Riverside Cemetery - Gouverneur NY
Inventory of Riverside Cemetery, Gouverneur NY (Last names starting with C)

NOTE: Between the fall of 2000 and fall of 2001, I performed an extensive effort to perform a full inventory (with tombstone pictures) of Riverside Cemetery in Gouverneur. That results of that effort are shown below. At the end of each entry is a indication of what section of the cemetery the stone is located in. Locations of each section within the cemetery can be seen on the map on my Riverside Cemetery index page.
When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Last updated by Anne M. Cady, October 2001.

Weldon C. Cahool, US Navy 20 years, 1911-1955 (Section Q)
Ruth K., his wife, 1912-1994 (Section Q)

Cairnes (See also: Brown)

Calkin (See also: Brainard)

Charles W. Call, Father, 1857-1929 (Section G)
Mary Etta, Mother, 1865-1934 (Section G)
Claude F., 1886-1923 (Section G)
Lelia M., 1898-1907 (Section G)

Joseph C. Callahan, 1855-1916, Father, Headstone (Section K)
Mary Ann Tennien, his wife, 1848-1917, Mother (Section K)
Thomas T., their son, 1891-1938, First Commander, American Legion, Gouverneur NY (Section K)
Elizabeth T., daughter, 1881-1946 (Section K)
Joseph H., son, 1883-1948 (Section K)
Leo A., son, 1885-1948 (Section K)
Robert E., son , 1889-1951 (Section K)

Infant son of JH & Kate Callahan, Dec 22, 1913 (Section F)

John R. Callahan, New York, CPL US Army, World War II, March 23, 1918-Dec 16, 1968 (Section F)
Kate H. Callahan, 1888-1965 (Section F)

Callaway (See also: Fullington)

Cameron (See also: Nichols, Woods)
Dolpha Cameron, 1912-1916 (Section K)

Pike/Simonet (Section A)
Eugene J. Simonet, 1848-1921 (Section A)
Jennie L. Cameron, Wife of E. J. Simonet, 1866- (Section A)
Fred C. Pike, 1867-1953 (Section A)
Martha E. Cameron, his wife, 1871-1962 (Section A)
Jesse J. Ryder, 1871-1943 (Section A)
Erma L. Cameron, Wife of Jesse Ryder, 1873-1931 (Section A)

Adolphus Cameron, 1869- (Section A)
Agness, his wife, 1880-1907 (Section A)
Worth (Section A)
Hugh Cameron, 1835-1908 (Section A)
Martha, his wife, 1837-1914 (Section A)

Wm Grant Cameron, 1909-1952 (Section Q)
Helen F., 1917-1999 (Section Q)

Ogden L. Cameron, PFC US Army World War II; May 11, 1910-Jan 18, 1969; Military Marker (Section N)
Nancy J. Cameron, 1947-1987 (Section N)

Campany (See also: Tharrett)

Campbell (See also: Bell, Clifton, Gates, Holmes, Lynde, Nicholl, Storie, Wilson)
Edwin W. Campbell, 1871-1953, Father (Section K)
Blanche, 1875-1957 (Section K)
Married July 12, 1892

George A. Campbell, 1825-1918 (Section K)
Lucy, his wife, 1832-1898 (Section K)
B. Franklin Campbell, 1854-1932 (Section K)
Perley Campbell, 1875-1941 (Section K)
Lucy S., his wife, 1878-1964 (Section K)
Nellie Campbell Allen, 1897-1951 (Section K)
Ruby C., 1910-1917 (Section K)
Almira M., 1914-1917 (Section K)
Children of GA & LA Campbell:
Fredrick, 1854-1870 (Section D)
Willie H., 1860-1870 (Section D)

Frank C. Campbell, 1894-1970 (Section K)
Viola Parker, his wife, 1893-1956 (Section K)
Hazel H., his wife, 1909- (Section K)
Luella Lee Campbell, 1917-1919, Daughter (Section K)
Herbert C. Campbell, 1885-1962, Headstone (Section K)
Blanch, his wife, 1891-1924 (Section K)
Harry, -1924- (Section K)
Fred W. Campbell, 1882-1955 (Section K)
Vera M. Deans, his wife, 1888-1955 (Section K)

Charles Campbell, 1857-1931, Headstone (Section K)
Celesta E. Day, 1858-1917, his wife (Section K)
Arthur Elmer Campbell, 1884-1973 (Section K)

Note: With Nancy Easton stone:
C. Eugene Campbell, 1861-1929 (Section D)
Alma Bush Campbell, 1865-1917 (Section D)
Nina W. Towlson, 1884-1925 (Section D)
George W. Campbell, d. Jan 14, 1889; Aged 88 yrs (Section D)
Almira, wife of George W. Campbell, died Sept 4, 1875; Aged 74 yrs, 4 mos (Section D)

Agnes McHenry Campbell, Mother, 1811-1884, Second Stone born 1801-died 1884 (Section H)
In Memory of our Darlings
Harriet Hardy Campbell, born June 21, 1840-died May 11, 1894, Inscription, Mother, Second Stone (Section H)
James H. Campbell, 1837-1924, Father (Section H)
John W. McKenney, 1865-1941 (Section H)
Ida A. Campbell, his wife, 1863-1962 (Section H)
Harriet Campbell Easton (Section H)

Everett E. Campbell, 1910-1975 (Section A)
Bethany M. Campbell, 1912- (Section A)

Campbell Monument (Section M)
Cornelius E. Campbell, Co F 16 Reg NY H Art; 187-1926 (Section M)
Mary E. Thompson, his wife, 1860-1947 (Section M)
Floyd E. Campbell, 1887-1946 (Section M)
Frank E. Campbell, 1881-1948 (Section M)

George V. Campbell, 1895-1962 (Section M)
Julia A., his wife, 1892-1975 (Section M)
Eleanor Campbell Turner, 1921-1976 (Section M)

Ronald R. Canell, "Husband", 1936-1993, Headstone (Section K)
Robert, "Son", 1962-1996 (Section K)

Wallace Canfield, Co D, 9 Regt, died Jan 9, 1899; AE 24 yrs. Soldier of the Spanish War (Section F - CW)

Herbert D. Canfield, "Our Dad", 1882-1936 (Section NF)

Leo P. Cannon, 1898-1925 (Section A)
Mary E. Cannon, 1869-1941 (Section A)
James F. Cannon, 1898-1954 (Section A)

Vernon Cannoy, 1908-1958 (Section B)
Vivian Hoover, 1891-1973 (Section B)

Frank Carbino, 1858-19__ (Section A)
Catherine Cunningham, his wife, 1867-1935 (Section A)

J. Wesley Card, 1873-19__ (Section G)
Myrtle R., his wife, 1892-1950 (Section G)

Mother Card (Section G)
Father (rest unreadable) (Section G)

Carlyon (See also: Cole)

Carman, Carmon
Robert Carman, died March 7, 1851, AE 46 yrs (Section F)
"This stone his memory long shall tell
While friends stare here in silent grief
To weep for him they loved so well
And shed such tears as give relief"
John, son of Robert & Emily Carmon, died May 8, 18__ in the 15th year of his age (Section F)
Emily Carman, died May 6, 1888, Ae 87 yrs (Section F)
Mary Ann ... Carmon, died 1851 (Section F)

Carman Headstone (Section M)
Mason Carman, Vet WWI, 1892-19__ (Section M)
Lennie Leola, wife of Mason Carman, 1896-1925 (Section M)
Leola Louise, daughter of Mason and Leola Carman, 1925-1926 (Section M)
Lawrence E. Carman, 1921-1972 (Section M)
Helen M. Carman, 1923- (Section M)

Carman Headstone (Section P)
George J. Carman, 1888-1974 (Section P)
Beulah Sterling, his wife, 1894-1974 (Section P)

Enrico A. Carosi, New York TEC 5 US Army World War II; Jan 2, 1919-March 15, 1967; Military Marker (Section M)
Dorothy M., his wife, 1926-1998 (Section M)

Carpenter (See also: Merrick, Pike, Pinner, Turnbull, Willard)
Thomas D. Carpenter, born in Somers, Westchester Co NY, Feb 8, 1798; died in Fowler NY, Jan 19, 1868 (Section C)
Sarah, wife of Thos D. Carpenter, born in Manchester Eng, June 6, 1819; Died in Gouverneur NY, Dec 27, 1883 (Section C)

James B. Carpenter, MD, died Oct 28, 1895; Aged 79 yrs; Monument (Section F)
In Memory of: Roxaline C., wife of J.B. Carpenter, MD; d. July 9, 1887; Aged 61 yrs (Section F)
Nina Frances Irving, 1855-1918 (Section F)

Mary V. Carpenter, 1869-1944 (Section G)
Mother Carpenter (Section G)
Father Carpenter (Section G)

Christopher Carpenter, was killed at Somersville by falling from his waggon & the wheel passing over him. Nov 4, 1847, AE 54 yrs, 1 mo (Next to stone for Levi Carrington)(Section H)

D. C. Carpenter, 1827-1893, Carpenter Monument (Section H)
Mary J., his wife, 1844-1877 (Section H)
Mittie M., 1865-1893 (Section H)

In Memory of Doris Tait Carpenter, 1913-1983 (Section A)
Douglas D. Carpenter, COX US Navy World War II, July 31, 1910 - Sep 5, 1975 (Section A)

Jonathan H. Carpenter, New York HA1 USNR World War II; April 21, 1909-July 7, 1964 (Section Q)

Carpenter Monument (Section M)
Watson F. Carpenter, 1862-1931 (Section M)
Laura M., 1867-1946 (Section M)
Robert Watson Carpenter, 1910-1985 (Section M)
Earl M. Gardner, 1892-1963 (Section M)
Bertha Carpenter Gardner, 1891-1946 (Section M)
Philo Davis Clark, 1901-1978 (Section M)
Gladys Carpenter Clark, 1899-1959 (Section M)

Carpenter Headstone (Section P)
Byron J. Carpenter, 1869-1954 (Section P)
Minnie I., 1869-1956 (Section P)

Carr (See also: Clark)
Charles F. Carr, 1877-1935 (Section P)
Ella A., his wife, 1877-1952 (Section P)

Levi, son of Aaron & Susanah Carrington, died Sept 5, 1833, AE 13 yrs, 2 months, 22 dys (Section H)

Floyd P. Carson, New York PVT US Army World War I, Jan 5, 1894 - Aug 20, 1942 (Section B)

Carswell (See also: Lavack)

Victor W., son of Wm & Annie Carter, 1923-1925, "Our Darling" (Section G)

Carvey (See also: Kitts)

Ephraim Case, Jun, died May 3, 1848; Aged 29 yrs, 4 mos (Section H)

Chesley Casselman, 1869-1943 (Section D)

Walter S. Casselman, 1879-1954 (Section L)
Esther Robinson Casselman, 1851-1930 (Section L)
John R. Casselman, 1876-1930 (Section L)
Percy H. Casselman, 1882-1960 (Section L)
Fred C. Hamann, 1881-1960 (Section L)
Laura L. Hamann, 1891-1976 (Section L)

Cassidy (See also: Cramer)

Back of Frank Monier Stone
John W. Castleman, 1850- (Section L)
Kate E., his wife, 1848- (Section L)

Clarence L. Caswell, Mar 5, 1915 - Nov 14, 1975 (Section L)
Genevieve M. Caswell, wife of Clarence, May 16, 1917 - Aug 14, 1995 (Section L)

Caswell Monument (Section M)
Nelson Alfred Caswell, 1898-1922 (Section M)
Infant Son -1922- (Section M)

Caswell Monument (Section P)
George R. Caswell, New York PVT Co G 6 Ammunition TN World War I; March 21, 1894-Dec 2, 1955 (Section P)
Helen Draper Caswell, "Nonnie", 1897-1990 (Section P)
Marion Draper Herrman, 1901-1961 (Section P)
Robin Morris, -1947-, Infant child of George R. & Arleen M. Caswell (Section P)
Trudy Ana-Corinne, -1951-, Infant child of George R. & Arleen M. Caswell (Section P)
Marion F. Caswell, 10/23/21-1/20/98, "We love you" (Section P)
George R. Caswell, TSGT US Army, World War II; Jun 30, 1918-Sep 19, 1986 (Section P)
Nelson R. Caswell, 1864-1938 (Section P)
Myra A., his wife, 1869-1949 (Section P)

Caten (See also: McAllister)

Cavallo (See also: Clifton)

W. Elisha Chaddic, b. Feb 6, 1859 - d. May 7, 1892; AE 37 yrs, 2nd Monument (Section B)
Clara, his wife, b. May 30, 1860 - d. , 2nd Inscription(Section B)

Peleg Chamberlain, died Nov 15, 1873; AE 61 yrs (Section E)
Salima, wife of Peleg Chamberlain, died Apr 2, 1901; Aged 89 yrs (Section E)
Nora Chamberlain, (wife of?) Albert M. Barney, d. 185*, Age 28(?) yrs (Section E)

John F. Chambers, 1864-1951, Footstone (Section J)
Elsie C. Bolton, his wife, 1867-1958, Footstone (Section J)
Ollie M., their Dau, 1892-1899 (Section J)
Ernest W. Chambers, New York PFC HQ Co 77 Field Arty, World War I, June 6, 1896-Jan 21, 1960 (Section J)

Champion, Champn
Charles, son of ? & E Champn, died Feb ?, 1841; AE 11 ___ (Section H)
Mary E., dau of ? & E Champn, died Aug 11, 1843, AE 13 mos (Section H)

Chapin (See also: Drake, Kinney, Parmelee)
David O. Chapin, 1881-1955 (Section P)
Mary E., his wife, 1886-1958 (Section P)
Their Children: William D., 1908-1948, Footstone, Back of William C. Chapin Stone (Section P)
Clifton R., 1909-1986 (Section P)
Emmett A., 1911-2000, Footstone (Section P)
Emma A., 1911-1956, Footstone (Section P)
Ina R., 1916 Ida R., 1916 Merton D., 1918-1998 (Section P)
Rena L., 1921 (Section P)
Alfred E., 1925-1958, Footstone (Section P)

William C. Chapin, 1853-1914 (Section P)
Emma J., his wife, 1857-1956 (Section P)

Dale C. Chapin, 1895-1962 (Section P)
Anna M., 1897-1962 (Section P)
David O. Chapin, 1926- (Section P)
Grace V., 1920-1953 (Section P)

James Chapman, 1853-1920, Chapman Headstone (Section G)
Mary E. Crowder Chapman, 1867-1906 (Section G)
Harriet Chapman Benjamin, 1903-1965 (Section G)

Charter (See also: Woodcock)
Alton L. Charter, 1910-1988, "Buck" (Section B)

Nathan S. Charter, 1858-1923 (Section NF)

Frank Charter, Husband, 1894-1958 (Section Q)
Lucy Freeman, Wife, 1895- (Section Q)

Clarence B. Charter, 1907-1964 (Section P)
Dorothy C. Breckenridge, 1910- (Section P)

Fred Charter, 1881-1946 (Section P)

Paul W. Charter, 1911-1969 (Section P)
Rosamund M. Charter, 1910- (Section P)

Nelson E. Charter, Father, 1868-1949 (Section P)
Jennie W., Mother, 1871-1943 (Section P)
Mabel M. Vincent, Daughter, 1888-1973 (Section P)
Millie Charter, Daughter, 1891-1967 (Section P)

Charles A. Charter, 1877-1957 (Section N)
Margaret S., 1862-1958 (Section N)

Chase (See also: Parker)
John W. Chase, Co K, 142 Regt NY Vol, Apr 1837-Nov 1865 (Section F)
Ellen S. Buck, his wife (Section F)

Ida M. Chase, Mother, 1878-1956 (Section N)
Florence McLeod, Daughter, 1908-1978 (Section N)

Eliza Chatman (Section H)

Paul A., son of D. E. & L. J. Cheeseman, died Sep 25, 1905; AE 3 yrs, 2 mos (Section H)

Marcius B. Cheeseman, 1839-1896 (Section A)
Ann B., his wife, 1841-1931 (Section A)
Albert E., their son, 1885-1918 (Section A)
George H. Cheeseman, 1863-1935 (Section A)

Chevalley (See also: Storie)
Children of A & M Chevalley
Lewis Chevalley, 1839-1920, Co D. 4 Reg U.S.A., Chevalley Monument (Section J)
Helen Smith, his wife, 1843-1934 (Section J)
Cora, Daughter, 1869-1950 (Section J)
Arthur, Son, 1872-1925 (Section J)
W. Leon, 1907-1909 (Section J)
William A., 1910-1921 (Section J)

Chilton (See also: Butler, Gardner, Love)

Chisholm (See also: Murray)
Alex J. Chisholm, 1846-1919 Headstone (Section K)
Susan Greer, wife of Alex J., 1848-1929 (Section K)
Clarence J. Chisholm, 1881-1956 (Section K)
Addie J, wife of Clarence C., 1882-1942 (Section K)
Katherine McCaughey, wife of Clarence J., 1874-1910 (Section K)
Florence C., 1877-1954 (Section K)

Thomas H. Chisholm, 1840-1907 (Section C)
Julia Barrell, his wife, 1843-1923 (Section C)
Almon B. Chisholm, 1870-1951 (Section C)
Christena E. Chisholm, 1872-1916 (Section C)
Donald, son of Almon & Christina Chisholm, b. Oct 8, 1904 - d. Feb 28, 1905 (Section C)

John R. Christian, 1915-1965, "He was a friend to all" (Section A)

Harold S. Christian, 1883-1970 (Section P)
Jane Lehigh, 1903-1977 (Section P)

Church (See also: Conger, Porter, Orvis)
Mary Hayward Church, born at Morristown, July 20, 1851; Lost at sea on the Steamship Ville Du Havre which sank in Midocean Nov 22, 1873 (Section F)
Daniel W. Church, born at Morristown NY, March 15, 1853; dd. Dec 7, 1909 (Section F)
Katherine E., wife of Daniel W. Church, daughter of Holden H. & Katherine Gary, born Nov 1, 1853; died Jan 13, 1903 (Section F)
Louise E. (Gary), daughter of Holden H. & Katherine Gary, born May 24, 1842; died Oct 2, 1899 (Section F)
Daniel Church, born at Canton, NY, 1809-1883 (Section F)
Harriett Law Church, born at Acton, Mass; 1811-1878 (Section F)

Churchill (See also: Hosmer)

Glen Claflin, 1910-1934 (Section A)

Herbert S. Clapp, died 1915; Aged 40 yrs (Section B)
Emerson I. Clapp, died 1919; Aged 39 yrs (Section B)
Alida J. Clapp, 1871-1936; Daughter (Section B)
Thomas C. Clapp, 1835-1883; Father (Section B)
Fannie P., his wife, 1843-1924; Mother (Section B)
Myrtilla A. Clapp, died 1891; aged 15 yrs (Section B)

Allan T. Clapp, 1862-1919, Clapp Monument (Section F)
Matilda, his wife, 1867-1959 (Section F)
Vera P., their dau, 1890-1917 (Section F)

Clark (See also: Bacon, Barrell, Clifton, Davis, Lenahan, Porter, Risdale, Rutherford, Stoddard, Sullivan)
Note: On back of William Coulthart stone
Brayton G. Clark, 1875-1938 (Section K)
Ruth C., his wife, 1890-1977 (Section K)

Charles W. Clark, died Sept 27, 1863; AE 4 yrs, 5 mos, 17 dys (Section D)
Emma A., died Aug 12, 1862; AE 11 mos, 2 dys (Section D)
Albert F., died Aug 24, 1869; AE 5 mos (Section D)
Eva C., died Oct 4, 1863; Ae 11 yrs, 3 mos (Section D)

Sarah, wife of E.G. Clark, died Sept 27, 1866; Aged 59 yrs (Section D)

James Clark, died Dec 18, 1877; AE 81 yrs, 10 mos (Section D)
Lydia, wife of James Clark, died June 23, 1869; Aged 71 yrs (Section D)

James Clark, b. July 4, 1832 - d. Aug 11, 1905 (Section D)
Nancy M., wife of James Clark; Oct 28, 1833 - Dec 11, 1887 (Section D)
Orcelia, wife of James Clark; Dec 24, 1848 - May 22, 1898 (Section D)
Children of James & N.M. Clark:
Lydia I., Sept 23, 1876 - Dec 12, 1887 (Section D)
Henry E., Dec 31, 1877 - Dec 4, 1887 (Section D)

Maria B., wife of Samuel Clark, died Dec 5, 1875, Aged 56 yrs, 11 dys (Section F)

Charles S. Clark, 1870-1955 (Section L)
Cora M., 1877-1966 (Section L)
In Loving Memory of Infant Children:
Lester Clark, -1910- (Section L)
Grace Clark, 1911-1912 (Section L)
Donald Harwick, 1919 (Section L)
Ernest M. Clark, son, 1914-1995 (Section L)

Horace W. Clark, Father, 1884-1932, Clark Monument (Section L)
Anna May, Mother, 1889-1954 (Section L)
Donald H., their son, 1932-1936 (Section L)

George C. Clark, 1872-1948 (Section G)
Nellie Woodward, his wife, 1875-1904 (Section G)

William G. Clark, 1861-1932, Clark Monument (Section H)
Ella A., wife of W. G. Clark, 1867-1898 (Section H)
P. P. Clark, Father, 1823-1917 (Section H)
Adaline, his wife, Mother, 1833-1903 (Section H)
Cona Inez Clark, 1893-1900, Daughter of WG & Ella A. Clark (Section H)

Silas R. Clark, 1876-1963, Second Stone (Section A)
Delia, 1883-1949, Second Stone (Section A)

Charles Clark, Co A 6th US Cav, 1840-1923 (Section A)
Annette, his wife, 1849-1937 (Section A)
Sarah H., their dau, 1890-1904 (Section A)
Elmer, 1879-1942 (Section A)
Anna, 1885-19__ (Section A)

John F. Clark, New York, PFC 803 Tank Destroyer BN World War II; Sept 9, 1915-Jan 20, 1951 (Section Q)
Carol J. Clark, May 1, 1910-Apr 23, 1981 (Section Q)

Olin W. Clark, 1883-1967 (Section Q)
Edith R., his wife, 1884-1964 (Section Q)
John E., 1915- (Section Q)
Flo Foy, his wife, 1914-1983 (Section Q)
Wesley J., their son, 1946-1953 (Section Q)

Clark Monument (Section M)
Wilbur Clark, 1839-1929 (Section M)
Helen Keene, his wife, 1848-1935 (Section M)
Cassius Clark, 1878-1965 (Section M)
Ethel Clark Carr, 1867-1955 (Section M)

Clark Monument (Section P)
Everett C. Clark, 1896-1956 (Section P)
Isabelle H., his wife, 1906- (Section P)
Emary H. Clark, 1920-1980 (Section P)
Helen R., his wife, 1930- (Section P)

Clark-Richardson Headstone (Section P)
Howard J. Clark, Father, Nov 24, 1895-Aug 28, 1996 (Section P)
Jennie A. Clark, Mother, Feb 8, 1900-Jan 6, 1994 (Section P)
George H., son of Howard J & Jennie A. Clark, Master Sgt 8th US AAF 1924-1946 (Section P)
Paul H. Richardson, SSGT US Army, April 12, 1927-Nov 29, 1972 (Section P)

Walter F. Clark, 1872-1937 (Section P)
Nina Fox, 1872-1945 (Section P)
Doris Olga, 1901-1902 (Section P)

G. Douglas Clark, 1895-1940, Lieut Air Service, 1917 USA 1918 (Section P)
Irene Natalie Perrault, 1895-1930 (Section P)

Wilber F. Clark, 1888-1970 (Section N)
Grace W., 1889-1959 (Section N)

John D. Clarke, 1875- (Section L)
E. Luetta, his wife, 1876- (Section L)
"Lettie" (Section L)
"Ellen" (Section L)

Clausen (See also: Soule)

Cleghorn (See also: Dodge)

Cleland (See Also: Hull, Whitmore)
John A. Cleland, 1861-1939, Headstone (Section K)
Bertha S., his wife, 1854-1947 (Section K)
Fred A., 1885-1944 (Section K)

Floyd A. Clement, US Army, 1929-1978; Footstone (Section L)
Audrey Smith, his wife, 1929-1978 (Section L)
Married Feb 19, 1949

Clemmons (See also: Wright)

Cleveland (See also: Hodgkin, Royce)
Wm D. Cleveland, 1829-1916, Co D, NY L.A. Vol 1862-1865 (Section K)
Louise Rolph, his wife, 1836-1915 (Section K)
Ida, their dau, 1856-1920 (Section K)

Lyndon A. Cleveland, 1836-1909 (Section B)
Lucy A., his wife, 1835-1907 (Section B)
Mary L., their dau, 1865-1865 (Section B)

Donald R. Clifford, 1913-1970 (Section H)
Marion A., his wife, 1914- (Section H)
Jesse A. Clifford, died Dec 12th, 1891, AE 46 yrs, Clifford Monument (Section H)
E.L. Clifford, his wife, died Feb 15th, 1894, AE 50 yrs (Section H)
George H. Clifford, 1874-1942 (Member Gouverneur Fire Dept) (Section H)
Nellie Laidlaw, his wife, 1875-1966 (Section H)

Clifton (See also: Gates, Morgan, VanDuzee, Webb)
Benj D., son of * & * Clifton, did Mar 17, 186*; Ae 3 yrs, ? mos (Section D)
William W. Clifton, d. Mar 7, 1894; AE 45 yrs, 6 mos, 3 dys (Section D)
James Clifton, d. Dec 16, 1903; AE 84 yrs, 9 mos (Section D)
Nancy Storie, his wife, d. Aug 11, 1894; Ae 71 (Section D)
Michael Whalen, 1862-1945 (Section D)
Ella Clifton, his wife, 1863-1938 (Section D)
Margaret (Section D)
Nellie Clifton Campbell, 1863-1945 (Section D)
Lewis C. Campbell, 1862-1950 (Section D)
Nettie, inf daug of FC & HV Campbell; -1920- (Section D)
Nancy L., dau of L & NL Campbell, 1900-1912 (Section D)
Infant son of L & NL Campbell, -1891- (Section D)

Joseph Clifton, Sr, July 15, 1825-Mar 20, 1900, Bat D, 1st NY Art (Section F)
Lucy, wife of Joseph Clifton, July 15, 1819-Arp 4, 1886 (Section F)
Edwin D. Clifton, died Aug 10, 1875, aged 21 yrs, 10 mo (Section F)

James D. Clifton, 1875-1949 (Section H)
Ella Brown, his wife, 1873-1947 (Section H)
Myrtle, 1901-1904 (Section H)
Rex D. Clifton, 1899-1990 (Section H)
Irene Dye, 1901-1979 (Section H)

Raymond B. Clifton, 1905-1966 (Section A)
Ida Clark Clifton, 1906-1999 (Section A)

Clifton Monument (Section M)
Benjamin Clifton, 1851-1932 (Section M)
Agnes Smith, his wife, 1850-1935 (Section M)
Edwin James Clifton, 1876-1963 (Section M)
Lillian Nelson, his wife, 1878-1950 (Section M)
R. Anthony Cavallo, 1899-1957 (Section M)
Frances Clifton, his wife, 1901-1986 (Section M)

Cline (See also: Fox)
Cline Headstone, no other stones or markings other than family name 'Shannon' on back (Section C)

Clinton (See also: Bassett)

Paul C. Clohosey, 1896-1934, Second Stone (Section K)
Madeline M., his wife, 1895-1920, Second Stone (Section K)
Note: Two markers, one each on the back of Alvin Corey stone and E. J. Corey Stone

Samuel W. Close, MD, 1857-1947 (Section M)
Clara A., his wife, 1861-1944 (Section M)
Alison J., 1888-1961 (Section M)
Dorothy L., 1893-1985 (Section M)

Clute (See also: Turnbull)

Clyde (See also: Wells)

Coates, Coats See also: Reed
Forest I. Coats, 1917-1917 (Section K)
Oscar, 1913-1916 (Section K)
Fred F. Coates, 1887-1966, Headstone (Section K)
Bertha M., his wife, 1889-1938 (Section K)
Worth F. , 1917-1997 (Section K)
Dorothy P. , 1919- (Section K)

J. M. Coats, 1860-1916 (Section K)
Julia H., his wife, 1864-1945 (Section K)
Everette, their son, 1884-1967 (Section K)
Marcia E., his wife, 1893-1919 (Section K)
Gussie, -1895- (Section K)

Chancy Coats, died June 28, 1874, aged 58 yrs (Section G)

John D. Coats, died Nov 18, 1886; AE 42 yrs, 8 mos, 24 dys (Section H)
Margaret C., his wife, died Sept 18, 1895; AE 52 yrs, 4 mo, 23 dys (Section H)
Little Libbie (Section H)

Stephen Robert, son of RJ & MN Coates, 1953-1956 (Section P)

Richard E. Coates, 1926- (Section P)
Alice Babcock, 1926- (Section P)

Coates Headstone (Section P)
Howard Coates, 1892-1953 (Section P)
Jennie Bell, his wife, 1894-1955 (Section P)
Floyd J., 1900-1989 (Section P)
Lela Streeter, his wife, 1902-1969 (Section P)
Infant Twins, of FS & LM Coates, Sept 21, 1942 (Section P)

Lida C. Cobb, 1876-1969 (Section P)
Nellie Love, his wife, 1875-1965 (Section P)
Dorothy F., their daughter, 1898-19__ (Section P)

Coburn/Coughlin/Ridlespraker Monument (Section M)
Lewis Coburn, US Army World War II; Dec 6, 1913-Apr 17, 1991; Military Marker (Section M)
Belle M., his wife, 1908-1999 (Section M)

Cobey Monument (Section A)
William J. Cobey, 1897-1967 (Section A)

Coder (See also: Morrison)

Coffee (See also: Williams)

Coffey (See also: Allen, Bush)
John J. Coffey, 1888-1969 (Section F)
Maude E., 1891-1967 (Section F)

Colburn Monument (Section A)
Harmon B. Colburn, 1905-1977 (Section A)
Martha A., his wife, 1911-1979 (Section A)

George E. Colburn, 1880-1934 (Section A)
E. Mabel Hutt Colburn, 1884-1967 (Section A)

Cole (See also: Hawn, Kinney)
Note: Back of Wm Taylor stone
Leroy R. Cole, 1968-1987, Footstone (Section K)
Reuben T. Cole, Dec 13, 1971-Oct 27, 1998 (Section K)

Sharon A. Cole, 1947- (Section K)
Richard R., 1944- (Section K)

Ellen Reed Cole, 1847-1934, Cole Marker (Section B)
Harry Cole, 1874-1879 (Section B)

Children of Dr. A. L. & K. A. Cole:
Oltas Carleton, Sept 4, 1874-Nov 17, 1876 (Section B)
Katie Wait, July 11, 1871-Aug 13, 1872 (Section B)

Margery Cole, 1905-1999 (Section D)

Alpha Cole, d. Sept 3, 1856; Aged 67 yrs, Marker (Section D)
Mary, his wife, d. Aug 6, 1860; Aged 69 yrs (Section D)
Martha Cole Moxon, 1844-1918 (Section D)
Erastus Cole, d. Nov 7, 1885; Aged 70 yrs (Section D)
Eliza Cole, d. May 10, 1893; Aged 76 yrs (Section D)
Seth Cole, 1839-1912; Bat D, 1 NY L Art (Section D)

Edson H. Cole, 1876-1961 (Section J)
Grace L., 1878-1970 (Section J)

Luther A. Cole, 1877-1923 (Section A)
Emma B., 1887-1974 (Section A)
D. Mae, 1909-1924 (Section A)
F. Lee Conklin, 1895-1980 (Section A)
Vera A. Conklin, 1905-1985 (Section A)
Andrew Cole, 1850-1923 (Section A)

Cole/Carlyon Monument (Section A)
J. Frank Cole, 1845-1920 (Section A)
Carrie E. Allen, wife of J. F. Cole, 1850-1920 (Section A)
Frank E. Cole, their son, 1870-1909 (Section A)
Samuel P. Carlyon, 1866-1951 (Section A)
Jennie L. Cole, wife of S. P. Carlyon, 1867-1915 (Section A)

Harry G. Cole, 1884-1953 (Section Q)
Christie Cole, his wife, 1885-1971 (Section Q)

E. Harold Cole, 1899-1978 (Section P)
Elizabeth G., 1897-1988 (Section P)

Cole Headstone (Section P)
Glenn A. Cole, 1905-1999 (Section P)
Dorothy E., 1910-1993 (Section P)

Cole Headstone (Section N)
Howard E. Cole, Corp N.Y.S.P. 1904-1961 (Section N)
Frank O. Cole, 1878-1949 (Section N)
Gertrude A. Cole, 1889-1965 (Section N)

Coller (See also: Murdock)
Mary L. Coller, 1875-1896, Coller Monument (Section H)
Ruth M. Coller, 1896-1907 (Section H)
Mary C. Quill, 1870-1931 (Section H)

Collins (See also: Enslow, Orford)
Lewis F. Collins, 1835-1915 (Section C)
Caroline E., his wife, 1836-1920 (Section C)

Benjamin Collins, died Apr 29, 1888 (Section C)
Betsey F., wife of Benj. Collins, died Oct 15, 1866, Age 53 yrs, 5 mo, 9 dys (Section C)
Sarah C., dau of Benjamin & Betsey Collins, died Aug 21, 1863; AE 25 yrs, 1 mo, 19 dys (Section C)

Thomas Collins, died Jan 30, 1861; AE 41 yrs 8 mo 3 dys (Section B)

Children of ? Collins:
William M., died ? 19, 1852: AE 2 yrs, 8 mos (Section B)
Myron W., died Feb ?, 1851 (Section B)

Raymond H. Collins, 1877-1946 (Section F)
Pearl W. Collins, 1883-1976 (Section F)

Ida May Collins, 1873-1950, Collins Headstone (Section L)
William L., 1875-1948 (Section L)

Gladys E., dau of CA & SE Collins, 1915 (Section L)

Jas J.L. Collins, Seaman 2nd Class, US Navy, 1897-1943 (Section A)
Florence, his wife, 1885-1980 (Section A)
Jane M. Washburn, daughter, 1923-1988 (Section A)

Collins Monument (Section A)
Smith B. Collins, 1867- (Section A)
Beatrice N., his wife, 1882-1942 (Section A)
Harriet C. Thomas, 1861-1944 (Section A)

Howard F. Collins, 1897-1961 (Section M)
Bethany D. Collins, 1898-1957 (Section M)
Paige M. Collins, 1926-1974 (Section M)
Charles C. Donald, 1873-1951 (Section M)
Ora M. Donald, 1876-1940 (Section M)
Charles M. Donald, Age 3 mos (Section M)

Collins Monument (Section M)
Clinton P. Collins, 1873-1941 (Section M)
Clinton M., 1905-1947 (Section M)
Anna M., 1875-1948 (Section M)
Mary A. Moffatt, 1849-1928 (Section M)

Collins Headstone (Section P)
Lester G. Collins, 1910-1987 (Section P)
Marion G., his wife, 1911-1982 (Section P)

Jonathan J. Collins, New York TEC Med Dept World War I & II; Aug 6, 1894-Sept 25, 1946 (Section P)

Lester G. Colson, 1857-1914 (Section J)
Jenette, his wife, 1854-1910 (Section J)
Their Children:
Archie, 1884-1906 (Section J)
Mamie, 1879-1919 (Section J)

Colt (See also: Eager)

Gilbert H. Colvin, 1905- (Section H)
Helen H., 1908- (Section H)

George W. Compo, 1847- (Section D)
Adella A., his wife, 1851-1889 (Section D)

Alice, dau of J & J Compo, died June 5, 1881, AE 7 mos, 12 dys (Section J)
Jimm* Blain(?), son of John & Jane Compo, died Aug 7, 1885, Aged 3 yrs, 10 mos (Section J)

Solon Comstock, died July 18, 1890; AE 83 yrs, 3 mo, 17 dys (Section H)
Olive A., wife of Solon Comstock, died Mar 4, 1876; AE 66 yrs, 7 mo, 22 dys (Section H)

Conant (See also: Burt, Hunt)

Slyvanus Cone, b. in West *ranville NY, ?; died June 14, 1877; Marker (Section E)
Clarissa S. Cone, b. Mar 31, 1801; died at Gouv. Mar 12, 1885 (Section E)
White Cone Backus, b. June 30, 1829 - d. June 30, 1912; Age 83 yrs (Section E)
"Our Mother", died Aug 11, 1860 in her 88th year (Section E)
Lucy Ann P. Cone, died May 10th 1851 age 31 yrs (Section E)
Julia Ann More Cone, b. in Fort Ann NY, Dec 25, 1822; died in Gouv. Aug 15, 1902 (Section E)
Mary Sall*, dau of S & ? Cone; died July 2*, 1836; Age ? (Section E)

Conger (See also: Knight, Woodworth)
Alger Adams Conger, 1875-1931, Conger Marker (Section I)
Kathleen Louise Noble, his wife, 1878-1953 (Section I)
Gerrit Church Conger, 1914-1974, (Section I)

Gerrit S. Conger, 1847-1913, Bat D 1st NY L. Art, born at Canandaigua, NY, Conger Monument (back of Mary Hayward Church Monument) (Section F)
Martha A. Church, wife of Gerrit S. Conger, 1850-1929 (Section F)
Mary H.C. Conger, wife of Richard M. Brown, born April 15, 1870; died February 2, 1919 (Section F)

Colvin Conger, 1807-1902 (Section F)
Rosannah, his wife, 1812-1889 (Section F)
William L. Conger, May 24, 1856-Dec 20, 1925 (Section F)
Lola E. Partridge, his wife, Aug 8, 1859 (Section F)

Conkey (See also: Force, Hill)
Charles M. Conkey, 1848-1911 (Section K)
Mary, his wife, 1855-1940 (Section K)

Conklin (See also: Cole, Osier, Smith, Woodward)
Eugene Conklin, 1892-1955 (Section A)
Leona M., 1892-1924 (Section A)
Sicely M., 1902-1990 (Section A)

Edward N. Conklin, 1862-1947 (Section M)
Minnie L., his wife, 1869-1938 (Section M)

Francis M. Conlin, 1908-1970 (Section L)
Grace E., 1916- (Section L)
Lewis H. Rookey, 1861-1941 (Section L)

Connell (See also: Bennett)

Connolly (See also: Tait)
Eva J. Connolly, 1870-1941 (Section F)

D.G. Constantikes Headstone (Section P)
Demetrius G. "James" Constantikes, 1894-1952 (Section P)
Matula Morfogenis, wife of D. G. Constantikes, 1904-1989 (Section P)
Constantikes Headstone (Section P)
John G. Constantikes, 1889-1942 (Section P)
Despina T. Yiampanis, wife of J.G. Constantikes, 1894-1930 (Section P)

Anna, wife of Zebulon Converse and daughter of Luther Harris, died March 26, 1861, AE 61 yrs, 6 mo, 2 ys (Section F)

Cook (See also: McAllister)
Joseph R. Cook, 1851-1929, Marker (Section D)
Ellen D., 1858-1926 (Section D)
Walter E., 1895-1971 (Section D)
Edith L., 1905-1988 (Section D)
Ruth E. Weeks, 1921-1939 (Section D)

John H. Cook, died Jan 28, 1857; Ae 21 yrs (Section D)
Phebe A. wife of John H. Cook, died Aug 1, 1859; Aged 21 yrs, dau of DH & B Ray (Section D)

Elizabeth Doran Cook, 1876-1957 (Section J)
Charles Samuel Cook, 1878-1961 (Section J)

William J., son of Charles & Elizabeth Cook, Aug 4, 1904-Aug 25, 1904 (Section J)

M. R. Cook, 1860-1923 (Section A)
Bell, his wife, 1888-1923 (Section A)
Carl L. Barker, 1888-1958 (Section A)

Cook Headstone (Section N)
Thelma Mills Cook, wife, 1919-1999 (Section N)

Cooper (See also: Drummond, Gill)
George A. Cooper, 18__ - 1927 (Section L)

Abraham Cooper, 1875- (Section G)
Jessie B., his wife, 1883- (Section G)
Mildred J., their daughter, 1902-1903, Footstone (Section G)
Vera H., 1904-1905, "Gone but not forgotten" (Section G)

Wayne Nelson Cooper, Son of William and Carrie Cooper; March 16, 1958-Aug 2, 1961 (Section H)
Percival Ashworth, 1929-1929 (Section H)
Julia E. Cooper, 1936-1942, Daughter of Paul & Alma (Section H)
Richard G. Ashworth, 1959-1959 (Section H)
Norma C. Cooper, daughter of Paul and Alma, 1934-1999 (Section H)
Paul Cooper, Father, 1900-1977, Cooper Monument (Section H)
Alma Freeman, Mother, 1905-1981 (Section H)

James D. Cooper, 1862-1943 (Section P)
Eva Daily, his wife, 1865-1951 (Section P)
George H., his wife, 1901-1963 (Section P)

Alfred Glenn Corbey, died Aug 12, 1896, AE 6 mo, 15 days Back of marker(Section F)

John W., son of Amasa & Phebe Corbin; d. Aug 11, 1834, AE 3 yrs, 7 mos (Section C)
Hellen M., dau of Amasa & Phebe Corbin; d. Sept 23, 1849, Ae 6 mos (Section C)
Sarah J. Corbin, b. Aug 12, 1846; died Jan 28, 1899 (Section C)
Hattie Flora, dau of Amasa & Phebe Corbin; died Mar 21, 1873; Ae 18 yrs, 2 mos, 20 dys (Section C)
Henry M. Corbin, died Mar 23, 1861; Ae 25 yrs, 11 mos (Section C)
Amasa Corbin, born at Champlain, NY, Dec 12, 1802; died Jan 4, 1881, Aged 78 yrs, Monument (Section C)
Phebe M. Foster, his wife, b. at Hancock Mass, Sept 5, 1809; d. June 25, 1885, Aged 76 yrs (Section C)

Amasa Corbin, Dec 31, 1843-Feb 18, 1918 (Section C)
Alice A. Thorpe, Dec 23, 1842-Dec 28, 1911, Footstone (Section C)
Ralph H., 1879-1908 (Section C)
Grace H., 1874-1964 (Section C)
Amasa M. Corbin, b. Aug 11, 1877 - d. Dec 26, 1878 (Section C)
Ada T., b. Mar 10, 1869 - d. May 14, 1872 (Section C)
Herbert, b. June 10, 1871 - d. Sept 5, 1871 (Section C)
Elva T.., b. Oct 16, 1872 - d. Jan 16, 1888 (Section C)
Anna A. Vogel, 1862-1945 (Section C)

Jay S. Corbin, b. Dec 31, 1840 - d. Dec 31, 1913 (Section D)
Anna C., his wife, b. Apr 2, 1841 - d. Mar 24, 1916 (Section D)
Percy Jay, b. Dec 6, 1880; Drowned at Prescott Ont, Aug 18, 1890 (Section D)

Jay S. Corbin, 1900-1968 (Section H)
W. Spencer Corbin, 1870-1944 (Section H)
Lulu May, 1870-1948 (Section H)

Charles M. Corbin, 1837-1911 (Section H)
Arlina McCombs, his wife, 1837-1907 (Section H)
Henrietta, daughter of CM & AR Corbin, died Aug 8, 1863, AE 3 yrs, 8 mos, "Little Etta" (Section H)
Fred McWilliams, 1855-1942 (Section H)
Stella Corbin, his wife, 1863-1949 (Section H)
In Loving Memory of Fred H. Corbin, born April 27, 1861 - died March 23, 1892 (Section H)

Harry H. Corbin, 1907-1973 (Section Q)
Dorothy H., 1908-1994 (Section Q)
Carolyn M., 1935-1963 (Section Q)

Alvin H. Corey, 1885-1969 (Section K)
Marion H., 1885-1983 (Section K)

E. J. Corey, 1858-1939 (Section K)
Mary, his wife, 1858-1943 (Section K)

Etta E., wife of F. J. Cornell, died June 14, 1907; Rutherford/Cornell Marker (Section B)
M. Alice, wife of F. J. Cornell, died Feb 23, 1892; AE 22 yrs (Section B)

Edith Cornell (Section H)
Dora M. Cornell (Section H)

Corse Monument (Section M)
Jerome Corse, 1848-1930 (Section M)
Kittie Borland Corse, 1857-1936 (Section M)
Vaughn Burnham Corse, 1891-1976 (Section M)

Cottrell Monument (Section J)
George H. Cottrell, 1870-1937 (Section J)
Margaret M., his wife, 1873-1929 (Section J)

Robert G. Cottrell, 1896-1958 (Section J)
Erdine M., his wife, 1894-1983 (Section J)

Larry Cottrill, 1938-1997 (Section N)
Elaine, 1940- (Section N)

Coburn/Coughlin/Ridlespraker Monument (Section M)
Daniel J. Coughlin, 1865-1932 (Section M)
Lena M., his wife, 1870-1939 (Section M)
Wm J. Coughlin, 1868-1946 (Section M)
Amy Murphy, his wife, 1875-1964 (Section M)

William F. Coulthart, 1863-1932 (Section K)
Eva Robbins, his wife, 1863-1937 (Section K)
Mary E., wife of J. Coulthart, 1835-1913 (Section K)

Countryman (See also: Reynolds)
William Henry Countryman, 1859-1937 (Section A)
Clementine McCartha Countryman, 1869-1936 (Section A)
Frances Countryman, 1903-1937 (Section A)
Eliza Jane McCartha, 1846-1924 (Section A)
William Henry McCartha, 1846-1928 (Section A)
Baby Charles Gibbons, 1923-1925 (Section A)

Roy H. Countryman, 1882-1966 (Section Q)
Maude F., 1881-1962 (Section Q)

Couper (See also: Pike)

Cousins (See also: Glasford)

Cox (See also: Lane, McCarty)
Frank L. Cox, 1851-1932 (Section D)
Mary M. Newell, his wife, 1859- (Section D)
Louisa A. Barnes, his wife, 1852-1885 (Section D)
Robert, son of FL & LA, 1885-1885 (Section D)
Hazel B., dau of FL & LA, 1882-1885 (Section D)
Fannie L.., dau of FL & LA, 1881-1886 (Section D)

Inez Gray Cox, 1881-1978 (Section I)
Frank Erwin Cox, 1878-1933 (Section I)

Coyette (See also: Liscum)

Crabtree See also: Turnbull

Cramer (See also: Fosgate)
Note: Backside of George Parker stone:
Melvin B. Cramer, 1870-1953 (Section K)
Louise Cassidy, his wife, 1870-1939 (Section K)
Lester W., their son, 1902-1915 (Section K)
Ruth M., 1897- (Section K)
Irma H., 1900-1968 (Section K)
Wilfred A., 1899-1969 (Section K)

Samuel W. Crandall, died Mar 14, 1901, AE 80 yrs, Crandall Monument (Section F)
Sophia S., wife of S. W. Crandall, died June 10, 1875, AE 49 yrs (Section F)
Mary E., wife of S. W. Crandall, died Dec 23, 1886, AE 60 yrs (Section F)

Clarence R. Crandall, 1890-1950 (Section L)
Sybil V., his wife, 1889-1965 (Section L)

Alonzo Crandall, 1856-1917 (Section L)
Helen, his wife, 1856-1920 (Section L)

Cranmer (See also: Lehigh)

Crary (See also: Hall)

Crawford (See also: Brown)
Lucinda Crawford, d. Sept 11, 1895; Aged 67 years (Section B)

David Crawford, d. Feby 18, 1872; Ae 75 yrs (Section B)
Laura, wife of David Crawford, d. Sept 8, 1877; Ae 81 yrs (Section B)

Creighton Headstone (Section P)
Vernon Creighton, 1892-1965 (Section P)
Helen Louise Creighton, 1900-1944 (Section P)
Julie Ann Bigelow, infant daughter of Ward and Jane Creighton Bigelow, -1957- (Section P)

Robert George Cromie, 1929-1990 (Section N)
Dolores Roche, 1931- (Section N)
Robert Donald, son, 1950-1954 (Section N)
Peter Andrew, son, 1957-1959 (Section N)

Cronk (See also: Brown)

Cross (See also: Legate)
Alice M. Cross, Mother, 1882-1959 (Section L)
Leona J. Phair, Daughter, 1914-1998 (Section L)

Cross Headstone (Section P)
George W. Cross, Father, 1870-1943 (Section P)
Mattie R., Mother, 1878-1944 (Section P)
Harold E., 1912-1960, Son (Section P)

William R. Crossman, 1870-1942 (Section J)
Luetta M. Thayer, his wife, 1872-1909 (Section J)
Their children:
Beulah M., 1896-1898 (Section J)
Ethel M., 1909-1909 (Section J)
Their sons:
Harold G., 1907-1927 (Section J)
Newell B., US Band, 1902-1927 (Section J)
Florence C., dau of WR & LM Crossman, 1892-1947 (Section J)

Crossmon (See also: Smith)
Note: Back of James Russell Stone
Sylvester Crossmon, 1837-1920 (Section K)
Celinda, his wife, 1835-1913 (Section K)

Crowder (See also: Chapman)
James Crowder, Co C, 20 Reg NY Cav, 1845-1907 (Section G)
Ristoria H. Crowder 1892-1958 (Section NF)

Crowley (See also: Nichols)
Maybelle S. Crowley, 1878-1972 (Section N)

Charles L. Crumb, 1902-1981 (Section P)
Corinne F., 1902-1948 (Section P)
Margaret H., 1904-1983 (Section P)

Crysler (See also: Dodds)

Michael John, son of J & D Cula; July 2, 1950-Apr 3, 1956 (Section N)

Robert W., son of Rae & Mabel Cummings, 1911-1914 (Section K)

Ernest L. Cummings, Father, 1879-1962 (Section B)
Grace M., Mother, 1884-1958 (Section B)
Dorothy M., daughter, 1909-1993 (Section B)

Clarence E. Cummings, 1902-1992 (Section L)
Grace M., 1908-1994 (Section L)

James A. Cummings, 1856-1917 (Section G)
Mary E., his wife, 1855-1925 (Section G)
Lizzie A. Youngs, 1859-1905 (Section G)

Adaline, wife of A. W. Cummings, died March 21, 1843, AE 28 (Section H)
J. W. Bradin, son of Rev. Anson W. and Adaline B. Cummings, who died Feb 2, 1842, AE 3 yrs, 8 mos, 16 dys (Section H)

David Cummings, d. 1918 (Section A)
Sybil, d. 1939 (Section A)

George W. Cummings, 1899-1985 (Section Q)
Leola B., 1912- (Section Q)
Wed July 15, 1956

Thomas D. Cummings, Sr, 1940- (Section M)
Virgina N., 1940-1993 (Section M)

Cunningham (See also: Carbino, Manson, Shaw)
Charles A. Cunningham, 1837-1917, Bat D NY L. Art 1862-1865 (Section K)
Susan F., his wife, 1859-1948 (Section K)
John, 1884-1952 (Section K)

Elbert L. Cunningham, 1868-1917 (Section B)
Eva E., his wife, 1870-1900 (Section B)

Wm N. Cunningham, 1835-1900 (Section B)
Julia, his wife, 1837-1928 (Section B)

Gilbert G. H. Cunningham, 1866-1944 (Section F)
Joseph (Section F)
Ella L., wife of Gilbert Cunningham, died Feb 28, 1889; Ae 20 yrs, 5 mos, Monument (Section F)

Raymond G. Cunningham, Mar 10, 1911-Feb 21, 1993 (Section L)
Ruben Cunningham, 1878-1937 (Section L)
Agnes, 1885-1933 (Section L)
Lyle R. Cunningham, Aug 20, 1931-Sep 11, 1931 (Section L)

J. K. Cunningham, died Jan 21, 1893; AE 39 yrs; Cunningham Monument (Section H)
Mary J. Cunningham, wife of Walter L. Storie, 1851-1906 (Section H)

Robert B. Cunningham, 1892-1979 (Section Q)
Grace E., 1898-1952 (Section Q)
Alberta F. Cunningham, dau, 1919-1979 (Section Q)
Loretta J. Martin, dau, 1925- (Section Q)

Cunningham Monument (Section M)
Charles C. Cunningham, 1857-1935 (Section M)
Mary F., 1861-1943 (Section M)
Isabelle C. Graham, 1895-1975 (Section M)

Douglas L. Cunningham, June 23, 1906-May 25, 1997 (Section P)
Dorothy M. Smith, Oct 11, 1908-June 25, 1991 (Section P)
George I., 1871-1944 (Section P)

Wilber P. Cunningham, 1894-1962 (Section P)
Nettie F., 1890- (Section P)

George Curier, Soldier of the late rebellion (Section F - CW)

Harry William Curry, New York PVT Co B 2 Pioneer Inf, World War I; Dec 22, 1889-June 28, 1955 (Section Q)

Brasie-Curtis Monument (Shared with Earl Brasie Family) (Section H)
Elmer C., 1868-1937 (Section H)
Margaret L., his wife, 1872-1944 (Section H)
Erna V., daughter, 1892-1956 (Section H)

Curtis Monument (Section M)
Henry C. Curtis, Father, 1869-1941 (Section M)
Attala P., Mother, 1870-1948 (Section M)
Louis E., 1902-1922 (Section M)
Joseph A., 1902-1962 (Section M)
Madeline, 1913-1985 (Section M)
Henry J. Curtis, New York SGT 147 MG BN World War I; Jan 13, 1896-Aug 20, 1971 (Section M)
Edith A. Curtis, his wife, Nov 22, 1899 - Apr 2, 1975 (Section M)
Edith Curtis Herheim, Nov 1, 1918- (Section M)
Gordon O. Herheim, US Army; Mar 8, 1915-Sept 26, 1978 (Section M)

Cushman (See also: Barnes, Whitney)
Myron Cushman, 1st Lieut, Co I, 92 Reg NY Inf, 1812-1880, Marker (Section D)
Susan Waid, his wife, 1818-1897 (Section D)
Christialana Estelle, their dau, 1842-1922 (Section D)
Chester W., son of Myron & Susan Cushman, d. May 15, 1868, AE 9 yrs (Section D)
Webster H., son of Myron & Susan Cushman, d. May 23, 1856, AE 6 mos (Section D)
Unreadable, son of Myron & Susan Cushman, d. Feb 25, 1841 (Section D)
Talcutt R. Cushman, died Aug 5, 1872, AE 35 yrs (Section D)
Ann, his wife, d. Feby 1, 1872, AE 33 yrs, 1 mo, 7 dys (Section D)
Frank M., their infant son, Aged 16 mos (Section D)

Carlyle L. Cushman, Mar 7, 1852 - Sept 26, 1894, Marker (Section I)
Carola Lambie, his wife, July 24, 1852 - Aug 27, 1929 (Section I)
Marion Genevieve Cushman, dau of CL & SC Cushman, d. Apr 9, 1882; AE 1 yr, 1 mo, 23 dys, Back of stone (Section I)
Arthur E., June 21, 1863-Mar 7, 1939 (Section I)
Frances B., July 8, 1882 - Jan 19, 1952 (Section I)
Nora S., dau of TH & AC Cushman, died Dec 5, 1926, Aged 21 yrs (Section I)

Cutting (See also: Barnes)

Herbert H. Cyrus, 1880-1955 (Section N)
Mabel Barber, his wife, 1897-1987 (Section N)
Lesa Ann Cyrus, born Dec 25, 1955; died Jan 7, 1956; Mother Lula; Father Raymond; (Section N)
Reginald Lee Cyrus, born June 20, 1968; died Nov 16, 1968; Mother Lula; Father Raymond; (Section N)

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