Riverside Cemetery - Gouverneur NY
Inventory of Riverside Cemetery, Gouverneur NY (Last names starting with D)

NOTE: Between the fall of 2000 and fall of 2001, I performed an extensive effort to perform a full inventory (with tombstone pictures) of Riverside Cemetery in Gouverneur. That results of that effort are shown below. At the end of each entry is a indication of what section of the cemetery the stone is located in. Locations of each section within the cemetery can be seen on the map on my Riverside Cemetery index page.
When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Last updated by Anne M. Cady, October 2001.

Daily, Dailey (See also: Cooper, Parks)
Frank B. Dailey, 1868-1921, Dailey Headstone (Section B)
Hattie B., wife of Frank B. Dailey, 1871-1959 (Section B)
Earl B. Dailey, 1895-1899 (Section B)

Henry Daily, 1822-1913 (Section D)
Alma, his wife, 1828-1919 (Section D)
John Daily, died Oct 3, 1859 (Section D)
Hannah, his wife, died Apr 12, 1873 (Section D)

Frank D. Dailey, died July 20, 1895; Ae 21 yrs, 6 mos, 13 dys (Section F)
Lenora D., wife of Henry LaBow, died May 25, 1897; Ae 31 yrs, 1 mo, 12 dys (Section F)
Mary J., "Mother", wife of Allen Dailey, died July 8, 1897; AE 77 yrs (Section F)

Charlie M. Dailey, 1895-1896, Daily Marker (Section F)

Rev Geo G. Dains, b. May 1, 1828; d. Aug 3, 1884, Monument (Section D)
Celestia Stone Burnett, his wife, born Aug 20, 1841 - d. Feb 23, 1889 (Section D)
"Little Anna", dau of Geo G. & Mary E. Dains, died Jan 19, 1866; Aged 16 mos, Footstone-Front, Footstone-Back, Inscription (Section D)
May Fay, dau of Rev G.G. & Mary Dains, d. June 16, 1879; Aged 16 yrs, 6 mos, Side of Marker, Other side of Marker (Section D)

Daley (See also: Maxiner)

James E. Dalton, Father, 1869-1931 (Section J)
Carrie M. Dalton, 1874-1963 (Section J)
Stanley J. Dalton, 1903-1952 (Section J)
Bessie I., 1902-1986 (Section J)

Damon (See also: Barnum)

Missing Monument (Section P)
James Joseph, son of JS & AB Dancause, -1947- ; Second Marker(Section P)
John R., son of JS & AB Dancause, -1945- (Section P)

Dane (See also: Downing)

Hattie Dashnaw, Mother, 1907-1947 (Section NF)

Martin C. Dashner, 1906-1980 (Section Q)
Betty J., 1907- (Section Q)

Davidson (See also: Paige, Sayers, Yerdon)
Samuel H. Davidson, 1881-1932, Photo of Headstone (Section K)
Mary E., his wife, 1870-1965 (Section K)
Lena G. Davidson, 1891-1922 (Section K)
Dorothy R. Davidson, 1903-1979 (Section K)

Lawson P. Davidson, 1894-1948 (Section F)
Margaret H., his wife, 1891-1976 (Section F)
Janet Irene, daughter of JD & HM Davidson, -1951- (Section F)

James C. Davidson, 1863-1950 (Section M)
Mary E., 1862-1943 (Section M)
William S., 1891-1923, Footstone (Section M)
Helen M., 1923- (Section M)
John D., 1922- (Section M)
Elizabeth Fourette, 1882-1961, Sister-in-law of William S. Davidson (Section M)

Davis (See also: Beaman, Besaw, Brown, Jenne, Johnson, Raymond, Stevenson, Tygart, Webb)
Willard O. Davis, 1880- , Second Family Marker Section K)
Mary L., his wife, 1880-1937 (Section K)
Agnes L., their daughter, 1905-1919 (Section K)

Asa Davis, 1834-1910, Marker (Section D)
Mary, 1839-1922 (Section D)
Sarah T., wife of Chas Heald, 1825-1900 (Section D)

G. E. Davis, d. Feb 14, 1925; AE 75 yrs (Section D)
Emma E., his wife, d. Jan 13, 1893; AE 35 yrs (Section D)
Edwin M., son of GE & EE Davis, d. Oct 28, 1889; AE 3 yrs (Section D)
John F., son of GE & EE Davis, d. May 29, 1899; AE 19 yrs (Section D)
Mabel M., dau of GE & EE Davis, 1884-19__ (Section D)
Myrtle J., dau of GE & EE Davis, 1890-1962 (Section D)

J. Davis Jr., May 21, 1844 - Oct 20, 1918 (Section D)
Eliza, his wife, Oct 11, 1848-Apr 7, 1926 (Section D)
Lois P., dau of J & E Davis; d. May 19, 1889; AE 5 yrs, 10 mos (Section D)

John J. Davis, 1819-1895, Monument (Section D)
Ellen L., his wife, 1829-1887 (Section D)
David B. Davis, 1855 - (Section D)
Catherine M., his wife, 1858-1923 (Section D)
Bert M. Davis, 1879-1936 (Section D)
Grace B. Davis, 1887-1975 (Section D)
Jack A. Davis, 1914-1942 (Section D)
Dean B. Davis< 1916-1980 (Section D)

Truman Davis, 1835-1924, "Father", Davis Marker (Section F)
Maria, his wife, 1834-1914, "Mother" (Section F)
Roscoe C. Davis, 1873-1931, "Father" (Section F)
Helen, his wife, 1869-1915, "Mother" (Section F)
Gladys, their daughter, 1895-1900 (Section F)
Prudence, their daughter, 1903-1915 (Section F)

Bettie Davis, born Apr 9, 1888; died Oct 9, 1903? (Section F)

Charles E. Davis, Co. A 142 Reg, 1838-1912 (Section F)
Sylvia A., wife of E. E. Davis, 1847-1916 (Section F)

Granville Camp Davis, 1857-1920 (Section F)
Janet Ormiston, his wife, 1874-1901 (Section F)
Infant, (Section F)

John W., son of Roswell & Polly Davis, died May 2, 1853 (Section H)
Bruce A., son of Roswell & Polly Davis, died May 2, 1853 in his 7 yr (Section H)

David E. Davis, 1844-1936, Davis Plot (Section H)
Sarah Jones, his wife, 1832-1896 (Section H)
Ann, wife of D. E. Davis, 1866-1917 (Section H)

Thomas M. Davis, 1875-1947, David Monument (Section H)
Grace E., his wife, 1875-1952 (Section H)

Anna Scott, died Aug 8, 1899, AE 40 yrs (Section J)
Davis Monument Thomas B. Davis, 1862-1905 (Section J)
Cathren Scott Davis, 1861-1891 (Section J)
Roy Eldon Davis, 1890-1891 (Section J)
Clyde Lyle Davis, 1898-1901 (Section J)

Davis Monument (Back of Frank Sprague Stone) (Section A)
Wilber A. Davis, 1877-1957 (Section A)
Claribel, wife of Wilber Davis, 1877-1906 (Section A)
Robert Lynn, 1904-1924 (Section A)

Daniel E. Davis, 1865-1934 (Section A)
Katie D., his wife, 1867-1953 (Section A)
Lila Edlund, 1917-1954 (Section A)

Davis Monument (Section M)
Arthur I. Davis, 1870-1943 (Section M)
Elizabeth J. Davis, 1875-1931 (Section M)
Jane E., dau of Acil & Ina Johnson, AE 2 mos, 25 dys (Section M)
Lawrence A. Davis, 1892-1962 (Section M)
Bessie Scott Davis, 1893-1949 (Section M)

Davis Monument (Section M)
Stephen A. Davis, 1867-1948 (Section M)
Emma C., his wife, 1873-1961 (Section M)
Ruth Davis Henderson, 1898-1972 (Section M)

Davis Monument (Section M)
Denver D. Davis, 1911-1977 (Section M)
Ruth A., 1912- (Section M)
Olin J. Davis, 1887-1928 (Section M)
Mabel Elva, 1884-1968 (Section M)

Everal A. Davis, 1887-1949 (Section M)
Ida M. Clark Davis, 1882-1939 (Section M)

Dawley (See also:Pascoe)
George F. Dawley, 1885-1953 (Section Q)
Mary E., his wife, 1869-1959 (Section Q)

*** Dawson, 1848- (Section J)
Jennie, his wife, 1860-1897 (Section J)
***sha, 1883-1892 (Section J)

Day (See also: Campbell, Dennis, Durham, Staplin)
Alfred Day, died Feb 8, 1864; Aged 55 yrs, 10 mo, 22 dys (Section F)
Catharine, wife of Alfred Day, died Dec 26, 1902 (Section F)

Orison Dean, Dec 9, 1821 - Mar 13, 1903, Monument (Section I)
Mira Aldrich Dean, July 31, 1833-Dec 15, 1923 (Section I)
Cora Dean, Apr 19, 1865 - Jan 23, 1946 (Section I)
Jennie Dean, June 4, 1863-Nov 17, 1943 (Section I)
Frederick, April 1860 - Jan 27, 1862 (Section I)
Minnie, Sept 18, 1857 - Jan 22, 1862 (Section I)

Deans (See also: Campbell, Price)
Guy Wm Deans, 1886-1947 (Section A)
Lillian Force, his wife, 1896-1973 (Section A)
Dorothy, 1919-1919 (Section A)
Frances, 1923-1923 (Section A)

Erma E. Dearth, 1880-1963 (Section P)

Clarence B. Dedrick, US Army Korea, June 4, 1930-Dec 9, 1981 (Section L)

Deen (See also: Rech)

DeGrace (See also: Whalen)
Korleen M. DeGrace, 1914-1980 (Section K)

Delano (See also: Loomis)
Charles B. Delano, 1897-1948 (Section NF)

DeLavergne (See also: Peacock)

Dean W. Delong, 1895-1922 (Section P)
Marion H., 1899-1958 (Section P)

Demo (See also: Overacker)

Joseph Denecia, 1872-1962 (Section P)
Carrie, 1877-1962 (Section P)

Denesha (See also: Babcock)
Theodore T.. Denesha, 1851-1923, Headstone (Section K)
Ella P., his wife, 1855-1919 (Section K)

Dennis (See also: Mazuroski)
Ruth Liscum Dennis, "his wife" (note: wife of Ruth Dennis), 1900-1962 (Section P)
June E., daughter, 1926-1942 (Section P)
Harold Day, 1917-1987 (Section P)
Edna Day, 1916-2001 (Section P)

George Derby, Marker (Section D)
"Mother" (Section D)

Samuel B. Derby, New York CPL Air Svc Flying Sch, World War I; Nov 6, 1892-Sept 20, 1968 (Section Q)

A. Lincoln Deroche, born Apr 28, 1865 - died Mar 9, 1905 (Section J)

Deuvel (See also: McAllister)

Devendorf (See also: Hutton)

Note: On side of Charles H. Smith Stone
In Memory of: Wm J. Dewey (Section C)
Diana, his wife, 1825-1843 (Section C)

Loomis Dewey, 1818-1899 (Section B)
Mary, his wife, 1817-1902 (Section B)

Velina L., Warner & Altha Z. Dewey, d. Jan 5, 1865; AE 45 yrs, 1 dys (Section D)

Warren Dewey, 1815-1905 (Section H)
Julia D., wife of W. Flanders, 1853-1893 (Section H)
Melvin W. Dewey, 1845-1927 (Section H)
Keitha S. Pike, 1912-1957 (Section H)
Byron W. Dewey, 1843-1925 (Section H)
Anna C., his wife, 1845-1913 (Section H)
Their Children:
Altha V. Spaulding, 1871-1912, Footstone (Section H)
Laura Estella, 1885-Feb 2, 1887; AE 5 yrs, 4 dys, Footstone (Section H)
Arnold Amasa, 1885-Feb 5, 1887; AE 1 yrs, 3 mos, 6 dys Footstone (Section H)
Warren B. Dewey, 1879-1955 (Section H)

Dibley (See also: Honeycomb)

Dickson (See also: Babcock)
Note: Combined MacGregor/Dickson Memorial
John E. Dickson, 1874-1933 (Section K)
Alexander A. Dickson, 1847-1934 (Section K)
Helen MacGregor Dickson, 1850-1929 (Section K)

James Dickson, 1852-1910, Headstone (Section K)
Grace, his wife, 1858-1945 (Section K)
Ellen, his wife, 1857-1889 (Section K)
James Stanley Dickson, 1898-1972 (Section K)
Katharine, his wife, 1899-1956 (Section K)
Hazel E. Dickson, 1889-1972 (Section K)
Jennie S. Dickson, 1854-1948 (Section K)
Helen L., 1902-1979 (Section K)

Andrew C. Dickson, 1918- ; Footstone(Section P)
Norinne S., 1919-1997, "Mother, Grandmother, Lady", Footstone (Section P)

James Dier, Co I NY Heavy Art, 1840-1910 (Section K)
Florence A. Greene, his wife, 1848-1912 (Section K)
Maurice E. Dier, 1875- (Section K)
Margaret Miller, his wife, 1877-1926 (Section K)
Katherine P. Dier, 1911- (Section K)
Earl L. Dier, 1911-1973 (Section K)
Grace M. Dier, 1885-1970 (Section K)
Ned J. Dier, 1883-1941 (Section K)
Mary Dier Cady, 1921- (Section K)
Edith C. Dier, 1894-1979 (Section K)
Fred G. Dier, 1881-1959 (Section K)

Robert C. Dier, 1913-1986, Gouverneur Fire Dept (Section Q)
Marjorie Hance, his wife, 1916-1994 (SectionQ)

Digirolamo / Rose
Michael 1868-1946 (Section NF)
Lucy, 1876-19__ (Section NF)

George Dillabaugh, 1844-1916 (Section K)
Elizabeth, his wife, 1849-1928, "Libbie" (Section K)
A. K. Dillabaugh, 1872-1910, "Allie" (Section K)
Gertie, his wife, 1878-1926 (Section K)

Pearl Dillabaugh, died Aug 12, 1893; AE 7 yrs, 6 mo, 21 dys (Section NF)

Note: George A. Bush on other side of stone
Henry A. Dillabaugh, 1868-1944 (Section A)
Minnie, his wife, 1848-1916 (Section A)
George L., 1897-1977, US Army, Military Marker (Section A)
Alice B., his wife, Sept 18, 1896 - Oct 18, 1982, Wife of George, Loved by All; Second Marker (Section A)
William H. Streeter, 1971-1971 (Section A)

Lizzie E. Dimock, d. May 1, 1889, AE 15 yrs, Marker (Section D)
Edwin E., d. Mar 31, 1886; AE 19 yrs (Section D)
Matie C., d. May 17, 1868; AE 1 yr, 2 mos, 3 dys (Section D)
M.F. Dimock, d. Nov 14, 1885; AE 41 yrs (Section D)
Louisa M., wife of MF Dimock, 1845-1927 (Section D)
Emma L. Dimock, d. Oct 17, 1891, AE 20 yrs (Section D)
Willie A. Dimock, d. Mar 24, 1891, AE 26 yrs (Section D)

Dimon (See also: Laidlaw)
Harvey A. Dimon, 1892-1963 (Section P)
C. Avery Dimon, 1916-1981 (Section P)
Helen M., 1924-1987 (Section P)
Sally Jean, Dau, -1944- (Section P)
Donald Avery Dimon, 1945-1961 (Section P)

Orvie B. Dingman, New York, CPL 324 FTR SQ AAF, World War II, June 22, 1918 - Jan 10, 1971 (Section K)

Dixon (See also: Murray)
Note: Back of Andrew Murray Stone
Wm A. Dixon, 1847-1905, Co A. 16 NY Inf; Co A 14 NY H.A.; Marker (Section I)
Jennie Sessions, wife of Wm A. Dixon, 1852-1922 (Section I)
Delia Huntington Sessions, 1827-1922 (Section I)
Loriane W. Sessions, 1825-1922 (Section I)

Judson H. Doane, 1862-1916 (Section K)
Sylvia, his wife, 1859- (Section K)
Harlow A., 1886-1953 (Section K)
Pearl A., his wife, 1888-1916 (Section K)
Arthur J., 1880-1954 (Section K)
Eunice M.., his wife, 1883-1954 (Section K)
Nellie E., daughter, 1909-1927 (Section K)
Frank L., 1882-1943, Second Marker (Section K)
Mina W., his wife, 1886-1958, Second Marker (Section K)

Chancey Doane, 1831-1889 (Section B)
Sarah, his wife, 1846-1907 (Section B)
William T., their son, 1864-1932 (Section B)

Dorothy Prouty Dobbs, 1906-1979 (Section F)

Dodds (See also: Blair, Blanding, Honeycomb, Kraker, Laidlaw, Parsons, Thomson)
Andrew Dodds, d. Feb 26, 1892; AE 79 yrs (Section C)
Sally, his wife, d. May 6, 1886; AE 76yrs (Section C)
Halla Jean Dodds Crysler, 1890-1964 (Section C)
Edwin A., son of Andrew & Sally Dodds, d. Oct 16, 1863, Aged 27 yrs, 3 mo, 5 dys (Section C)
Jane M., wife of John Haskins, d. Aug 9, 1881 aged 40 yrs, 2 mos, 10 dys, dau of Andrew & Sally Dodds (Section C)

Alex Dodds, 1823-1898, Headstone (Section C)
Elmina, his wife, 1825-1894 (Section C)
Carrie, 1854-1927 (Section C)
Robert, infant son (Section C)
Charles, infant son (Section C)
Belle, 1861-1864 (Section C)

Keith A. Dodds, 1884-1962 (Section C)
Emma E., 1887-1963 (Section C)
Albert W., 1859-1933 (Section C)
Mate, 1866-1912 (Section C)

George M. Dodds, 1853-1927, Father (Section C)
Zeruah J., his wife, 1856-1934, Mother (Section C)
Fern, infant child of Geo & Ruie Dodds, 1880-1881 (Section C)
Andrew C. Dodds, 1848-1927, Father (Section C)
Julia A., his wife, 1867-1954 (Section C)

John L. Dodds, 1859- (Section B)
Laura Jackson, his wife, 1859-1938 (Section B)

Robert Dodds, 1823-1872 (Section B)
Susan, his wife, 1826-1890 (Section B)
Robert D.S. Dodds, 1878-1966 (Section B)
Frank A. 1851-1947 (Section B)
Matilda, his wife, 1855-1935 (Section B)

John Dodds, 1818-1883 (Section D)
His wives:
Jennett W., 1822-1858 (Section D)
Margaret G., 1838-1891 (Section D)
Phillie (Section D)
Bruce (Section D)
Alexander Dodds, 1770-1865 (Section D)
Jane W., his wife, 1784-1857 (Section D)
Murray (Section D)

Rev. Donald K. Dodds, Oct 26, 1925-Mar 1, 2000, United Methodist Clergy (Sectino H)
Betty P., June 9, 1924-Mar 19, 2000 (Section H) Married Oct 24, 1948

Harold C. Dodds, 1888-1964 (Section J)
Gladys, his wife, 1894-1981 (Section J)
Aubrey, their son, 1917-1938 (Section J)
Duwayne, their son, 1919-1938 (Section J)
Harold C. Jr, son of HC & GC Dodds, 1818-1926 (Section J)

Dodds Monument (Section A)
William Dodds, 1847-1902 (Section A)
Susan E. Dodds, 1850-1926 (Section A)
Katherine B. Dodds, their dau, 1883-1947 (Section A)

Alexander E. Dodds, 1923- (Section P)
Dorothy Mundy, 1927- (Section P)

Dodge (See also: Bailey)
Sullivan W. Dodge, 1812-1866 (Section K)
Meribee S., his wife, 1834-1914 (Section K)
Alice A., 1859-1863 (Section K)
Ada M., 1862-1863 (Section K)
John L., 1863-1876 (Section K)
Wilbur L., 1856-1863 (Section K)

Edwin Dodge, b. Dec 13, 1801; d. Nov 15, 1871, Monument (Section E)
Jerusha L.S. Dodge, b. May 25, 1803 - d. Mar 7, 1883 (Section E)
Emma S. Dodge, b. Jan 17, 1833 - d. Nov 13, 1853 (Section E)
Edwin G. Dodge, b. Aug 10, 1839-d. Oct 22, 1887 (Section E)
Gardner Dodge, b. Aug 14, 1774 - d. June 26, 1867 (Section E)
Miss Eveline A. Cleghorn, b. Dec 1807 - d. Oct 22, 1875 (Section E)
Wm Robert Dodge, b. June 16, 1834 - d. Oct 30, 1900 (Section E)
Jane Noyes Dodge, b. Apr 15, 1841 - May 13, 1911 (Section E)
Infant son, of WR & JN Dodge, b. July 26, 1884 - d. Feb 8, 1885 (Section E)

Dolly E., wife of Chauncy Dodge, d. Mar 24, 1852; in the 51 yr of her age (Section E)
Mary E., only daut of Chauncy & Dolly M. Dodge, died July 29, 1850; AE 13 yrs 6 mos (Section E)

Sacred to the Memory of Polly, wife of Henry Dodge, who died May 19, 1834; AE 34 yrs, 9 mos, 5 dys (Section H)

Dolan (See also: Sprague)
Dolan Cross (Section P)
James C. Dolan, Sept , 1870-Oct 26, 1937 (Section P)

Donald (See also: Collins)

Phillip Donolly, Co M, 5 NY HA, 1840-1903 (Section F - CW)

Lucy M., wife of George F. Doolittle, died Apr 1863; AE 26 yrs (Section D)
George F. Doolittle, Co. B, 142 Reg, NY Inf, 1838-1866 (Section D)

Doran (See also: Cook, Wood)
Earl J. Doran, 1890-1952 (Section H)
Sadie B., 1892-1948 (Section H)

Catharine, wife of John Doran, died Dec 7, 1905, Aged 48 yrs (Section H)

Carrie A., dau of A & HA Dority, died July 22, 1885, Aged 12 yrs, ? mos, 29 dys (Section F)

William H. Dorway, 1868-1952 (Section P)
Grandma Dorway, 1880-1948 (Section P)

Charlotte, wife of John Dow, died Feb 5, 1842, Aged 27 yrs & 2 mos (Section H)
also son, Jonathan A., died Sept 16, 1841, Aged 2 yrs 4 mos (Section H)

Dowd (See also: Stammer)

(unreadable), wife of ? Dowey, died Aug 20, 182?, Age 42 yrs, 4 mos, 6 dys (Section H)

Note: Back of George E. Pope stone
Fred A. Downey, 1878-1947, Headstone (Section K)
Edith, his wife, 1879-1970 (Section K)
Ellsworth, 1902-1943 (Section K)

Downing (See also: Gallagher, LaForty, Whalen)
D.E. Downing, 1844-1924 (Section D)
Laura L. Nichols, his wife, 1845-1913 (Section D)
Their children:
Arthur M., 1871-1875 (Section D)
Nellie B., 1874-1888 (Section D)
Elmer E., 1883-1899 (Section D)
Hazel P.1887-1888 (Section D)
Wilber M. Downing, 1870-1899 (Section D)

Orville Downing, 1812-1897, Inscription (Section J)
Phebe Montgomery, his wife, 1813-1893, Inscription (Section J)

Clinton L. Downing, 1911-1974; New York VPT US Army, Aug 28, 1910-Mar 31, 1974; Military Marker (Section J)
Alice L., 1910-1986 (Section J)

Harvey W. Downing, Jan 9, 1919-June 16, 1985 (Section J)
Frances Dane, Dec 28, 1922 - (Section J)

Ralph L. Downing, 1885-1951 (Section M)
Maude L., his wife, 1891-1979 (Section M)
Ralph L. Jr., Their son, -1931- (Section M)

Arthur H. Downing, 1897-1947 (Section P)
Blanche A., 1898-1959 (Section P)

Catharine Doyle, 1825-1908 (Section B)

Thomas Doyle, 182-1909 (Section J)
Caroline V., his wife, 1842-1897 (Section J)
"Our Darling Carrie", daughter of T & C Doyle (Section J)
Eva Jesse (Section J)
Thomas Jefferson (Section J)
Robert Emmett (Section J)
Maximillian (Section J)
Carlotta (Section J)
Wilfred D., (Section J)
Twin Sons:
James (Section J)
Byron (Section J)

Drake (See also: Maddock, Smith)
Benj Drake, b. 1825 - d. 1902, Marker (Section D)
Arrissa, his wife, b. Dec 1, 1825 - d. Mar 22, 1889, Footstone (Section D)
Caroline, wife of Benj Drake, b. Oct 25, 1847 (Section D)
Martin L., son of B & A.L. Drake, b. Sept 21, 1860 - d. Aug 3, 1864 (Section D)
Charles B., son of B & A.L. Drake, b. Sept 5, 1859 - d. Apr 12, 1861 (Section D)
Clara A., dau of B & A.L. Drake, b. July 11, 1854 - d. Jan 22, 1859 (Section D)

Caleb Drake, Father, b. July 6, 1784 - d. Aug 11, 1854 (Section D)
Lydia, Mother, wife of Caleb Drake, b. May 24, 1792 - d. Dec 5, 1875 (Section D)
Don C. Drake, b. Aug 12, 1848 - d. Mar 20, 1885 (Section D)
Evaline A., wife of Don C. Drake, b. Nov 2, 1853; d. Oct 29, 1877 (Section D)

Ernest A. Drake, d. Mar 30, 1954; Aged 76 yrs (Section D)
Edgar H., d. Mar 10, 1882; aged 45 yrs (Section D)
Emeline, wife of Edgar Drake, d. April 1, 1922; Aged 86 yrs (Section D)

Hiram Drake, Father, d. Oct 1, 1876; Aged 63 yrs (Section D)
Lois, wife of Hiram Drake, Mother, D. June 24, 1874; Aged 75 yrs (Section d)

Homer L. Drake, 1860-1922 (Section L)
Elizabeth Chapin, his wife, 1866-1943 (Section L)

Draper (See also: Caswell, Harris)
John N. Draper, 1870-1958 (Section I)
Nellie Hibbard., his wife, 1873-1953 (Section I)

Geo Draper, 1835-1883, Father, Draper Monument (Section I)
Hellen M. Newell, 1841-1923, Mother (Section I)
Bessie M., 1880-1897, dau of Geo & H.M. Draper (Section I)
W. H. Draper, 1864-1950 (Section I)
Stella Matteson, 1869-1895, Wife of W. H. Draper (Section I)
Grace Keech Draper, 1873-1947, Mom (Section I)
Wm Palmer, 1866 -1920 (Section I)
Dora M. Draper, wife of Wm Draper, 1866-1922 (Section I)
Bertha H. Bennett, 1875-1958, Mom, Mother of Betty & Ralph (Section I)

L. Glenn Drumb, 1904-1979 (Section Q)
Bessie B., 1909-1988 (Section Q)
Richard Glenn, New York IC2 USNR; September 11, 1930 - July 19, 1955; Military Marker (Section Q)

Douglas N. Drummond, US Army Korea, April 17, 1931 - Jan 9, 1995 (Section L)

G. Elmer Drummond, 1919- (Section Q)
Marjorie H., 1921- (Section Q)
Nelson N. Drummond, 1890-1975 (Section Q)
Althea F., 1895-1953 (Section Q)

Harold A. Drummond, 1894-1980 (Section P)
Mildred Cooper, his wife, 1896-19__ (Section P)

Juliet L. Drury, 1862-1951, Marker (Section I)
Muriel Ackerman Drury, 1901-1969 (Section I)
Dr. Frederic Franklin Drury, 1868-1958 (Section I)
Julia Foster, his wife, 1869-1957 (Section I)
Dr. B.F.D., 1836-1925, Father (Section I)
Mary A., 1838-1920, Mother (Section I)
Frederic A., 1927-1931, son of FF Jr & MA Drury (Section I)
Dr. Albert N. Drury, 1872-1940 (Section I)
Prudence Warner, his wife, 1872-1946 (Section I)

Joseph C. Duchano, 1895-1975, US Navy, Military Marker (Section P)
Florence J., 1896-1984 (Section P)

Ducharm (See also: Lunderman)

James E. Duffie, Father, 1833-1902, Marker (Section D)
Jane I., Mother, 1831-1910 (Section D)
Edward W., 1870-1924, son (Section D)
Nellie E., 1859-1882, daughter (Section D)

Duffy (See also: Magaw)

Edward Dulack, 1858-1938 (Section C)
Agnes M., his wife, 1857-1943 (Section C)
Blanche A., their daughter, 1881-1886 (Section C)

Samuel Dunkelberg, Father, 1831-1914, Dunkelberg Monument (Section H)
Marie E. White, wife of S. Dunkelberg, Mother, 1829-1892 (Section H)
Charles C. Dunkelberg, Father, 1863-1903 (Gouverneur Fire Dept) (Section H)
Mana S., wife of C. C. Dunkelberg, Mother, 1871-1938 (Section H)
Carrie May Dunkelberg, wife of E. S. Rickerson, 1866-1906 (Section H)

Harold B. Dunning, 1914-1996 (Section D)
Nellie B., 1911-1985 (Section D)
Married May 19, 1963

Dunstan Headstone (Section P)
Harold E. Dunstan, Father, 1899-1936 (Section P)
Edna F., 1900-1974 (Section P)

Gertrude Dupont, 1895-1974 (Section G)

Andrew Duquette, 1852-1934 (Section G)
Mary, his wife, 1860-1916 (Section G)
Thomas, their son, 1896-1918, Killed in action (Section G)

Durant (See also: Bodette)
Ernest R. Durant, 1906-1978 (Section A)
Dorothy Briggs, 1909- , Married Aug 22, 1929 (Section A)

Maynard I. Durham, Sr., Mar 17, 1924-Aug 12, 1979 (Section L)
Mabel A. Day, Jan 20, 1924-Feb 5, 1972; Married Mar 20, 1943 (Section L)

Dusharm (See also: Besaw, Planty, Reed, Woods)
John Dusharm, 1839-1924, "Father", Battery D, 1st Reg NY Light Art (Section K)
Catharine, his wife, 1838-1927, "Mother" (Section K)
Wallace, son of J & C Dusharm, 1873-1923 (Section K)

Wallace E. Dusharm, Father, 1905-1985, Dusharm Headstone (Section L)
Lillian E., Mother, 1901-1975 (Section L)
Arlene L., Daughter, 1926-1987 (Section L)

Charles A. Dusharm, 1858-1951 (Section G)
Delia R., 1880-1944 (Section G)

Chester Dusharm, 1860-1916 (Section NF)

Hiram Dusharm, 1866-1929 (Section NF)

William S. Dusharm, 1863-1944 (Section A)
Cora J., 1866-1958 (Section A)
Alton A., their son, 1905-1979 (Section A)
Cora E. Dusharm, wife of Vasco Stevens, Mother, 1894-1923 (Section A)

Robert J. Dusharm, 1900-1968 (Section Q)
L. Mayfred, 1897-1964 (Section Q)

Bruce H. Dusharm, 1953-1953 (Section Q)

James D. Dusharm, 1867-1958 (Section P)
Anna Larock, his wife, 1868-1950 (Section P)
Milton C. Dusharm, MUS C CL US Army, World War I; Sep 18, 1890-Mar 8, 1983; Military Marker (Section P)
Mary Burns, his wife, 1878-1954 (Section P)
Milton R., their son, 1924-1993 (Section P)

Dusharm-Woods Headstone (Section P)
Chester W. Dusharm, 1884-1945 (Section P)
Elva A. Dusharm, 1898-1990 (Section P)
Carl W. Dusharm, 1921-1976 (Section P)
Earl C. Dusharm, 1919- (Section P)

Dyce (See also: Brant)

Dye (See also: Clifton)

Dygert (See also: Hilts)
Robert A. Dygert, 1909-1989 (Section M)
Rosemary C., 1915-1981 (Section M)

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