Inventory of Ford Vault - Ogdensburg, NY

In the September of 2010, I visited Ford Vault in the city of Ogdensburg in St. Lawrence county. This is one of the oldest burial sites in the city of Ogdensburg. The location and design was selected by Nathan Ford, one of the founders of Ogdensburg. Over time, 18 members of the Ford family were buried there. Around 1900, with the location falling into disrepair, a descendent had the present wall built in the center of it, and the 19 caskets inside were moved back from the wall and covered with dirt. Prior to that, the vault was open and was vandalized, with the name tags being stolen off the coffins. In 1905, the vault was deeded over to the city to maintain.

The cemetery is located between Lincoln and Lake streets, just south of Spring Street and north of Rensselaer Street. It faces the river (Lake Street) but the main cross monument on the top is just barely visible in some bushes when viewing from Lincoln Street. The exact location is identified in this aerial photograph: Map view. The best way to find it is to park in the small paved area on Lincoln Street at the intersection with Rensselaer Ave. The vault can be accessed from between the small building next to the parking lot, and the following house (almost directly across from Ogden Street).

There is no access to the vault, which appears to be permanently sealed. The marker on the top has four names on it, and a metal sign in front lists a total of 18 names. I photographed the monument and sign, and have included the information and photos below. When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Created by Anne M. Cady, September 2010.

Other views of Cemetery
View from Base of Vault
View of Monument & Wall

Monument Inscriptions:
Nathan Ford, A pioneer and founder of Ogdensburg; Born December 2, 1763; Died March 29, 1829
Side view of Monument with Annastaisa Ford Inscription
Annastasia, wife of David Ford and daughter of Rev. Samuel Cook, D.D.(First Rector of Frederickton New Brunswick) - Died Nov 19, 1846 Aged 75 yrs
David Ford, A pioneer of Morristown, NY; Born April 16, 1761, Died November 6, 1835
Lewis Morris Ogden, Died Nov 2, 1810, Aged 26 years; son of Col. Samuel Ogden after whom Ogdensburg was named

Close-up of Sign

Sign Inscriptions:
Nathan Ford - Died March 1829 - Assistant Deputy, Quarter Master Revolutionary War (NOTE: See inscription on memorial above)
David Ford - Died November 6, 1835, Lt Colonel Whiskey Rebellion (NOTE: See inscription on memorial above)
Jacob Arnold - Brig General, War of 1812 - 123 Regiment
Halstead Spenser Ford, Died Nov 26, 1878, Civil War Veteran
Lewis Ogden, died November 2, 1810 (Note: See inscription on memorial above
Susan Faesch, died August 4, 1810, Wife of John Jacob Faesch
Anastatia Ford, died Nov 19, 1846 (NOTE: See inscription on memorial above)
John Egan, d. April 20, 1838
Emily Augusta Ford, d. December 27, 1810
Caroline Ann Coupland, d. Aug 23, 1833
Mrs. George Ford, d. March 4, 1829
Chilion Ford, d. May 4, 1876
Jacob Ford, d. April 20, 1842
Mrs. Jacob Arnold, d. January 26, 1861
Catherine Arnold
Sophia Augusta Arnold
Sally Murry Auger
Mrs. Jacob Ford, died July 10, 1887
John Kent, died January 7, 1854


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