Inventory of Fairview Cemetery- Edwards, NY

In the Summer of 2011, I visited Fairview Cemetery in the village of Edwards in St. Lawrence county. The cemetery is located on Hall Road, off of New Street/Co Rd 24 on the west side of the village.

I photographed and recorded the tombstones within the cemetery as well as I could. When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed toAnne M. Cady

Created by Anne M. Cady, July 2011.

Abott (See also:Rushlo)
Absalon (See also:Sullivan)
Adams Monument
Charles Taylor Adams, Husband of Ruth Bancroft Adams., 1881-1952
Wilson B. Adams, Son of Dr. Chas and Ruth Adams. , 1924-1960
Ruth Bancroft Adams, Wife of Dr Charles Adams, d. 1978

Aldrich (See also:Given)
Aldridge (See also:Gagnon, Webb)
Margaret L Aldridge, Wife of Ollie, 1919-1996
Ollie Aldridge, 1897-1983

Glen Aldridge, 1891-1950;Second View
James G. Aldridge, 1917-1979;Close-up

Hildred Lashua Aldridge, Wife of Joseph Aldridge, 1900-1960.
Joseph Aldridge, 1893-1964
Linden D. Aldridge, New York PFC 409 Infantry, World War II, BSM-PH; Sept 3, 1918 - May 20, 1952
Carl H. Aldridge, US Army World War II, Jul y18, 1927 - Feb 12, 1988
Floyd G Aldridge, US Army, World War II; Aug 10, 1923 - Oct 26, 2008
Beverly Aldridge, May 8, 1938 - April 13, 1992
Bernice Davis Aldridge, 1910-1980
Eugene Aldridge, 1912-1970
Sharon Aldridge, 1945-1949
Leta Harrington Aldridge, Wife of Ora, 1896-1954
Ora Aldridge, 1886-1943
Ora L Aldridge, US Marine Corps, 1935-1997

Robert Aldridge, 1907-1979;Close-up
Beulah Aldridge, 1912-1970;Close-up

Elsworth Alguire, US Army, World War II; Jan 27, 1925 - Jan 26, 1983;Military Marker
Brian F. Alguire, Son of Mr and Mrs Brooks Alguire, -1980-

Allen (See also:Cleland, Cole, Cousins, Given, Rice)
Robert J. Allen, US Air Force, April 11, 1937 - Apirl 20, 2008

Loren E. Allen, 1909-1976

Garth T Allen, 1921-2000
Vesta E Allen, 1922-2010

Iola Allen, 1912-1984, wife of Walter
Walter Allen, 1902-1980

Frank Allen, 1916-1993
Vesta E. Allen, 1912-1979

Ames (See also:Freeman)
Thor Anderson, 1903-1973;Close-up
J May Anderson, 1907-1981;Close-up

Andrews (See also:Beach, Lumley, McFerran)
Archer (See also:Whitmarsh)
George F. Archer, 1912-1979

William Ashley Jr., F2 US Navy, World War II; April 6, 1927 - June 5, 1982
Clara Simmons Ashley, Oct 4, 1896 - Oct 2, 1963
William P. Ashley, Jan 9, 1895 - Feb 22, 1978
Peter D. Ashley, 1949-2004
Ashley Monument
Adelbert Ashley, Oct 1921 - Feb 1998
Eva L Hale Ashley, July 1922 - Feb 1987

Greta Ashley, 1935-2003

Aspinwall (See also:Jones)
Atanasau (See also:Gengler, Hansen)
Atkins (See also:Mccollum)
Frederick Aunger, 1874-1940
Aunger Monument
Minnie Jane Mason Aunger, Wife of Frederick, 1877-1946
Harold Ritchie Cross, 1899-1952;Close-up
Ena Aunger Cross, Wife of Harold Cross, 1906-1971;Close-up

Austin (See also:Lumley)
Helena Irene Austin, Daughter of Aloysius & Alice Austin, March 1964

Averill (See also:Harvey, Liles)
Jon B Averill, "Pete", 1959-2003

Leo E. Averill, EM2 US Navy, Aug 8, 1931 - April 28, 2004;Military Marker
Carolyn A. Averill, Wife of Leo, 1934-2002
Lucy Taylor Averill, Wife of Matthew Averill, 1892-1959
Matthew Averill, 1891-1952

Babcock Monument
William H. Babcock, 1862-1954
Ellen M. Hughes Babcock, Wife of William Babcock, 1861-1925
Estella Louise Babcock, Daughter of William and Ellen Babcock, 1897-1942
Frederick William Babcock, Son of William and Ellen, 1882-1957

Backus (See also:Cole, Finley, Lennox, Noble)
Lorraine Marie Backus, 1964-1964

Silas Backus, Son of Leta, 1930-1985

Bacon (See also:Heath)
Ball (See also:Lashua)
Josephine Phybe Bancroft, d. 1934

Bancroft-Goodnough Monument
Clinton Goodnough, 1864-1933
Cora Bancroft Goodnough, Wife of Clinton Goodnough, 1868
Lillian Thrall Bancroft, Wife of Earl Bancroft, 1862-1959
Earl Bancroft, 1861-1925

Bancroft Monument
Lellan Bancroft, 1863-1938
Nettie Hazelton Bancroft, Wife of Lellan Bancroft, 1867-1924
Zelma Bancroft, Daughter of Lellan & Nellie, 1904-1993
Baby Freeman, Child of Bruce & Helena
Bruce Thomas Freeman, 1901-1998
Hazel Marie Bancroft Freeman, Wife of Oswald, 1890-1981
Helena May Bancroft Freeman, Wife of Bruce, 1895-1998
Oswald F Freeman, 1890-1961
H. Pierce Evans, 1917-1956
Helena Inez Freeman Evans, Wife of H. Pierce Evans, 1919-1956
Lellan F Freeman, May 7, 1929 - May 22, 2010

Bancroft (See also:Adams, Macgregor, Meldrim, Woodcock)
Bannister (See also:Grant)
Clara E. Jarvis Barker, Wife of Clarence Barker, 1903-1977
Clarence Barker, 1898-1949

Barkley (See also:Hall)
Barnes (See also:Noble)
Horace B. Barnes, 1888-1971
Frank L. Barnes, 1856-1922
Mabel Woodcock Barnes, Wife of Frank Barnes, 1867-1962
Grover Barnes, New York PFC HQ CO 59 Pioneer Infantry, World War I; July 7, 1893 - May 17, 1948

Wayne H. Patterson, 1916-1992
Winford Curtis Patterson, 1940-1979
Daniel M. Barraford, 1869-1953
Myrtle Jenne Barraford, 1872-1940
Barraford-Patterson Monument

Ruth Giffin Barraford, Wife of Everett Barraford., 1904-1977;Close-up
Everett Barraford, 1899-1979;Close-up
Josephine Barraford, 1904-2002;Close-up
Jerome Barraford, 1907-1996;Close-up

Mathew J. Bartelme, Spanish American War, 1883-1951;Military Marker
Minnie E. Bartelme, 1889-1970, wife of Mathew;Close-up

Timothy J. Bartocha, Jan 17, 1979 - Feb 2, 1996

William V. Basso, NY PVT CO F 0135 Tech Svc Unit; Dec 17, 1929 - May 11, 1954
Guiseppe Joe Basso, 1892-1947
Maria Spallazzi Basso, Wife of Joe Basso, 1892-1970

John Battik, 1884-1939

Beach Monument
Herman O. Beach, 1882-1945
Gertrude Andrews Beach, Wife of Hermie Beach, 1885-1974
Marion D Beach, Wife of John Beach, 1910-1982
John A. Beach, Son of Gertrude and Herman, 1905-1991

Charles G Bearor, 1920-1985

George Beaudry, Son of Rev. Beaudry, 1950-1970

Bell (See also:Webb)
Bell Monument
Merton Harold Bell, 1897-1954
Grace C. Simmons Bell, Wife of Merton Bell, 1903-1954

Webb William Bickford, 1901-1961
Onie Webb Bickford, Wife of William., 1870-1953
William Hudson Bickford, 1869-1956

Amanda Lee Bickford, Daughter of Wilson and Glenda Fuller Bickford, Nov 15, 1981

Robert I. Bickford, US Army World War II; Feb 26, 1919 - Mar 11, 1987;Military Marker
Madeline Wilson Bickford, Wife of Robert, 1921-1980

Bigham (See also:Chapin)
Billings (See also:Thompson)
Brian P Billings, 1970-2007

Dean Bishop, 1919-1977
Doris Bishop, 1926-2009

Robert Lee Bishop, 1969-1969;SecondMarker

Arron Blackburn, Aug 20, 1974 - May 27, 1994
Blackburn Monument
Paul Blackburn, New York, PFC CO A 241 Engr Cmbt BN, World War II; Dec 6, 1920-June 23, 1970

David E Blackmer, 1950-2007

Leon A. Blackmore, 1907-1927

Bleau (See also: Devito)
David B Bleau, April 22, 1936 - Oct 9, 2009
Lillian A. Bleau, May 6, 1938 - Nov 7, 1996

Leo William Bleau, S1 US Navy, World War II; June 3, 1909 - Jan 8, 1969;Military Marker
Rosetta M. Bleau, Wife of Leo W, 1911-1993

Lyle A Bleau, SP2 US Army, Korea; May 7, 1930 - June 28, 2994;Military Marker
Charles L. Bleau, 1934-1997
Reta Rose Bleau, Infant Dau, 1956
Lela Patterson Bleau, 1910-1934

Weldon H Bogardus, 1937-1994;Close-up

John H Bogardus, 1908-1993
Ruth Stowell Bogardus, Wife of John, 1913-1993

Boni (See also:Jones)
Frieda Newvine Boni, 1913-1969

Ralph L. Boni, 1912-1985

Boscoe (See also:Seale)
Boulet (See also:Hartley, Typhair)
Olney I. Boulet, 1907-1967
Arthur Isadore Boulet, Aug 4, 1879 - Feb 28, 1956;Close-up
Lottie Mae Hall Boulet, Wife of Arthur Boulet, June 23, 1882 - April 24, 1956;Close-up

Gervaise Isadore Boulet, 1906=1955
Hazel M. Boulet, 1915-1986

Bowhall (See also:Ingraham)
Clyde Brayton Bowman, New York TEC5 940 ORD HAM CO, World War II; March 20, 1906 - May 19, 1957

Geraldine Hall Brailey, Aug 7, 1910 - Aug 24, 1964

Brandy (See also:Hamilton)
Mary Dupuis Brassard, June 19, 1929 - Dec 28, 1991;Close-up
Joseph Clarence Brassard, S1 US Navy, World War II; Mar 13, 1927 - Feb 9, 2005;Military Marker

Brayton (See also:Cole, Crump)
Howard Brayton, 1887-1919

Seba Brayton, 1877-1957

Brayton Monument
Edwin C. Brayton, 1863-1935
Emma Mona Brayton, 1861-1946

Floyd F. Brayton, 1899-1983
Pearl V Brayton, Wife of Floyd, 1902-1994
Dolores Ann Brayton, Dau of Floyd and Pearl, June 29 - July 12, 1936
Brayton Monument
Emma Leach Brayton, Wife of Thomas, 1860-1946
Thomas W. Brayton, 1855-1937

Annabel W. Bresee, Wife of Rev. Charles Bresee, 1871-1955
Charles H Bresee, 1875-1949

Hazel I. Bresett, 1941-2002

Brient Monument
James E. Brient, 1867-1937
Elizabeth Webb Brient, Wife of James Brient., 1866-1924

Della Dart Brisbane, Wife Wallace Brisbane, Aunt, 1870-1937

Wallace Wally Brisbane, 1866-1932

Frederick Brodauf, 1872-1939
Heinz J. Brodauf, Son of Frederick Brodauf., 1902-1955
Lina Agnes Brodauf, Wife of Frederick Brodauf, 1879-1960

Ernest K Brown Sr, US Army, May 10, 1932 - Aug 23, 2004;Military Marker

Olive Wells Brown, Wife of William H. Brown, 1868-1963;Close-up
William Henry Brown, 1868-1954;Close-up
Pauline Brown Hosmer, 1st wife of Floyd Hosmer , 1897-1931;Close-up

Henry Pickett Brown, 1865-1938
Cora Angelia Payne Brown, Wife of Henry P. Brown. , 1867-1955
Harry J. Brown, Sept 18, 1908 - Aug 31, 1992

David Brown, Infant Grandson of Raymond Morehouse, d. 1965

Keitha J. Brown, Infant daughter of R. Bruce and Mable Brown, -1937-
Mabel Loope Brown, 1904-1990
Robert Bruce Brown, 1894-1959

Lawrence Brown, Aug 13, 1933 - July 3, 1993
Bertha Eleanor Brown, 1910-1966
Neil Brown, 1905-1985

Richard J. Brown, 1928-1997;Close-up

Brown Monument
Rollin Brown, 1890-1981
Florence Clark Brown, Wife of Rollin Brown. 1890-1943
Robert H Brown, Nov 28, 1921 - April 8, 2000

Lawrence C. Brown, SGT US Army, June 14, 1969 - Sept 4, 2008;Military Marker

Francella K. Brown, Mar 7, 1942 - Dec 23, 2000
Kenneth Brown, June 26, 1968 - Oct 23, 2009

Genevieve Fowler Brown, 1919-2008;Close0up
Charles V Brown, 1907-1970;Close-up
Elsie Brown, Wife of Gary, 1941-1973;Close-up
Gary Brown, 1941-1973;Close-up
Melissa Brown, Daughter of Gary & Elsie, 1971-1973;Close-up
Patrick Brown, Son of Gary & Elsie, 1972-1973;Close-up

Roy J. Brown, 1878-1952;Close-up
Sarah L. Brown, 1874-1951;Close-up

Ronald Brown, 1946-1966

Charles Harvey Brown, 1848-1929
Martha E. Noble Brown, Wife of Charles H. Brown, 1848-1918
Nellie Davis Brown, Wife of Oswald Brown, 1883-1985
Oswald Bower Brown, Son of Charles and Martha, 1874-1930
Clarence C Brown, 1872-1922
Carrie P. Cleland Brown, Wife of Clarence Brown, 1877-1959
Brown Monument
C. Donald Brown, 1900-1971
Inez Brown, Wife of C. Donald Brown, 1897-1981

Buck (See also:Bullock)
Elmer Eugene Bullock, Nov 12, 1926 - March 6, 1999
Vicky Dawn Bullock, Wife of Elmer, Mar 12, 1954 - Dec 13, 1999
Edna L. Bullock, Jan 5, 1904 - Jan 4, 1984;Close-up
Wesley Bullock, Dec 1, 1898 - July 19, 1993;Close-up
Carrie Buck Bullock, Wife of Johnson Bullock., 1869-1957;Close-up
Johnson E. Bullock, 1870-1944;Close-up

Bullock Monument
Glenn I. Bullock, 1899-1977
Louise E. Bullock, 1903-2000
Margaret Bell Bullock, Infant daughter of Glenn and Louise Bullock, November 1936
James Bullock, Born in Ireland, 1854-1945
Estella Royce Bullock, Wife of James Bullock, 1857-1932
Arlene Ruth Bullock, 1923-1932
Fred James Bullock, 1891-1961
Manie L. Given Bullock, Wife of Fred Bullock, 1899-1986
Eleanor M Bullock, 1925-1983
Rachel Dana Bullock, 1897-1977
Royce Bullock, 1893-1969

Bullock Monument
Arthur Bullock, 1872-1944
Ella Freeman Bullock, 1874-1953, wife of Arthur
Erwin Thomas Bullock, Dec 24, 1922 - Jan 9, 1938
Marian H. Bullock, 1907-1996

Burdick (See also:Rice)
Beryl L Burke, 1921-1990

Burnett (See also:Washburn)
Harold E. Burnett, New York, CPL 11 Inf 5 Inf Div; March 23, 1931 - Nov 26, 1951
Benjamin Burnett, 1891-1951

Deborah Claudia Burnett, 1954-1954
Gladys Pearl Burnett, d. Feb 14, 1953

Weldon Guy Burnett, 1917-1967

Kenneth B. Burnett, Son of B & V Burnett, 1925-1926

Roberty L. Burns, 1898-1965
Margaret Burns, Wife of Robert Burns, 1898-1960

Burrows (See also:Maybee)
Dorothy Irene Davis Burrows, Wife of Edgar Burrows., d. 1952
Edgar D. Burrows, 1897-1987

Mary Butcher, Wife of Michael Butcher, 1884-1961;Close-up
Michael Butcher, 1885-1947;Close-up
Pearl Gaines Butcher, 1918-2004;Close-up
Michael Butcher, PVT US Army, World War II; 1918-Aug 2, 1981;Military Marker

Dawn Lynn Byrns, Mar 27, 1974 - Aug 19, 1976;Second Marker

Camidge (See also:Zeller)
Quenton Camidge, SGT US Army, World War II; Oct 12, 1919 - May 7, 1983

Donald Lynn Camidge, PFC US Army World War II, April 28, 1923 - Sept 18, 2004

Campbell (See also:Todd)
Campbell Monument
Gertrude Edgerly Campbell, Wife of Willis Campbell, 1875-1964
Willis Manson Campbell, 1873-1953
James Rush Campbell, 1902-1959

Vernard Card, 1897-1972
Grace Webb Card, 1910-1932;Second Marker

Oscar C. Carlson, 1902-1959;Close-up
Marion Farley Carlson, Wife of Oscar Carlson, 1907-1995;Close-up

Claude E. Carpenter, 1914-2008;Close-up
Eunice Carpenter, Wife of Claude, 1916-1987;Close-up

Carl Hugh Casanova, 1906-1960;Close-up
Marion E. Devereau Casanova, 1905-1977;Close-up

Cassidy (See also:Doyle, Noble)
Virginia Cassidy, Wife of Ray Cassidy., 1905-2003;Close-up

Ray Cassidy, 1900-1990;Close-up

Millard R. Cassidy, 1926-2004

Ercel Cassidy Maigret, 1916-1979, wife of Robert Maigret
Millard E. Cassidy, 1887-1939;Second Marker
Harriet Whalen Cassidy, Wife of Millard, 1891-1975

Cayea (See also:Newvine)
Alexander Cechowicz, Killed, July 20, 1918 Age 26 years;Close-up

Chapin (See also:Miller, Typhair)
Leon D. Chapin, May 28, 1898 - May 22, 1979
Aubrey E Chapin, Sept 1, 1933 - Oct 4, 2009
Edith Shea Chapin, Wife of Lemuel, 1903-1971;Close-up
Lemuel Chapin, 1896-1978;Close-up
Dorothy Chapin, Dau of Lemuel & Edith, -1939-;Close-up
Chapin Monument
Frank L. Chapin, 1852-1930
Emeline Reed Chapin, Wife of Frank Chapin, 1857-1927
Caroline Chapin Reed, Wife of Arthur Reed, 1890-1936
Arthur Reed, 1888-1953, husband of Caroline Chapin

Blaine McKinley Chapin, Son of Muhrl and Sally, Nov 23, 1969 - Jan 13, 1971;Close-up
Murhl B Chapin, Nov 13, 1942 - Jan 13, 1971;Close-up
Sally Hutchins Chapin, Wife of Murhl, Feb 12, 1950 - Jan 13, 1971;Close-up
Kenneth C Chapin, 1956-1957
Karen Chapin, 1954-1957
Jami Lynn Chapin, Dau of Richard & Robin Chapin, Dec 28, 1981

Rupert Chapin, Son of William and Margaret, 1898-1899;Footstone
Margaret Bigham Chapin, Wife of William Chapin, 1876-1965;Footstone
William L. Chapin, 1875-1936
Glen Chapin, Son of William and Margaret, 1901-1918

Jay Thomas Chapman, 1905-1986;Close-up
Elizabeth Giffin Chapman, 1913-2000

Chase (See also:Robinson)
William L. Church, US Army, Korea; Apr 29, 1930 - Nov 9, 1991;Military Marker

Frank A Church, US Army, Korea; Feb 23, 1933 - Jan 27, 2000
Clarence Church, 1901-1975

Clark (See also:Brown, Gore, Webb)
Clark Monument
Ruth E. Clark, Daughter of Barton Clark. 1922-1935;Second Marker
Myrtle Ione Clark, 1909-1954
Elizabeth Matthews Clark, Wife of A. Barton, 1891-1964
Barton Clark, 1883-1953

Arnold B. Clark, 1930-1991

William Myron Clark, Oct 17, 1922 - October 1959

Clark Monument
Myrtle A. Clark, Nov 23, 1893 - Sept 4, 1995
Anna Robinson Clark, Wife of Robert E. Clark, 1863-1958
Robert E. Clark, 1861-1938
Lillian Clark Rowley, 1904-1994

Cleland (See also:Brown, Duffy, Dulack, Macgregor, Woodcock)
David John Cleland, 1909-1968
Ethel Davis Cleland, Wife of David Cleland. , 1914-1971
Baby Girl Cleland, Daughter of David & Ethel, -1939-
James Cleland, Son of David & Ethel, -1938-
Cleland Monument
James Cleland, 1879-1930
Kathryn Allan Cleland, Wife of James Cleland, 1878-1954

William J Cleland, 1918-2010
Mertie C. Grant Cleland, Wife of William Othneil Cleland., 1883-1972
William Othneil Cleland, 1871-1936
Ives Cleland, 1919-1963

Michael W. Clement, 1969-1969;Close-up
Michael R. Clement, 1948-1971;Close-up

Russell P. Clintsman, PFC US Army, Vietnam; July 17, 1937 - Mar 3, 2007;Bench
Dudley D. Clintsman, Oct 6, 1911 - Oct 19, 1968
Mary Mouriski Clintsman, Wife of Dudley Clintsman, August 26, 1915 - June 10, 1975

Coffie (See also:Scott)
Cole (See also:Hall, Sweet)
Barbara Nancy Toth Cole, Wife of Floyd, 1921-1972
Floyd R. Cole, 1920-1984

Maynard L Cole, 1921-1984

Cheyenne A. Cole, Sept 7 - Sept 19, 1995

C. Adelia Cole, 1870-1926
James L. Cole Sr, May 12, 1947 - Sept 16, 2008

Cole Monuments Wide View
Bonnie Scott Cole, 1922-2007
Clifford Cole, 1893-1979
Pansy Leonard Cole, Wife of Clifford Code, 1901-1965
Cole Monuments
John J. Cole, 1872-1925
Fanny P. Cole, 1840-1927
Don F. Cole, 1914-1926
Kate B. Stevens Cole, Wife of Daniel, 1887-1970
Daniel S. Cole, 1877-1941
Ella Cole Brayton, 1894-1980
Mark E. Brayton, 1893-1986
Ephraim A. Cole, 1868-1950;Close-up
Sarah Backus Cole, Wife of Ephraim, 1875-1949;Close-up
Stanley Cole, 1895-1930
Olive A Brayton Cole, Wife of Stanley Cole, 1890-1967
Gloria Cole, Daughter of Chester and Jean, 1952-1957.;Close-up
Jean Goodnough Cole, Wife of Chester, 1926-1994;Close-up
Chester A. Cole, PFC US Army, World War II, Mar 16, 1917 - Jan 13, 2010;Military Marker
Cole Monuments
Edwin Cole, 1900-1981
Florence D. Cole, Wife of Edwin Cole, 1908-1993
Mary R. Ward Cole, Wife of Durwood Cole, 1903-1989
Durwood Cole, 1902-1951
Kenneth Cole, US Army, World War II; Dec 3, 1923 - Jan 3, 1992;Military Marker
Lucy Lee Cole-Allen, Dec 6, 1949 - Nov 4, 2004

Compo Monument
Moses J. Compo, 1864-1941
Emma L. Compo, Wife of Moses J. Compo, 1865-1948
Lela M. Compo, 1897-1979
Alfred Fred Compo, 1899-1966
Malena Compo, 1906-1982

Inez Contegni, 1917-1999

Cooper Monument
Christeen Gaddis Cooper, Wife of Charlie Cooper, 1872-1956
Charles E. Cooper, 1878-1949

Cousins (See also:Cousins, Watson)
Lilla E. Allen Cousins, Wife of Warren, 1886-1918
Warren W. Cousins, 1885-1961
Albert L. Cousins, 1861-1929
Mettie A Payne Cousins, Wife of Albert L. Cousins, 1864-1948
Donald Cousins, 1926-1928
Joanne Ward, Infant daughter of Polly Cousins Ward, 1945-1947
Polly Cousins Ward, 1925-1978
Albert D Cousins, New York, PVT Co B 38 Sig TNG BN; World War II; Sept 2, 1904 - May 16, 1963

Herbert A Covey, 1895-1967
Pauline Covey, 1900-1990

Crayton (See also:Ward)
Carl B. Creighton, 1932-1994
Juanita J Creighton, 1922-2003

Cross (See also:Aunger)
Delbert Crowder, 1898-1981

Agnes M. Brayton Crump, Wife of Ellis Denton, 1915-2002;Close-up

John Cudlip, 1842-1928
Matilda Cudlip, Wife of John Cudlip, 1852-1929

Lois Cuglar, 1901-1936

Salvatore R. Curcuruto, US Navy, Korea; Feb 23, 1934 - Apr 9, 1996

Curtis (See also:Williams)
Ida M. Dain, Daughter of John and Mary, 1896-1919;Close-up
John W. Dain, 1865-1930;Close-up
Mary E. Farrell Dain, Wife of John W. Dain, 1870-1958;Close-up
Ruth E. Dain, Daughter of John and Mary, 1894-1956;Close-up
Mina Dain Hale, 1862-1931

Dana (See also:Bullock, Noble)
Danko (See also:Toth)
Dart (See also:Brisbane, Ward)
Ward Davenport, 1893-1981

Davis (See also:Aldridge, Brown, Burrows, Cleland, French, Goodberry)
Davis Monument
Robert Noble Davis, S1 US Navy, World War II; May 30, 1924 - Mar 10, 2008
Vera K. Noble Davis, Wife of Glenn Davis.
Glenn L. Davis, 1899-1962

Glenn Landon Davis Jr., Baby
Judith Kaye Davis, Baby
Patrick Robert Davis, Baby

Eugene L. Davis, Jan 6, 1934 - Oct 2, 2003

Brian L Davis, May 24, 1973 - Nov 11, 1994

Davis Monument
Ivan Davis, 1903-1970
Eva Law Davis, Wife of Ivan Davis, 1904-1993
Glenn P. Davis, 1886-1947
Carrie M. Davis, Wife of Glenn P. Davis, 1889-1957

Eugene L. Davis, 1856-1923
Adella G. Prestone Davis, Wife of Eugene L. Davis, 1861-1951
Eugene L. Davis, Son of Eugene and Adella. 1894-1918
Fred S. Davis, 1901-1963

Kenneth P Davison, CPT US Army, Persian Gulf; Mar 17, 1964 - June 24, 2006;Military Marker
Robert C Davison, May 13, 1960 - Jun 29, 1961;Close-up

Edwin Dawley, Sept 27, 1926 - May 8, 1975
Rose Z. Dawley, Dec 28, 1902 - Oct 14, 1977
Frank Dawley, 1896-1947
Flossie Dawley, Wife of Frank, 1890-1959
William E Dawley, New York, Wagoner 328 Infantry, World War I; Aug 18, 1889 - June 10, 1936

Arnold Dean, 1910-1985;Close-up
Dennis Dean, Son of Arnold Dean and wife Dorothy Brown., -1940-;Close-up
Dorothy E. Dean, 1907-1991, Wife of Arnold;Close-up

U S. Dean, d. 1927

DeLair (See also:Maybee)
George B. Denecia, 1893-1975;Funeral Home Marker
Marion Denecia, 1897-1979

Ellis Denton, 1905-1973;Close-up

Donald Denton, New York PVT 9136 QM SVC TNG CEN, World War II; Mar 31, 1912 - Mar 15, 1968;Military Marker

Ellis S Denton, 1941-2009

Devereau (See also:Casanova)

Ruth I Bleau Devito, 1940-1988

Dorothy F. Kendrew Dewan, Nov 3, 1922 - Dec 26, 1994
Lee N. Dewan, May 11, 1918 - Feb 25, 1989
Larry L Dewan, "Our Son", 1956-1961;SecondMarker

Dickerson (See also:Meldrim)
Ralph W. Dier, 1916-1986

Martha Girard Donnelly, Wife of Michael Donnelly, Mar 27, 1885 - June 15, 1961

James Lawrence Doyle, 1910-1979
Nyla Cassidy Doyle, Wife of James, 1914-1996
Gary Doyle, Feb 26, 1940 - Dec 17, 1999

Margaret Drake, 1925-2006

Lester Duchano, 1899-1986;Close-up
Pearl Tresidder Duchano, Wife of Lester Duchano, 1905-1985;Close-up

Celeste M. Duffy, April 2, 1979 - April 16, 2005
Thomas M. Duffy, Sept 8, 1976 - Sept 17, 1990

Duffy Monument
Patrick Cleland Duffy, 1950-1982
Thomas L. Duffy, CPL US Army, World War II; April 23, 1918 - Nov 1, 1997;Military Marker
Edith Sophia Cleland Duffy, Wife of Thomas, 1921-2002
Michael Duffy, FTB2 US Navy; Mar 26, 1946 - Sept 19, 2008;Military Marker

Dulack (See also:Fuller)
Frederick Dulack, 1877-1939
Julia M. Soper Dulack, Wife of Frederick Dulack, 1874-1947

David Frandy Dulack, 1875-1943
Hattie M. Cleland Dulack, Wife of David Frandy Dulack, 1873-1931

Dumas (See also:Whitmarsh)
Russell L Dunbar, CPL US Army Korea; Aug 2, 1931 - Jan 2, 1985;Military Marker

Dupuis (See also:Brassard)
Donald Carl Durham, US Air Force, World War II; 1928-1990

Dusharm (See also:Labeau)
Thomas E. Dusharm, New York, S2 US Navy, World War I; March 14, 1901 - Jan 10, 1972
Carrie Elizabeth Dusharm, 1879-1965
Frances French Dusharm, Wife of Hiram Dusharm., 1920-1982
Hiram Verdun Dusharm, 1919-1983

Juanita Dusharm, 1926-2009
Melven E. Dusharm, 1912-2000

Trudie M Dusharm, May 18, 1948 - Aug 29, 2004
Angie M. Dusharm, 1977-1978, child of M.L. & T.M. Dusharm
Terry M. Dusharm, -1976-, child of M.L. & T.M. Dusharm

Dygert (See also:Hall)
Clarence Merkeley Dygert, 1899-1957
Marjorie Dygert, 1903-1984
Victor Dygert, Son of Clarence Dygert,-1923-
Edward Dygert, June 30, 1925 - Aug 3, 1984

Eager (See also:Webb)
Edgerly (See also:Campbell)
Walter R. Eggsware, 1911-1992

Glenn E Elliott, June 4, 1931 - April 12, 2008

Ellis (See also:Stammer)
Evans (See also:Bancroft, Goodheart)
Farley (See also:Carlson)
Farr (See also:Holmes, Kleemeir)
Farrell (See also:Dain)
Albert Farrell, d. 1922

Michael Feher, 1860-1930

Robert W Ferry, 1924-1989

May Mcintyre Ferry, 1867-1959

Leta A. Webb Backus Finley, 1908-1997

Fossati (See also:Manzolati)
Archie D. Foster, Tec3 US Army, World War II; June 3, 1911 - Sept 21, 1991;Military Marker

Fowler (See also:Brown)
Elsie Isla Fowler, Oct 31, 1961 - Sept 22, 2008

Dora Fowler, 1924-1991
George Fowler, New York SP2 US Army, Korea; July 4, 1925 - June 29, 1973

Freeman (See also:Bancroft, Bullock, Fuller)
Gertrude Eugenia Loomis Freeman, Wife of Arthur Freeman, 1880-1965;Close-up
Arthur Rolla Freeman, 1871-1960;Close-up

Ames-Freeman Monument
Bower F. Freeman, 1866-1963
Lydia Freeman, Wife of Bower F. Freeman, 1866-1941
Homer M. Ames, 1856-1925
Nellie M. Freeman Ames, Wife of Homer Ames, 1864-1957
Charles T. Freeman, 1856-1917
Ella R. Watson Freeman, 1853-1926, wife of Charles T.

French (See also:Dusharm, Van Sant)
Leon J. French, 1915-1987
Olive I. French, 1915-1988

Roger James French, 1888-1954
Verda Davis French, Wife of Roger French, 1894-1972

Ted B. Frey, Dec 8, 1904 - Feb 8, 1998 (buried with Howard & Dorothy Sweet)

Leonard Fuller, 1898-1982
Theo Gore Fuller, Wife of Leonard, 1896-1943
Edward James Perpente, LTJG US Merchant Marine, World War II; b. Kearny, NJ Sept 3, 1920 - d. Sarasota FL Dec 21, 1994;Military marker
Gibbs (See also:Hurley)
Judith E. Fuller Perpente, b. Gouverneur NY Aug 15, 1930 - d. Sarasota, FL Feb 20, 2006

Ruth I Given Fuller, June 28, 1928 - July 22, 2008
Wayne H Fuller, Oct 25, 1923 - May 4, 2006
Dalton Frank Fuller, June 3, 1912 - July 25, 2000
Katheryn Eileen Freeman Fuller, Jan 23, 1915 - Jan 16, 2001

Fuller Monument
Albert Fuller, 1912-1962
Allen Albert Fuller, Oct 27, 1944 - Oct 13, 1963

Beatrice Dulack Fuller, Wife of N. Webster, 1907-1992
N Webster Fuller, 1902-1997

Gaddis (See also:Cooper)
Gaddis Monument
Rose Ethel Gaddis, 1874-1939
J. Franklin Gaddis, 1876-1963

Arloween Aldridge Gagnon, Wife of Benjamin Gagnon, 1930-1982
Benjamin Gagnon, 1930-1998

Lottie E. Gaines, Wife of William Gaines, 1859-
William W. Gaines, 1838-1920

Gaines (See also:Butcher)
Gallow (See also:Noble)
Garbarino (See also:Waugh)
Gardner (See also:Hall)
Gardner Monument
Alvin Gardner, 1834-1917
Christeen Grieve Gardner, Wife of Alvin Gardner., 1840-1927
William Gardner, 1860-1934
Teresa Murty Gardner, Wife of William Gardner, 1860-1929

George D. Garvin, 1904-1966
Ida M Garvin, 1909-1984

Estella Laton Generoux, Wife of Martin Generoux, 1898-1983;Close-up
Martin Generoux, 1895-1972;Close-up

Peter Atanasu, 1900-1952
Charles Gengler, Son of John and Sophia, -1926-
Richard Gengler, Son of John and Sophia., -1942-
John J. Gengler, 1900-1973

Sophia Atanasau Gengler, Wife of John Gengler, 1904-1972

Anthony C Georges II, US Air Force, Vietnam; Feb 13, 1953 - Dec 16, 1990;Military Marker

Giffin (See also:Barraford, Chapman)
Girard (See also:Donnelly)
Gisslander (See also:Ingraham)
Given (See also:Bullock, Fuller, Hurley, McConnell)
Gerald Given, 1902-1974;Close-up
Marion F. Rushlo Given, Wife of Gerald, 1906-1980;Close-up

Albert Given, 1864-1946
Everett Given, Son of Albert and Nettie, 1905-1966
Nettie Aldrich Given, Wife of Albert Given, 1881-1951

Monica M. Given, Wife of Stanly, 1919-1986
Stanley Given, 1920-1985
Linda Beth Towne, 1943-1986
Given Monument
Robert Given, 1874-1948
Flora Allen Given, Wife of Robert Given, 1879-1938

Alice G Given, Wife of Clarence, 1915-2007
Clarence Given, 1910-1998

Marilyn J Given, 1939-2008

Gaylord C Gladle Jr, Feb 17, 1938 - Mar 10, 2005
Gaylord Gladle, June 21, 1906 - April 14, 2000
Gertrude F Gladle, Aug 9, 1915 - May 15, 2002

Gollagher (See also:Jones)
Ruth J. Gollaher, July 21, 1920 - May 12, 1984

Everett Goodale, 1909-1979;Close-up

Goodale Monument
Howard Harvey Goodale, 1876-1948
Blanche Goodale, Wife of Howard Goodale, 1885-1942
Rita A. Goodale, Wife of Ledyard Goodale, 1907-1958
Ledyard Goodale, 1904-1954

Goodale Monument
Morley Orin Goodale, New York, PVT BTRY A 4 BN 84 Arty; Oct 12, 1946 - Dec 29, 1967;Military Marker
Maurice Harvey Goodale, 1905-1980;Second Marker
Mildred Solon Goodale, Wife of Maurice Goodale, 1907-1988;Second Marker
Marvin A Goodale, PFC NY Reserve, 1939-1958;Military marker

Chancey Roswell Goodberry, 1894-1977;Close-up
Mary Davis Goodberry, Wife of Chancey Goodberry, 1891-1963;Close-up
Harold E. Goodberry, 1923-1979;Close-up
Virginia Hovey Goodberry, 1927-2011;Second View

George Goodberry, 1917-1966;Close-up
Myrna Morgan Goodberry, 1918-1990;Close-up

Martha Evans Goodheart, 1944-1965

Frederick C. Goodheart, 1917-1956;Close-up

Goodnough (See also:Bancroft, Cole, Webb)
Gore (See also:Fuller)
Caroline Noble Gore, Wife of William Gore, 1853-1937
William John Gore, 1853-1935

Arthur Gore, 1877-1950
Eva M. Clark Gore, Wife of Arthur Gore, 1882-1970

Lulu Gosselin, 1923-1988
Paul W. Gosselin, S1 US Navy, World War II; June 29, 1927 - Jun 4, 1991;Military Marker

Lowell Gotham, May 2, 1936 - Jan 7, 2000

Bernice Gotham, Wife of Harold, 1910-1993
Harold Gotham, 1904-1988

Grant (See also:Cleland, Webb)
Ralph Grant, 1882-1951;Footstone
Hazel B. Grant, 1886-1972;Footstone
Helen M. Grant, 1909-1999

Vernon Grant, Son of Henry Grant and wife Leta Watson, 1898-1944

Leta Watson Grant, Wife of Henry Grant., Jan 3, 1871 - Mar 25, 1937
Henry J. Grant, April 29, 1860 - 1939
Lavina Bannister Grant, Wife of William Grant, 1835-1927
William Grant, 1833-1918

Inez Gray, Wife of Kenneth Gray, 1896-1994
Kenneth Gray, 1897-1952

Grieve (See also:Gardner)
Griffith (See also:Mcgill, Thompson)
Irma Hall Guiles, Daughter of Velma Hall, 1889-1959

Laurel Guiles, 1916-1984
Lillian Guiles, 1913-1982

Mildred F Haddock, 1900-1998
Philip J. Haddock, 1903-1979

Hagadom (See also:Spearance)
Hale (See also:Ashley, Dain)
Hall (See also:Boulet, Brailey, Guiles, Ritz, Watson)
Nina Cole Smith, Mother of Isabel Hall, 1890-1962;Close-up
Isabella Hall, Wife of Lee, 1909-1982;Close-up
Lee Hall, 1907-1984;Close-up
Dean A. Webb, d. 1978;Close-up
Doris Velma Hall Webb, Wife of Lester Webb., 1910-1955;Close-up
Lester F. Webb, 1908-1968;Close-up

Velma Hall, Mother, 1852-1942

Laurance Guy Hall, Son of Lloyd and Mabel, 1909-1951;Close-up
Lloyd Hall, 1884-1950;Close-up
Mabel C. Gardner Hall, Wife of Lloyd Hall, 1887-1938;Second Marker
Floyd Hall, 1914-1927

Theron Hall, 1896-1986;Close-up
Sarah Sullivan Hall, Wife of Theron Hall, 1895-1971

Bernice Lillis Hall, Wife of Frank Hall, 1885-1939
Frank Hall, 1884-1940

Guy Hall, 1880-1956
Hazel Hall, Wife of Roy B. Hall., 1900-1952
Roy B. Hall, 1890-1949
Florence M. Dygert Hall, Wife of Frank M, 1885-1918
Frank M. Hall, 1883-1918
George G Hall, 1853-1936
Laurance M. Barkley Hall, Wife of George, 1861-1933

Alice Halladay, 1908-1986
Frederick Halladay, 1888-1969

Louella Rice Hambrick, 1913-1998
Ira Hambrick, New York, S SGT Co C 53 Armd Inf BN, World War II, BSM-PH & OLC; Feb 9, 1907 -- April 15, 1960

James C. Hamilton, PFC US Army, World War II; Feb 9, 1917 - Dec 3, 1999;Military marker
Myrtle Hamilton Bandy, Wife of Russell Bandy, 1926-1991

Hance (See also:McFerran)
Clarence W. Hansen, Ohio PVT CO E 40 Infantry, World War I; Feb 2, 1895 - April 27, 1972;Military Marker
Mary Atanasau Hansen, Wife of Clarence Hansen, 1903-1975

Frances Harmon Rohde, 1922-1968
Maurice E. Rohde, 1907-1986
David B. Harmon, 1886-1952
Mary L. Noble Harmon, Wife of David Harmon, 1887-1974

Harrington (See also:Aldridge)
Harris (See also:Larock)
Annette Wolfe Hart, 1907-1983
Z Chriss Hart, 1900-1982

Morris Hart, 1868-1936

Betty Hart, 1925-1985

Joseph J. Hart, 1909-1978
G. Patricia Hart, 1909-1965
Joseph Hart, 1889-1927;Close-up

Eva Hartle, 1900-1986

Kay Boulet Hartley, July 7, 1936 - Jan 22, 2000
Murray A Hartley, Aug 14, 1927 - Feb 7, 2003

Peter William Hartley, In memory of our baby, -1966-

Phyllis Averill Harvey, 1928-2006

Hazelton (See also:Bancroft)
Beulah Heath Bacon, 1894-1964
John Nelson Heath, 1870-1942
Kenneth Heath, 1909-1961
Mazie E. Heath, Wife of John Nelson Heath, 1875-1962
Vera G. Heath, 1900-1964

Carl D Henderson, 1902-1959

Worth S Hendrick, 1902-1970;Close-up
Mildred Ward Hendrick, Wife of Worth Hendrick, 1908-2003;Close-up

Donald G Hendrick, 1907-1991
Hazel B. Hendrick, 1916-1998

Clinton Hendrick, 1908-1971
Helen Lamore Hendrick, Wife of Clinton Hendrick, 1912-1987
Infant Daughter Hendrick, Dau of Clinton & Helen, -1940-

Frances J. Hendricks, Daughter of D.E. Hendricks and D.M. Hendricks, 1931-1932;Second Marker
Dennings Hendricks, 1906-1965;Close-up
Doris Hendricks, Wife of Dennings, 1908-1952;Close-up

Harvey Henry, 1892-1964

Sharon Hershman, July 14, 1949 - Dec 28, 1980

Hewitt (See also:Phippin)
Hickok (See also:Lanphear)
Claude A Hight, Jan 2, 1927 - July 10, 2005

Hildreth (See also:Zaluski)
John S. Hill, 1955-1992;Close-up

Albert E. Hirst, A2C US Air Force; Sept 28, 1938 - May 29, 2001

Martin Hogue, PVT US Army, Spanish American War; Nov 7, 1878 - May 24, 1922

William Orlin Hogue, 19097-1941

Robert L. Hogue, New York PVT 3860 SVC Comd Unit, World War II; May 22, 1909 - Nov 19, 1954
Vera Lutz Hogue, Wife of Robert Hogue, 1908-1945

Howard Ronald Holly, US Navy, World War II; Feb 5, 1929 - May 4, 1991;Military marker

Athea Farr Holmes, Wife of Chiron, 1899-1981
Chiron Holmes, 1893-1970

John K. Honsky, US Navy World War II, Mar 1, 1927 - Mar 10, 1989;Military Marker

Hooper (See also:Mcgill)
Eugene E. Hopper, US Army World War II; April 16, 1919 - May 31, 1992;Military Marker
Althea F. Hopper, 1926-2001

M Anne Hopper, Aug 11, 1930 - Sept 8, 1981

Lyle J. Horne, US Navy, March 4, 1959 - Feb 11, 1990

Lloyd Horne, Jan 21, 1915 - Dec 23, 1888

Harvey Horne, 1893-1971
Myrtle Lincoln Horne, Wife of Harvey Horne, 1894-1973

Sherwood E Horne, May 3, 1940 - June 12, 2006

Hosmer (See also:Brown, Scott, Woodcock)
Marlene Hosmer, Baby daughter, -Jan 7, 1955-
Floyd C Hosmer, SGT US Army, Korea; Jun 16, 1930 - Jun 19, 2002;Military Marker

Kent G Houghton, Feb 8, 1934 - Sept 23, 1997

House Monument
David B. House, 1880-1943
Cora A. House, Wife of David House, 1873-1950

Hovey (See also:Goodberry, Woodcock)
Barbara J Hovey, Dec 14, 1963 - July 15, 1964
Melvin Hovey, 1930-1967;Close-up

Hovey Monument
Henry H. Hovey, 1865-1933
Gertrude L. Hovey, Wife of Henry Hovey. , 1875-1947
Moses Ellis Hovey, 1905-1972
Alzina Hovey, 1906-1981
Baby Hovey, no dates

Hughes (See also:Babcock)
Hughes Monument
Lyle Hughes, 1903-1985
Edna Hughes, 1903-1993
Dolores F Hughes, 1935-2006
Gary Hughes II, 1990-2007

Hurley (See also:Watson)
Clara M Hurley, Sister, 1908-1976

Bessie Gibbs Hurley, Wife of Maynard Hurley, 1904-2000
Maynard Hurley, 1902-1971
Melvin Hurley, 1902-1927, Brother

Robert B. Hurley, CPL US Army, World War II; Feb 25, 1922 - Mar 30, 1990;Military Marker

Carl Hurley, 1904-1987;Close-up
Eva Given Hurley, Wife of Carl Hurley, 1906-1966;Close-up
Ronald J Hurley, Son of Carl & Eva, -1927-;Close-up

Melvin Hurley, US Navy World War II; May 15, 1924 - July 10, 1983;Military Marker

Hutchins (See also:Chapin)
Hutchinson (See also:Robinson)
Ingraham (See also:McDonald, Uruburu, Webb)
Mae Ingraham, 1911-1981

Linnea Gisslander Ingraham, Wife of Merrill, 1912-1991
Merrill Ingraham, 1910-1981
Clifford Bowhall, 1904-1971
Grace Ingraham Bowhall, Wife of Clifford, 1908-1990
Frank Ingraham, New York, SGT Co A 9 Regt Infantry, Spanish American War; April 24, 1873 - Dec 14, 1962;Military Marker
Mary Little, Wife of William, 1853-1925
Minnie Little Ingraham, Wife of Frank, 1882-1956

Jacob Monument
Joseph John Jacob, 1919-1987
Betty Jean Lutz Jacob, Wife of Joseph, 1929-2000

Jarvis (See also:Barker)
Javall (See also:Miller)
Jenne (See also:Barraford, Whitmarsh)
James Edmond Jesmore, PVT US Army, World War I; May 1, 1895 - May 28, 1976

Johnson (See also:Woodcock)
Justin D. Johnson, Aug 27, 1975 - July 23, 1995

Harry Johnson, 1912-1988
Myrtle Yancey Johnson, Wife of Harry, 1900-1990

Jennie Johnson, Wife of Joseph Johnson, 1904-1972
Joseph Johnson, 1908-1975

Dorothy J. Johnston, 1930-1999
Robert L Johnston, Dec 13, 1952 - Mar 29, 2008

Everett C. Jones, US Navy World War II, July 19, 1920 - Mar 3, 1987
Lucille Ward Jones, 1928-1992;Close-up

Douglas E Jones, 1923-1962
Lillian C Jones, 1927-2005
Corrine Boni Jones, 1935-1978

Harriett I. Jones, Wife of Wendell, 1927-1980;Close-up
Wendell Jones, US Army, World War II, 1922-1979;Military marker

Agnes Gollagher Jones, Wife of Joshua Jones, 1862-1929

Jones Monument
Joshua L. Jones, 1861-1932
Charles J Jones, 1917-1922
Wallace Jones, 1926-1936
Everett Jones, 1890-1934
Mary Jones, 1893-1965
Genevieve Jones Aspinwall, 1913-1981

Joyce (See also:Kerr)
Carter Michael Kelley, Born to Heaven, Sept 16, 2008

Weldon Kelley, 1917-2003

Kendrew (See also:Dewan)
James Henry Kennedy, PVT US Army, World War II, 1900-1970

Kerr (See also:Parow)
Arba E. Kerr, 1871-1950
Maude Joyce Kerr, Wife of Arba Kerr, 1869-1957

Ethel Lennox Kerr, Wife of S. Lester, 1911-2001
Lester Stillman Kerr, 1911-1983

Robert E Kerwin, US Navy World War II, Dec 20, 1925 - Sept 7, 1980

Keyser (See also:Padgett)
Guy Hurlbut Kinney, Nov 24, 1922 - Oct 26, 2003;Second Marker

Eva Wells Kinney, Wife of John O'Hearn and Lionel Kinney, 1904-1997

James Kirkbride, SGT US Army World War II; Sept 2, 1914 - Dec 20, 1990;Military marker
Ann M Kirkbride, 1919-2007

Victor Ivan Kirkland, d. 1917

Carrie LaRock Kizer, 1894-1987
James Kizer, 1872-1979

Marion Farr Kleemeir, 1903-2003;Close-up
Fred W Kleemeir, 1899-1973;Close-up

Gladys L Klock-McCready, Mother, Sept 16, 1927 - Jan 2, 2006
Romona Nancy Klock, April 11, 1951 - April 28, 2008

Frances Klock, 1917-1989
George Klock, 1919-1977

Floyd Henry Klock, US Marine Corps, Aug 23, 1960 - Feb 2, 2003;Military marker
Donald Lewis Klock, CPL US Marine Corps, World War II; May 24, 1925 - June 4, 1978;Second Marker

Douglas P Knight, Dec 20, 1956 - May 3, 2003

Dwight A. Knowlton, 1939-1992

Oliver C Knox, US Army World War II; May 31, 1916 - Feb 21, 1992;Military Marker
Ruth T. Knox, Mar 22, 1915 - Oct 4, 1999

Kousch Monument
Carl K. Kousch, 1892-1967
Mildred M. Kousch, Wife of Carl K. Kousch, 1899-1955
Marvin C. Kousch, Son of Carl and Mildred Kousch., 1929-1941

Charles S. Labeau, Jun 6, 1922 - May 1, 1994;Close-up
Deanna A. Dusharm Labeau, Sept 24, 1939 - Aug 28, 2002;Close-up

Lamore (See also:Hendrick)
Shirley J Lancor, A2C US Air Force, Korea; Dec 30, 1934 - Sep 12, 1997

Irene E. Hickok Lanphear, Wife of Sherdie E. Lanphear, 1898-1992
Sherdie E. Lanphear, 1897-1978
Jeanne L. Lanphear, Daughter of Sherdie and Irene, 1928-1938

Sherman B. Lanphear, 1867-1942
Cora Van House Lanphear, Wife of Sherman, 1872-1957

Bertha Laplant, 1911-1996;Close-up

Napoleon Lapoint, 1930-1931

Abigail Harris Larock, 1861-1943
Frederick J Larock, 1885-1967

LaRock (See also:Kizer)
Lashua (See also:Aldridge, Patterson)
Mabel Ball Lashua, Wife of Elmer; 1887-1963;Close-up
Elmer W Lashua, 1882-1962;Close-up
Lewis Lashua, PVT US Army, World War II; May 1, 1912 - April 13, 1984;Military Marker
Belva Lashua, 1910-1928

Edward Lashua, 1924-1986

Paul E. Lashuay, 1910-1995;Close-up
Carl Lashuay, TEC5 US Army, World War II; Dec 24, 1908 - Sept 16, 1972;Military Marker

Lathan (See also:Meldrim)
Mildred Lathan, Wife of N. Herbert Lathan, 1895-1941;Footstone
N. Herbert Lathan, 1887-1928;Footstone

Laton (See also:Generoux)
Law (See also:Davis, Morrow, Webb)
Fred Wilbur Law, Husband of Lorana Leach, 1874-1951
Lorana Leach Law, Wife of Fred W. Law, 1874-1951

Frederick J. Lawrence, 1887-1948;Close-up
Elva J. Ward Lawrence, Wife of Frederick Lawrence., 1893-1961
Ward J. Lawrence, Son of Frederick and Elva Lawrence, 1935-1940

William Lawson, 1860-1923

Leach (See also:Brayton, Law, Ryan)
Leibrock (See also:Webb)
Lennox (See also:Kerr)
Frederick W. Lennox, 1914-1939

William Lennox, 1888-1961
Lena B. Lennox, 1889-1978, wife of William T

Fred W Lennox, 1942-2009;Close-up

Marion Backus Lennox, Wife of Charles, 1922-2008;Close-up
Charles L. Lennox, 1917-1968;Close-up
Trudy Ann Lennox, Daughter of Charles and Marian Lennox. , -1956-;Second Marker

Leonard (See also:Cole, Rice, Snow)
Lewis (See also:Sawyer)
Rose Averill Liles, 1924-1975

Lillis (See also:Hall)
Sarah M Lincoln, 1862-1926

Lincoln (See also:Horne)
Little (See also:Ingraham)
William Little, 1853-1926

Loomis (See also:Freeman)
Loop (See also:Noble)
Loope (See also:Brown)
Malcolm V Lowry, 1920-1998;Close-up
M. Ann Lowry, 1927-1999

Lumley (See also:Payne)
Lumley Monument
Abbie Austin Lumley, Wife of John H. Lumley, 1865-1932
John H. Lumley, 1864-1944
Florence E. Andrews Lumley, Wife of Harrison Lumley, 1896-1921
L Earl Lumley, 1917-2001
Phyllis B. Lumley, 1921-2009
Harrison A. Lumley, 1893-1977

Lutz (See also:Hogue, Jacob)
Joseph R. Lutz, Son of Vernon and Mary, -1943-
Mary Lutz, Wife of Vernon Lutz, 1911-1998
Vernon J Lutz, 1909-1959

Vernon J Lutz, CPL US Army, Korea; Jan 27, 1933 - May 5, 2006;Military Marker
Lorena Lutz, 1937-1988

Harry William Lutz, New York ME2 USNR, World War II; Dec 15, 1911 - March 16, 1946

W Howard Lytle, New York PVT Co F 302 SUP TN 77, May 27, 1893 - June 19, 1961;Military Marker
Ida M. Lytle, 1896-1980, wife of W. Howard Lytle

Maccue (See also:Webb)
Raymond Maccue, PFC US Army, World War II; Jan 22, 1920 - Oct 14, 1983

Cleland - MacGregor Monument
Charles H. Macgregor, 1840-1934
Sena Bancroft Macgregor, Wife of Charles H. MacGregor, 1848-1928
Daniel B Macgregor, Son of Charles and Sena, 1893-1961
Vena L. Cleland Macgregor, Wife of Daniel, 1893-1971
Ettie P. Cleland, 1888-1943

Donald Mageary, Jan 1944 - Jan 1950
Paul Mageary, November - December, 1946

Maigret (See also:Cassidy)
Elaine M. Manchester, 1938-1990

Kermit Manchester, TEC3 US Army World War II, 1912-1983;Temp Marker

John R Manzolati, US Navy, 1919-1981
Manzolati Monument
John Carl Manzolati, 1873-1939
Ellis Manzolati, 1901-1976
Pierina Fossati Manzolati, 1902-1989
Joseph Manzolati, 1894-1981
Mary Manzolati, 1901-1991
Richard (Firp) Manzolati, 1908-1979

Mason (See also:Aunger)
Masters Monument
William A. Masters, 1880-1975
Ida M. Masters, Mother of Billie, wife of William; 1884-1948
Billie Masters, Son of William and Ida. "Our Darling", 1918-1923

Doral R Matejcik, 1919-2008
Peter Matejcik Sr, 1915-1992

Matthews (See also:Clark, Rowe)
Ralph W Matthews, "Peanut", 1945-2005;Close-up

Maybee (See also:Morgan, Morrow)
Maybee-Burrows Monument
Fannie Maybee, Wife of Addison Maybee, 1882-1958
Floyd E. Burrows, 1903-1950
Merle DeLair Burrows, Wife of Floyd, 1912-1980

Blossom Mayer, 1912-1984
Herman Mayer, 1905-1984
Randall Mayer, 1945-1979

Mayo (See also:Padgett)
McAllester (See also:McKye)
Allen E McAllester, CPL US Army, Korea; May 22, 1932 - July 4, 2007;Military marker

McCollom Monument
Newton J. Mccollum, Husband of Ida E. Atkin, 1872-
Ida E. Atkins Mccollum, Wife of Newton McCollum. 1868-1936

Lester V McConnell, SGT US Air Force, July 23, 1964 - Oct 4, 2006;Military Marker

Nancy Given McConnell, Mar 2, 1933 - Nov 10, 2008

McCready (See also:Klock)
Edward C. Mcdonald, 1907-1978;Close-up
Leona Ingraham McDonald, Wife of Edward, 1915-1994;Close-up

Ryan David McDonald, Feb 23, 1987 - Aug 26, 2006

Harold E. McEathron, US Army, World War II; Jun 8, 1926 - Nov 13, 2001;Military Marker

Robert H McFerran, 1902-1972
Ruth L Hance McFerran, Wife of Robert McFerran, 1901-1974
Leah McFerran Andrews, Wife of Leon, 1892-1980
Leon Jay Andrews, 1883-1973
Thomas J McFerran, 1958-2010

John R. McFerran, ADR3 US Navy; May 27, 1935 - May 25, 2010

Mary S. Griffith Mcgill, Wife of Harold H. McGill., 1911-1936;Close-up
Elma S. Mcgill, Wife of Harold H. McGill., 1905-1980;Close-up
Harold H. Mcgill, 1906-1998;Close-up

Kermit H McGill, CPL US Army, Korea; Jan 30, 1932 - Mar 23, 2003;Military Marker

McGill Monument
Junior McGill, 1942-1976

John Floyd Mcgill, 1900-1979
Minnie Hooper Mcgill, Wife of Clinton McGill, 1876-1926
McGill Monument
Clinton Mcgill, 1871-1939
Bernice Mcgill, Sept 30, 1903 - Sept 27, 1959

Robert Mcintosh, 1934-1974;Close-up

Mcintyre (See also:Ferry)
John Mckee, Dec 28, 1915 - Sept 24, 1962
Arthur Mckee, 1969-1948

Bertha McKee, 1870-1944

Deborah Louise McAllester McKye, May 3, 1958 - Oct 24, 2005

McLeod (See also:Ward)
Mott Meldrim, 1873-1971;Footstone
Lura L. Dickerson Meldrim, Wife of Mott Melrim, 1875-1962;Footstone
L. Mabel Meldrim Vanornum, 1911-1977
Harry G. Vanornum, 1915-1988
Lee Mott Meldrim, 1909-1997;Footstone
Earl T Meldrim, July 15, 1899 - Nov 7, 1982
Miriam Loise Bancroft Meldrim, Wife of Earl Meldrim, Sept 19, 1891 - June 10, 1977
Edward Meldrim, Aug 24, 1915 - Feb 4, 2004
Thelma Mae Meldrim, Mar 20, 1918 - July 2, 2003
Gretchen Lathan Meldrim, Wife of Lee Meldrim, 1916-2002
Meldrim Monument

Mericle (See also:Sprague)
John Milan, 1890-1970

Eva B. Miles, 1901-1998
Harry Miles, 1899-1972

Jeanette T Miles, 1930-1986

Miller (See also:Rowe)
Bert L. Miller, 1882-1946
Ruby N. Chapin Miller, Wife of Bert Miller, 1886-1917

Hazel Javall Miller, 1920-1988;Close-up
Vernon A Miller, 1912-1984;Close-up
Joseph A Miller Jr, 1971-1971

Monroe (See also:Whalen)
Janice Lee Moore, 1943-1967

Morehouse (See also:Sloan)
Morehouse Monument
Raymond B Morehouse, 1922-1963

Melody Morehouse, d. 1958, Age 4 mos, 8 days
John Morehouse, "In Memory of", 1951-2005

Edna Mae Morehouse, 1983-1983

Morgan (See also:Goodberry, Traver)
Lawrence Morgan, 1912-1991;Close-up

Maybee-Morgan Monument
Alfred R. Morgan, 1853-1935
Rosetta E. Morgan, Wife of Afred R.; 1870-1937
Addison Maybee, 1866-1939

Samuel J Morris, PVT US Army, World War I; 1892-1978

Morrow (See also:Raven)
Glen Morrow, New York, PVT 14 Regt FA Repl Draft, World War I; Oct 27, 1893 - May 16, 1951;Military Marker
Hazel Watson Morrow, Wife of Glenn Morrow, 1899-1953
Edith Law Morrow, Wife of William Morrow, 1904-1929

George Morrow, 1868-1947
Lila Morrow, Daughter of George and Margaret Morrow, 1893-1968
Margaret Thompson Morrow, Wife of George Morrow, 1868-1941

James Morrow, 1863-1936
Lenora Maybee Morrow, Wife of James Morrow, 1872-1930
Floyd D. Morrow, New York PFC ORD TNG CAMP BAND, World War I; June 19, 1894 - June 22, 1954
Ida Grace Morrow, July 31, 1899 - June 5, 1966

Barbara G Morrow, 1947-2005

Mouriski (See also:Clintsman)
Murty (See also:Gardner)
Steven L Mussaw, US Navy Vietnam; May 4, 1953 - Sept 17, 2005;Military Marker
Lawrence C. Mussaw, July 13, 1929 - Jan 25, 2006
Virginia Mussaw, Mar 26, 1931 - Dec 19, 2002

Nagle Monument
Robert G. Nagle, New York, S1 USNR, World War II; Feb 19, 1926 - Oct 17, 1972

Margaret Nash, 1971-1979;Close-up

Gustin Neddermerger, 1858-1933

Chester Neil, 1888-1959;Close-up
Jennie Neil, Wife of Chester, 1890-1969;Close-up

Erwin Chester Neil, S1 US Navy, World War II; Dec 22, 1920 - Dec 11, 1999;Military Marker
Margaret L. Neil, 1937-1988

Newvine (See also:Boni)
Arthur H. Newvine, 1879-1958;Close-up
Cecile Pratt Newvine, Wife of Arthur, 1881-1961;Close-up
Frank H. Cayea, 1898-1980;Close-up
Ruth Newvine Cayea, Wife of Frank Cayea, 1904-1985;Close-up

Kevin L Nichols, Mar 1, 1960 - May 9, 1992

Noble (See also:Brown, Davis, Gore, Harmon, Van Ornum)
Noble Monument
Leverett D. Noble, 1877-1938
Lena Noble, Wife of Leverett Noble, 1878-1974
Agnes A Noble, Aged 28 yrs
Geneva Noble Gallow, 1900-1979

Noble Monument
Raymond Noble, 1953-1967
Earl V Noble, 1911-2010
Mary A Tripp Noble, 1918-2009
Warren Noble, 1876-1963
Addie Barnes Noble, Wife of Warren Noble, 1885-1974
Cleland Noble, 1851-1926
Emeline Cassidy Noble, Wife of Cleland Noble. , 1855-1944

Noble Monument
Maitland Clark Noble, 1867-1957
Bessie A. Backus Noble, Wife of Maitland Clark Noble, 1874-1964
Delialah Rachel Loop Noble, Wife of John Noble, 1844-1925
Ada Noble, Daughter of Maitland C& Bessie; 1896-1917
Leah M Noble, 1899-1982
John Noble, 1840-1926

Noble Monument
Bertha Noble Taylor, 1907-1935
Daniel Noble, 1847-1921

Noble Monument
Henry R Noble, 1898-1999
Ruth Dana Noble, 1899-1977, wife of Henry
Harry F. Noble, 1898-1922
Donald Earl Noble, Son of Henry & Ruth, -1930-

Leo V Nolan, US Army Air Forces, World War II; Feb 8, 1924 - Jan 9, 1999

Geneva R. Ober, 1925-2002
Stanton P Ober, 1926-2005

Elizabeth O'Brien, July 11, 1928 - July 13, 2004

Roger W. O'Hearn, CPL US Amry, Korea; Sep 29, 1930 - June 22, 1997;Military Marker

John O'Hearn, 1864-1943

Arthur R. Osborne, 1906-1939

Dolores A Typhair Osborne, June 17, 1937 - July 19, 2004
Wanda Lou Osborne, Sept 27, 1955 - March 1957

Francis Eugene O'Shea, New York MM3 USNR World War II; Nov 21, 1918 - Dec 31, 1966;Military Marker

Charles O'Shea, 1920-1989;Close-up
Penny Lee O'Shea, Feb 22, 1973 - June 20, 1988;Close-up

Osier (See also:Walker)
Padgett Marker
Herbert H Padgett, SGT US Army, World War II; Sept 6, 1913 - Feb 23, 2003;Military Marker
Myra Keyser Padgett, 1914-1978

Padgett Monument
W Clark Padgett, 1911-1991
Elizabeth Mayo Padgett, Wife of W. Clark Padgett, 1913-1998

Nasill Parcharmahook, 1896-1928

Frank Parlick, 1887-Nov 16, 1954

Kenneth Paro Jr., Son of Kenneth, Sr and Elizabeth Paro, 1958-1963.;Close-up

Kenneth Parow, 1910-1987;Close-up
Neva M. Parow, 1919-1995;Close-up

Gretchen M. Parow, Wife of W. M. Willard., 1908-1936;Side View
Herman Watson Parow Sr, 1929-1971
John Parow, 1885-1964
Sarah Watson Parow, Wife of John Parow, 1888-1951
Mahlon A. Parow, 1927-1961

Dennis W. Parow, 1918-1993

Nancy Kathleen Parow, 1970-1971
Alice B Kerr Parow, Wife of Charles, Dec 23, 1912 - Dec 4, 2007
Charles J. Parow, Mar 18, 1913 - April 20, 1998
Kay E Parow, June 28, 1942 - June 25, 2010

Patterson (See also:Barraford, Bleau, Patterson)
Patterson Monument
William C. Patterson, 1905-1982
Pauline Lasua Patterson, Wife of William Patterson, 1908-1985
Clara Patterson, 1934-1985
Matthew Patterson, 1964-1981
Glenn Von Wald, 1910-1968
Nora Patterson Von Wald, Wife of Glenn Von Wald, 1909-2008
Reata P Von Wald, Daughter, 1930-1962

Eldon John Patterson, Son of Chester and Gertrude P. Patterson., died July 21, 1941

Reata Patterson, Daughter of Chester and Gertrude P. Patterson, 1915-1923
Anna Gertrude Patterson, Wife of Chester Patterson, 1886-1970
Chester Patterson, 1886-1966

Payne (See also:Brown, Cousins, Ward)
Elmer A. Payne, 1869-1937
Nora Ward Payne, Wife of Elmer Payne, 1872-1947

George Payne, New York PFC US Army, World War II; Oct 1904 - July 7, 1965;Military marker
Velma Payne, Wife of George Payne, Aug 10, 1905 - April 24, 1970;Second Marker

Cora Lumley Payne, Wife of Frank Payne, 1870-1940
Frank Payne, 1870-1956

Timothy A Pearson, May 12, 1966 - Oct 17, 1999

Robert J Peck, US Air Force, April 2, 1950 - Jan 30, 2006;Military Marker
Peck Monument
Ernest Peck, 1909-1968
Vivian A. Peck, Wife of Ernest, 1920-1984

Roger E. Peck, 1942-1992

Perpente (See also:Fuller)
Wilson R. Perrin, Dec 25, 1947 - Mar 15, 2008;Close-up

Wilson F Perrin, 1915-1991

Beverly J Petrie, Wife of Lyle, 1937-2006
Lyle Petrie, 1931-1980

Walter Phippin, 1883-1935

James Phippin Sr, August 12, 1888 - Oct 16, 1918
Phelix Phippin, April 1916 - Sept 1916
Florence E. Hewitt Phippin, July 6, 1902 - April 25, 1931

Richard Pietrass, CPL US Marine Corps, Vietnam; May 13, 1937 - Mar 11, 2002;Military Marker
Priscilla E Pietrass, Feb 29, 1952 - Feb 16, 2008;Close-up

Agnes Pike, 1920-1977
Vernon Pike, 1905-1975
Frederick S. Pike, 1908-1970
Lena Pike, 1918-1977

Vernon M Pike, Aug 7, 1941 - Jan 4, 1996

Carmaletta R. Pike, 1947-1988

Alice M Poole, 1918-2005;Close-up
Glenn S. Poole, 1912-1998

Bertha L. Popkiss, 1938-1992

Porter (See also:Richards)
Pratt (See also:Newvine)
William Pratt, d. Jan 25, 1986;Close-up
Frances L. Pratt, 1925-1990;Close-up

Prestone (See also:Davis)
James W. Pringle, US Army, World War II; Dec 27, 1923 - Dec 4, 1989

Baby Rathbun, 1962-1962

Lyle D. Raven, 1909-1989
Mable Morrow Raven, Wife of Lyle, 1908-1983

Timothy H Raven, April 7, 1954 - Oct 1, 2007

Reed (See also:Chapin)
Ronald Everett Reed, Jan 9, 1971 - July 10, 1994;WideView
Sally E. Reed, 1945-1994;Wide View

infant son Refici, d. 1946
Refici Monument
Esther Refici, June 3, 1915 - Dec 20, 196
Rosa M. Refici, 1920-1980

Rice (See also:Hambrick)
Goldie Tresidder Rice, Wife of Clarence Rice, 1902-1989;Close-up
Clarence Rice, New York, PVT US Army, World War I; July 8, 1893 - Feb 7, 1974;Military Marker

Kenneth Allen Rice, New York BMC US Navy; World War II; Sept 29, 1907 - March 11, 1955
Howard John Rice, New York BM1, US Navy Reserve; Dec 21, 1923 - March 25, 1972

Rice Monument
Edwin G. Rice, 1880-1964
Mabel E. Allen Rice, Wife of Edwin Rice, 1888-1940
Rice Monument
Lewis O. Rice, 1883-1937
Grace M Leonard Rice, Wife of Lewis Rice, 1891-1956
Rice Monument
Ellen Rosina Burdick Rice, Wife of William H. Rice, 1858-1951
William H. Rice, 1847-1924
Silas Abner Rice, CPL US Army Korea; Dec 22, 1933 - July 13, 2006
Abner Rice, 1900-1936
Marion Florence Wood Rice, 1906-1950
Everett Ernest Rice, New York S2 USNRF World War I; Sept 3, 1897 - may 22, 1963

Rice Monument
Merton L Rice, BM2 US Navy, Aug 28, 1924 - Sept 23, 2006;Military Marker

Thomas Frank Richards, "our baby", 1953-1954;Second Marker
Kenneth B. Richards, US Army World War II, Nov 6, 1924 - Sept 23, 1999;Military Marker
Evelyn M. Porter Richards, Wife of Kenneth; Sept 14, 1927 - June 14, 2001

George L Richards, SP5 US Army, Dec 13, 1941 - Mar 16, 2004

Electa Riley, 1894-1970

Kenneth Ritz, 1909-1963
Lula S. Hall Ritz, Wife of Kenneth Ritz, 1917-1982

Charles Ritz, 1942-1968;Close-up

Eugene M. Ritz, PVT US Army, World War II; June 16, 1916 - Mar 15, 1982

Donald Paul Robar, PFC US Army, World War II, Nov 4, 1921 - Oct 17, 1978

Earl Roberts, 1896-1971;Close-up
Isla B. Roberts, 1904-1984;Close-up

Terri Ann Roberts, d. Sept 6, 1987
Francis E. Roberts, 1931-2002;Close-up

Robinson (See also:Clark)
Carl Robinson, 1895-1968
Edythe L. Hutchinson Robinson, Wife of Carl Robinson, 1897-1973

Mania Watson Robinson, Wife of William "Willy" Robinson, 1869-1943
William O. Robinson, 1866-1941
Bower W Robinson, 1890-1966
Lois M. Chase Robinson, Wife of Bower, 1902-1978

James Robinson, SGT US Army, Vietnam; Mar 6, 1948 - Feb 23, 2009;Military Marker

Rohde (See also:Harmon)
Kenneth Mills Roraback, New York 5th S.F.G., M/SGT Vietnam Korea, Silver Star, PH; Feb 9, 1932 - July 1, 1966
Mary Megan Roraback, Great Grand-daughter, 1978

Mary Rachel Rorabeck, Great Grand-daughter, 1978

Gerard Roth, 1962-2005

Kenneth John Rowe, 1912-1961;Close-up
Ethel E. Miller, Wife of Kenneth J. Rowe, 1917-2001;Close-up
Ronald L Rowe, Son of Kenneth and Ethel Rowe, 1951-1965

Erwin Rowe, 1910-1955
Helen Matthew Rowe, Wife of Erwin Rowe., 1920-1971
Jennie May Rowe, Husband of John J. Rowe, 1883-
John J. Rowe, 1876-1939

Rowley (See also:Clark)
Royce (See also:Bullock)
Leo M. Rubado, US Army, World War II; Sept 15, 1913 - July 26, 1990

Charles Rude, 1909-2000
Mayfred Rude, 1919-2001

John Ruehl Sr., US Army Air Forces, World War II; Mar 12, 1920 - Feb 3, 1999
Dorothy A Ruehl, 1927-2000

Rushlo (See also:Given, Smith)
Bradford L Rushlo, 1913-1999
Hazel Rushlo, 1910-2001

Esther Abott Rushlo, Wife of Leon H. Rushlo, 1881-1940
Leon H. Rushlo, 1877-1965

Gena Lynn Rushlo, Daughter of Bradford and Hazel Weir Rushlo; Dec 15, 1976 - Feb 13, 1996

Rutherford (See also:Woodcock)
James Ryan, 1873-1918
Minnie Stella Leach Ryan, Wife of James R. Ryan, 1884-1919

Salisbury (See also:Todd)
Ruby Lewis Sawyer, 1901-1939
Walter J Sawyer, 1877-1939
Lida Sawyer, 1881-1954

Schryer (See also:Williams)
John W. Schryer, 1916-1991
Oneita Schryer, 1914-1985

May F. Schwerdfager, Wife of Perl M. Schwerfager, 1892-1940
Perl M. Schwerdfager, 1894-1941

Scott (See also:Cole)
Christopher Crit Scott, 1869-1940
Mary Coffie Scott, Wife of Cristopher Scott, 1869-1925

Floyd Hosmer, Husband of Pauline Brown and later Irma Scott; 1893-1958;Close-up
Irma J. Scott Hosmer, 1902-1980;Close-up
John Winfield Scott, New York S1 USNRF World War I; March 17, 1896 - Dec 13, 1962
George Lloyd Scott, New York Sgt Co C 804 Mil Police BN, World War II, March 30, 1918 - Jan 18, 1963

Ailsa E Scruton, 1912-2004
Hollis Scruton, 1913-1982
Scruton Monument
Ivan H. Scruton, 1892-1927
Hattie M. Scruton, Wife of Thomas W. Scruton, 1871-1934
Thomas W. Scruton, 1864-1944

Jessie Boscoe Seale, Wife of Victor Seale., 1888-1981;Close-up
Victor Seale, 1899-1974;Close-up

Leo Daniel Shampine, PVT US Army, Korea; Mar 29, 1936 - June 5, 2000;Military Marker

Shea (See also:Chapin)
Simmons (See also:Ashley, Bell)
Simmons Monument
Amasa Simmons, 1901-1976

Florence S Simmons, 1912-1999, Wife of Amasa

Phyna Webb Skeldon, 1919-2003;Close-up
Lennis E. Skeldon, 1917-1989;Close-up

Edmond C. Skeldon, 1923-1997;Close-up
Albert E. Skeldon, PVT US Marine Corps, Sept 8, 1884 - Oct 24, 1967;Military Marker
Maude Sparling Skeldon, Wife of Albert Skeldo, 1897-1962
James Adam Skeldon, New York QM3 USNR World War II; 1919 - 1945

Irene E Sloan, May 2, 1942 - July 19, 1996;Close-up
Sloan Monument
Ina Morehouse Sloan, Wife of Bernard Sloan, Sr; 1917-1990
Bernard Sloan Sr., 1916-1977

Smith (See also:Hall)
Estella Vanzant Smith, Wife of Walter J. Smith, 1905-1990
John Walter Smith, 1904-1974

Rosalie Rushlo Smith, 1936-1978

Everett J. Smith, U S Army WW II, 1904-1953

Isaac Snow, 1869-1954
Jennie Leonard Snow, Wife of Isaac Snow, 1883-1961

Solon (See also:Goodale)
Ryan Frank Solon, Son of Susan and Farnk Solon, Nov 23, 1976 - Dec 14, 1976

Lawrence Solon, 1923-1977;Close-up

Soper (See also:Dulack)
Elizabeth F. Soper, 1940-1996

Shirley Irene Souve, Dec 20, 1923 - Aug 20, 1983

Spallazzi (See also:Basso)
Sparling (See also:Skeldon)
Kathleen M Spaudling, 1896-1990

Roland M Spaulding, 1897-1963

Spearance Monument
Ellis Spearance, 1911-1967
Verda Hagadom, 1917-1987
Roger Spearance, T. Sgt. Services of Supply. World War II; Sept 29, 1919 - April 5, 1950
Maude Stammer Spearance, Wife of Harvey Spearance, 1887-1952
Harvey Spearance, 1878-1957
Clifford Hagadorn, Sgt. Hq Co. 5497 Base Depot, World War II; Oct 28, 1905 - Sept 4, 1962

Inez M Spears, Sept 10, 1930 - May 15, 2003
Robert E. Spears, Aug 22, 1928 - July 31, 1985

Donald C. Spencer, SGT US Army, Korea; Dec 19, 1929 - Aug 8, 1983;Military Marker

Spicer (See also:Tripp)
Beulah Mericle Sprague, 1911-1940

Norris Stammer, 1883-1934
Lulu B. Ellis Stammer, Wife of Norris Stammer, 1884-19__
Stammer Monument
Freeman F. Stammer, 1861-1940
Sarah G. Stammer, Wife of Freeman Stammer, 1893-1985
W. Ward Stammer, Son of Freeman and Sarah Stammer, 1890-1938
Warden W. Stammer, 1852-1931

Stammer (See also:Spearance)
William M. Sternisha, 1934-2000

Lila S. Stevely, 1913-1981
Richard Stevely Sr., 1903-1989

Stevens (See also:Cole)
Stowell (See also:Bogardus)
Strate Monument
Raymond G. Strate, 1910-1989
Alonzo Strate, 1888-1969
Perly H. Strate, 1874-1951
Nancy L. Watson Strate, Wife of Perley Strate, 1879-1918

Sullivan (See also:Hall)
Ray J. Webb, US Army, World War II. Oct 12, 1914 - Oct 30, 1993; Purple Heart;Military Marker
Esther Sullivan Webb, Wife of Ray Webb., 1922-1989
Blanche Sullivan, Infant daughter of Thomas and Blanche Sullivan, 1918
Blanche Absalon Sullivan, Wife of Thomas Sullivan; 1888-1947
Thomas Sullivan, 1891-1954

Dorothy J. Cole Sweet, Wife of Howard Sweet, June 24, 1923 - Mar 2, 1998
Howard Kenneth Sweet, New York CPL 3028 Base Unit AAF, World War II; April 13, 1921 - Sept 24, 1958;Military Marker

Taylor (See also:Averill, Noble)
James J. Thomas, CPL US Marine Corps, World War II; Jan 23, 1926 - Oct 4, 2003

George C Thomas Sr, US Army, Sept 7, 1913 - Jan 23, 1992

Thompson (See also:Morrow)
Clarence W Thompson, CWO2 US Army, Korea, Vietnam; 1931-2005;Military Marker
Alice Billings Thompson, Wife of Clarence, 1932-2000

Helena Griffith Thompson, Wife of Roy Thompson., 1909-1985
Wilburn Roy Thompson, 1899-1981

Thompson Monument
John H. Thompson, 1853-1915

Thrall (See also:Bancroft)
Edna Tinney, Wife of Ernest Tinney, 1898-1970
Ernest Tinney, 1894-1959

Titus (See also:Ward)
Don Thomas Todd, 1896-1948;Close-up
Lela Campbell Todd, Wife of Don Todd, 1900-1993;Close-up

Everett Todd, 1903-1956

Todd Monument
Arthur Todd, 1905-1962
Dorothy Tresidder Todd, Wife of Arthur Todd, 1911-1986

Herbert W Todd, 1929-2003
Theresa E. Todd, 1928-2007
Herbert Todd, Son of Herbert and Theresa Todd, 1950-1968

Stanley Todd, US Army World War II; Sept 24, 1901 - Sept 2, 1994;Military Marker
Doris M. Salisbury Todd, 1903-1969

Toth (See also:Cole)
Toth Monument
Charles Toth, 1894-1954
Theresa Danko Toth, Wife of Charles Toth, 1889-1964

Harold S Town, S SGT US Army, World War II Dec 16, 1919 - Sept 8, 2007;Military Marker
Robert Lee Town, Son of Harold and Helena Town, -1944-;Second Marker

Towne (See also:Given)
Traver Monument
Henry S. Traver, 1853-1935
Amelia Woodcock Traver, Wife of Henry Traver, 1859-1947
Shirley B. Traver, Daughter of Henry and Amelia Traver, 1892-1966
Phillis Traver Morgan, Daughter of Henry and Amelia Traver, 1895-

Tresidder (See also:Duchano, Rice, Todd)
Tripp (See also:Noble)
Ethel Spicer Tripp, 1885-1948

Joseph F. Troyano, US Navy World War II; Mar 31, 1925 - Mar 5, 1990;Close-up

Isaac William Trumble, 1903-1954

Typhair (See also:Osborne)
Frank C Typhair, 1904-1961
Charles A. Typhair, 1872-1946
Grace M. Chapin Typhair, Wife of Charles A. Typhair, 1878-1967

Renee Typhair, "In Memory of our Baby", March 7, 1955
Louise Boulet Typhair, Wife of Leon Typhair, 1913-1982;Close-up
Leon Typhair, 1912-1976;Close-up

Irene C Typhair, June 15, 1923 - Mar 23, 2004
Lemuel M Typhair, Nov 6, 1915 - Aug 4, 1960

Louis Uruburu, 1912-1981;Close-up
Norma Ingraham Uruburu, 1914-1978;Close-up

Van Duzee
Edith Eliza Van Duzee, d. 1927
Rodger Truman Van Duzee, 1933-1933
Van Duzee Monument
Amos Van Duzee, May 29, 1865 - May 22, 1939;Close-up
Mina Van Duzee, Wife of Amos Van Duzee, Feb 27,1864 - April 27, 1933;Close-up

Van House (See also:Lanphear)
Van Ornum (See also:Meldrim)
Nelson A. Van Ornum, 1855-1939
Mary Noble Van Ornum, Wife of Nelson Van Ornum, 1854-1927

Van Sant
Frank B Van Sant, 1868-1935
Harriet Van Sant, 1885-1958
Ida French Van Sant, 1909-1929

Van Zandt (See also: Smith)
George Van Zandt, d. October 1936
Kathleen Van Zandt, 1878-1928

Von Wald (See also:Patterson)
Ronald L Wagner, SGT US Army, Korea; Sept 13, 1931 - May 5, 2008;Military Marker

Marigold Osier Walker, Daughter of Louis and Jane Osier. Wife of Archie Walker, her 2nd husband; 1890-1943.

Ward (See also:Cole, Cousins, Hendrick, Lawrence, Payne)
Esther Arlene Ward, Daughter of Gerald and Lucille Reed Ward, 1948-1949;Close-up
Gerald Bert Ward, New York TEC5 Btry K 251 CA(AA) World War II, Jan 27, 1907-Dec 27, 1966;Military Marker
Eliza Phoebe Payne Ward, Wife of Gard Ward, 1880-1946
Gard Ward, 1879-1943

Ernest L. Ward, 1905-1978
Pearl Ward, Wife of Ernest Ward, 1907-1977

Seth A. Ward, 1901-1994;Close-up
Gladys McLeod Ward, Wife of Seth, 1902-1984;Close-up

Mina Dart Ward, 1877-1940, Mother

Edward L. Ward, Son of Howard Ward, 1916-1936
Howard Ward, 1893-1960, Father

Bruce T. Ward, 1875-1949
Carrie Crayton Ward, Wife of Bruce Ward, 1879-1979

Eliza E. Ward, Wife of Ernest Ward, 1862-1929

Ward Monument
H Eugene Ward, 1857-1936
Laura Titus Ward, Wife of H. Eugene Ward, 1855-1921

Raymond Washburn, New York, PVT US Army, World War I; Dec 31, 1896 - Feb 16, 1973;Military Marker
Elizabeth Burnett Washburn, Wife of Raymond, 1907-1974

Floyd H. Waters, 1902-1975
Frank Leon Waters, New York SFC US Army, Korea, Vietnam; Sept 25, 1932 - July 17, 1972
Hazel Waters, Wife of Floyd Waters., 1905-1986

Watson (See also:Freeman, Grant, Morrow, Parow, Robinson, Strate)
Dorothy Hall Watson, Wife of Floyd Watson, 1915-1971
Floyd Watson, 1901-1974
John Watson, Son of Floyd & Dorothy, -1945-

Terry Dennis Hurley, 1946-1964
Floyd Anthony Hurley, 1898-1955
Mannie L. Watson Hurley, 1906-1966, Wife of Floyd
Milton Robert Watson, 1878-1955
Myrtie Watson, Wife of Milton Watson, 1881-1969

Don Watson, 1907-1995

Sarah Cousins Watson, Wife of Dennis Watson, 1881-1944
Dennis Watson, 1879-1954

Watson Monument
Leone R Watson, 1900-1991
Evelyn Watson, 1902-1990

Watson Monument
Cyrus B. Watson, 1843-1920
Abigail F. Watson, Wife of Cyrus B. Watson, 1846-1927

Phyllis N Waugh Garbarino, 1938-2009
James L Waugh, 1943-2007

Webb (See also:Bickford, Brient, Hall, Skeldon, Sullivan, Wilson)
Milton Webb, 1903-1955;Close-up
Minnie Law Webb, Wife of Milton Webb, 1908-1991;Close-up
Harlow Goodnough, 1893-1955;Close-up
Annie Webb Goodnough, Wife of Harlow Goodnough., 1898-1972;Close-up
Ralph Ingraham, 1904-1967;Close-up
Hazel Webb Ingraham, 1910-1979;Close-up

Arnold Roy Webb Jr, Son of Arnold Webb, 1964-1964

Webb Monument
Urban O. Webb, 1864-1943
Rhoda Grant Webb, Wife of Urban O. Webb., 1867-1949
Harry Webb, 1889-1958
Lillian Leibrock Webb, Wife of Harry Webb, 1902-1997
Ircel G Bell Webb, Wife of Grant Webb., 1896-1989
Grant Webb, 1895-1974

Herschel E. Webb, US Army, World War II; April 25, 1916 - Dec 12, 1991;Military Marker

Bertha Aldridge Webb, Wife of John Webb, 1895-1951
Renice Maccue, d. May 20, 1993
Larry Gene Webb, 1952-1952;Close-up
Lilly G Wick Webb, Jan 12, 1927 - Mar 16, 1997;Close-up
Marie Ann Webb, 1960-1960;Close-up
Lee Jay Webb, CPL US Army, World War II; April 26, 1924 - May 6, 1976;Military Marker
Colleen D. Webb, Oct 1950 - April 1951;Second Marker

Earl John Webb, 1901-1969
Evelyn Clark Webb, 1917-2004

Boyd B. Webb, 1941-1972

Kay F Webb, 1945-1999;

Webb Monument
Carl Webb, 1909-1982
Winifred Webb, Wife of Carl, 1912-1997
Charles E. Webb, 1873-1949, Husband
Carrie M. Webb, Wife of Charles Webb, 1877-1960

Elizabeth Eager Webb, 1888-1983, wife of Silas;Close-up
Joseph J. Webb, Son of Silas and Elizabeth Webb., 1912-1927;Close-up
Silas Webb, 1873-1933;Close-up

Veronica J Weir, 1938-2006

Wells (See also:Brown, Kinney)
Joshua Wendt, Feb 2, 1985 - July 7, 1993
Kevin Wendt, 1957-1993

Elmer John Whalen, 1929-1976
John Elmer Whalen, 1897-1945
Nellie Monroe Whalen, Wife of John Whalen, 1908-1989

Beverly Whalen, no dates
James R Whalen, no dates
Rose M Whalen, no dates

Whalen (See also:Cassidy)
Peter White, July 25, 1856 - Sept 26, 1916

A. H. White, 1847-1921

Daisy M Whiteford, 1890-1957

Whitmarsh (See also:Zaluski)
Whitmarsh Monument
Janice Arlene Whitmarsh, 1936-1999;Second Marker
Harold Donald Whitmarsh, 1901-1950
Ruby E. Whitmarsh, Wife of Harold Whitmarsh., 1907-1995

Arthur Whitmarsh, 1st CL. Q. M.C. Remount Co. No. 308, 1892-1935

Whitmarsh Monument
Mildred Archer Whitmarsh, Wife of Hazen Whitmarsh.
Hazen D Whitmarsh, 1901-1968

Harold J. Whitmarsh, US Navy, Korea; Dec 20, 1933 - May 6, 1994;Military Marker
Maryann Elaine Whitmarsh, July 8, 1966 - Dec 1, 2009

Carol L. Whitmarsh, 1942-1999;Close-up

Bessie Jenne Whitmarsh, Wife of Earl Whitmarsh, 1884-1978
Earl Whitmarsh, 1889-1945

Dorothy Whitmarsh, Daughter of Erastus and Jennie, 1895-1895
Erastus Whitmarsh, 1862-1931
Jennie Dumas Whitmarsh, 1860-1939
Stanley Erastus Whitmarsh, Son of Erastus and Jennie, 1898-1918

Wick (See also:Webb)
Claude Williams, 1916-1980
Phyllis Williams, Wife of Claude Williams, 1922-1989
Williams Monument
Elisher J. Williams, 1885-1957
Ethel Curtis Williams, Wife of Elisher Williams, 1890-1939
Edna Williams Schryer, 1919-1949
George Williams, Son of Elisher and Ethel Williams. Am. Legion. 2/c A.O.M., 1921-1943

Albert E. Williams, 1907-1966;Footstone

Sally Williams, Daughter of Albert and Cora Williams, 1933-1949

Wilson (See also:Bickford)
Gladys E. Webb Wilson, 1902-1977, wife of Menzo
Menzo Wilson, 1901-1956

Cora Williams Wliiams, 1911-1996

Wolf Monument
William F. Wolf, 1905-1978

Wolfe (See also:Hart)
Wood (See also:Rice)
Shawn Jay Wood, 1971-1971

Woodcock (See also:Barnes, Traver)
Glenn R. Woodcock, 1889-1979;Footstone
Eva Rutherford Woodcock, 1885-1957;Footstone

Woodcock Monument
Jason Woodcock, 1833-1911
Cordelia Bancroft Woodcock, 1st wife of Jason Woodcock, 1833-1856
Margaret Cleland Woodcock, 2nd wife of Jason Woodcock, 1831-1913
Woodcock Monument
Cora H. Johnson Woodcock, 1st wife of Milo Woodcock., 1861-1921
Milo Woodcock, 1861-1945
Cora Hosmer Woodcock, 2nd wife of Milo Woodcock., 1864-1956
Woodcock Monument
Lawrence Woodcock, 1891-1955
Mary Hovey Woodcock, Wife of Lawrence Woodcock., 1903-1930
Margaret Woodcock, Daughter of William and Carrie Woodcock, 1893-1895
Mildred Woodcock, Daughter of William and Carrie Woodcock, 1893-1894
William Sylvester Woodcock, 1865-1945
Carrie Hosmer Woodcock, Wife of William Woodcock, 1865-1959

Byron Inez Woodward, CPL US Army, Korea; Oct 23, 1933 - April 23, 2010;Military Marker

Yancey (See also:Johnson)
Zaluski Monument
Dorris Zaluski Hildreth, 1906-1977
Zaluski Monument

Phyllis Whitmarsh Zaluski, Wife of Stanley, 1931-2006

Stanley T. Zaluski Jr, EN2 (SS) US Navy; Feb 10, 1931 - Dec 9, 2008;Military Marker

Frederick G. Zeller, US Navy, Vietnam; Feb 4, 1945 - June 30, 1993;Military Marker

Daniel Zeller, 1912-1987;Close-up
Vivian P Camidge Zeller, Wife of Daniel Zeller, 1918-1998;Close-up

Valerie S. Zeller, 1966-1986
Rowland E. Zeller, 1936-1997;Close-up

Christian Garth Zeller, 1972-1972
Larry H Zeller, 1950-2003

Leonard N. Zeller, 1943-1997


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