Riverside Cemetery - Gouverneur NY
Inventory of Riverside Cemetery, Gouverneur NY (Last names starting with E-G)

NOTE: Between the fall of 2000 and fall of 2001, I performed an extensive effort to perform a full inventory (with tombstone pictures) of Riverside Cemetery in Gouverneur. That results of that effort are shown below. At the end of each entry is a indication of what section of the cemetery the stone is located in. Locations of each section within the cemetery can be seen on the map on my Riverside Cemetery index page.
When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Last updated by Anne M. Cady, October 2001.

Emery Eager, b. Mar 2, 1799 - d. Sept 4, 1875 (Section B)
Malissa Ayres Eager, b. Apr 27, 1806 - d. Jan 6, 1892 (Section B)

George C. Eager, 1839-1923, Monument (Section B)
Harriet C., his wife, 1844-1918 (Section B)
Clinton Eager, b. Nov 16, 1864 - d. May 18, 1884 (Section B)
Ann, wife of E. Eager, d. Mar 18, 1864; Aged 87 yrs (Section B)
Diantha A. Eager, died Oct 8, 1845; Aged 15 yrs, 1 mos, 27 dys (Section B)
Calvin Colt, b. Aug 30, 1832 - d. Nov 4, 1872 (Section B)
Sophronia, wife of C. Colt, died Jan 7, 1868; Aged 35 yrs, 11 mos, 19 dys (Section B)

In Memory of Martha Easterly, ? of ?; March 12, 1825, 21 yrs (Section H)

Easton (See also: Anderson, Campbell)
Nancy Easton, 1831-1920, Marker (Section D)

J. D. Easton, b. 1828 - d. 1906 (Section D)
Lydia, his wife, b. 1826 - d. 1891 (Section D)
Sidney, son of JD & LL Easton, b. 1856 - d. 1856 (Section D)
Infant, -1871- (Section D)
Eva C., wife of E.F. Kenyon, 1864-1920 (Section D)
Ruth G. Easton, dau of Sarah & Seymour, 1892-1984 (Section D)
Emma J., wife of S.A. Easton; 1858-1923 (Section D)
Seymour A. Easton, Father, 1858-1950 (Section D)
Sarah A., wife of S.A. Easton, 1867-1901 (Section D)

Edwin J. Easton, 1910-1975, Easton Headstone & Shoe (Section L)
Charlotte Perry Easton, 1917-1990 (Section L)
Janet Mae, "Our Daughter", 1939-1944 (Section L)

Fred Easton, Father, 1872-1923 (Section G)
Cecelia Easton, Mother, 1874-1954 (Section G)
Irene Macsween, Daughter, 1902-1942 (Section G)

Carl F. Easton, 1897-1967 (Section Q)
Irene G., 1901-1976 (Section Q)
E. Jean Easton, daughter, 1921- (Section Q)

Easton Monument (Section M)
Joel P. Easton, 1878-1929 (Section M)
James B. Easton, 1849- (Section M)
Mary McKinon Easton, 188-1928 (Section M)
Olive M. Easton, 1874-1877 (Section M)
Bertha Easton Murphy, 1872-1925 (Section M)

Thomas S. Eaton, TSGT US Army World War II, Feb 21, 1906 - Oct 26, 1980, Marker (Section D)
Sophia G. Eaton, wife of Thomas Eaton, Aug 8, 1912 - (Section D)

"Mother", 1838-1920 (Section D)
Charles E., 1857-1930 (Section D)
Susie J., his wife, 1857-1901 (Section D)
Mary A. Eaton, 1876-1960 (Section D)
Edwin, -1907- (Section D)

Lora Sophia, daughter of AE(?) & HH(?) Eaton, died Aug ?, 18??, aged 8 mos (Section F)

JB Eaton, 1823-1893 (Section F)
Elizabeth, his wife, 1826-1883 (Section F)
W. B. Eaton, 1860-1921 (Section F)
Della Truax, 1864-1946 (Section F)

Leo L. Eckman, 1903-1999 (Section H)
Dorothy G., 1907- (Section H)
Bernhard L. Eckman, June 3, 1868-June 29, 1910 (Section H)
Hattie R., Sept 4, 1872-July 30, 1950 (Section H)

Eddy (See also: Peterson)

Edgar (See also: Hartley)
Frank J. Edgar, 1859-1914, Edgar/Hartley Headstone (Section G)
Hattie U., his wife, 1864-1928 (Section G)

Edlund (See also: Davis)

Paul K. Edwards, New York CPL Artillery Korea BSM-PH, Aug 7, 1932 - May 31, 1951 (Section F)
Fred Edwards, 1891-1955 (Section F)
Mildred Tamblin, his wife, 1897-1984 (Section F)

John G. Edwards, 1901-1945 (Section L)

Jacob Egert, d. Feb 22, 1878; Aged 76 yrs, 4 mo, 13 dys (Section F)
Sarah, wife of Jacob Egert, d. Apr 27, 1862; Aged 59 yrs (Section F)

Eggleston (See also: Ames)

Carlton J. Eldridge, 1900-1973 (Section Q)
Madeline M., 1902-1993 (Section Q)

Elliott (See also: Eddy, Howland, Johnson)
John H. Elliott, 1860-1949 (Section C)
Virginia McCarty Elliott, 1867-1932 (Section C)

Henrietta Elliott, 1837-1911 (Section I)

Frank D. Elliott, 1881-1959 (Section G)
Emma T. Elliott, his wife, 1882-1953 (Section G)

Frank Elliott, 1858-1937, Elliott Monument (Section H)
Margaret Pollock Elliott, 1874-1933 (Section H)
Douglas S., son of Frank & Margaret Elliott, 1899-1911 (Section H)

John Elliott, 1850-1900 (Section H)
Delia (Section H)

Willoughby D. Embury, 1851-1906 (Section G)
Sarah Shattuck, his wife, 1865-1936 (Section G)

Emerson (See also: Hutton)

Roy Enos, 1878-1945, Monument (Section B)
Gertrude, 1883-1985 (Section B)
Walter R., son of R & G Enos, 1907-1920 (Section B)
Grace, 1875-1877 (Section B)
Leroy, 1876-1877 (Section B)
Gertrude, 1880-1880 (Section B)
Charles, 1846-1881 (Section B)
Ellen J., his wife, 1849-1932 (Section B)
Harry A., 1873-1924 (Section B)

Enslow/Collins Monument (Section A)
Jennie Mathews Enslow, 1857-1928 (Section A)
Walter A. Enslow, 1886-1963 (Section A)
Pearl Collins Enslow, 1884-1962 (Section A)
Harlow Collins, 1848-1934 (Section A)
Aura Sweet Collins, 1855-1933 (Section A)

John L. Estleford, 1863-1931 (Section C)
Lola F. Estleford, 1872-1935 (Section C)

David Ethridge, 1857-1942, "Father", Headstone (Section K)
Sarah, 1855-1944, "Mother" (Section K)

Chas. Ethridge, 1850-1929 (Section L)
Abigail Fowler Ethridge, 1847-1928 (Section L)
George W. Ethridge, 1892-1949 (Section L)
Wilber Ethridge, 1871-1939 (Section L)

W. Darrel Ethridge, New York PVT 9136 Tech Svc Unit, World War II, July 29, 1912-Oct 31, 1953; Military Marker (Section L)
Retha E., his wife, 1914- (Section L)
Della Mellon, 1870-1941 (Section L)
Roseann, dau of HC & BI Ethridge, 1945-1946 (Section L)
J. Howard Ethridge, 1883-1956 (Section L)
Mamie M., his wife, 1888-1981, Manie Footstone (Section L)

Benjamin Ethridge, 1863-1915, Ethridge/Sweet Headstone (Section G)
Sarah J., his wife, 1864-1940 (Section G)
Jessie, wife of James Ross, 1875-1914 (Section G)
George L. Sweet, 1889-1956 (Section G)
Loey Ethridge, his wife, 1889-1979 (Section G)

Ett (See also: Backus)

Eustis (See Anthony)

Evans (Hay)
George W. Evans, son of Charles R. & Anna Jones Evans, 1886-1956 (Section D)
Lela Randall, dau of RJ and Nora Randall, 1893-1970 (Section D)

Sue Grant Evans, 1895-1963 (Section L)

Burton Evans, died Dec 18, 1871; Aged 65 yrs & 3 mos (Section H)

Clarence R. Evans, Sr., B17 Pilot, Major US Air Force World War II, Korea; 1920-2000 Military Marker (Section P)
Della I. Woods, his wife (Section P)

Facey (See also: Phelps)
T. Henry Facey, 1905-1979 (Section K)
Viola, his wife, 1909-1945, Footstone (Section K)

Nelson Facey, 1864-1944 (Section K)
Carrie W., his wife, 1873-1921 (Section K)

Eugene H. Facey, 1927-1980 (Section D)
Martina Simmons, his wife, 1924- (Section D)

Peck/Facey Stone (Section Q)
William N. Facey, Father, 1897-1971 (Section Q)
Helen Lawrence, Mother, his wife, 1901-1974 (Section Q)
Edward G. Facey, son, 1935- (Section Q)
Morris A. Peck, 1917-1994 (Section Q)
Alice Facey, his wife, 1925-1987 (Section Q)
Myrtle Petrie, mother of Morris, 1894-1964 (Section Q)

Fairbairn (See also: Brodie)

Fairbanks (See also: Brewster)
Chester, son of L*** & *** Fairbanks, died July 13, 1852, AE 8 yrs (Section H)

Faretra (See also: Woolworth)

John Farley, d. Apr 3, 1894; AE 47 yrs (Section B)
Margaret, his wife, d. Aug 9, 1904; AE 58 yrs (Section B)
Lena S., died ?, **78 (Section B)

Thomas E. Farley, 1911-1997, Farley Monument (Section H)
Bette S., his wife, 1916-1987 (Section H)
Edith S., wife of John E. Farley, 1880-1932 (Section H)
John E. Farley, 1879-1955 (Section H)
A. Louise, 1888-1935 (Section H)
Anna, 1851-1923 (Section H)
Stephen, 1842-1921 (Section H)
Judith M., daughter, 19- (Section H)

Sidney D. Farmer, 1855-1915 (Section B)
Mary E., his wife, 1858-1934 (Section B)

Francis A. Farmer, 1860-1940, Farmer Monument (Section F)
Susie, wife of F. A. Farmer, 1864-1896 (Section F)
Norman E. Farmer< 1847-1934 (Section F)
Viola L., wife of NE Farmer, 1850-1889 (Section F)
Jay E., son of NE & VL Farmer, 1889-1913 (Section F)
Herbert G. Farmer, 1856-1948 (Section F)
Harriet E. Packard, wife of H. G. Farmer, 1859-1936 (Section F)
Milton G., son of HG & HE Farmer, 1896-1918 (Section F)
Glen P., son of HG & HE Farmer, 1886-1968 (Section F)
Viola M. Hull, wife of Dr. G. P. Farmer, 1887-1923 (Section F)
Hattie A. Farmer, wife of H. E. Gilchrist, 1865-1915 (Section F)
Francis Farmer, 1815-1897 (Section F)
Louisa Homer, wife of Francis Farmer, 1824-1907 (Section F)

Frank H. Farmer, 1857-1939, Farmer Monument (Section F)
Elizabeth H. Hilts, his wife, 1856-1914 (Section F)
Murry J. Farmer, 1885-1962 (Section F)
Rose Plunkett, his wife, 1885-1959 (Section F)
Jessie M., their dau, 1890-1918 (Section F)
Robert Farmer, 1911-1937 (Section F)

Roy L. Farmer, 1891-1957 (Section G)
Byron Farmer, Father, 1856-1908 (Section G)
Carrie, Mother, 1858-1910 (Section G)
Amelia, Sister, 1891-1957 (Section G)

Dewey Farmer, 1899-1959 (Section G)
Grace H. Farmer, his wife, 1907-1978 (Section G)

I. G. Farmer, 1832-1904 (Section A)
Clarissa, his wife, 1836-1918 (Section A)
Stella, their daut, 1864-1879 (Section A)

William Farmer, 1846-1895 (Section A)

Farmer Monument (Section M)
Frank H. Farmer, 1858-1929 (Section M)
Ida Bacon, his wife, 1860-1944 (Section M)

Note: Back of Amos Streeter Stone
Alden J. Farnsworth, 1855-1936, Father, Headstone (Section K)
Betty A., his wife, Mother, 1852-1923 (Section K)
Emma B., his wife, 1871-1939 (Section K)
"Our Baby", -1924- (Section K)

Farr (See also: Patton, Stevens)

Mary, wife of Frank Favery, died Dec 13, 1877, Age 24 yrs (Section C)
Lewis B. son of Frank and Mary Favery, died Aug 11, 1876, AE 9 mo (Section C)

Ivah Mae Fawscett, 1891-1954 (Section J)

Feeley (See also: Rathbun)

Michael Howard Felix, born Feb 13, 1855 - died Feb 13, 1955 (Section A)

Albert W. Fell, 1872-1956 (Section D)
Abi Jane, 1874-1953 (Section D)

J. Sherwood Fell, died March 19, 1868; aged 22 yrs (Section D)
Corp'l L. H. Fell, Co B, 35th NY Inf (Section D)

Pratt A. Fenn, died Apr 15, 1874; Aged 42 yrs (Section C)

Chatfield Fenn, 1880-1889 (Section D)

Ferguson, Fergusson (See also: Porter)
Roy H. Ferguson, US Army, Jan 6, 1895 - May 22, 1981 (Section B)

Charles L. Ferguson, 1900-1978 (Section F)

Stanley Ferguson, 1890-1970 (Section L)
Lillian Greer, his wife, 1888-1975 (Section L)
Doris Hughes, Daughter, 1917- (Section L)

Thomas Ferguson, Father, Died Jan 10, 1856 Age 41 yrs (Section H)
Dr. Jane Wright, Mother, born in Southport Eng, died June 1, 1892 (Section H)
Lucy A., their Dau, 1857-1916 (Section H)
Jennie W., their dau, 1849-1920 (Section H)
Newely Bailey, 1850-1925 (Section H)
Alice B. Bailey, 1850-1925 (Section H)

Hilton G. Ferguson, 1912-1994, "Grandpit" (Section A)
Clara S., 1915-____, "Nani" (Section A)

John A. Fergusson, 1880-1962 (Section P)
Edna E. Barker, his wife, 1888-1956 (Section P)

Charles A. Ferguson, 1915-1982 (Section N)
Doretha G., 1916- (Section N)

Wilbur E. Ferran, 1878-1943 (Section H)
Stella M., his wife, 1885-1986 (Section H)
William A., 1878-1943 (Section H)
William Ferran, 1850-1912 (Section H)
Mary A., his wife, 1841-1924 (Section H)
John Love, 1814-1894 (Section H)
Margaret, his wife, 1816-1898 (Section H)

Harvey Fields, 1865-1934, Headstone (Section K)
Margaret B., his wife, 1865-1954 (Section K)

Chas H. Fields, Co E 13 NY HA (Section A)
Mary Simmons, wife of Chas H. Fields, 1864-1932 (Section A)

Frank Fields, 1886-19__ (Section Q)
Ida Mae, 1886-1954 (Section Q)

Fields Headstone (Section P)
Orrin B. Fields, 1910-1940 (Section P)
Theresa F., wife, 1914-1989 (Section P)
Paul M. Peters, 1909-1955 (Section P)
Weldon Paul Wells, Jr, 1957-1957 (Section P)

Fife (See also: Brown, Potter)

Finley (See also: Baldwin, Kinney, Raven, Tucker)
Franklin C. Finley, 1912-1984, Finley Marker, Reverse of Marker (Section L)
Ora B. Finley, 1915-1991 (Section L)
Ramona J. Finley, 1937-1937 (Section L)
C. Morgan Finley, 1906-1966 (Section L)
Louisa E., 1888-1973 (Section L)
Pearl E. Finley, 1878-1947 (Section L)

Maurice Finley, 1861-1938 (Section L)
Elizabeth, his wife, 1876-1942 (Section L)

Alden L. Finley, 1885-1964 (Section L)
Mary R. Finley, 1896-1951 (Section L)
Karl A. Finley, 1918-1936 (Section L)

Walter D. Finley, 1947-1978 (Section NF)

Lena A. Finley, 1893-1952 (Section A)
John H., 1874-1949 (Section A)

Edward J. Finnick, 1931-1993, US Air Force (Section P)

Finster (See also: Smith)

Fishbeck (See also: Thrall)
Ephraim F. Fishbeck, 1832-1919, Fishbeck Marker (Section B)
Margaret F., 1844-1922 (Section B)
Ella Fishbeck, wife of C. Ashly Woodworth, 1872-1970 (Section B)

Frank H. Fishbeck, 1857-1910 (Section G)
Ella L., his wife, 1857-1923 (Section G)
Children of FH & EL Fishbeck:
Ada G. Richardson, 1884-1907 (Section G)
Lawrence B., 1899- (Section G)

Simeon D. Fishbeck, 1843-1928 (Section A)
Frances R. Bolton, his wife, 1849-1903 (Section A)
Hezekiah, their son, 1875-1905, Spanish War Vet (Section A)
Ida May Fishback (Section A)

Fisher (See also: Tuttle)
In Memory of: Mary P. Fisher, wife of the late Rev John B. Preston of Rupert Vt, afterwards wife of Dea James Fisher. She was born at Franklin Mass, Dec 10, 1776 and died at Gouverneur March 23, 1848 (Section F)
Isaac Preston Fisher, died Dec 14, 1896; AE 76 yrs, 9 mos (Section F)
Louisa Maria, his daughter, died Dec 6, 1866; Age 13 yrs, died at Vineland N.J. (Section F)
Lydia L. Johnson, wife of Isaac Fisher, died July 14, 1862; Aged 38 yrs, 8 mos (Section F)
In Memory of: Ogden Preston, son of Isaac & Lydia Fisher who died Sept 6, 1852, AE 11 mos, 10 dys (Section F)

Thomas Fisher, 1861-1936 (Section G)

Lettie M. Fisher, 1886-1944 (Section H)

Marcia H., wife of M. Fithian, died Sept 25, 1880 (Section F)

Fitzgerald (See also: O'Hara)
Michael Fitzgerald, 1870-1939 (Section D)
James Fitzgerald, 1872-1942 (Section D)
Tinnie Fitzgerald, 1875-1961 (Section D)
Anna Smith, 1856-1926 (Section D)

Fitzgerald Headstone (Section P)
Lawrence Fitzgerald, Father, 1830-1880 (Section P)
Margaret, Mother, 1840-1922 (Section P)
Lawrence, Brother, 1869-1902 (Section P)
Michael J., 1866-1932 (Section P)
Thomas E., 1877-1931 (Section P)
John H. Fitzgerald, 1871-1945 (Section P)
Mary Smith, his wife, 1888-1983 (Section P)
Mary A. Fitzgerald, 1879-1966, Sister (Section P)
Charles, 1874-1958, Brother (Section P)

Flack (See also: Bellinger)
Flack Stone (Section M)
Leon E. Flack, 1873-1958 (Section M)
Nellie R., his wife, 1873-1962 (Section M)

Flanders (See also: Dewey)

Flately, Stone 338 (Section NF)

Fleming (See also: Allen, Mills)
Fleming Monument (Section A)
Charlres Fleming, 1868-1934 (Section A)
Caroline E., his wife, 1867-1923 (Section A)

Fleming Headstone (Section P)
Edgar A. Fleming, 1883-1946 (Section P)
Maude E., 1890-1955 (Section P)
William C., 1914-1965 (Section P)
Ervin T. Fleming, PVT US Army World War II; 1927-1980 (Section P)
Everett A. Fleming, US Army World War II; Sept 6, 1907-Apr 16, 1991 (Section P)
Archie E. Fleming< June 7, 1916-Feb 22, 1994 (Section P)

Morgan J. Fleming, US Army World War II; 1921-1995; Military Marker (Section N)
Elsie J., 1928- (Section N)

Eugene A. Fleming, 1877-1954; 2nd Stone (Section N)
Bessie E. Fleming, 1882-1940; Footstone (Section N)

Henrietta Couch Fletcher GAU, Mother, 1865-1948 (Section D)
Etta Fletcher Hardie Young, 1892-1953 (Section D)

Fletcher Monument (Section M)
Lucy L. Fletcher, Mother, 1856-1923 (Section M)
Eleanor Ruby, 1888-1977 (Section M)

Flint (See also: Wight)
Erwin Flint, 1912- (Section Q)
Kareata, 1915- (Section Q)

Fluno (See also: Lenahan)

Foeppel Monument (Section M)
Frank H. Foeppel, 1866-1942 (Section M)
William F. Foeppel, 1898-1929 (Section M)
Blanche H. Foeppel, his wife, 1899-1977 (Section M)

Foote (See also: Tyler, Wheeler)

Forbes (See also: Graves)

Force (See also: Apple, Deans, Hill, Lavack, Wilcox)
Henry M. Force, Father, 1846-1930 (Section K)
Louisa Wetmore Force, Mother, 1850-1934 (Section K)

Leon H. Force, 1894-1975 (Section K)
Christina H., 1891-1963 (Section K)

Alva Conkey, 1900-1960 (Section K)
Edna Force Conkey, 1909-1929 (Section K)
Margaret Park Force , 1873-1918 (Section K)
Carloss W. Force, 1873-1961 (Section K)

George Force, 1849-1929 (Section H)
Melisa L. Force, 1846-1931 (Section H)

George M. Force, New York PVT 39 SVC SQ AAF World War II, Oct 1, 1899 - Nov 14, 1968 (Section A)

Ford (See also: Nobles)

James H. Fordham, Co K 106 Regt, Died Feb 25, 1903; AE 61 yrs; Inscription (Section J)
Margaret Anderson, his wife, born May 1, 1866 - died Mar 12, 1934 (Section J)

Forkey (See also: Santimaw)

Charles H. Forsythe, 1890-1957, Marker (Section E)
Blanche A., 1893-1972 (Section E)
Malcolm D., son of CH & BA, 1916-1926 (Section E)
Owen H. Bulger, Aug 16, 1887-Nov 14, 1964 (Section E)

Edward C. Fortune, 1887-1951 (Section A)
Mary Walsh, his wife, 1890-1963 (Section A)
Eleanor, daughter (Section A)

Gabriel B. Fortune (Section P)
Mary E. (Section P)

Fosgate (See also: Fry)
William Francis Fosgate, 1845-1929, Headstone (Section K)
Elizabeth H., his wife, 1852-1914 (Section K)
Jean Adelia, 1874- (Section K)
Jessie Elizabeth, 1884-1943 (Section K)

Clarasa, wife of Ezekiel Fosgate, d. Sept 29, 1872, AE 25 yrs (Section C)
Esther M., dau of Enos Brainard and wife of Ezekiel Fosgate; died Jan 7, 1849; Aged 29 yrs (Section C)
Mary L., wife of Ezekiel Fosgate, d. July ?, aged 39 years (Section C)
Willie E., son of Zekiel & Mary L. Fosgate, died Dec 3, 1874; Aged 18 yrs, 9 mo (Section C)
Byron L. Fosgate, d. Feb 16, 1890; AE 46 years (Section C)
Ebenezer Fosgate, 1816-1883 (Section C)
Martha, his wife, 1832-1856 (Section C)
Vashti, wife of Ezekiel Fosgate, died Feb 25, 1842; aged 62 years
Ezekiel Fosgate, d. Jan 12, 1849; AE 74 years (Section C)
Serene, wife of Asa L. Hazelton & Daughter of Ezekiel & Vashti Fosgate, died Aug 31, 1853; AE 34 yrs, 21 dys (Section C)

John Fosgate, died Feb 2, 1874; Aged 73 yrs, Monument (Section C)
Sophronia, wife of John Fosgate, died Mar 6, 1873; Aged 67 yrs (Section C)
Children of John & Sophronia Fosgate:
Clarissa E., died Apr 18, 1848; Aged 21 yrs (Section C)
Francis S., died Aug 2, 1851; Aged 17 yrs, 10 mos (Section C)
Rozell., died Aug 25, 1839; Aged 7 yrs, 7 mos, 3 dys (Section C)
Gilbert R., died Nov 15, 1835; aged 4 mo, 25 dys (Section C)

H. E. Fosgate, 1849-1901 (Section C)
Arlina, wife of H. E. Fosgate, died July 8, 1888; Aged 39 yrs (no photo) (Section C)

Henry C., d. July 25, 1879; Aged 35 yrs (Section C)
Lewis, rest unreadable (Section C)

Ray Hannibal Fosgate, NY PVT US Army, World War I, July 11, 1890-Jan 19, 1963 (Section D)
Helen Loveland Fosgate, January 6, 1895 - April 14, 1965 (Section D)

H. Paige Fosgate, 1836-1907 (Section D)
Ettie F., his wife, 1836-1902 (Section D)
Kate L. Cramer, 1826-1907 (Section D)

Note: With John M. Wright
Daniel M. Foss, MD, 1860-1936 (Section I)
Venita Wright, his wife, 1866-1943 (Section I)

Foster (See also: Bolton, Corbin, Drury, Smith)
Sarah Ann Foster, born at Hancock Mass, May 8, 1812; died June 30, 1837, Footstone (Section C)
Harriet Lavina Foster Spencer, born at Hancock Mass, died Holley NY, July 14, 1889, AE 70 yrs (Section C)
Hiram Foster, rest unreadable (Section C)

Wallace H. Foster, died Jan 25, 1890, AE 46 yrs, Monument (Section D)
Isadore W., his wife, died Dec 9, 1926; AE 79 yrs (Section D)
Carrie W., dau of Wallace H. & L.L. Foster, d. Jan 15, 1881 (Section D)
Mabel W. Foster, wife of E.D. Taitt, 1871-1902 (Section D)
Eliza B. Foster, wife of W. H. Hall, 1851-1906 (Section D)
L.B. Foster, born in Gouverneur, Feb 15, 1815; Died in Gouverneur Sept 17, 1889 (Section D)
Eliza A. Browne, wife of L.B. Foster, b. in Santauket NY, Oct 23, 1813; Died in Gouv. Jan 19, 1882 (Section D)
Maria B., dau of LB & EA Foster, b. in Rossie NY June 13, 1845; died in Gouv. July 16, 1886 (Section D)

Louis Foster, died July 30, 1864; AE 47 yrs (Section D)
Laura P., wife of Louis Foster, died Jan 2, 1867; AE 27 yrs, 2 mos, 16 dys (Section D) Jane A., wife of Louis Foster, died Sept 5, 1860; AE 36 yrs, 10 mos, 22 dys (Section D)
Gennievieve, dau of Louis & Laura Foster; died June 22, 1864; Ae 9 mos, 22 dys (Section D)
Mariam M., dau of Louis Foster, died Oct 11, 1861; AE 17 yrs, 7 mos, 20 dys (Section D)

William M. Foster, died May 25, 1865; Aged 78 yrs, 3 mos, 8 dys (Section D)
Prusha, wife of William Foster, died Nov 1, 1862, AE 67 yrs (Section D)

William Henry Foster, Father, Dec 4, 1915; Marker (Section D)
Sarah A. Foster, Mother, Aug 27, 1922 (Section D)
Willie Foster, May 5, 1862 (Section D)
Lelah Foster, Oct 14, 1864 (Section D)
Lillian Foster, Apr 24, 1914 (Section D)
Lenora Foster, wife of S.W. Harris, June 16, 1930 (Section D)
Spencer W. Harris, Dec 19, 1930 (Section D)
Bert (Section D)
Frank (Section D)

Adolphus, father of RH & M Foster, 1869-1923 (Section H)
Roy Foster, Brother, 1893-1952 (Section H)

Sidney Foster, 1853-1937 (Section A)
Emily E., his wife, 1850-1930 (Section A)
Henry A., 1877-1921 (Section A)
Ina M., his wife, 1887-1918 (Section A)
Harry J., 1887-1919 (Section A)
Nancy, 1880-1969 (Section A)
Vera (Section A)

William H. Foster, 1897-1973 (Section P)
May C., 1900-1988 (Section P)

Foster Monument (Section P)
Robert C. Foster, 1910-1962 (Section P)
Peggy M. Foster, 1910-1969 (Section P)

Fourette (See also: Davidson)

Fowler (See also: Ethridge, Lynch)
Alonzo Fowler, 1861, 42 yrs (Section H)

Fox (See also: Clark, Graves, Leach, Rutherford)
Silas H. Fox, died Feb 8, 1929 (Section D)

George W. Fox, died Nov 24, 1883, AE 46 yrs; A soldier in Co C., 60 NY Regt, Vet Vol, Marker (Section D)
Sarah J., wife of George W. Fox, died Feb 11, 1899, AE 49 yrs (Section D)
Sarah Harder Fox, 1821-1908 (Section D)
Gilbert F. Hutton, 1865-1949 (Section D)
Anna Fox, his wife, 1867-1960 (Section D)
Grace Fox McEathron, 1881-1960 (Section D)

H. Sylvester Fox, Corp Co D, 10 NY HA, 1841-1906 (Section F)
Evelina N., his wife, 1856-1934 (Section F)
Claire Fox Workman, 1893-1950 (Section F)
Hesse, dau of H. S. & E. Fox, 1883-1885 (Section F)
Bertie, son of H. S. & E. Fox, 1884-1884 (Section F)
Ellen A., wife of Rev. James D. Houghton, 1829-1896 (Section F)
Carina Fox Friedland, 1881-1957 (Section F)

Muriel A. Fox, 1915-1998 (Section J)

Fox Monument (Section A)
George E. Fox, 1879-1931 (Section A)
Adeline M., his wife, 1878-1937 (Section A)
Francis Fox, 1850-1924 (Section A)
Fannie M., his wife, 1846-1928 (Section A)
F. Pauline Cline, 1901-1954 (Section A)
Franics A. Fox, 1913-1958 (Section A)

Fox Monument (Section M)
Lafayette Fox, 1843-1925 (Section M)
Rhoda Ann Fox, 1842-1940 (Section M)

Foy (See also: Clark)
Delbert P. Foy, Father, 1882-1946 (Section G)
Grace Allen, Mother, 1883-1961 (Section G)

Gregory J. Foy, 1923-1984 (Section Q)
Jean E., 1925- (Section Q)

Weldon J. Foy, 1920-1963 (Section P)
Betty M., 1919- (Section P)

Foy Headstone (Section P)
Patrick J. Foy, Father, 1888-1954 (Section P)
Carrie M. Foy, Mother, 1889-1959 (Section P)
Audrey K. Scott, 1909-1975 (Section P)

Francis (See also: LaForty)

Fraser (See also: Frazier)
C. Claude Fraser, 1866-1943, Fraser Monument (Section H)
M. Belle Smith, his wife, 1873-1952 (Section H)

Frawley (See also: Billings)
Gertrude, wife of Matthew Frawley, 1889-1911; Frawley Headstone (Section L)
Helen E. Frawley, 1889-1968 (Section L)
Dora A. Frawley, 1892-1976 (Section L)
William, father, 1854-1933 (Section L)
Abigail R., his wife, 1860-1917 (Section L)

Floyd M. Frawley, 1909-1988 (Section L)
Mary Ann Frawley< 1940-1943 (Section L)
Ronald Jones, 1941-1943 (Section L)
Matthew C. Frawley, 1883-1942 (Section L)
Nellie S., his wife, 1891-19__ (Section L)
Herbert J. Laforty, 1879-1947 (Section L)

James Eugene Frawley, 1881-1933 (Section J)
Grace L. Frye, wife of Jas E. Frawley, 1882-1912 (Section J)
John Frawley, 1853-1898 (Section J)
Margaret, his wife, 1850-1911 (Section J)

Frazier (See also: Burns, Fraser)
George M. Frazier, 1875-1951, Frazier Monument (Section H)
Edna M. Frazier, 1875-1954 (Section H)
Rev. Carlton J. Frazier,1905-1976 (Section H)
Violet L. Beecher Frazier, 1908- (Section H)
Stanley A. Frazier, 1909-1959 (Setion H)

Simon Frazier, 1863-1948 (Section A)
Almira, 1860-19__ (Section A)
Mary J. Frazier, Mother, wife of Hugh McFerran, 1859-1933 (Section A)

Fredenburg (See also: Smith)
Donald G. Fredenburg, 1906-1988 (Section B)
Irma J., 1913 - (Section B)

George Fredenburg, 1835-1904, Headstone (Section B)
Lucina, his wife (Section B)
Abraham, 1783-1865 (Section B)
Anna, his wife, 1794-1874 (Section B)
Florence L., 1871-1946 (Section B)
Douglas J., 1905-1967 (Section B)

Frank Frederick, 1847-1935, Frederick Monument (Section L)
Agnes, 1856-1911 (Section L)
Mary K., 1894-1996 (Section L)
Gladys, 1890-1970 (Section L)
Wm Henry, 1889-1915 (Section L)

Freeman (See also: Cooper, Merriman, Wheater)
Note: On back of Wm. H. Smith stone:
H. R. Freeman, 1874- (Section B)
Lula, his wife, 1879 - (Section B)

Geo. W. Freeman., died Oct 4, 1884; Aged 67 yrs, 9 mos (Section D)
Adelia Harris, his wife, died July 13, 1909; Aged 90 yrs, 5 mos (Section D)
George H. Freeman, died Jan 18, 1891; AE 45 yrs (Section D)
Marion M., wife of George H. Freeman, died Jan 15, 1900; AE 44 yrs (Section D)
Augusta Freeman Anderson, died Dec 10, 1910; AE 67 yrs, 11 mos (Section D)
Milo E., son of FW & AE Freeman, died Sept 7, 1876; Age 20 yrs, 8 mos, 2 dys (Section D)
Luella L, "Kittie", dau of Geo W. & AE Freeman, died June 28, 1882; Age 22 yrs, 9 mos (Section D)

Orin Freeman, d. Jan 17, 1892; Ae 91 yrs, Marker (Section D)
Julia, his wife, d. May 13, 1893; Ae 84 yrs (Section D)
John D. Freeman, died Mar 12, 1891; Ae 20 yrs (Section D)
Anna Belle Freeman, wife of Willard Rawson; 1865-1935 (Section D)
Mary A., wife of Harry Stacy, died Feb 19, 1885; Ae 73 yrs (Section D)
Children of O & JA Freeman:
Hiram O., died Apr 7, 1842; Aged 9 yrs, 9 mos (Section D)
Fidelia L., died Apr 1850; Aged 6 mos (Section D)

Grace M. Freeman, 1873-1962, Marker (Section I)

Abner N. Freeman, 1863-1927, Freeman Monument (Section H)
Catherine B., his wife, 1868-1941 (Section H)
Percy F., 1900-1921 (Section H)
Vincent S. Freeman, 1893-1946 (Section H)

William A. Freeman, Father, 1865-1949 (Section Q)
Augusta M., Mother, 1866-1958 (Section Q)

Freeman Headstone (Section P)
W. Howard Freeman, 1904-1962 (Section P)
Elizabeth B., 1904-1992 (Section P)
Henry Richard Freeman, 1874-1949 (Section P)
Lula S., his wife, 1879-1952 (Section P)

Freeman Headstone (Section P)
Grant E. Freeman, 1868-1965 (Section P)
Allie L., his wife, 1879-1976 (Section P)
Frances V., daughter, 1912-1987 (Section P)
Helena A., daughter, 1904-1994 (Section P)
William W., 1877-1941 (Section P)
Alfreda B., his wife, 1872-1962 (Section P)

Edmund G. Freeman, 1877-1950 (Section N)
Rachel R., 1886-1954 (Section N)

Lucia A. French, 1842-1908, Marker (Section B)
E. Stephen French, 1859-1940 (Section B)
Minnie R. French, 1865-1943 (Section B)

Eunice A. French, 1909-1976 (Section L)

Friedland (See also: Fox)

Frith (See also: Price)

Adam Fry, 1827-1906 (Section H)
Ann Seaman, his wife, 1820-1906 (Section H)
Henry Fry, born Mar 13, 1791-died Nov 1, 1879 (Section H)
Mary, his wife, born Nov 15, 1791 - died Aug 15, 1861 (Section H)
Geo Fosgate, 1848-1925 (Section H)
Julia L. Fry, his wife, 1849-1954 (Section H)
Adam J. Fosgate, 1874-1932 (Section H)

Frye (See also: Frawley)

Fuller (See also: Briggs, Hall, Holmes, Jeffers, Rosenfeld, Ruttan, Wight)
Sherman D. Fuller, 1874-1968 (Section K)
Della H., 1875-1958 (Section K)

Charles W. Fuller, 1863-1940 (Section K)
Adelaide, his wife, 1862-1932 (Section K)

Ernest E. Fuller, 1883-1952 (Section K)
Grace S., wife of Ernest E. Fuller, 1890-1934 (Section K)

Clarence H. Fuller, 1851-1927 (Section K)
Alice, his wife, 1857-1917 (Section K)
Clarence H., 1896-1969 (Section K)

Morrision A. Fuller., 1885-1955 (Section K)
Cecil M., his wife, 1888-1934 (Section K)

Heman Fuller, d. Sept 24, 1872; Aged 79 yrs (Section C)
Amilia, wife of Heman Fuller, died April 27, 1884; Aged 78 yrs (Section C)

Henry Fuller, 1839-1917 (Section B)
Catharine, his wife, 1837-1899 (Section B)

Charles H., 1829-1916, Fallen Headstone (Section B)
Carrie M., 1834-1898 (Section B)
Emogene M., 1869-19__ (Section B)
Elmira Fuller, 1837-1900 (Section B)
Unknown, 1868-1930 (Section B)

Leslie J. Fuller, 1900-1969 (Section B)
Jennie L., 1904-1969 (Section B)

Joseph Fuller, d. Apr 15, 1900; AE 69 yrs (Section B)
Carrie, dau of Chas H. & Cora Fuller, died Nov 13, 1838; Ae 4 mos (Section B)

Note: On back of S. Wm Greene Stone:
Lewis Fuller, co B. 142 NYV; 1835-1909 (Section B)
Mary A., his wife, 1852-1918 (Section B)

Fremont Fuller, 1859-1901 (Section D)
Norman Fuller, Seaman U.S.N., 1838-1907 (Section D)
Louise, dau of Norman & Maria Fuller, 1862-1900 (Section D)
Stephen, 1811-1895 (Section D)
Amelia, his wife, 1813-1870 (Section D)
Phillipa, wife of O.A. Phettleplace, 1847-1917 (Section D)

Henry D. Fuller, 1878-1934, Marker (Section D)
Jennie June, his wife, 1887-1964 (Section D)

Charles Fuller, 1844-1908, Marker (Section I)
Mary A., wife of Charles Fuller, 1844-1925 (Section I)
Mabelle A., dau of Chas & Mary A. Fuller, 1889-1905 (Section I)

Edward Fuller, Father, 1842-1910, Marker (Section I)
Sarah Burt, his wife, Mother, 1847-1909 (Section I)

Chas. T. Fuller, 1832-1900 (Section F)
Orra F. Manley, his wife, 1836-1888 (Section F)
Jennie Henry, 1848-1926, At Rest (Section F)
Almon T. Fuller, 1851-1928 (Section F)
Anna C. Haley, his wife, 1863-1937 (Section F)
Carrie Fuller Spencer, 1857-1904, Kept, Footstone (Section F)
Charlie Spencer, 1881 (Section F)
Karl Spencer, 1884-1885 (Section F)
Louis Spencer, 1858-1916 (Section F)
May's Babe, 1888 (Section F)
Eva Belle, 1875-1876 (Section F)
Ora, wife of Edgar, 1882-1967 (Section F)
Marguerite, daughter of Edgar & Ora Fuller, 1921-1929 (Section F)

Howard S. Fuller, 1887-1947 (Section L)
Venita E. Fuller, 1897-19__ (Section L)
Delbert F. Fuller, 1868-1940, Fuller Headstone (Section L)
Harriet S., his wife, 1868-1943 (Section L)

Carrie Fuller (Section NF)
Father (Next to Carrie Fuller) (Section NF)
William (Next to Father) (Section NF)

Lovina Fuller (Section NF)

Ronnie Anson Fuller, 1971-1971 (Section NF)

Grant W. Fuller, 1869-1952 (Section J)
Mary Towne, 1869-1933 (Section J)

D. Webster Fuller, 1834-1905 (Section J)
Irene Woodcock, 1838-1927 (Section J)

Hiram E. Fuller, 1862-1903, Erected by the Woodmen of the World (Section J)

Eugene Fuller, 1851-1915 (Section A)
Helen, his wife, 1856-1900 (Section A)
Jerusha, his wife, 1856-1908 (Section A)
Mertie, their son, 1875-1890 (Section A)
Ira, their son, 1887-1908 (Section A)

Fuller Monument (Section A)
Charles H. Fuller, 1850-1909 (Section A)
Minerva M. Fuller, 1866-1952 (Section A)

Oscar P. Fuller, born June 15, 1841 - died Nov 24, 1896; Inscription (Section A)
Martha, wife of O. P. Fuller, born Apr 23, 1841, died _____; Inscription (Section A)
Fred B. Fuller, 1861-1926 (Section A)
Lou S. Fuller, his wife, 1871-1950 (Section A)
Clara Morehouse Fuller, 1877-1915 (Section A)
Ainsworth Fuller, 1871-1951 (Section A)

John A. Fuller, 1917-1977 (Section A)
Ruth M., 1918-1995 (Section A)

Fuller Headstone (Section P)
Earl S. Fuller, Father, 1892-1965 (Section P)
Claire F., Mother, 1892-1974 (Section P)
Harry J., 1916-1979 (Section P)
Susette, 1957-1957 (Section P)
James Michael, son of MN & DC Kilmer; Jan 2, 1956-Mar 11, 1956 (Section P)

Fuller Headstone (Section P)
Herbert E. Fuller, 1877-1948 (Section P)
Nellie J. Hall, his wife, 1883-1965 (Section P)

Pliny H. Fuller, 1902-1978 (Section Q)
Freda Brown, his wife, 1905-1993, Married Oct 31, 1923 (Section Q)
Rosie E. Fuller, Our Darling daughter, 1930-1961 (Section Q)

Frank Fuller, 1874-1953 (Section Q)
Euphemia, 1880-1969 (Section Q)

Cora M. Fullington (Section F)
Lena B. Fullington (Section F)
Frank J. Fullington (Section F)
Fannie Callaway (Section F)

Laurentine L. Fullington, 1847-1932 (Section L)

George W. Fullington, 1867-1943 (Section A)
Florence E., 1874-1942 (Section A)
William G., son of G & F Fullington, 1904-1907 (Section A)
Fred H. Fullington, 1876-1954 (Section A)
Lillian I., 1879-1966 (Section A)

Harold G. Fullington, 1912-1974 (Section A)
Edna M., his wife, 1916- (Section A)

Oakley C. Fullington, 1898-1972 (Section P)
Mable Bradley, his wife, 1897-1967 (Section P)
Robert O., 1925-1997 (Section P)
Vivan Ames, 1927-1992 (Section P)

Fyke (See also: Skinner)

Mabel E. Gaddis, 1889-1965 (Section F)

James E. Gaddis, Sept 10, 1824-Sept 26, 1897 (Section F)
Mary, his wife, May 4, 1827- (Section F)
Nellie, their daughter, Mar 5, 1862-Feb 21, 1897 (Section F)
E. W. Gaddis (Section F)
Elma M., his wife (Section F)
Edna, their daughter, Dec 7, 1895 - Mar 25, 1896 (Section F)

Thomas Gaddis, 1868-1920 (Section L)
Maggie J. Gaddis (Section L)
John Gaddis (Section L)
Florence Gaddis Butts, 1879-1934 (Section L)
Arthur E. Gaddis, 1868-1936 (Section L)
James H. Buxton (Section L)
Mary Gaddis Buxton (Section L)

Nellie Gaddis, 1900-1964 (Section A)
Edward H. Gaddis, 1904-1948 (Section A)
Henry H. Gaddis, 1868-1919 (Section A)
Patience Gaddis Washburn, 1875-1964 (Section A)
Emogene M., dau of HH & PA, 1901-1917 (Section A)
Ercil H., dau of Henry & Patience Gaddis, died Oct 244, 1902, AE 3 yrs, 8 mos (Section A)

Gaddis Monument (Section M)
Johnson H. Gaddis, 1854-1928 (Section M)
Sarah Peck, his wife, 1857- (Section M)

Gagnon (See also: Morgan)
William Henry Gagnon, New York PFC 19 Infantry World War II BSM; July 6, 1924-June 3, 1949 (Section Q)

Louis Eugene Gagnon, New York F3 US Navy World War I; Oct 8, 1898-Sept 27, 1964 (Section N)
William H.A. Gagnon, 1896-1950 (Section N)
Mabel Gagnon, 1902-1957 (Section N)

Gaige (See also: Barker)

Gailer (Section NF)

Gaines (See also: Serviss)
Henrietta, wife of L.O. Gaines (Section NF)

Charles D. Gale, 1879-1946 (Section B)
Rena Mae, 1885-1930 (Section B)

Priscilla F. Gale, 1923-1987 (Section Q)
Byron P. Gale, 1913-1995 (Section Q)
Lillian J., 1912-1999 (Section Q)

James J. Gallagher, 1873-1951 (Section D)
Marion M. Downing, his wife, 1877-1938 (Section D)
Hilara M. & Helena V., daughters of J & M Gollaher 1902-1902 (Section D)

Galpin (See also: Barnes)

Charles F. Gamble, 1903-1985 (Section H)
Blanche R., his wife, 1908-1987 (Section H)
Francis Dean, their son, -1927- (Section H)

William J. Gamble, 1875-1961 (Section J)
Mary G., 1881-1958 (Section J)
Ruth M. Gamble, 1913-1995 (Section J)
Vida, dau of Wm & M. Grace Gamble, died Oct 1911(?), Age 6 mos (Section J)

Gamble Headstone (Section P)
Merton E. Gamble, 1891-1941 (Section P)

Gardner (See also: Ladue, Smith, Tharrett)
Joseph N. Gardner, 1854-1938, Headstone (Section K)
Anna M., his wife, 1853-1925 (Section K)

"Father" Gardner, Headstone (Section C)
"Mother" (Section C)
Jessie (Section C)
Grace (Section C)
Fred (Section C)

Irvon N. Gardner, Father, 1874-1946, Gardner Headstone (Section L)
Hattie B., Mother, 1873-1946 (Section L)
Melva J., 1895-1911 (Section L)
Viola, 1905-1933 (Section L)
Audrey L., 1930-1934 (Section L)
Woodrow O. Gardner, TEC 4 US Army Apr 3, 1915 - Dec 31, 1974 (Section L)

Joseph I. Gardner, 1907-1937, Gardner Headstone (Section L)
Alice McDougall, his wie, 1904-1975 (Section L)
Byron E. Chilton, husband of Alice M. Gardner, 1908-1965 (Section L)

Mae Gardner and Family (Section G)

Hubert N. Gardner, 1868-1922 (Section H)
Olive L. Gardner, his wife, 1872-1960 (Section H)

Amelia Gardner, 1849- (Section J)
Celia D. Haile, 1851-1914 (Section J)

Gardner Monument (Section J)
Theodore Gardner, 1850-1933 (Section J)
Adelia M. Gardner, 1855-1903 (Section J)
Engartha Huckle, 1888-1903 (Section J)
Ada Huckle, 1872-1895 (Section J)
William Gardner, 1875-1944 (Section J)
Martha Gardner, 1878-1952 (Section J)
Edith G. L., 1894-1920, Mother of Donald & Raymond (Section J)

William J. Gardner, 1877-1944 (Section A)
Charlotte Bryan, his wife, 1879-1957 (Section A)
Edith E., Mother, wife of W. R. Bryan, 1847-1917 (Section A)
Hazel Gardner West, 1907-1975 (Section A)

Luther C. Gardner, 1851-1887 (Section A)
Wilfred D., son of L & S Gardner, Co D 9 Inf, 1873-1909 (Section A)

Clarence L. Gardner, 1886-1970, Footstone (Section P)
Eva E., 1890-1960, Footstone (Section P)

Gardner Headstone (Section N)
William J. "Bud" Gardner, PCL US Army, Korea; Oct 15, 1920-Sep 24, 1992; Military Marker (Section N)
Joyce M. Mills, his wife, 1933-1986 (Section N)

Clyde M. Gardner, 1892-1965 (Section N)
Edith M., 1898-1988 (Section N)

Gordon Hugh Gardner, New York PFC 354 Inf World War II; Feb 21, 1926-May 29, 1949 (Section N)

Leigh R. Garrand, 1914- (Section P)
Ruth A., his wife, 1921- (Section P)
Conrad Leight, their son, -1946- (Section P)

Jno. Garret, Pettibone's CT Mil, Rev War (Section F - CW)
Jhn Garret, Died Feb 16, 1853, AE 97 yrs, Revolutionary Soldier (COULD BE SAME AS JNO GARRET) (Section F - CW)

Gary (See also: Church)

Charles S. Gass, 1909-1983 (Section L)
Edna C., 1918-1993 (Section L)

Gates (See also: Murray, Smith, Tamblin, Whitmore)
Note: Back of Frank C. Campbell Stone:
Carl A. Gates, 1893-1982 (Section K)
Clara A. Campbell, his wife, 1903-1994 (Section K)
Melvin C., their son, 1937-1985 (Section K)

Caleb E. Gates, b. 1811 - died Sept 10, 1887; Ae 76 yrs, Gates Monument, Footstone (Section B)
Harriet Miller Gates, his wife, 1819-1897, Footstone (Section B)
Nellie Harriett, 1882-1970 (Section B)
Abram C. Gates, 1838-1923 (Section B)
Fannie Johnson Gates, 1856-1941 (Section B)

Morton Z., died Dec 9, 1924, AE 77 yrs, Gates Marker (Section F)
Mary L, wife of M. Z. Gates, died Sept 13, 1895, AE 39 yrs, 11 mos, Gates Step Marker (Section F)
Harry M., son of MZ & ML Gates, died June 10, 1910, AE 34 yrs, 8 mos (Section F)
Blanche Gates, wife of C. H. Semper, died Feb 4, 1921, AE 44 yrs, 10 mos (Section F)
Will K., son of MZ & ML Gates, died Jan 22, 1895, AE 17 yrs, 5 mos (Section F)
Adam P. Killmer, died Jan 18, 1897, AE 77 yrs (Section F)
Annis F., wife of A. P. Killmer, died March 8, 1857, AE 37 yrs (Section F)

Herbert Gates, 1876-1928 (Section F)
Charlotte Clifton, his wife, 1876-1943 (Section F)

Gervase Y. Gates, 1937-1968 (Section L)

Yale H. Gates, US Navy Sep 13, 1897-Apr 29, 1980; Vet World War I, Military Marker (Section L)
June C., his wife, 1906-1972 (Section L)

Claude H. Gates, 1872-1945 (Section L)
Agnes T., his wife, 1879-1974 (Section L)
Edith A., their daughter, 1911-1915 (Section L)
Eleanor G. Gates, 1917-1932 (Section L)
James K. Gates, Lodge 2035, Dec 7, 1909-April 13, 1980 (Section L)

Paul Gates, 1903-1994 (Section L)
Marguerite, 1905-1981 (Section L)

Adelbert Gates, 1850-1944, Gates Monument (Section H)
Hattie M., his wife, 1869-1957 (Section H)
Frances C., his wife, 1856-1893 (Section H)

Claude R. Gates, 1914- (Section Q)
Alma R., 1919- (Section Q)

Gates Monument (Section M)
Myron Gates, 1847-1923 (Section M)
Susan H., his wife, 1864-1958 (Section M)

Grant A. Gates, 1896-1964 (Section P)
Bertha Myers, his wife (Section P)
Phillip M., son, 1921-1945, New York CPL 887 Air Engr SQ; Aug 9, 1921-Sept 9, 1945; Military Marker (Section P)

Arba S. Gates, 1911-1969 (Section N)
Alice Rowe, his wife (Section N)

Sarah Gear, died June 14, 1886, AE 43 years (Section F)

Carl Geisendoerfer, 1875-1965, Photo of Headstone (Section K)
Anna, 1886-1964 (Section K)
Henrietta, 1913- (Section K)

Joseph George, 1850-1914 (Section K)
Cornelia A., his wife, 1852-1914 (Section K)

John George, 1874-1944 (Section P)
Lillian, his wife, 1880-1945 (Section P)
Dorothy, their daughter, 1918-1970 (Section P)

Gerner (See also: Thayer)

William J. Gibb, 1852-1902 (Section C)
Emma E. Gibb, 1863-19__ (Section C)

Gibbins, Gibbons (See also:Countryman, McEathron, Stone)
Oliver Gibbons, died Oct 9, 1863, AE 20 yrs (Section H)

Gibson (See also: Barkley)

Dr. Alden Gifford, 1831-1911 (Section F)
Sarah J. Gifford, 1835-1904 (Section F)
Minnie E. G., 1865-1901 (Section F)

John Gilbert, 1875-1949 (Section N)
Elizabeth J., his wife, 1888-1956 (Section N)
John W., 1926-1989 (Section N)

Gilchrist (See also: Farmer)

Giles (See also: Merriman)
Samuel Giles, d. Jan 25, 1890, AE 83 yrs, Monument (Section B)
Jane, wife of Samuel Giles, 1819-1907 (Section B)

Gill (See also: Monier)
Bartie E. Gill, 1881-1919 (Section L)
Nellie Cooper, his wife, 1889- (Section L)
George A. Cooper, 1898-1943 (Section L)

Mary M. Rawson., wife of Robert Gillespie, died May 22, 1872, Aged 25 yrs (Section B)

James E. Gillette, US Air Force World War II, Korea, "Pappy"; Apr 17, 1927-Aug 13, 1989; Military Marker; Second Marker (Section P)
Delores, Mar 19, 1934-May 20, 1995 (Section P)
Mary Jane Gillette, 1901-1946 (Section P)

Gilpin/Hornbrook Monument (Section M)
William H. Gilpin, 1864-1949 (Section M)
Julia M., his wife, 1859-1938 (Section M)

Oliver J. Gingras, 1845-1936 (Section L)
Adelena M. Chenier, his wife, 1845-1910 (Section L)
Their Children:
Cordelia M., 1872-1879 (Section L)
Oliver L., 1874-1879 (Section L)
Abraham C., 1876-1876 (Section L)
Emery A. & Abraham G., 1878-1878 (Section L)
Marie L. (Section L)

Anthony J. Gingras, 1883-1942 (Section P)
Pauline E. McKean, 1885-1962 (Section P)

Charles E. "Bud" Girard, 1908-1975 (Section Q)
Betty Storie, his wife, 1917-1981 (Section Q)

Given (See also: Bodette)

Gladle (See also: Allen)
Stanley R. Gladle, Oct 28, 1897-Jan 13, 1955 (Section L)

Alexander Glasford, 1852-1927 (Section F)
Margaret Robinson, his wife, 1864-1934 (Section F)
Angus, 1877-1896 (Section F)
James, 1875-1876 (Section F)
Eda & Eddie, 1879-1879 (Section F)
Florence E., 1880-1882 (Section F)
Leta, 1887-1888 (Section F)
William, 1882-1889 (Section F)
Orville K., 1885-1909 (Section F)

Harold A. Glasford, Oct 20, 1904- (Section Q)
Bertha A., Sept 15, 1899 - July 22, 1989 (Section Q)

Alvin F. Glasford, 1928-1984 (Section Q)
Beatrice E., 1942- (Section Q)

Glasford Headstone (Section P)
John S. Glasford, 1874-1958 (Section P)
Ella M., his wife, 1874-1944 (Section P)
John E. Glasford, 1908-1954 (Section P)
Irene Cousins Glasford, 1908-1998 (Section P)
Donald W., their son, 1935-1953 (Section P)

Gleason (See also: Bogert, Brodie, Herring, Johnson, Wilcox)
Gleason/Smith Marker (Section I)
Helen J. Gleason, 1929-1983 (Section I)
Wayne W. Gleason, 1926- (Section I)
Culver J. Gleason, 1896-1983 (Section I)
Lillian A. Gleason, 1898-1989 (Section I)
Marion E. Gleason, 1917-1918 (Section I)
Morris S. Gleason, 1938- (Section I)
Mary K. Gleason, 1947 - (Section I)
Howard A. Gleason, 1924-1998 (Section I)
Dorothy A. Gleason, 1923-1994 (Section I)

Geo M. Gleason, 1829-1901, Gleason Marker (Section F)
Sally Gleason, 1829-1901 (Section F)
Levi W. Gleason, 1797-1875 (Section F)
Eliza R., 1802-1870 (Section F)

Randolph A. Gleason, 1897-1957 (Section P)
Mary Hall, his wife, 1899-1949 (Section P)

Gleason Headstone (Section P)
Harvey L. Gleason, 1899-1982 (Section P)
Dorothy F., his wife, 1902-1956 (Section P)
Charles L., Father, 1866-1956 (Section P)
Mary J. Hubbard, Mother, 1869-1945 (Section P)

Godfrey (See also: Prashnaw)

Goff (See also: McQuade)

Charles E. Good, 1885-1928 (Section F)

Ernest F. Goodale, 1885-1950, Footstone (Section G)
Edith M., his wife, 1886-1969, Footstone (Section G)
Elsie M., their dau, 1911-1915, Footstone (Section G)
Merton E., 1919-1925, Footstone (Section G)

Goodison (See also: Lytle)
Florence H. Goodison, 1907-1983, Goodison Headstone (Section L)
Archie E. Goodison, 1899-1966 (Section L)
Annabelle Hockey, his wife, 1898-1988 (Section L)
Franklin E., 1866-1939 (Section L)
Olive Whitton, his wife, 1884-1958 (Section L)
John H., 1905-1968 (Section L)

Winfield S. Goodison, New York, PVT HQ Co 62 Infantry World War I; April 24, 1895-July 3, 1956; Military Marker (Section L)
Fern Hendrick, his wife, 1895-1956 (Section L)

Herbert Goodnough, 1876-1923 (Section J)

Goodison Headstone (Section P)
Winfield O. Goodison, 1877-1946 (Section P)
Vanina M., his wife, 1875-1959 (Section P)
Merrill G., 1898-1979 (Section P)

Goodnough (See also: Baker)
Jane R. Goodnough, 1820-1890 (Section D)

William H. Goodnough, Father, 1839-1925, Co H 20 NY Cav, Goodnough Monument (Section H)
Ellen A., Mother, 1840-1908 (Section H)

Maria E., dau of Thomas & Lydia Goodrich; died June 10, 1842; Ae 8 yrs & 8 mos (Section C)
Mary H., dau of Thomas & Lydia Goodrich; died June 18, 1842; Ae 11 yrs (Section C)
___nper H., son of Thomas & Lydia Goodrich, rest unreadable (Section C)
Ann S., dau of Thomas & Lydia Goodrich; died Feb 16, 1849, Aged 17 yrs, 5 mos (Section C)

Charles Goodrich, 1797-1857, Marker (Section D)
Curtis M., 1850-1908 (Section D)
Rosaltha M., his wife, 1845-1929 (Section D)
Catharine S. Foote, 1820-1842 (Section D)
Whitfield M. Goodrich, 1814-1862 (Section D)
Mary Goodrich, 1821-1882 (Section D)
G.W.T. (Section D)
Helen G., 1878-1944 (Section D)
Fred C., 1888-1946 (Section D)

Marian R., daughter of CW & M Goodrich, died Sept 23, 1862; Ae 26 yrs, 2 mos, 25 dys (Section F)
Mary, wife of CW Goodrich, died Nov 6, 1864, Aged 57 yrs (Section F)

Gordon (See also: Brotherton)

Gore (See also: Hurlbut)
Charles H. Gore, 1867-1901 (Section J)
Susan A. Black, his wife, 1872-1932 (Section J)

Gormley (See also: Merritt)

Gosier (See also: Bigarel)

Henry Gossman, 1864-1942 (Section G)
Sophie Obrist, his wife, 1876-1940 (Section G)
Paul H., their son, 1900-1908 (Section G)
Anna B., their daut, 1896-1971 (Section G)

Gotham (See also: Bush)

Martha R. Goulding, 1917-1996 (Section H)

Graham (See also: Cunningham, Ritchie)

Jessie Grahamslaw, d. Feb 15, 1889; AE 40 yrs, Native of Scotland (Section C)

Grandy (See also: Briggs, Stone)
Albert P. Grandy, 1859-1948 (Section A)
Lottie W., his wife, 1862-1941 (Section A)
Littie J. Grandy, daughter, 1900-1972 (Section A)
Earl W. Grandy, son, 1896-1987 (Section A)
Albert Grandy, 1904-2000 (Section A)
Edith Barkley Grandy, 1905-1987 (Section A)

Guy M. Grandy, 1891-1986 (Section A)
Theresa Martin, his wife, 1893-1978 (Section A)

Grant (See also: Evans)
Ethan B. Grant, Sgt US Marine Corps, World War II, 1915-1986 (Section L)
Lucille L., Mother, Dec 22, 1920 - (Section L)
Gay E. Grant, Dec 17 - Dec 28, 1939, "Our loving daughter and sis" (Section L)

Grapotte (See also: Brasie)

Graves (See also: Abbott, Babcock, Bell, Horr, Prescott, Smith)
James A. Graves, 1859-1912, Footstone (Section C)
Fanny S., his wife, 1862- (Section C)
Albert., their son, 1883-1929 (Section C)

James Graves, 1817-1899, Graves Marker (Section F)
Catharine, his wife, 1817-1885 (Section F)
Amelia C., 1841-1911 (Section F)

Sarah J., dau of * & M Ann Graves, died May 2, 1854; AE 8 mos (Section H)
Harwood M., son of R* & M Ann Graves, died June 27, 1854; Ae 7 yrs, 7 mos, 27 dys (Section H)

W. Brooke Graves, May 4, 1899-Sept 3, 1973 (Section H)
Hazel W., Jan 16, 1897-Nov 1, 1999 (Section H)
Samuel Graves, died Feb 2, 1912, Aged 75 yrs, Inscription (Section H)
Damaris, his wife, died Jan 16, 1892, AE 62 yrs (Section H)

Graves Monument (Section H)
Martha I., wife of E. B. Robinson, born June 21, 1860; died Jan 7, 1887 (Section H)
Maryettie, born Mar 18, 1868, died Mar 7, 1881; daughter of D & M Graves (Section H)

Graves Monument (Section M)
Marcus D. Graves, 1910-1971 (Section M)
Perle A. Graves, 1869-1954 (Section M)
Rhoda Fox Graves, 1877-1950 (Section M)
Christopher Graves, 1945-1975 (Section M)
Paul D. Graves, 1907-1972 (Section M)
Jane Graves McAllaster, 1913- (Section M)
Catherine Forbes Micklas, 1915-1981 (Section M)

Robert B. Graves, 1906-1946 (Section P)
Mary E., 1906-1965 (Section P)

Charles E. Graves, 1883-1969 (Section P)
Jessie Taylor, his wife, 1893-1976 (Section P)

Jennie M. Graves, 1894-1954 (Section N)

Gray (See also: Cox, Hall)
Elmer W. Gray, 1839-1912 (Section I)
Adelia R. Gray, his wife, 1838-1905 (Section I)
Herbert C. Gray, 1874-1954 (Section I)
Elizabeth L. Gray, 1872-1956 (Section I)

Gray-West Monument (Shared with Edwin West) (Section M)
Edwin E. Gray, 1875-1974 (Section M)
Bertha L., 1886-1961 (Section M)

Green, Greene
William A. Green, 1868-1953 (Section K)
Satie M., his wife, 1871-1946 (Section K)
Arnold A., their son, 1891-1910 (Section K)

S. William Greene, 1877-1952 (Section B)
Jenny L., his wife, 1881-1948 (Section B)

Christopher Green, Private, Co D, 18 Regt NY Vols, Died July 31, 1900, Ae 67 yrs (Section F - CW)

Robert Green, Father, 1818-1894 (Section H)
Mebi, Mother, wife of Robert Green, 1811-1887 (Section H)
Jacob W. Green, 1853-1899 (Section H)
S. Lamorah, wife of Jacob W. Green, 1852-1934 (Section H)
Sarah M., dau of JW & SL Green, died Mar 3, 1888, AE 15 yrs (Section H)

Asa B. Green, Father, Co G 14 NY Hev Art 1840-1911 (Section H)
Sarah N., Mother, wife of Asa B. Green, 1840-1915 (Section H)
Ethel H., dau of AB & SN Green, 1878-1897 (Section H)
Nettie E., dau of AB & SN Green, 1860-1883 (Section H)

Cyril T. Greenhill, 1910-1983 (Section Q)
Helen E., 1913- (Section Q)

Greer (See also: Chisholm, Ferguson)
James Greer, 1868-1932 (Section L)
Samuel A. Greer, 1870-1954 (Section L)

Griffin, Griffins (See also: Aldrich, Thompson)
Doct. Wolcott Giffen, d. Oct 30, 1858 in the 56th year of his age (Section F)
Almira, wife of Wolcott Giffen, died Aug 13, 1840; Aged 42 yrs (Section F)

John B. Griffin, 1852-1908 (Section J)
Eliza J., his wife, 1864-1943 (Section J)

Griffis (See also: Best, Bracey)
Evan L. Griffis, 1899-1970 (Section L)
Margaret E., his wife, 1896-1973 (Section L)

L. Dean Griffis, CPL US Army Korea, July 16, 1934-Mar 9, 1997 (Section L)
Unabell K. Griffis, 1935-1963 (Section L)

Griffith (See also: Mazuroski, Mouriski, Overacker)
George S. Griffith, 1884-1944, Griffith Monument (Section F)
Kathryn S., his wife, 1883-1971 (Section F)
Colin, "Our Little Man", 1916-1919 (Section F)
John W., 1856-1927 (Section F)
Agnes M., his wife, 1862-1939 (Section F)
John M., 1889-1892 (Section F)
Earl, Oct 18, 1885 - Nov 7, 1885 (Section F)
Dorrance W., 1894-1956 (Section F)
Katherine I., his wife, 1894-1975 (Section F)
John R., 1913-1984 (Section F)
Eleanor F., his wife, 1917- (Section F)

William Griffith, died Aug 10, 1889; AE 83 yrs (Section F)
Elizabeth, his wife, died Feb 19, 1895; AE 75 yrs (Section F)
Jennie E. Griffith, 1851-1929 (Section F)
Gordon W., "Pop", 1920-1995 (Section F)
Marjorie E., "Nan", 1921-2000 (Section F)

Carlos E. Griffith, 1912-1997 (Section L)
Ercile A., 1913-1973 (Section L)
Married July 3, 1938

William S. Griffith, 1853-1934 (Section H)
Nora Wight Grifith, 1861-1948 (Section H)

Griffith-Jones Marker, (With Evan Jones Family) (Section H)
Walter O. Griffith, 1869-1939 (Section H)
Mary L., his wife, 1880-1967 (Section H)
Enoch P. Griffith, 60 NY Vol Inf, 1842-1926 (Section H)
Jane, his wife, 1849-1940 (Section H)

Griffith Headstone (Section N)
Charles W. Griffith, 1896-1959 (Section N)
Dorothy V. (Section N)
Alan F., 1942-1984 (Section N)

Grimshaw Headstone (Section P)
Ward E. Grimshaw, Vet WW II; 1916-1996 (Section P)
Dorothy Jones, his wife, 1917-1999 (Section P)
Frank A. Grimshaw, 1891-1941 (Section P)
Flossie Rathbun, his wife, 1890-1978 (Section P)

John Griswold, died July 14th, 1827, AE 33 yrs, 3 mos, 18 dys (Section H)

Gruneisen (See also: Paige)

Wife of A.A. Guernesey, died June 8, 1857 (Section D)

Roger W., son of Willard & Ruth R. Guernsey, died March 4, 18**; aged * yrs, 1 mo, 7 dys (Section H)
Hewitt, son of Willard & Ruth R. Guernsey, died Apr 2, 1845, Aged 2 yrs, 10 mos, 3 dys (Section H)
Ruth, daughter of Willard & Ruth R. Guernsey, died Jan 4, 1838; Aged 4 yrs (?) (Section H)

Gunnison (See also: McAllister)

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