Section D)

Skinner (See also: Savoy)
Bernice Rutherford Skinner, 1901-1995 (Section B)
Kenneth Eugene Skinner, 1899-1954 (Section B)

Slater (See also: Robinson)

Slingerland (See also: Buys)

Smith (See also: Aldous, Barber, Eggleston, Gibson, Lawrence, Place, Sherwin)
George E Smith, 1878-1951 (Section D)
Gertrude M Smith, Wife of George, 1882-1949 (Section D)
Mildred Smith, 1912-1913, their daughter (Section D)
Robert J Smith, P.F.C., son of G.E. & G.M. Smith; 1925-1944; Died in Service (Section D)

Smith Monument, (Section G, Block A)
John F Smith, 1892-1968 (Section G, Block A)
Ida Shoecraft Smith, Wife of John, 1894-1963 (Section G, Block A)

Smith Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Hazel Gray Smith, Wife of Harold B, 1907-1990 (Section G, Block A)
Gordon Colby Smith, Son, -1943- (Section G, Block A)
Harold B Smith, 1908-1974 (Section G, Block A)
Smith Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Cyrus A Smith, 1876-1965 (Section G, Block A)
Florra Bacon Smith, Wife of Cyrus, 1882-1958 (Section G, Block A)
Anna Faye Hastings Smith, Wife of Walter, 1926-1985 (Section G, Block A)
Walter A Smith, 1919-1990 (Section G, Block A)

Smith Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Leola Smith, June 19, 1925 - June 18, 1999 (Section G, Block A)
Lindon L Smith, 1897-1951 (Section G, Block A)
Agnes Powers Smith, Wife of Lindon, 1903-1973 (Section G, Block A)

Charles R Smith, PFC US Army World War II; Apr 25, 1920 - Feb 5, 1987 (Section G, Block A)

Jennie H Smith, Wife of W. H. Smith, d. Nov 2, 1890 in her 36 year (Section G, Block B)

Clifford Gordon Smith Sr, June 1, 1943 - Feb 17, 2003 (Section F)

Naomi M Smith Stevens, June 24, 1946 - Nov 18, 1987 (Section B)
Smith Monument, (Section B)
Clifford Walter Smith, TEC5 US Army World War II; Mar 1, 1917 - Dec 21, 1988 ;Military Marker (Section B)
Irene Sharlow Smith, June 18, 1921 - April 13, 1985, wife of Clifford (Section B)

Stan E Smith, Jan 5, 1946 - Dec 8, 2002 ;Close-up (Section B)
Stanley A Smith, PFC Army Air Forces, World War II; May 5, 1910 - Feb 19, 1976 ;Military marker (Section B)

Kenneth M Smith, 1916-2001 (Section B)
Virginia A Smith, 1917-1969 (Section B)
Barbara Robinson Smith, Nov 22, 1926 - July 23, 1984 (Section B)

Smith Monument, (Section B)
Smith Monument Close-up, (Section B)
Edward C Smith, d. Aug 1, 1872 AE 36 yrs (Section B)
Mary A Smith, Wife of E.C. Smith, d. Sept 26, 1872 AE 28 yrs (Section B)
Smith Monument, (Section B)
Harry Smith, Mar 1, 1810 - Feb 20, 1895 (Section B)
Esther Smith, Wife of Harry Smith, d. Jan 3, 1890 Aged 67 yrs (Section B)
Mary Smith, Wife of Harry Smith, d. Aug 25, 1864 AE 54 yrs ;Close-up (Section B)
George Smith, Son of Harry & Mary, AE 14 dys (Section B)
Smith Children's Monument, (Section B)
Sarah Smith, Dau of Hary & Mary, AE 1 yr (Section B)
Horace Smith, 1842-1898 ;Close-up (Section B)
W Stanley Smith, Infant son of Horace, 1882-1884 ;Close-up (Section B)

Snow (See also: Brewer)
Mildred I Snow, 1893-1975; wife of Robert S ;Close-up (Section B)
Myrtle M Snow, 1916-1917 ;Close-up (Section B)
Robert S Snow, 1889-1964 ;Close-up (Section B)

Snyder (See also: Warner)
Thomas J Snyder, New York, CPL MED DET 26 Infantry, World War II; Feb 22, 1927 - June 22, 1959 (Section E)

Thomas Snyder, 1927-1957 (Section B)

Southworth Plot, (Section B)
Irene M Southworth, 1892-1973 (Section B)
Eva S Southworth, 1896-1990 (Section B)
Martha A Southworth, 1862-1943 (Section B)
Egbert Southworth, Father, 1827-1917 (Section B)
Sylvia Southworth, Mother, 1824-1898 (Section B)
Libbie Southworth, 1859-1890 (Section B)
Jennie Mead Southworth, 1859-1935, Mother (Section B)
Henry B Southworth, 1858-1903, Papa (Section B)
Tracy P Southworth, 1864-1934 (Section B)
Nellie M Southworth, Wife of Tracy P., 1863-1939 (Section B)
Lottie E Southworth, 1890-1961 (Section B)

Bettie M Spaulding, Wife of Frank, Oct 19, 1866 - Dec 7, 1940 (Section F)
Frank Benton Spaulding, Mar 23, 1865 - April 14, 1923 (Section F)

Carl E Spaulding, July 18, 1891 - Nov 22, 1950 (Section F)
Edith A Spaulding, Wife of Carl; Feb 26, 1896 - Aug 17, 1959 (Section F)

Spears (See also: Jameson, Robinson)
Spears-Richards Monument, (Section G, Block B)
Nettie Richards Spears, Wife of James Spears, 1863-1887 (Section G, Block B)
James Ellis Spears, 1853-1924 (Section G, Block B)
Jessie Ellis Spears, Wife of James Spears, 1863-1896 (Section G, Block B)
Adelin E. Spears, 1867-1935 (Section G, Block B)
Christie Spencer, 1858-1906 (Section G, Block B)
Katherine Spears Church, 1894-1970 (Section G, Block B)
James Ellis Spears Jr, 1895-1970 (Section G, Block B)
Emily Phelps Richards, 1834-1919 (Section G, Block B)
Darius Richards, 1831-1904 (Section G, Block B)

George T Spears, 1864-1939 (Section G, Block B)
Leora Little Spears, 1864-1844 (Section G, Block B)

Speer Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Stanley L Speer, April 29, 1891 - Nov 21, 1967 (Section G, Block A)
Olive Hodge Speer, Wife of Stanley, Oct 31, 1890 - Mar 25, 1984 (Section G, Block A)
William J. Speer Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Ruth E Speer, (Section G, Block A)
Mary A Speer, Wife of William J., 1874-1946 (Section G, Block A)
William J Speer, 1856-1936 (Section G, Block A)

Spencer (See also: Spears)
Spencer Monument, (Section F)
Livonia Spencer, 1838-1919 (Section F)
Don M Spencer, 1861-1918 (Section F)
Ellen F Spencer, 1862-1924 (Section F)
Hazel Spencer Place, 1887-1957 (Section F)

Spicer Monument, (Section E)
Harriet R Spicer, Wife of Roy E. Spicer, 1899-1966 (Section E)
Roy E Spicer, 1901-1972 (Section E)
Clara Bennett, 1902-1965 (Section E)

Sprague (See also: Gardner, Laidlaw)
Clarence R Sprague Jr, June 6, 1931 - Jan 8, 1997 (Section E)

Sprague Monument, (Section B)
Lewis J Sprague, 1852-1919 (Section B)
Corlin Wight Sprague, Wife of Lewis J. Sprague, 1855-1934 (Section B)

Squire (See also: Martin)
Electa Squire, Wife of Benjamin Squire, d. Oct 18, 1876 in her 83 yr (Section F)
Anna Squire, Wife of Salmon W. Squire, d. Apr 19, 1864 AE 77 yrs (Section F)
Salmon Squire, d. April 15, 1835 Aged 55 yrs, 9 mos, 6 dys (Section F)
Benjamin Squire, d. Mar 13, 1875 in his 82 yr (Section F)

Squires (See also: Moxley)

Anna Stacy, Mother, 1877-1946 (Section B)

Stacy Monument, (Section B)
George A Stacy, 1859-1942 (Section B)
Minnie Johnson Stacy, Wife of George A. Stacy, 1865-1923 (Section B)
Helen E Stacy, Dau of George & Minnie, 1893-1967 (Section B)
Emma Anne Burdick Stacy, Wife of George A. Stacy, 1874-1959 (Section B)

Charles R Stacy, 1874-1938 (Section B)
Mildred L Stacy, 1876-1953 ;Close-up (Section B)
Maurice E Stacy, 1898-1954 (Section B)

Stafford Mausoleum, (Section F)
Ronald B Stafford, June 29, 1935 - June 24, 2005 (Section F)

George L Stanton, Co D. 11 NY Cav; 1846-1915 ;Close-up (Section F)
Helen Stanton, Wife of Geo L. Stanton, d. Feb 13, 1892 Aged 38 yrs (Section F)

Beulah Staples, 1889-1963, wife of Thomas A. Staples (Section E)
Thomas A Staples, 1885-1952 (Section E)

Doris M Stark, 1904-1989 (Section E)
Hector A Stark, 1895-1966 (Section E)

Stauble (See also: Kelly)
Janice Buys Stauble, 1935-1986 (Section B)

Sandra M Stephenson, Apr 29, 1936 - Nov 18, 2000 (Section F)

Stevens (See also: Barber, Smith)

Stickles (See also: Bacheller)
Mary L Stickles, Wife of H. H. Sickles, d. Sept 30, 1881, Aged 48 yrs (Section F)
H. H. Stickles, d. Nov 20, 1900; Aged 79 yrs (Section F)
Herbert E Stickles, d. Apr 21, 1886 (Section F)

Stiles (See also: Inlay, Kirkland)
Stiles Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Carroll F Stiles, 1895-1918 (Section G, Block A)
Dorris Stiles LaCasse, 1897-1979 (Section G, Block A)
Rena A Vaughn Stiles, Mother, 1965-1942 (Section G, Block A)
Frank C Stiles, Father, 1863-1928 (Section G, Block A)

Siltes-McRostie Monument, (Section B)
Grace E Stiles Laidlaw, 1905-2000 (Section B)
Lisbeth Ellen Stiles, 1946-1947 (Section B)
J Herbert McRostie, 1885-1929 (Section B)
Anna McRostie Farmer, Wife of Herbert McRostie and Harris Farmer, 1888-1945 (Section B)
Lauren E Stiles, 1896-1946 (Section B)
Bertha M Stiles, Wife of Albertus Stiles, 1862-1951 (Section B)
Albertus E Stiles, 1861-1932 (Section B)

Stilwell (See also: Best)

Stocking (See also: Storrs)

Stockwell (See also: Mott)

Stone (See also: Fonda)
Adelbert Stone, 1862-1942 (Section E)
Nellie Stone, Wife of Adelbert Stone, 1862-1942 (Section E)

Carl J Stone, 1894-1943 (Section G, Block A)
Ruth H Stone, Wife of Carl, 1893-1983 (Section G, Block A)
Richard L Stone, New York Tec4 US Army World War II; Dec 22, 1922 - Sept 6, 1973 (Section G, Block A)

Aldora Jean Stone, Apr 24, 1956 - Oct 15, 2001 (Section F)
James George Stone, Nov 9, 1944 - June 3, 2002 (Section F)
Kirk R Stone, 1956-1996 (Section F)

Nellie McCuen Stone, 1886-1942 (Section B)

Lester A Storie, Dec 31, 1914 - Sept 9, 1987 (Section E)
Thomas Clinton Storie, May 4, 1963 - June 13, 1963 (Section E)

Storrs (See also: Watson)
Storrs Monument, (Section E)
G Archie Storrs, 1876-1950 (Section E)
Florence P. Storrs, 1879-1969 (Section E)
Frances H Storrs, 1897-1963 (Section E)
Arthur William Storrs, US Army World War I; Jan 27, 1899 - Apr 28, 1984 (Section E)

Storrs-Kenzie Monument, (Section B)
Lydia Kenzie, Wife of Richard; 1793-1875 (Section B)
Richard Kenzie, 1790-1829 (Section B)
Richard Kenzie, Son of Richard & Lydia; 1825-1843 (Section B)
Robert Kenzie, Son of Richard & Lydia; 1821-1863 (Section B)
Caroline J McKenzie Storrs, Wife of Levi; 1818-1901 (Section B)
Andrew Storrs, Son of Samuel & Beulah, 1813-1838 (Section B)
Beulah Storrs, Wife of Samuel, 1782-1848 (Section B)
Florence Storrs, 1844-1853; dau of Levi & Caroline (Section B)
Isadore Storrs, Child of Levi & Caroline, 1846-1859 (Section B)
Levi B Storrs, 1816-1898 (Section B)
Samuel Storrs, 1784-1832 (Section B)
Ellen Storrs Austin, 1839-1862, wife of Dr. H.C. Austin (Section B)
Dr H C Austin, 1831-1869 (Section B)
Robert W Stocking, 1843-1900 (Section B)
Imogene Storrs Stocking, Wife of Robert, 1846-1918 (Section B)
Bertha M Luney Stocking, 1877-1949 (Section B)
Robert E Stocking, 1863-1948 (Section B)
Caroline L Storrs, 1856-1940 (Section B)
Frank E Storrs, 1854-1945 (Section B)
S Adele Underwood Storrs, Wife of Frank, 1858-1923 (Section B)
Mary Dunn Storrs, Wife of Rosalvo, 1848-1913 (Section B)
Rosalvo H Storrs, 1842-1895 (Section B)

Storrs Monument, (Section B)
Harry J Storrs, Oct 19, 1881-Nov 5, 1965 ;Military Marker (Section B)
Fanny Storrs McKay, Dau of Archibald, Mar 29, 1874-June 13, 1944 (Section B)
Archibald Storrs, Father, July 22, 1837 - July 28, 1930 (Section B)
Annie Williams Storrs, Mother, Jan 13, 1846 - Mar 25, 1931 (Section B)
William R Storrs, Son, Nov 10, 1871 - Feb 6, 1948 (Section B)
Harriette F Storrs, Feb 4, 1868-Oct 29, 1944; Daughter (Section B)
Anne F Storrs, Feb 10, 1901 - Sept 27, 1982 (Section B)
Howard A Storrs, Aug 24, 1903 - Dec 14, 1974 (Section B)
Charles E Storrs, Feb 11, 1879 - Mar 11, 1974 (Section B)
Helen Storrs McKenney, May 31, 1893 - Dec 8, 1968 (Section B)
Winfred B McKenney, Feb 7, 1893 - July 14, 1962 (Section B)
Mabel Storrs Wilkinson, Feb 20, 1890 - June 7, 1989 (Section B)
Clarence E Wilkinson, Sept 15, 1885 - Dec 19, 1957 (Section B)
Donald E Wilkinson, SGT US Air Force World War II; Korea - Oct 25, 1917 - June 13, 1984 (Section B)

Emil Strauss, 1896-1979 (Section F)
Frank Strauss, 1927-1983 (Section F)
Grete Strauss, 1906-2003 (Section F)

Stretton (See also: Kelly)

Strong (See also: Balwin, Meenan)

William D Swanson, 1927-1983, Vet WWII (Section F)

Swarts Monument, (Section G, Block A)
John E Swarts, 1896-1935 (Section G, Block A)
Betty Jane Swarts, Daugher, 1928-1931 (Section G, Block A)

Sykes (See also: Michaels)+E1908
Julia Elizabeth Sykes, 1925-1959 (Section B)

Sykes Monument, (Section B)
Emily Jean Adams Sykes, April 1, 1923 - May 17, 2009 (Section B)
Richard E Sykes, Oct 23, 1932 - Jan 18, 2000 (Section B)
Mabel Houghton Sykes, 1863-1958 (Section B)
Richard Eddy Sykes, 1861-1942 (Section B)
Louise Brewer Sykes, 1827-1916 (Section B)
Edwin Jones Sykes, 1821-1916 (Section B)
Frederick Arthur Sykes, 1853-1937 (Section B)
Julia Gilchrist Sykes, 1863-1919 (Section B)
Edwin Gilchrist Sykes, 1890-1959 (Section B)
Dorothy O'Neil Sykes, 1891-1969 (Section B)

Conrad Taberski, 1934-1983 (Section F)

Tanner (See also: Collins)
Emma A Sackett Tanner Riggs, Wife of Charles Tanner & Eugene Riggs, d. Dec 22, 1939 AE 82 yrs ;Close-up (Section B)
Charles S Tanner, d. Jan 8, 1900; age 48 yrs ;Close-up (Section B)
Charles H Tanner, d. Nov 9, 1873 Age 54 yrs ;Close-up (Section B)
Sophia Tanner, d. Oct 7, 1883 AE 65 yrs, wife of Charles ;Close-up (Section B)

Taylor (See also: Lovell)
Taylor Monument, (Section E)
Roberta M Taylor, 1942-2007 (Section E)
Herman R Taylor, 1909-1982 (Section E)

Winfred E Taylor, 1874-1921 (Section G, Block B)
Addie Lavery Taylor, Wife of Winfred, 1886-1968 (Section G, Block B)

Ruth D Taylor, 1912-1952 (Back Edge)
Taylor Monument, (Section B)
Mable I Marks Taylor, 1876-1929 (Section B)
Frank B Taylor, 1860-1935 (Section B)

Alfred Teall, d. Nov 22, 1850, Aged 46 yrs (Section B)
William J Teall, Son of Alfred & Phirilla Teall, d. Mar 13, 1849 (Section B)
Henry K Teall, Son of Alfred & Phir*, d. Mar 13, 1851 AE 19 yrs (Section B)

Tennis (See also: Bates)

Thomas (See also: Todd)
Nettie Ford Thomas, Wife of Wallace Rutherford & Edgar Thomas, 1873-1958 (Section B)

Bertha B Thompson, 1909-2000 (Section E)
William Morgan Thompson, 1905-1980 (Section E)
Rachel Ann Thompson, 1882-1951 (Section E)
William H Thompson, 1879-1962 (Section E)

Bryan L Thompson, 1945-1964 (Section G, Block A)

Thompson Monument, (Section B)
Warren Thompson, 1919-1939 (Section B)
Carrie Bacon Thompson, Wife of Elmeron, 1890-1981 (Section B)
Elmeron Thompson, 1892-1966 (Section B)
D Jean Thompson, 1923-2003 (Section B)
Stanley Thompson, 1920-1993 (Section B)

Frank W Thorbahn, US Army World War II; July 9, 1919 - June 13, 1971 ;Military Marker (Section E)

Harlin Tibbetts, Son of Susie B. Tibbetts, d. April 26, 1880 Age 7 yrs, 11 mos, 22 dys ;Top of Stone (Side Edge)

Tiernan (See also: Crowder)

Todd (See also: Gilson, McCollum)
Albert N Todd, SP3 US Army; 1933-1992 ;Military Marker (Section E)

Donald J Todd, 1904-1973 (Section G, Block B)
Louise S Todd, 1908-1987 (Section G, Block B)

Minnie L Todd, 1895-1995 (Section B)

Todd-Ladd Monument, (Section B)
Frederick H Ladd, 1877-1940 (Section B)
Leah Todd Ladd, 1886-1965 (Section B)
Eleanor Thomas, 1911-1969 (Section B)
Zuba Westaway Todd, 1861-1925 (Section B)
Fred Todd, 1860-1933 (Section B)
Thomas Monument, (Section B)
Donald F Thomas, PFC US Army World War II; Jan 20, 1913 - Aug 23, 2004 ;Close-up (Section B)

Mildred Torturica, 1905-1958 (Section B)
William Torturica, 1890-1975 (Section B)

Town (See also: Barbour)

Tracy Monument, June 24, 1808 - June 13, 1889 (Section D)
Catherine Tracey, (Section D)
James D Tracey, Jan 29, 1834 - Oct 22, 1897 (Section D)
Lida Tracey, Wife of James Tracey, April 3, 1836 - Mar 19, 1900 (Section D)
Nelson Tracy, Nelson Tracy, Dec 3, 1845 - 1880 (Section D)

Tracy (See also: Martyn, Tracey)
Tracy Monument, (Section F)
Carl W Tracy, 1892-1974 (Section F)
Anna K Tracy, Wife of Carl, 1888-1968 (Section F)

Tracy Monument, (Section B)
Elisha Tracy, ;Close-up (Section B)
Uri F Tracy, d. April 22, 1854 AE 36 yrs (Section B)
Laurin Tracy, d. Oct 13, 1833 AE 23 yrs (Section B)
Sophronia Chesebrouch Tracy, Wife of Hosea Catlin Tracy, b. July 2, 1812 - d. June 14, 1874, Aged 62 yrs (Section B)
Catlin Tracy, d. July 22, 1847 in the 40 year of his age ;Close-up (Section B)
Albert G Tracy, d. Jan 2, 1850 in Havana Cuba (Section B)
Elisha Tracy, d. Dec 16, 1881 Age 61 yrs (Section B)
Festus Tracy, d. Jan 11, 1857 Aged 78 yrs, Father (Section B)

Traver Monument, (Section F)
Jeremiah Traver, Father; born in Dunham P.Q. Canada, Jan 2, 1820 - d. Nov 29, 1884 (Section F)
Zilpha Byron Traver, Mother, born in Newburg, NY; Nov 8, 1841 - Dec 24, 1915 (Section F)
Margaret Haworth Byron, Grandmother, b. Lower Darwin England, Wife of * John Byron, b. Nov 1808 - Mar 29, 1876 (Section F)
Kate Boyle Traver, Wife of Byron Traver, June 3, 1873 - Sept 24, 1897 ;Close-up (Section F)

Elizabeth Tremmell, Wife of Frank Tremmell, 1862-1930 ;Close-up (Section F)

Tucker (See also: Purvee)

Tuller (See also: Bacheller)

Tully Monument, (Section F)
Sophrona A Tully, 1866-1939 (Section F)
James Tully, 1861-1923 (Section F)

Howard L Tupper, 1913-1986 (Section G, Block A)
LaVerne M Tupper, Wife of Howard, 1910-1998 (Section G, Block A)
Florence H Tupper, Wife of George, 1881-1961 (Section G, Block A)
George W. Tupper, 1881-1966 (Section G, Block A)
Horton S Tupper, S Sgt US Army World War II; Aug 9, 1918 - Apr 20, 1993 ;Military Marker (Section G, Block A)
Jeanne Conkey Tupper, Wife of Horton, Mar 21, 1925 - Jun 29, 1995 ;Second Marker (Section G, Block A)

Nettie Alice Turnbull, 1872-1953 (Section D)

William H Turner, 1913-1997 (Section B)

Ransom Tuttle, d. Sept 16, 1864 AE 79 yrs ;Close-up (Section B)
Sally Tuttle, Wife of Ransom Tuttle, d. April 24, 1879; age 89 yrs ;Close-up (Section B)
Adaline Tuttle, d. July 3, 1882 AE 72 yrs ;Close-up (Section B)
Hiram Tuttle, 1835-1910 ;Close-up (Section B)

Doris Jenne Tyler, 1916-1987 (Section E)
Henry M Tyler, 1922-2007 (Section E)

Underwood (See also: Storrs)

Unknown Unknown, (Section G, Block A)

Unknown Unknown, 1915-1915 (Section F)

Mother Unknown, 1879-1932 (Section F)

Unknown Unknown, AE 17 yrs, 10 mos, 15 dys (Section F)

Unknown Unknown, 1808-1859 (Section F)

Charles Unknown, ;Close-up (Section F)

Carl Unknown, With Smith/Sharkey Family (Section B)

Susie Unknown, (Section B)

Infant Unkonwn, D. Aug 17, 1940 (Section B)

Isaac Utman, d. Dec 17, 1876 (Section F)
Catharine Utman, Wife of Isaac Utman, d. April 28, 1880 Aged 66 yrs (Section F)
Charlie Utman, ;Close-up (Section F)
Katy Utman, ;Close-up (Section F)

Albert John Utz, 1903-1987 ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)
Almena Meservey Utz, 1901-1988 ;Close-up (Section G, Block B)

Lydia L Hull VanBrocklin Phalen, Wife of Charles VanBrocklin & Maurice Phalen, 1890-1954 (Section G, Block A)
Charles M VanBrocklin, 1883-1931 (Section G, Block A)

Jeremiah VanBrocklin, 1823-1899 (Section B)
Louisa M Willis VanBrocklin, Wife of Jeremiah, 1828-1892 (Section B)
Sarah VanBrocklin, Dau of Jeremiah & Louisa, 1849-1904 (Section B)

Ela D VanBrocklin, Son of Dwight & Martha L. VanBrocklin, Dec 12, 1864 - Feb 16, 1927 (Section B)
Ela VanBrocklin Monument, (Section B)

VanDeMark (See also: Freeman)

Vant McKenney

Vaucher (See also: Liotard)

Vaughn (See also: Boyden, Stiles)

Vebber (See also: Beswick)

Veio (See also: Collins)

Margaret A Vilas, 1890-1987 (Section F)
Roy G Vilas, 1889-1988 (Section F)
Elizabeth M Vilas, 1892-1984, wife of Homer (Section F)
Homer A Vilas, 1891-1984 (Section F)

Vinicor Monument, (Section B)
Charles Vinicor, 1938-1962 (Section B)
Bernice Vinicor, 1912-1979 (Section B)

Von Hielmcrone
Ursula Von Hielmcrone, Nov 4, 1913 - Feb 18, 1991 (Section B)

Vradelis (See also: Cannon)

Wade (See also: Eggleston)
J Rule Wade, 1911-1973 (Section E)
Wade Monument, (Section E)
John Henry Wade, 1877-1946 (Section E)
Ida Rule Wade, 1881-1964 (Section E)
William Charles Wade, 1903-1960 (Section E)

Charles Wade, 1864-1928 (Section G, Block A)
Jane Shaver Wade, Wife of Charles Wade, Mother, 1862-1931 (Section G, Block A)

Mary Noble Wagner, 1859-1946 (Section B)
Everett Clapp Wagner, 1855-1931 (Section B)

Esther Roach Wainwright, 1866-1963 (Section E)
Olo Mary Wainwright, 1902-1997 (Section E)

Arzelia M Wait, Wife of Lovinous C, 1853-1932 (Section G, Block A)
Frank E Wait, Son of Lovinous & Arzelia, 1882-1926 (Section G, Block A)
Leona Dains Wait, Wife of Frank, 1880-1935 (Section G, Block A)
Lovinous C Wait, 1856-1926 (Section G, Block A)

Waite (See also: Sheets)
Almeda M Waite, 1849- (Section B)
Benjamin E Waite, 1811-1875 (Section B)
Lucy P Waite, 1824-1909 (Section B)
Nancy K Waite, Wife of Benjamin, 1823-1909 (Section B)
Hattie E Waite, 1858- (Section B)
Henry W.B. Waite, 1861- (Section B)
Martha Waite, 1853- (Section B)

William E Waldo, New York PFC CO K 23 Inf, 2 Div, World War I; Dec 21, 1895 - Oct 21, 1952 (Section G, Block A)

Walker Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Purley L Walker, 1875-1924 (Section G, Block A)
Anna L Alexander Walker, Wife of Purley. 1871-1955 (Section G, Block A)

Wall (See also: Manley)

Walsh Monument, (Section B)
Richard M Walsh, 1890-1957 (Section B)
Marjorie W Walsh, Wife of Richard, 1893-1971 (Section B)

Ward (See also: McCoy, Murray)

Mildred Wells Warner, Wife of Verner, 1893-1980 (Section G, Block B)
Paul S Warner, Son of Verner & Mildred; 1917-1996 (Section G, Block B)
Verner J Warner, 1886-1954 (Section G, Block B)
Warner Monument, (Section G, Block B)

Erastus Warner, Oct 18, 1828 - May 28, 1888 (Section F)
Waner Monument, (Section F)
Rebecca Warner, Wife of H. W. Warner, Aged 87 yrs, 7 mos (Section F)
H W Warner, d. Jan 22, 1879, Aged 75 yrs (Section F)
Isaac T Warner, d. Feb 9, 1873 Aged 48 yrs ;Back of Stone (Section F)
Lucy Warner Snyder, Wife of D. Snyder, d. May 7, 1856 Age 24 yrs ;Back of Stone (Section F)
Mary Warner, d. Dec 17, 1849 Age 17 yrs ;Back of Stone (Section F)

Wass (See also: Elmer)

Clifford Andrew Watson, 1882-1942 (Section B)
Grace Storrs Watson, 1885-1967 (Section B)

Donna Bowman Watts, Sister, 1899-1992 (Section E)

Wead (See also: Russell)

Weaver (See also: Buck)

Webster Monument, (Section E)
Leland W Webster, Nov 6, 1916 - Sept 9, 2003 (Section E)

Genie Harris Weegar, 1863-1933 (Section B)
Helen F Weegar, 1895- (Section B)
Simon S Weegar, 1868-1949 (Section B)

Weigel Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Howard W. Weigel, 1886-1977 ;Second Stone (Section G, Block A)
Minnie A Chismore Weigel, 1887-1946 ;Second Stone (Section G, Block A)

Welch (See also: Sims)
Erma S Welch, 1899-1963 ;Close-up (Section B)
Clarence S Welch, 1890-1970 ;Close-up (Section B)

Weldon (See also: McMullen)

Lois Sheldon Weller, Wife of D.H. Weller, d. * 29, 1859 in her 30 yr (Section F)
David H Weller, d. Jan 14, 1886 Aged 62 yrs (Section F)
Eliza M Northrup Weller, Wife of David H. Weller, d. Jan 14, 1879 in her 42 yr (Section F)

Wellington (See also: Broeffle)

Wells (See also: Cole, Warner)
Abraham Wells, PVT Continental Line, Rhode Island, Revolutionary War; Oct 9, 1757-Dec 22, 1850 ;Original Marker (Section F)
Sarah Wells, Wife of Abraham Wells, d. Aug 14, 1829 Aged 68 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)

Elizabeth N Wells, 1918-2002, wife of Rev. Jack (Section F)
Rev Jack M Wells, 1st Lt US Army World War II; July 9, 1918 - July 5, 1995 ;Military Marker (Section F)

Albert S Wells, d. 1942 ;Close-up (Section B)
Carrie B Wells, d. 1967 ;Close-up (Section B)
Dorothy C Wells, d. 2002 ;Close-up (Section B)
Everett S Wells, d. 1990 ;Close-up (Section B)

William Wellwood, April 10, 1865 - Jan 25, 1929 (Section F)

Myrtle M Wendt, Wife of Thomas, 1898-1931 (Section B)
Thomas L Wendt, 1889-1972 (Section B)

Karen West, d. 1969 (Section B)

Westaway (See also: Farmer, Todd)
Westaway Monument, (Section G, Block A)
John F Westaway, 1864-1933 (Section G, Block A)
Edna J Westaway, Wife of John, 1867-1949 (Section G, Block A)
Simon W. Westaway, 1872-1948 (Section G, Block A)
Cora A Westaway, 1882-1958 (Section G, Block A)

Westbrook (See also: Bates)

Ruben Weyan, d. 1961 (Section B)

Blanche Browe Whalen, 1895-1986 (Section F)

Wheeler (See also: Morrell)
Harold B Wheeler, S Sgt US Army World War II; Jul 14, 1922 - Sep 20, 1996 (Section E)

Alice Wheeler, 1862-1951 (Section G, Block A)
Elmer Wheeler, 1861-1950 (Section G, Block A)
Alice Wheeler, 1897-1933, wife of Himy (Section G, Block A)
Himy Wheeler, 1894-1968 (Section G, Block A)

White (See also: North)
Lawrence White, Our dear grandson, 1941- (Section G, Block A)
White Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Joseph J White, Aug 18, 1922 - May 9, 1983 (Section G, Block A)

Sgt Chauncey White, Co D, * Cav; 1844-1871 (Section F)
Hannah White, d. Dec 12, 1876 in her 56 yr ;Close-up (Section F)
Luman White, d. Mar 4, 1881 AE 68 yrs ;Close-up (Section F)

Ina F Whitman, 1895-1976 (Section F)
John A Whitman, 1883-1959 (Section F)

Whitney (See also: Dona, Hanes, Simmons)
Mary E Broeffle Whitney, 1860-1927, wife of Sumner (Section B)
Sumner J Whitney, 1863- (Section B)

Whitney Monument, (Section B)
Mark M Whitney, 1872-1955 (Section B)
Bertha B Whitney, 1879-1941, wife of Mark (Section B)
Gertrude Whitney, His wife, 1872-1924 (Section B)
Frank D Whitney, 1867-1924 (Section B)

Wight (See also: Patterson, Sprague)
Wight Monument, (Section G, Block A)
Chester L Wight, 1922-1961 (Section G, Block A)
M. Luella Freeman Wight, Wife of Leslie, 1894-1982 (Section G, Block A)
F. Leslie Wight, 10th Co 2nd Reg M.M. A.E.F. Sig. Corps, 1891-1939 (Section G, Block A)

Charles D Wight, 1890-1952 (Section G, Block B)
David C Wight, 1920-1937 (Section G, Block B)
Edith C Wight, 1890-1953 (Section G, Block B)
Joshua Richard Wight, July 28-31, 1991 ;Close-up (Section F)

Henrietta Wilcox, 1892-1928 (Section B)

Wilkinson (See also: Storrs)

M Oscar Willard, 1926-1967 (Section B)

Williams (See also: Storrs)
Williams Monument, (Section E)
Robert S Williams, Son, 1936-1961 (Section E)
David R Williams, 1903-1957 (Section E)
Leva Woods Williams, Wife of David Williams, 1911-1991 (Section E)

Ella V Williams, 1892-1992 (Section E)
Selden T Williams, 1892-1983 (Section E)

Clarice G Williams, Wife of Hugh, 1910-1999 (Section G, Block A)
Corinne N Williams, Wife of Hugh, 1898-1935 (Section G, Block A)
Hugh C Williams, 1898-1989 (Section G, Block A)

William T Williams, d. Sept 13, 1885 in his 80th year (Section F)
Amanda Burnette Williams, Wife of Wm T Williams, d. June 26, 1890 Age 81 yrs (Section F)
Mary A Williams, d. Jan 17, 1880 in her 50 yr (Section F)
Rosie Williams, Dau of * & * Williams, died * ;Back of stone (Section F)
Edna Williams, Wife of Leslie A. Williams, 1851-1883 (Section F)

Idele Williams, Wife of Arthur H. Williams, 1863-1929 (Section B)
Arthur H Williams, 1862-1932 (Section B)
George F Williams, 1845-1932 (Section B)
Hattie C Williams, 1860-1933 (Section B)
Jennie C Williams, 1858-1931 (Section B)
Williams Monument, (Section B)
Calvin Williams, d. April 18, 1884 AE 75 yrs (Section B)
Harriett L Williams, d. Jan 18. In her ** yr (Section B)
Charles Williams, d. Oct 5, 1865 AE 8 yrs (Section B)
Emma Williams, d. Feb 21, 1863 AE 15 yrs (Section B)

Willis (See also: VanBrocklin)

Clifford J Willmarth, 1898-1963 (Section B)
Mary S Willmarth, 1902-1989 (Section B)
Mary Willmarth Jones, 1871-1934 (Section B)

Abbie Leonard Willmarth, 1873-1953 (Section B)
Frank H Willmarth, 1870-1933 (Section B)

Willson (See also: Kip, Nash)
Willson Monument, (Section F)
May B Willson, 1889-1914 (Section F)
Marie A Willson, 1852-1940 (Section F)
Frank Willson, 1853-1903 (Section F)

Ida M Robinson Willson, Wif e of J. C. Willson, 1852-1897 (Section F)
Joseph C Willson, 1854-1929 (Section F)
Ella M Willson, Wife of J.C. Willson, 1856-1933 (Section F)
Willson Monument, (Section F)
Ezekiel Willson, 1828-1879 (Section F)
Marcia Ann Willson, Wife of E. Willson, 1828-1892 (Section F)
Charles Rich Willson, Son of Ezekiel & Marcia, 1851-1888 (Section F)

Willson Monument, (Section F)
Ambrose S Willson, 1814-1872 (Section F)
Julia A Hill Willson, Wife of Ambrose, 1820-1887 (Section F)

Irene W Wilmshurst, 1905-1998 (Section B)
Walter M Wilmshurst, 1906-1977 (Section B)

Irene W Wilmshurst, 1905-1998 (Section B)
Walter M Wilmshurst, 1906-1977 (Section B)

Myrtle H Wilson, 1887-1964 (Section E)
William B Wilson, 1892-1973 (Section E)

Wilson-Guyett Monument, (Section F)
Mary E Wilson, 1898-1955 (Section F)
Pvt Harold A Guyett, 307th CO Q.M.C. U.S.A., 1894-1918 (Section F)
Catherine Wilson, Wife of Oliver, 1861-1938 (Section F)
Oliver Wilson, 1869-1933 (Section F)
Florence Wilson Sawchuck, 1902-1977 (Section F)
Clarence Wilson, 1902-1950 (Section F)
Harold C Wilson, CPL US Army World War II; Jan 11, 1924 - Apr 30, 1987 ;Military Marker (Section F)

Carl F Windt, 1911-1989 (Section G, Block A)
Mary E Windt, Wife of Carl, 1924-1994 (Section G, Block A)

Wing (See also: Barbour)

Stuart A Winning, 1899-1992 (Section E)

Wires (See also: Pitt, Severance)

Witherbee (See also: Collins)
Witherbee-Collins-Loose Monument, (Section B)
Carl M Witherbee, 1887-1978 (Section B)
Grace M Harris Witherbee, 1890-1987 (Section B)
Robert W Loose, 1911-1995 (Section B)
Marion E Collins Loose, 1915-1984, wife of Robert Loose (Section B)
Charles M Witherbee, 1853-1944 (Section B)
Florence M Lockwood Witherbee, 1856-1939 (Section B)

Wood (See also: Hooper, Maybee)
Woodruff Monument, (Section G, Block B)

Woodhead Monument, (Section G, Block B)

Woodhead (See also: Flanders)
Wilfred Woodhead, 1870-1927 (Section G, Block B)
Florence Freeman Woodhead, 1874-1962; Wife of Wilfred Woodhead (Section G, Block B)
Albert N Woodhead, 1898-1954 (Section G, Block B)
Dorothy T Church Woodhead, 1899-1973 (Section G, Block B)

Mary Woodruff, Wife of Robert A., 1856-1922 (Section G, Block B)
Robert A Woodruff, 1863-1949 (Section G, Block B)
Edgar Spencer Woodruff, (Section G, Block B)
Libbie Woodruff, (Section G, Block B)
Will G Woodruff, d. Jan 29, 1887, AE 37 yrs (Section G, Block B)

Woods (See also: Gaines, Rood, Williams)

Agnes H Woodside, Wife of Fred, 1880-1978 (Section B)
Fred E Woodside, 1878-1969 (Section B)
Marguerite E Woodside, Daughter of Fred & Agnes, 1910-1992 (Section B)
Abraham Woodside, 1848-1932 ;Close-up (Section B)
Margaret Woodside, Wife of Abraham, 1850-1910 ;Close-up (Section B)
Ernest H Woodside, 1876-1921 (Section B)
Grace E Holden Woodside, Wife of Ernest, 1877-1969 (Section B)

Woodward (See also: Pitt)

Woodworth (See also: Brown)

Wright Monument, (Section F)
Ann Wright, Wife of Pliny, d. May 22, 1885 Age 65 yrs (Section F)
Pliny Wright, d. Oct 17, 1890 in his 85 yr (Section F)

Grace E Wright, 1910-1978 (Section B)
Mary E Wright, 1938-1995 (Section B)
James Wright, d. 1965 (Section B)

Elizabeth Wyne, 1859-1932 (Section D)

Edward L Yanchitis, Lt US Navy World War II, Korea; July 11, 1921 - Sept 26, 1998 ;Military Marker (Section F)

Effie Earll Yantis, 1868-1950 (Section B)

Younger Monument, (Section D)
Douglas Erskine Younger, Husband, died Dec 31, 1969 (Section D)
Evelyn Brown Younger, Wife, d. July 8, 1977 (Section D)

Zaharis (See also: Duskas)

Alice M Zimmer, 1921-1981 (Section B)


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