Riverside Cemetery - Gouverneur NY
Inventory of Riverside Cemetery, Gouverneur NY (Last Names starting with S)

NOTE: Between the fall of 2000 and fall of 2001, I performed an extensive effort to perform a full inventory (with tombstone pictures) of Riverside Cemetery in Gouverneur. That results of that effort are shown below. At the end of each entry is a indication of what section of the cemetery the stone is located in. Locations of each section within the cemetery can be seen on the map on my Riverside Cemetery index page.
When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

Last updated by Anne M. Cady, October 2001.

Sackett (See also: Parker)

Martin, son of Martin & Mary Sage, died May 22, 1846?, AE ? yrs, ? mo, 2 dys (Section H)
William Sage, died Apr 10, 1848, AE 33 yrs (Section H)
Martin Sage, died April 2, 1856, AE 71 yrs, 7 mo, 12 dys (Section H)

Harry A. Salmon, 1916-1996 (Section N)
Irene G., his wife, 1911-1993 (Section N)
Albert, 1873-1954 (Section N)
Clara L., his wife, 1875-1951 (Section N)

Salter (See also: Whitton)

Catharine, wife of John Sample, died *** (unreadable) (Section NF)

Sanders (See also: Hazelton, Howes)

Santimaw Monument (Section P)
Harold J. Santimaw, 1896-1946 (Section P)
Edna Wright, his wife, 1897-1986 (Section P)
H. Stanley, their son, 1915-1993 (Section P)
Margaret Forkey, his wife, 1915- (Section P)

Sartwell (See also: Hill)

Jack B. Saur, US Marine Corps, Korea; Mar 1, 1937-July 16, 1998 (Section Q)

Joseph H. Sauve, Apr 10, 1960 (Section L)
Larry K. Sauve, Nov 29, 1956 (Section L)

Savage (See also: Mayette, McIntosh)
Alexander Savage, New York PVT Co B 152 Depot Brigade, World War I, Jan 18, 1888-Nov 1, 1959 (Section B)

Edward Savage, 1848-1921 (Section L)
Matilda, his wife, 1854-1918 (Section L)
Olive Peck, their dau, 1880-1914 (Section L)

Richard J. Savage, 1870-1921 (Section G)
Nellie Knight, his wife, 1876- (Section G)

William Savage, LDS US Navy, March 2, 1873-Jan 29, 1934 (Section G)

Alexander Savage, 1848-March 17, 1887, Age 39 yrs, 10 mos; Second Stone (Section A)
Adeline, his wife (Section A)
Addie Stiles (Section A)

Joseph W. Savage, Mar 20, 1882-Sept 30, 1950, Second Marker (Section Q)
Mary M., Mar 4, 1897-Aug 29, 1962, Second Marker (Section Q)

Murray V. Savage, Husband, 1917-1968 (Section P)
Josephine C., Wife, 1913- (Section P)

Margaret Sayer, 1861-19__, Mother (Section L)

George O. Sayer, Father, 1880-1974 (Section L)
Nellie M., Mother, 1884-1951 (Section L)
Robert G., son of Geo O. & Nellie Sayer, 1913-1918 (Section L)

Willie Sayer, 1867-1934 (Section G)

J. Stanley Sayer, 1907-1988 (Section Q)
Marie G., 1912-1986 (Section Q)
Benjamin D. Mitchell, Jan 26-30, 197 (Section Q)

Sayer Monument (Section M)
James F. Sayer, 1843-1914 (Section M)
Lydia A., 1847-1885 (Section M)
Mabel G., 1878-1884 (Section M)
Stanley W. Sayer, 1880-1954 (Section M)
M. Elizabeth, 1880-1965 (Section M)
Phillip M., 1917-1933 (Section M)
Elizabeth S. Patch, 1908-1963 (Section M)
John W. Sayer, 1910-1947 (Section M)
Eleanor, 1910-1993 (Section M)
John Stephen Sayer, New York 1st LT Co M3 MAR 3MAR DIV Vietnam, PH; July 23, 1942-Dec 10, 1966 (Section M)

Sayers (See also: Irish)
Alfred Sayers, 1833-1917, Headstone (Section K)
Sophia, his wife, 1845-1921 (Section C)
Emma Wade, Aug 20, 1888-May 29, 1960 (Section K)

William Sayers, 1884-1957 (Section Q)
Bertha Davidson, his wife, 1890-1989 (Section Q)
Marion Sayers, 1909-1910 (Section Q)
Leona Sayers, 1919 (Section Q)

Scalzo (See also: Solury)
Scalzo Headstone (Section P)
James G. Scalzo, 1863-1934 (Section P)
Mary R., his wife, 1877-1961 (Section P)

Schofell (See also: Mayne)

Schofield (See also: VanNammee)
Rebecca Ann, dau of LA & NJ Schofield, -1955- (Section F)
Tracie Ann, dau of LA & NJ Schofield, -1955- (Section F)

Harvey F. Schofield, New York PFC 504 SVC BN ENGR CORPS World War I; April 11, 1893-July 10, 1959 (Section P)

David G. Scholton, 1865-1939, Father (Section P)
Emily B., Mother, 1867-1938 (Section P)

Scott (See also: Davis, Foy, Jeffers, Thomson, VanBuren)
William G. Scott, 1870-1945 (Section K)
Eva M., his wife, 1875-1917 (Section K)
Myron J., 1865-1935 (Section K)
Edna E., his wife, 1872-1917 (Section K)

Wilmot J. Scott, 1901-1981 (Section K)

Henry N. Scott, Vet World War I, Pvt US Army, WW I, July 29, 1887 - Feb 15, 1976, Second Marker, Military Marker (Section L)
Mabel Newton, his wife, died Dec 28, 1963 (Section L)
"Our Baby", "such is the burden of heaven" (Section L)

Helen, "Our Baby", dau of Bertha Scott, March 1, 1909-Dec 21, 1909, Reverse of Stone (Section G)

George Scott, died Mar 30, 1902 - AE 73 yrs (Section J)
Polly Peck, his wife, died Jan 12, 1900; AE 71 yrs (Section J)
James, 1853-1920 (Section J)

Donald M. Scott, 1890-1953 (Section J)
Ida M. Scott, 1863-1946 (Section J)
William J. Scott, 1888-1940 (Section J)
Eva Hilts, his wife, 1885-19__ (Section J)

Scott Monument (Section M)
George B. Scott, 1856-1930 (Section M)
Betsey E. Love, his wife, 1862-1940 (Section M)

Scott Monument (Section M)
Charles H. Scott, 1859-1934 (Section M)
Jennie J., his wife, 1859-1941 (Section M)
Franklin Scott, 1905-1926 (Section M)

Virginia R. Tuttle Scott, Feb 28, 1909- (Section P)

Scott Monument (Section P)
Robert F. Scott, 1914-1989 (Section P)
Arlouine Tallman Scott, Wife of Jack, Nov 19, 1915-Apr 25, 1993 (Section P)

Fred G. Scozzafava, 1890-1972, Footstone (Section A)
Katherine M., wife, 1897-1998, Footstone (Section A)
Infant Daughter, -1923- (Section A)
Beverly A., 1924-1996 (Section A)

William Martin Scozzafava, Father (Section M)
Marilyn Dier, Mother (Section M)
Dierdre Kathryn, Daughter (Section M)
Frederick Earl, Son (Section M)
Thomas William, Son (Section M)

Arthur W. Seaker, 1886-1957 (Section K)
Esther T., 1891-1963 (Section K)

Jay R. Seaker, 1890-1940 (Section A)
Maude V. Seaker, 1892-1972 (Section A)

Seaker Monument, (Section M)
Frank L. Seaker, 1873-1931 (Section M)
Nora I., his wife, 1871-1952 (Section M)
Patience E. Seaker, 1899-1986, DAR (Section M)
Cora I. Young, 1871-1946 (Section M)

Seaker Monument (Section M)
Raymond G. Seaker, 1897-1961 (Section M)
Alta H., his wife, 1898-1971 (Section M)

Seaman (See also: Fry, Kerwin, Marsh)
Ira Seaman, 1857-1922 (Section K)
Minnie H, his wife, 1860-1912 (Section K)
L. Harold Seaman, 1896-1979 (Section K)

Alfred Seaman, died June 20, 1903; Ae 83 yrs (Section B)
Sarah S., his wife, died June 21, 1892: AE 69 yrs (Section B)
Wallace, their son, died Mar 24, 1892, AE 45 yrs (Section B)
Amanda M., his wife, 1842-1927 (Section B)
George W., 1865-1949 (Section B)
Nellie M., his wife, 1872-1945 (Section B)
Arthur B. Seaman, PFC US Army, World War I, Jan 20, 1896-Mar 6, 1986 (Section B)
Violet L., his wife, 1896-1957 (Section B)

Note: Shared Monument with Alonzo Smith
Berton H. Seaman, 1874-1948, Monument (Section B)
Nellie M. Seaman, 1876-1941 (Section B)

Oscar D. Seaman, died July 15, 1879, Ae 26 yrs, 4 mos, Seaman Monument (Section F)
William H. Seaman, 1828-1911, "Father" (Section F)
Ann E. Smith, wife of Wm. H. Seaman, 1833-1898 "Mother" (Section F)
Mary E. Seaman, 1871-1940 (Section F)

Donald Lee, son of A & V Seaman, 1930 Age 2 days (Section H)

Dewitt C. Seaman, 1851-1911 (Section H)
Mary E., his wife, 1861- (Section H)

Eleanor, widow of David Searl, died Aug 28, 1848 in the 84 year of her age (Section F)

Seaver (See also: Risley)

Seavey (See also: McLean)
James E. Seavey, 1837-1917 (Section F)
Laura J. Spink, his wife, 1841-1923 (Section F)
Alice J., dau of J & LJ Seavey, died July 25, 1877, Aged ? yrs, ? mos, 27 dys (Section F)
Charles L., son of J & ? Seavey, died Oct 19, 1877, Aged ? (Section F)
Charles F. Seavey, 1851-1917 (Section F)
Alice H. Babcock, his wife, 1866-1922 (Section F)
Austin S. Seavey, 1849-1905 (Section F)

Seavey Headstone (Section P)
Lloyd D. Seavey, 1900-1987 (Section P)
Lenore E., 1907- (Section P)

Roy E. Seavey, PVT US Army World War I; 1896-1978; Military marker (Section P)
Mary Wheater, his wife, 1899-1976 (Section P)
DeAlton, 1869-1947 (Section P)
Viola Mayhew, his wife, 1875-1964 (Section P)

Martha M., daughter of Zena C. & Amanda Secor, d. Feb 7th, 1828; AE 21 mos (Section D)

Seeley (See also: Murphy)

Elizabeth M., wife of Edgar D. Selleck, died Feb 4, 1871; Ae 34 yrs (Section B)

Sellers (See also: Howard)
Viola M., wife of E. W. Sellers, 1873-1920 (Section H)
Bertha E. Sellers, wife of Charles Kendrick, 1892-1912 (Section H)

Selmer (See also: Johnson)

Isiah Serviss, 1868-1928 (Section K)
Carrie B., his wife, 1874-1944 (Section K)

Mildred K. Serviss, 1895-1953 (Section K)
William J. Serviss, New York PFC Medical Department, World War I, Jan 2, 1905-Dec 23, 1957 (Section K)
Ernest Serviss, PVT 59th Pioneer Inf, 1895-1918, died in France (Section K)

Ira Serviss, 1826-1918 (Section G)
Mary, his wife, 1833-1913 (Section G)

James Serviss, 1861-1930 (Section G)
Etta Brown Serviss, 1861-1948 (Section G)
Nora Serviss Gaines, 1898-1937 (Section G)
Harold E. Serviss, 1897-1973 (Section G)
Ruth N., his wife, 1896-1985 (Section G)
Geraldine Serviss, 1926-1990 (Section G)
Eva Maria VanNamee, 1881-1912 (Section G)

Isaiah L. Serviss, 1901-1951 (Section M)
Laura M. Boxdorfer, 1903-1982 (Section M)
Timothy L., Our Grandson, -1967- (Section M)

Evelyn Severance, Oct 29, 1894-Nov 6, 1962 (Section L)

Severance Monument (Section M)
Glen W. Severance, 1883-1944 (Section M)
Jennie W., his wife, 1890-1970 (Section M)
Dale Warren, son of GW & JW Severance (Section M)

Severance Monument (Section M)
Dr. Benjamin W. Severance, 1856-1925 (Section M)
Philena W., his wife, 1858-1929 (Section M)
Karl W. Severance, 1894-1957 (Section M)
Pearl B., his wife, 1896-1967 (Section M)

Nelson Shampine, Sr., 1926 (Section G)
Louise, his wife, 1926 (Section G)

George H. Shampine, 1892-1936 (Section J)
Maude Hamilton, 1895-1964 (Section J)

Shannon Headstone, no other stones or markings except family name Cline on other side (Section C)

Daniel Sharpe, d. in Gouverneur August 13, 1862 (Section E)
Sylvia, wife of Daniel Sharpe, d. in South Bend Ind July 27, 1876 (Section E)
D.A. Sharpe, died at New Orleans, LA; June 6, 1864 (Section E)
Joseph Babbit, d. Gouverneur NY August 1863 (Section E)
O.E. Sharpe, d. At Denver Col, Dec 1, 1862 (Section E)

Harry Sharpe, 1899-1988, Sharpe/Hall Marker (Section F)
Gladys Hall, his wife, 1905-1965 (Section F)

Shattuck (See also: Orford)
Philinda A., wife of Park Shattuck, d. Dec 27, 1867; Aged 33 yrs, 4 mos, 5 dys (Section D)
Charles E. Shattuck, died Dec 12, 1865, AE 29 yrs, 5 mos, 27 dys (Section D)
Ella E., dau of * & P Shattuck, died Mar 27, 1863 (Section D)
Ada P., daughter of * & P Shattuck (Section D)
Milo Shattuck, father, died Nov 8, 1888; AE 82 yrs (Section D)
Caroline E., Mother, wife of Milo Shattuck, d. Nov 16, 1890; AE 93 yrs (Section D)

Maurice H. Shattuck, 1891-1969 (Section F)
Elva M., 1889-1987 (Section F)

William Shattuck, "Father", died Mar 19, 1938, Aged 74 years (Section F)
H. Francis Shattuck, his wife, died Oct 3, 1900, Aged 46 yrs, 11 mos (Section F)
Park Adison Shattuck, AEF 10th Co 152 Depot Brigade; Died Feb 13, 1920, Aged 23 yrs, 10 mo, 13 dys; Base Hospital 33 (Section F)

A. I. Shattuck, Died Jan 19, 1885, Aged 81 yrs, Shattuck Monument (Section F)
Betsey, his wife, died Dec 8, 1893, Aged 89 yrs (Section F)
Caroline, dau of A.I. & Betsey Shattuck, died Aug 29, 1867, Aged 24 yrs (Section F)

Park A.I. Shattuck, died Apr 9, 1920, Aged 76 yrs, 11 mo, "Father" (Section F)
Marthaett Shattuck, died Nov 5, 1909, Aged 65 yrs, 8 mos, "Mother" (Section F)

Shaw (See also: Bellinger)
Alexander Shaw, 1849-1912 (Section K)
Catherine, his daughter, 1872-1929 (Section K)
Natives of Scotland

Note: Back of Charles A. Cunningham Stone
Perley H. Shaw, 1887-1948 (Section K)
Maggie M, his wife, 1894-1984 (Section K)
Earl Norton, infant son, -1921- (Section K)

Walter Shaw, Jan 3, 1911-Sept 35, 1992 (Section B)

William A. Shaw, 1907-1986 (Section B)
M. Elva, 1912-2000 (Section B)
Illia A. Shaw, 1907-1986 (Section B)

Murray Shaw, Father, 1831-1897, Marker (Section D)
Elizabeth B. Richardson, Mother, 1831-1896 (Section D)
Janet E. Shaw, 1870-1937 (Section D)
Willis M., 1875-1894 (Section D)
Robert F., 1862-1896 (Section D)
James L., 1865-1897 (Section D)

Charles D. Shaw, Co H., 1st Reg NY Lt Arty, 1843-1913 (Section F - CW)

Henry G. Shaw, 1902-1966 (Section L)
Hazel G., 1898- (Section L)
George H., 1871-1947 (Section L)
Lillian K., 1880-1955 (Section L)
Ia M. Shaw, wife of G. B. Alegie, May 4, 1866-Nov 12, 1906 (Section L)

Elias E. Shaw, New York PVT GMP World War II, Feb 27, 1906-Dec 20, 1954 (Section L)

Edwin John Shaw, 1874-1950 (Section H)
Harriet Peterson, 1878-1959 (Section H)
Herbert W. Shaw, 1882-1964 (Section H)
Sadie T., 1884-1970 (Section H)

George W. Shaw, 1925- (Section N)
Ellen Jeffers, his wife, 1926- (Section N)

Shay (See also: Sheldon)
Shay Headstone (Section P)
Archie K. Shay, 1851-1937 (Section P)
Nellie B., 1886-1951 (Section P)

Shea (See also: Bulger)
Anna P.D., wife of E.A. Shea, d. July 27, 1903; AE 22 yrs 7 mos (Section D)
"Our Darling", infant daughter of EA & AD Shea (Section D)

Robert H. Sheckard, 1871-1951 (Section Q)
Lillian B., his wife, 1887-1970 (Section Q)

Sheldon (See also: Morris, Parsons)
L. D. Sheldon, 1882-1961 (Section K)
Harold (Section K)

Leroy G. Sheldon, 1865-1943 (Section D)
Millicent P., 1868-1933 (Section D)

Gray B. Sheldon, 1827-1905 (Section D)
Phedurah Z., his wife, 1837-1925 (Section D)

Timothy Sheldon, d. March 26, 1864; Aged 41 yrs; Monument (Section D)
Marion, wife of Timothy Sheldon, died July 4, 1868; Aged 34 yrs (Section D)

Julia P. Sheldon, 1829-1915 (Section D)
Anna M. Sheldon, d. Aug 16, 1879; Aged 22 yrs (Section D)

Timothy Sheldon, b. at Pautucket RI, Apr 23, 1788; died at Gouverneur NY, May 20, 1868; Aged 80 yrs 27 dys (Section D)
Emily, 2nd wife of T. Sheldon, b. June 14, 1810-d. June 17, 1891 (Section D)
Nancy, wife of Timothy Sheldon, died Apr 26, 1856; AE 71 yrs; b. at ___ston RI, Aug 17, 1785 (Section D)

Henry Sheldon, d. May 2, 1873; Aged 59 yrs (Section D)
Betsey, wife of Henry Sheldon, d. Feb 13, 1850; AE 32 yrs (Section D)
Martha J., wife of Henry Sheldon, d. Dec 19, 1878; Aged 55 yrs (Section D)

James Otis Sheldon, 1863-1957, Marker (Section I)
Lillian Taitt Sheldon, 1865-1925 (Section I)
Dames Douglas Sheldon, 1891-1902 (Section I)

Burt M. Sheldon, 1911-1966 (Section L)
Wilda Alta G., 1915-2000 (Section L)

Sheldon Headstone (Section P)
Harvey B. Sheldon, 1907-1965 (Section P)
Edith Shay Sheldon, 1909-1996 (Section P)
Harvey H., son of HB & EI Sheldon, 1938-1939; Back of Marker (Section P)

Sheldon Headstone (Section P)
Burt E. Sheldon, 1884-1968 (Section P)
Lillian Murray, his wife, ____ - 1987 (Section P)
Elizabeth Murray, 1872-1952, Mother (Section P)

Shepard (See also: Rathburn)
Ora E. Shepard, 1861-1931 (Section L)
Lena E., his wife, 1880-1973 (Section L)
Leon O., their son, 1899-1914 (Section L)

George T. Shepherd, 1868-1941 (Section L)
Lena, 1875-1927 (Section L)

A. P. Sherwin, died Dec 18, 1878 in his 85th year (Section B)
Isaac Sherwin, Father, died Mar 25, 1886; 82 yrs (Section B)
Aroline M., Mother, wife of Isaac Sherwin, d. Dec 29, 1889; Ae 71 yrs (Section B)
Hattie Sherwin, wife of Chester Prouty, 1853-1909 (Section B)
Chester C. Prouty, 1856-1920 (Section B)

In Memory of Charlotte, wife of Isaac C. Sherwin, who died Nov 19, 1835; Ae 27 yrs, 11 mos, 25 dys (Section H)

Lusinda, wife of Nichols Shimmel, Dec 26, 1820-May 7, 1897, "Our Mother" (Section H)

Shippee (See also: Sibley)

In Loving Memory of Verabeth Shirley, Aug 20, 1946-July 29, 1997 (Section P)

Mollie M. Shumway, 1886-1968 (Section H)

Ollie, wife of E. Shurtrow, 1855-1920 (Section L)

John Shutran, 1856-1942 (Section K)
Lottie, 1866-1944 (Section K)

Sibley (See also: Jenne)
Albert M. Sibley Mary Shippee, his wife, 1874-1974 (Section Q)

Seward R. Sibley, 1894-1960 (Section P)
Brica M., 1898-1948 (Section P)

Simmons (See also: Bowman, Facey, Fields, Smith, Tharrett)
Ralph Simmons, New York Cook 64 Infantry, 7 Div, World War I; Feb 2, 1893-Dec 21, 1956 (Section B)

Edmond Simmons, 1864-1953 (Section L)
Mary Ann, 1856-1943 (Section L)
Lillian M. Simmons, 1903-1914 (Section L)

Theodore Simmons, Sr., 1859-1950 (Section L)
Theodore Jr., 1885-1936, Footstone (Section L)
Grace E., 1882-1962, Footstone (Section L)

Bert E. Simmons, Father, 1884-1925 (Section L)
Pearl, Mother, his wie, 1888-1956 (Section L)
Albert E. Simmons, "Uncle Bill", 1907-1967 (Section L)

In Memory of Harold E. Simmons, New York PVT Co L 411 Infantry Regt, World War II BSM-PH; March 7, 1923-Dec 17, 1944 (Section L)

Everett E. Simmons., 1900-1985 (Section L)
Iva House, his wife, 1901-1992 (Section L)

John P. Simmons, Co D 2 HCA 1832- (Section G)
Elizabeth A., his wife, 1834-1914 (Section G)

Henry Simmons, 1862-1926 (Section G)

Robert Dale Simmons, Feb 5, 1945-May 11, 1945 (Section A)
Aaron James Simmons, Jan 1, 1996-Apr 22, 1996 (Section A)

Simmons Headstone (Section P)
Joseph Simmons, Father, 1862-1943 (Section P)
Mary, Mother, 1867-1958 (Section P)

Isaac Simmons, 1872-1945 (Section P)
Robert, 1908-1968 (Section P)
Helen, 1916-1977 (Section P)

Simonet (See also: Cameron)

Simons (See also: Jones, Pickert)
Simons Headstone (Section P)
William B. Simons, 1887-1951 (Section P)
Pauline Newman, 1890-1962 (Section P)

Murray C. Simons, 1901-1963 (Section P)
Virgie B., 1900-1965 (Section P)
Rossie, NY

Lynn K. Simms, 1893-1960 (Section J)
Irma Rathbun, 1899-1986 (Section J)

Simzer Headstone (Section P)
Robert C. Simzer, S2 US Navy, World War II;Feb 5, 1908-Aug 17, 1979; Military Marker (Section P)
Thelma M. Simzer, Dec 2, 1912-Aug 30, 1995 (Section P)
Doreen Simzer, died Feb 25, 1945, Infant (Section P)
Diana Simzer, died Sept 9, 1949, Infant (Section P)

Ernest W. Sipher, 1859-1945 (Section G)
Rose A. Riley, his wife, 1857-1921 (Section G)
Their sons:
Levi J., 1885-1918 (Section G)
Walter E., 1899-1917 (Section G)

Lawrence G. Skeels, 1922- (Section H)
David M. Skeels, 1867-1942 (Section H)
Gertrude M., 1878-19__ (Section H)
Rosetta P. Skeels, daughter of David Skeels, died Nov 21, 1891, AE 34 yrs (Section H)
3 Unreadables (Section H)

George D. Skinner, Aug 19, 1897-Jan 12, 1974 (Section K)
Elizabeth McA., July 31, 1898-July 5, 1981 (Section K)

Benj F. Skinner, entered into rest, Aug 22, 1877; in his 86 yr (Section E)

Note: Back of Robert Markwick stone:
Rev. William F. Skinner, 1856-1935, Marker (Section I)
Katharine M., wife of W. F. Skinner, 1869-1945 (Section I)
Helen Agnes, 1899-1901 (Section I)

Silas Wright Skinner, Father, 1875-1941 (Section L)
Erminah Hannah Fyke, Mother, 1869-1941 (Section L)
Francis W. Skinner, New York AMM2 USNR WWI Dec 26, 1896-Oct 31, 1963 (Section L)
Marion I., his wife, 1902-1995 (Section L)
Franics W., son of FW & MI Skinner, 1922-1944 (Section L)

In Memory of Arabella, wife of David Skinner, who died August 10, 1837; AE 43 yrs(?), 10 mos, 10 dys (Section H)

Skinner Monument (Section M)
Jesse L. Skinner, June 16, 1961 (Section M)
Grace M., his wife, Oct 28, 1928 (Section M)
Helen A. Bigarel, Mother, 1909-1991 (Section M)

Bert S. Sleeman, 1909-1981 (Section Q)
Elma M. Woods, his wife, 1908-1971 (Section Q)

Thomas Sleeman, 1882-1951 (Section Q)
Elsie, his wife, 1883-1956 (Section Q)

Carl W. Sleeman, US Army World War II; Apr 20, 1923-Nov 8, 1990; Military Marker (Section Q)

Sleeman Headstone (Section P)
Thomas Sleeman, 1905-1983 (Section P)
Thomas J., Son, 1940-1949 (Section P)

Baby Sliter, 1940 (Section L)

Sloan (See also: Leach)

Jacob Small, Father, 1832-1907, Marker (Section I)
Dorothy A., Mother, 1825-1914 (Section I)
Charles E. Small, 1863-19__ (Section I)
Jennie L. Barber, his wife, 1863-1927 (Section I)

George L. Smith, Vet WWI, 1895-1969 (Section H)
Mabel L., his wife, 1894-1966 (Section H)

Smallman (See also: Sullivan)

Smit (See also: Webster)

Smith (See also: Anthony, Ayres, Bigness, Brown, Clement, Clifton, Cunningham, Dewey, Fitzgerald, Fraser, Freeman, Honeycomb, Jones, Langto, MacMillan, Poole, Seaman, Stevens, Taylor, Walling)
Note: Joint Hill-Smith Headstone, plus Graves on back
Alfred Smith, 1850-1913 (Section K)
Jennie Graves Smith, 1855-1930 (Section K)
Fred S. Hill, 1868-1946 (Section K)
Helen Graves Hill, 1860-1919 (Section K)
James Martin Graves, 1862-1913 (Section K)
Mary E. Page, 1839-1917 (Section K)
S. J. Jackson, 1848-1917, "Father" (Section K)

Geraldine M. Shampine Smith, 1949-1998 (Section K)
Deanna M. Sibley, her daughter, 1974- (Section K)

? Smith, died June 11, 1852; AE 2 days (Section C)
Elmer E. Smith, died ... (unreadable) (Section C)

Lorenzo Smith, d. Sept 26, 1918, AE 72 yrs, 10 days; Co. I 92 NY Inf, Monument (Section C)
Delana D, his wife, d. Mar 2, 1890; AE 40 yrs, 5 mos (Section C)
Grace D., d. Aug 27, 1875; AE 7 mo, 4 dys (Section C)
Eva D., died Sept 14, 1886; AE 2 yrs, 8 mos (Section C)
Roy W., 1876-1911 (Section C)

Brayton Smith, Battery D NY Light Arty, 1844-1904 (Section C)
Melissa P. Smith, his wife, 1845-1930 (Section C)
Effie F. Smith, 1876-1959 (Section C)

Harvey Smith, Apr 1, 1885; AE 70 yrs (Section C)
Lucy N, his wife, died Apr 22, 1904, AE 83 yrs (Section C)
George W., 1860- (Section C)
Olive, his wife, 1849-1925 (Section C)
Verna (along with another unreadable name) (Section C)
John B. Smith, 1881-1965 (Section C)

Charles H. Smith, 1838-1885, Sergt Co D. 106 Reg NY Vol, Footstone (Section C)
Lovina A. Poole, his wife, 1835-1910 (Section C)
Freddie (could be Smith, Poole, or Dewey)

Huldah, wife of Wm Smith, died May 29, 1847, AE 35 yrs (Section C)
Mary *, daut of Wm & Huldah Smith, d. July 1, 1845 (Section C)
Wm Smith, died May 3, 1853; AE 49 yrs (Section C)
Amy A., ... William Smith, D. May 20, 1872 (Section C)
Calista A., dau of Wm & Amy Smith, D. Jan 30, 1864; AE 11 y, 1 mo, 23 dys (Section C)
Two unreadable, children of Wm Smith (Section C)

Roselle R. Smith, d. Mar 19, 1884; AE 48 yrs, 4 mo, 24 days (Section C)
Guilford D. Smith, d. July 12, 1860; Age 11 yrs, 8 mo, 7 dys (Section C)
I. P. Smith, d. Oct 11, 1898; AE 87 yrs (Section C)
Adelia, wife of I. P. Smith, d. Mar 21, 1889; AE 75 yrs, 3 mos (Section C)

Guy R. Smith, 1879-1959 (Section C)
Bertha E., 1884-1968 (Section C)

Leon G. Smith, 1901-1987, Headstone (Section C)
Helen E., wife of L. G. Smith, 1909-1941 (Section C)
Robert, son of L & H Smith, 1936-1948 (Section C)

Robert Smith, Father, d. Apr 15, 1886; Aged 65 yrs (Section C)
Jane, wife of Robert Smith, Mother, d. Mar 20, 1895 (Section C)
James, son of R. & J. Smith, died July 4, 1881; Aged 27 yrs, 3 mos (Section C)
Martha S., wife of James Smith, died Dec 23, 1880; Aged 18 yrs, 7 mos (Section C)
Robert, son of R. & J. Smith, died May 3, 1879; aged 22 yrs (Section C)
William M., son of R. & J. Smith, died June 10, 1878; Aged 35 yrs (Section C)
Mary J., dau of R. & J. Smith, died Jan 23, 1868; Aged 17 yrs (Section C)

I Smith Monument (Section C)
Aholeab Smith, 1748-1840 (Section C)
Lydia Ballou, his wife, 1750-1830 (Section C)
Ben J. Smith, 1781-1826 (Section C)
Jason Smith, Father, b. Apr 2, 1802 - d. Jan 25, 1884 (Section C)
Jane, wife of Jason Smith, Mother, b. July 10, 1802 - d. Aug 28, 1861 (Section C)
Sophia, wife of Jason Smith, died Aug 28, 1884; Aged 64 yrs, 10 mos, 14 dys (Section C)

Benjamin Smith, d. Feb 7, 1901; Aged 79 yrs (Section C)
Harmoney, wife of B. Smith, died Aug 18, 1881; Aged 67 yrs (Section C)
Fanny, wife of Benj Smith, died Jan 16, 1898; Ae 65 yrs (Section C)

Frank M. Smith, 1871-1956, Father (Section B)
Linna T., 1876-1928, Mother (Section B)

M. E. Smith, 1848-1874 (Section B)
Clarissa S. Smith, 1848-1929 (Section B)
J. S. McLear, 1855-1880 (Section B)

J.C. Smith, 1871-1944 (Section B)
William H. Smith, Sr, MOMM3 US Navy, World War II; May 21, 1906-July 29, 1981 (Section B)
Jeanne King Smith, "Loving Mother", Wife of Wm H. Smith, Dec 20, 1921-Apr 24, 1996 (Section B)

Bertha M. Smith, 1878-1958 (Section B)
Frank G. Smith, 1867-1942 (Section B)
Jason Clark Smith, New York PFC, 9201 Tech SVC Unit, World War II, Dec 19, 1909 - Dec 18, 1953 (Section B)
William H. Smith, PVT Co H., 64 Reg, NY Vol Inft; d. Mar 23, 1899; Ae 52 yrs; Monument (Section B)
Arvilla, his wife (Section B)

George W. Smith, 1858-1930 (Section B)
Lucina Parlow, his wife, 1868-1892 (Section B)
Herbert J., their son, 1889- (Section B)

Wm H. Smith, 1831-1903 (Section B)
Lucretia, his wife, 1831-1924 (Section B)
Albert M. Smith, 1842-1928 (Section B)
Emma J., his wife, 1850-1914 (Section B)

Note: Shared monument with Berton H. Seaman
Alonzo Smith, d. Mar 8, 1894; Ae 69 yrs (Section B)
Caroline M., his wife, d. Sept 18, 1913; Ae 75 yrs (Section B)
Don C. Smith, their son, d. Apr 6, 1882; Ae 13 yrs, 8 mos (Section B)

Albert E. Smith, d. Aug 9, 1899; AE 43 yrs (Section B)
Viola, his wife, 1857-1929 (Section B)
Samuel Smith, Co I 92 Regt, NY Vols; 1834-1906 (Section B)
Elizabeth M., his wife, 1834-1911 (Section B)
Maud E., died July 18, 1896; AE 20 yrs (Section B)
Mary L., died Mar 9, 1862; AE 2 yrs (Section B)

Charles O. Smith, 1830-1895, Marker (Section B)
Mary A., his wife, 1834-1887 (Section B)
Emma C., 1863-1882 (Section B)
Eva L., -1863- (Section B)
Charles B. Smith, 1858-1933 (Section B)
Ola L., his wife, 1867-1949 (Section B)
Alice W., 1898-1918, dau of C.B. & Ola L. (Section B)
Howard Seneca Smith, 1889-1979 (Section B)
Margaret Campbell, his wife, 1898-1981 (Section B)
J.B. Smith, died Aug 24, 1857 (Section B)
Lucilla A., wife of J.B. Smith; died Oct 17, 1856; AE 31 yrs (Section B)
Isora Francien, dau of JB & LA Smith, d. Aug 7, 1850; AE 1 yr, 4 mos (Section B)

Joseph Smith, died May 11, 1842; aged 50 yrs (Section B)
Sophia Smith, wife of Joseph Smith, d. Dec 11, 1848; AE 55 yrs (Section B)
George T., son of J & S Smith, died Oct 29, 1833; Aged 4 mos (Section B)
Almira, dau of J & S Smith, died July 27, 1833 (Section B)

Marian, dau of Albert & Celia Smith, 1874-1905 (Section D)

Clinton W. Smith, 1868-1946 (Section D)
Dellia A. Crossmon, his wife, 1872-1913 (Section D)
Their sons:
Leon, 1893-1893 (Section D)
Douglas, 1897-1898 (Section D)
Jennie, wife of C. W. Smith (Section D)

Webster N. Smith, Co L 11 NY Cav, Scott's 900; 1841-1924 (Section D)
Susan Nichols, his wife, 1839-1918 (Section D)
Sarah L. Bracy, their daughter, 1873-1905 (Section D)

Homer F. Smith, 1863-1948 (Section D)
Elizabeth, "Betsy", his wife, 1860-1924 (Section D)

Levi N. Smith, 1823-1897, Monument (Section D)
Rufus Smith, Father, 1792-1877 (Section D)
Nancy, wife of Rufus Smith, 1799-1877 (Section D)
Rufus C., son of R & N Smith, 1828-1846 (Section D)

Elias Smith, d. Oct 2, 1886; Aged 66 yrs (Section D)
Alison Storie, his wife, d. Oct 5, 1908; Aged 87 yrs (Section D)
Nancy, daug of ES & AS Smith, d. Mar 10, 1844; Aged 1 yr, 1 dy (Section D)
Rufus C. Smith, 1846-1930 (Section D)
Georgiana, his wife, 1859-1896 (Section D)
Henry E. Gates, 1849-1914 (Section D)
Jennie M., his wife, 1850-1925 (Section D)
"Our Baby", infant son of HE & JM Gates (Section D)
Paul John Smith, 1907-1999 (Section D)
Gladys Finster Smith, 1916- (Section D)
Rufus Finster Smith, son of Paul & Gladys, -1947- (Section D)

Carrie A., dau of M & C.F. Smith, died Oct 20, 1875 (Section D)

Pliny Smith, age 63 yrs (Section E)
Edward Smith, age 63 yrs (Section E)
Sarah Smith, age 10 yrs (Section E)
Lucina Smith, Mother, age 82 yrs (Section E)
Zebina Smith, Father, age 82 yrs (Section E)

William E. Smith, 1855-1945, Smith/Gleason Marker (Section I)
Elizabeth M., his wife, 1854-1908 (Section I)
Ala L., dau, 1886-1977 (Section I)
Edward Smith, Father, 1831-1906 (Section I)
Alonzo C. Smith, 1862-1944 (Section I)
Nettie P., his wife, 1869-1940 (Section I)
Marion M., 1903-1909, dau (Section I)

Note: Back of Lewis Stevens Marker
Samuel Smith, d. Aug 12, 1866; AE 68 yrs (Section F)
Cynthia, his wife, died Sept 18, 1866 (Section F)
Joann Smith, d. Aug 31, 1868; AE 36 yrs (Section F)
Joannah Willard, d. Apr 28, 1845; AE 84 yrs (Section F)
Ephrain Smith, d. Jan 26, 1843; AE 13 yrs (Section F)
James Smith, d. Mar 2, 1862; AE 36 yrs (Section F)

In Memorium: Harvey Douglass Smith, born in Pawlet Vt, Nov 9, 1789; d. in Gouverneur NY, Sept 28, 1864; Monument (Section F)
In Memorium: Mary Haven Smith, 2nd wife of Harvey Douglass Smith, born at Rupert Vt Dec 10, 1800; d. at Gouverneur NY, Dec 10, 1884 (Section F)

Isaac J. Smith, 1844-1921 (Section F)
Charlotte L., his wife, 1843-1912 (Section F)
Arthur F., their son, 1882-1909 (Section F)
Lypha, wife of B.K. Smith, d. July 29, 1867; Aged 51 yrs (Section F)
Jay M. Smith, 1885-1948 (Section F)
Mamie Briggs Smith, his wife, 1885-1973 (Section F)
Fred H. Smith, son of D.W. Smith, b. 1877-d. 1931 (Section F)
Daniel W. Smith, Co. C 10 NY Inf, 1844-1931 (Section F)
Millie, wife of D.W. Smith, 1854-1924 (Section F)

B. Howard Smith, 1800-1899, Headstone (Section F)
Caroline J., his wife, 1806-1898 (Section F)

Harvey L. Smith, 1837-1926, Father (Section F)
Harriet L. Smtih, his wife, 1843-1924, Mother (Section F)
Melville, son of Harvey & Harriet L. Smith, died Dec 30, 1883, AE 6 yrs, 2 mo, 11 dys (Section F)
Caroline, daughter of Harvey & Harriet L. Smith, died Nov 5, 1885, AE 13 yrs, 7 mos, 6 dys (Section F)

Clark B. Smith, 1816-1882 (Section F)
Amelia A., his wife, 1819-1873 (Section F)
Edwin B., their son, 1849-1870 (Section F)

Emily M., wife of C. B. Smith, died Oct 5, 1845, AE 24 years (Section F)
Samuel M. Ives, died Sept 31, 18(38?), AE 28 yrs (Section F)
Ella G., daut of Lucius J. and Sarah M. Smith, died Oct 25, 1850, AE 2 yrs, 7 mos, 2 dys (Section F)
Isaac Smith, died April 12, 1860 (Section F)
Abagail, wife of Isaac Smith, died ...(broken) (Section F)

In Memory of Joseph Smith, died ? 25, 1823...(rest unreadable) (Section F)
Olive B., wife of Joseph Smith, died June 9, 1838, AE 86 years (Section F)

Aurelia E., wife of Abida Smith, died Jan 18, 1848, Aged 36 years (Section F)

Johnnie L. Smith, 1874-1885 (Section F)
Johnathon L. Smith, 1809-1873 (Section F)
Adeline, his wife, 1814-1885 (Section F)
Chauncey E. Smith, 1834-1883 (Section F)
Ellen M., his wife, 1842-1908 (Section F)

Rodney Smith, "Father", 1799-1867, Smith Monument (Section F)
Betsey Smith, his wife, 1792-18__ (Section F)
Lucy M. B., daut of Rodney & Betsey Smith, 1835-1841 (Section F)
Orange A., son of Rodney & Betsey Smith (Section F)
Bessie R., dau of Rodney & Betsey Smith, 1823-1914 (Section F)

Amon Smith, died Aug 15, 1850, Aged 47 yrs, 1 mo, 13 dys (Section F)
Clarissa, wife of Amon Smith, died Oct 3, 1880, Age 78 yrs, 1 dy (Section F)
Charles M. Smith, Co D 16 Reg NY Inf, 1841-1862 (Section F)
Hannah, dau of Amon & Clarissa Smith; died Apr 18, 1886; Aged 59 yrs, 4 mos, 2 dys (Section F)

Benjamin Smith, 1880-1943 (Section F)
James J. Smith, 1846-1885 (Section F)
Elizabeth, his wife, 1840-1905 (Section F)
J. Wheeler Smith, 1876-1934 (Section F)
Mary C. Richardson, wife of J. W. Smith, 1876-1927 (Section F)
Murray J. Smith, 1874-1924 (Section F)

William F. Smith, 1867-1943 (Section L)

Leroy I. Smith, 1912-1985 (Section L)
Marjorie Morris, 1914- (Section L)

Elenor, wife of James Smith (Section G)

Frank D. Smith, Father, 1853-1904 (Section G)
Eliza Jane Smith, Mother, 1848-1951 (Section G)

Charles G. Smith, 1855-1927 (Section G)
Estelle H., his wife, 1853-1905 (Section G)

Correll G. Smith, 1874-1924, Smith Headstone (Section G)
Maud, his wife, 1884-1927 (Section G)
Irma J., 1905 (Section G)
Baby, 1908 (Section G)
Glenn Merrill, 1874-1909 (Section G)

Edwin W. Smith, 1876-1934, Second Stone (Section G)
Nina B., 1878-1939, Second Stone (Section G)

Stanley Vincent Smith, 1914-1994 (Section G)

Minerva B., wife of Nathan W. Smith, died Aug 24, 1861, AE 54 yrs, 8mos, 23 dys (Section H)
Nathan W. Smith, died Aug 27, 1853, AE 47 yrs, 23 dys (Section H)
Henry W. Smith, died Feb 16, 1856; AE 24 yrs, 5 mos, 18 dys (Section H)

In Memory of Willard Smith, who died March 3, 1841, Aged 60 yrs (Section H)

Minerva, wife of Norman Smith, died March 17, 1865, AE 44 yrs (Section H)
Fred E., son of *** & *** Smith, died *** 17, 1861, Age 9 yrs (?) (Section H)

Elias D. Smith, New York PVT Co A 122 Engineers World War I, Aug 12, 1889-Jan 30, 1964 (Section H)
Genevieve Ritchie, 1893-1950 (Section H)

Addison Smith, 1841-1909 (Section H)
Emma J. Bresee, his wife, 1847-1891 (Section H)
Zenia, his wife, 1848-1918 (Section H)
Earle G. Smith, 1893-1973 (Section H)
Jessie W., 1891-1986 (Section H)
Merrill G. Morrow, 1896-1980 (Section H)
R. K. Smith, 1866-1927, Smith Monument (Section H)
Cornie E., his wife, 1869-1944 (Section H)

David E. Smith, died May 23, 1887, 16 yrs, 5 mos, 23 dys (Section H)

William R. Smith, 1862-1953 (Section H)
Agnes L., his wife, 1866-1940 (Section H)

May Wilson, wife of C. H. Smith, born Dec 29, 1878 - died Mar 8, 1895 (Section H)

Lucius Smith, Co. D 106 NY Inf, 1837-1919 (Section H)
Sibyl, wife of Lucius Smith, 1844-1902 (Section H)
Christina, Mother, wife of Lucius Smith, died Jan 5, 1892 (Section H)
Arthur, 1882-1900 (Section H)

Carrie B. Smith, wife of Everal Kirkland, 1881-1912 (Section H)
Burton H. Smith, 1847-1889 (Section H)
Amy A. Poole, his wife, 1847-1875 (Section H)
Clara E. Poole, his wife, 1859-1920 (Section H)
Frank E. Smith, 1883-1967 (Section H)

Smith Monument (Section H)
Wm G. Smith, June 24, 1810-June 28, 1892 (Section H)
Elizabeth Newell, wife of Wm G. Smith, Nov 23, 1807-Feb 2, 1890 (Section H)
Alice E., dau of Wm G & Elizabeth Smith, Mar 6, 1845-Dec 6, 1909 (Section H)
Peter Kealey, died May 27, 1878; AE 39 yrs, 11 mos; Kealey Monument (Section H)
E. Angeline, wife of Peter Kealey, Oct 23, 1838-Mar 12, 1909 (Section H)
Willie J., son of P & EA Kealey, died June 2, 1878, AE 3 yrs, 5 mos (Section H)
Jonathan Smith, Father, died Oct 18, 1852; AE 76 yrs, 19 dys (Section H)
Deborah, wife of Jonathan Smith, died Mar 16, 1865, AE 87 yrs, 3 mos (Section H)
Alfred, son of Jonathan & Deborah Smith, died Feb 12, 1863, AE 56 yrs, 10 mos, 20 dys (Section H)
Angelia B., dau of William & Elizabeth Smith, Died Mar 30, 1836; AE 3 yrs, 5 mos (Section H)

Smith/Foster Monument (Section J)
Charles E. Smith, 1863-1937 (Section J)
Julia E., his wife, 1861-1935 (Section J)
Jerushia, their dau, 1908-1925 (Section J)
Lottie S. Vannamee, 1884-1957 (Section J)
Douglas J. Smith, 1903-1978 (Section J)
Bernita M., his wife, 1906-1925 (Section J)
Winifred A., his wife, 1906-1925 (Section J)
Edwin Foster, 1832-1900 (Section J)
Mother, 1829-1898 (Section J)

John W. Smith, 1870-1936 (Section J)
Agnes W., 1872-1914 (Section J)
Margaret, dau of JW & AW Smith, 1902-1934 (Section J)

Martin A. Smith, 1863-1918 (Section J)
Nettie W. Wilson, his wife, 1862-1916 (Section J)
Helen Beth, dau of M.A. & Nettie Smith, died Jan 25, 1898; AE 12 yrs, 3 mos (Section J)
Garrison R., son of M.A. & Nettie Smith, drowned June 19, 1897; AE 9 yrs, 8 mos, 15 dys (Section J)
Unreadable, (Section J)
Donaldson J. Smith, 1894-1942 (Section J)
Emerson C. Smith, 1891-1961 (Section J)

Carl R., son of WF & LM Smith, died Setp 22, 1895; AE 5 mos (Section J)

John Smith, 1831-1901 (Section J)
Emily, his wife, 1838-1896 (Section J)
Albert Smith, 1864-1936 (Section J)
Bettie Boutwell Smith, 1868-1953 (Section J)

Smith Monument (Section A)
Joseph E. Smith, born in Mass Jan 9, 1827 - Died Feb 29, 1904 (Section A)
Margaret A. Borland, wife of J. E. Smith, born in Richville, NY March 1, 1831 - Died May 24, 1889, 59 yrs, 2 mos, 23 dys (Section A)
Adella Hamilton Smith, 1866-1932 (Section A)
Homer A. Smith, 1863-1937 (Section A)
Lula, 1870-1955 (Section A)
Irving, 1866-1940 (Section A)
Abigail V. Morgan, 1859-1922 (Section A)
Don Avon Gardner, 4-10-1901 (Section A)

Deforis Smith, born Jan 29, 1824, Died ________ (Section A)
Adelia, his wife, born Jan 29, 1830 - Died Aug 31, 1896 (Section A)
Charles Smith, born Feb 7, 1837 - died _____ (Section A)
Emily N., his wife, born Jan 1, 1837 - Died July 24, 1896 (Section A)

Levi N. Smith, Co E 18 NYVC, 1841-1912 (Section A)
Louise J., his wife, 1837-1904 (Section A)
Edwin R. Fredenburg, 1868-1945 (Section A)
Jennie L., his wife, 1874-1948 (Section A)
Alice W. Drake, Mother, Wife of ? N Smith, ? - 1915 (Section A)
Myrtle Conklin Briggs, 1894-1943 (Section A)
Fred Briggs, 1895-1943 (Section A)

Robert L. Smith, 1899-1952 (Section A)
Rhetta R., his wife, 1896-1983 (Section A)

Everett S. Smith, New York PFC 27 Replacement Dep, World War II; Dec 24, 1905-March 2, 1955 (Section Q)

Warren J. Smith, New York PVT Army Air Forces, World War II; Aug 3, 1920-September 22, 1970 (Section Q)

Martin L. Smith, US Army, 1950-1997 (Section Q)

Gerald H. Smith, New York T Sgt US Army World War II; Jan 13, 1922-Dec 30, 1955; Military Marker (Section Q)
Maraleen I., 192- (Section Q)

Bower E. Smith, 1882-1944 (Section M)
Zelma S., his wife, 1883-1966 (Section M)

Kenneth M. Smith, 1882-1919 (Section P)
Nellie Bond, his wife, 1890-1976 (Section P)

Rickard K. Smith, 1936- (Section P)
Leona I., 1931- (Section P)
Married Mar 8, 1967 (Section P)

Wesley Smith, 1895-1948 (Section P)
Grace, 1901-1945 (Section P)
Lyle Smith, 1925-1944 (Section P)
Gertrude T. Simmons, 1918-1993 (Section P)

Snow (See also: Mosher)
Charles Snow, Co I 155 Reg NYV, 1833-1915 (Section G)

Snow Monument (Section A)
G. Elmer Snow, 1884-1929 (Section A)
Fannie C., his wife, 1893-1947 (Section A)

Snyder (See also: Parsons)
Roy Snyder, 1905-1962 (Section L)
Jennie Lashbrook, his wife, 1904-1981 (Section L)
Married Sept 29, 1928

Glenn L. Snyder, TEC 5 US Army World War II; Feb 6, 1906-Dec 29, 1989 (Section Q)
Marian G., 1918-1989 (Section Q)

John H. Snyder, 1928-1993 (Section P)
Muriel Burr, 1929-1993 (Section P)

Letitia, infant dau of Ralph & Marie Scalzo Solury, born July 15, 1912; died Oct 4, 1912 (Section G)

Soper (See also: Pope)
Soper Monument (Section A)
Tubal Soper, 1872-1913 (Section A)
Mabel Soper Jackson, 1882-1945 (Section A)
Albert C. Jackson, 1888-19__ (Section A)
Maude E. VanNamee, 1877-1952 (Section A)

Thomas H. Soper, 1842-1901 (Section A)
Mary E., his wife, 1845-1907 (Section A)
George H. Soper, 1868-1923 (Section A)
Jenette E., his wife, 1870-1949 (Section A)
Earl A. Bigarel, 1894-1957 (Section A)
Irene Soper Bigarel, 1894-1985 (Section A)

Soule (See also: McVey)
Soule Headstone (Section P)
Frank Soule, New York WT 1 US Navy World War II; March 2, 1897-Feb 23, 1974 (Section P)
Richard V. Soule, 19144- (Section P)
Mavis S., his wife, 1923- (Section P)
Frank H. Soule, 1866-1943 (Section P)
Emma Clausen, his wife, 1867-1946 (Section P)

Duane Spalsbury, 1825-1904, Spalsbury Monument (Section H)
Emeline Spalsbury, 1830-1907 (Section H)
Maria Malterner, 1821-1893 (Section H)
George W. Spalsbury, 1854-1931 (Section H)
May J. Spalsbury, 1865- , Wife of George W. Spalsbury (Section H)

Sparks (See also: Starbuck)
Arthur W. Sparks, 1840-1906 (Section C)
Mary A., wife of A. Sparks, Mother, Feb 18, 1839-Feb 10, 1886 (Section C)
Martha W., his wife, 1858-1938 (Section C)

Spaulding, Spalding (See also: Dewey)
Delsena E. Althouse, wife of Elly Spaulding, 1848-1921 (Section D)

Byron Spaulding, 1855-1917 (Section D)
L.R. Spaulding, d. Mar 23, 1895; AE 74 yrs (Section D)
Roxey, his wife, died Aug 7, 1896; AE 72 yrs (Section D)

Dianah, *** of *** Spalding, Died Dec 20, 1863; AE 38 yrs (Section H)
Eliza A., wife of Daniel Spalding, died Aug 3, 186*, AE 27 yrs (Section H)
Franklin, son of Daniel & Eliza Spaulding, died Jan 11, 1863, AE 2 yrs, 8 mos, 3 dys (Section H)

John Q. Spaulding, Feb 11, 1844-April 1, 1924 (Section M)
Rosina, his wife, Jan 13, 1855-June 9, 1931 (Section M)
Andrew D. Spaulding, 1969-1969 (Section M)
Levi E. Spaulding, 1880-1939 (Section M)
Pearl A. Spaulding, 1884-1966 (Section M)
William W. Spaulding, 1883-1959 (Section M)
Violet T. Spaulding, 1888-1959 (Section M)
Wesley J. Spaulding, Vet WW II, 1915-1975 (Section M)
Ruth H., his wife, 1913-1999 (Section M)
Archie J. Spaulding, 1909-1985 (Section M)
Florence I., his wife, 1916- (Section M)

Speers (See also: Jackson)

Spencer (See also: Foster, Fuller, Mills, Van Buren)
John Spencer, MD, 1780-1855, "His birthplace was Hamilton Windham Co. Conn. He came to this country, 1806 and to this town 1807" (Section F)
Elizabeth, wife of Dr. John Spencer, 1786-1861 (Section F)
Gilbert Spencer, 1822-1823 (Section F)
Elisha Spencer, 1813-1827 (Section F)
Elizabeth B. Spence, born Aug 22, 1806, d. Dec 28, 1872 (Section F)
JM Spencer, born May 25, 1811; d. Apr 16, 1884; Spencer Marker (Section F)
Cassandana M. Bullard Spencer, b. Mar 7, 1815; d. Aug 13, 1908 (Section F)
Frank H., son of JM & C Spencer, 1853-1854 (Section F)
Theo D., son of JM & C Spencer, 1846-1848 (Section F)
Sylva A., dau of JM & C Spencer, 1834-1836 (Section F)
Henry C., died Sept 9, 1863, AE 29 yrs (Section F)
Little Henry, died Sept 20, 1863 (Section F)
James Spencer, Capt 20 NY Cav, 1845-1935 (Section F)
Harriet V., wife of J. M. Spencer, 1847-1911 (Section F)
J. A. Spencer, Lt 107 Inf, 1870-1940 (Section F)
Margaret B., wife of J. A. Spencer, 1866-1937 (Section F)
Philip R. Spencer, 1881-1943 (Section F)
Julia M. Spencer, 1879-1957 (Section F)

Spencer Monument (Section M)
J. Manley Spencer, 1886-1967 (Section M)
Mame O., 1865-1923, Wife of Rev. J. M. Spencer, DAR (Section M)
Evelyn, 1903-1985, Wife of Rev. J. M. Spencer (Section M)
David M., son of J. Manley and Evelyn, 1928- (Section M)
Elizabeth G., wife of David, 1931- (Section M)
James M., 1961- (Section M)

Gertie Spicer, 1871-1953, wife of Charles Jones & Fred Matthews (Section L)

Spilman Monument (Section M)
Blake B. Spilman, 1889-1967 (Section M)
Belle B. Spilman, 1890-1978 (Section M)
Kenly B. Spilman, 1914-1969 (Section M)
Catherine A. Spilman, 1917- (Section M)
Elizabeth J. Spilman, US Navy World War II, Feb 12, 1919-Jan 22, 2000 (Section M)

Spink (See also: Seavey)

Spooner (See also: Nichols)

W. E. Spotten, Father, 1856-1931 (Section H)
Clara, 1881-1912 (Section H)
Mother, 1861-1906 (Section H)
Baby, -1892- (Section H)

Sprague (See also: McAllaster, McQuade, Nelson)
Benjamin F. Sprague, b. Sept 6, 1812 - d. Jan 6, 1871 (Section C)
Franklin B., son of Benj & ? Sprague, died Jan *1, 1861, AE 11 yrs, 8 days (Section C)
Fredrick Martindale, 1863-1931 (Section C)
Lilla Sprague, his wife, 1861-1938 (Section C)
Esther Sprague Dolan, 1836-1914 (Section C)

Ward W. "Poppy" Sprague, 1918-1998 (Section D)
Lena H., his wife 1919- (Section D)

Hiram B. Sprague, d. Feb 3, 1854, Aged 32 yrs, Bottom of stone (Section F)

D. Fremont Sprague, 1867-1924, Sprague Monument (Section H)
Bertha Humes, wife of D. Fremont Sprague, 1878-1972 (Section H)
C. Haile, 1905-1965 (Section H)
Bella M., 1911- (Section H)
Don, 1928-1987 (Section H)
Edie, 1934- (Section H)
Steven H., 1960-1997, son of Don & Edie Sprague (Section H)
Donald F. Sprague, 1911-1969 (Section H)
Mary B., 1914-1956, wife of Donald F. Sprague (Section H)
Pauline B., 1913-1915 (Section H)
William H., 1909-1910 (Section H)
Stanley F., 1907-1910 (Section H)

Sprague Monument, (Wilber Davis on backside) (Section A)
Frank W. Sprague, 1853-1924 (Section A)
Emogene, 1856-1946 (Section A)
Stella May, 1882-1903 (Section A)
Lynn A., 1879-1962 (Section A)
Grace Mix, 1885-1960 (Section A)
Paul L. Sprague, PVT US Army World War II, June 25, 1908 - Feb 2, 1981, son of Lynn & Grace, Military Marker (Section A)
Jessie Jefferson, 1910-2001, wife of Paul L. Sprague (Section A)

J. E. Sprague, born Oct 17, 1827 - died Feb 1, 1908 (Section A)
Sarah J., his wife, born Aug 16, 1828, died Oct 16, 1919 (Section A)
Their Children: (next two lines)
Kate Hastings, born Oct 5, 1858 - died Sept 1882 (Section A)
Pearl, born Apr 28, 1875; Died Mar 14, 1879 (Section A)
Henry B. Bucklin, born Feb 2, 1851 - died Feb 12, 1909 (Section A)
Sarah, his wife, 1856-1945 (Section A)
P. O. Sprague, 1854-1925 (Section A)
Ida J., his wife, 1855-1910 (Section A)
Albert B. Brown, 1870-1936 (Section A)
Amy Sprague, his wife, 1869-1956 (Section A)
Henry H. Brown, born Jan 1, 1839 - died Nov 29, 1915 (Section A)
Charlotte B., his wife, born June 1, 1843 - died Feb 16, 1898 (Section A)
Clarence H., their son, born Feb 11, 1872, died June 11, 1879 (Section A)
Ralph E. Brown, Aug 16, 1904 - Apr 13, 1974 (Section A)

Sprague Monument (Section M)
Addison F. Sprague, Co I 4th Art, 1850-1930 (Section M)
Julia A., his wife, 1854-1930 (Section M)
Florence A. Richardson, 1876-1928 (Section M)

Fred J. Spraker, 1861-1928, Headstone (Section K)
Nellie J., his wife, 1865-1943 (Section K)

P. Hobart Spring, New York PFC US Army World War II, Nov 11, 1904-Jan 25, 1974 (Section A)
Charles A. Spring, 1892-1973 (Section A)

Spring Monument (Section A)
George A. Spring, 1854-1927 (Section A)
Eliza S. Spring, his wife, 1864-1930 (Section A)
Richard A., son of C & M Spring, 1931-1943 (Section A)

St Louis
Adolphus St. Louis, 1857-1927 (Section M)
Josephine St. Louis, 1859-1935 (Section M)
Eugene St. Louis, 1886-1949 (Section M)

Stacy (See also: Freeman)
Ralph C. Stacy, 1897-1958 (Section K)
Barbara C. Stacy, 1902-1989 (Section K)

Isaac W. Stacy, 1830-1899 (Section D)
Sarah A., his wife, 1833-1913 (Section D)
Elmer A., 1863-1930 (Section D)
Carrie M., 1856-1868 (Section D)
Atta L. Stacy, 1875-1956 (Section D)

Robert Stagg, 1885-19__ (Section K)
Maude, his wife, 1882-1972 (Section K)

David G. Stahl, Mar 13, 1948-Nov 9, 1948 (Section P)

Stalbird (See also: Burge)

Stammer Monument (Section J)
James Stammer, 1866-1948 (Section J)
Ena G., wife J. Stammer, 1881-1921 (Section J)
Addie F. Dowd, wife of James Stammer, born July 5, 1865 - died Nov 15, 1897 (Section J)
John D. Stammer, 1894-1956 (Section J)
Iva B., wife of J. D. Stammer, 1899-1993 (Section J)
Laurel J. Stammer, 1893-1969 (Section J)
Inez L., 1898-1971 (Section J)
Infant Dau of J & A Stammer (Section J)

Daniel Stanton, 13 Battery, Wis Vols, died July 8, 1899; AE 76 yrs (Section F - CW)

Monroe Staplin, 1843-1918 (Section J)
Lucy A., his wife, 1846-1915 (Section J)
Beulah M., 1901-1903 (Section J)
Foster M., 1907-1907 (Section J)
Charles W. Staplin, 1870-1951 (Section J)
Stella I., his wife, 1875-1958 (Section J)
J.F. Day, b. Dec 24, 1853 - d. Aug 15, 1913; Inscription (Section J)
Julia Bresee, his wife, b. Jan 15, 1835 - d. Mar 28, 1898; Inscription (Section J)

Franklin Starbuck, 1860-1919, Father, Headstone (Section C)
Sarah Sparks, Mother, 1861-1945 (Section C)
F. Truman, son of F & S E Starbuck, 1888-1895 (Section C)
Elizabeth Mead, Mother, d. Jan 17, 1886; Aged 86 yrs (Section C)
Carl C., son of F & S E Starbuck, b. Feb 18, 1882 - d. Dec 30, 1884 (Section C)
Ruth E., dau of F & S E Starbuck, b. Nov 29, 1883 - Dec 20, 1884 (Section C)
Harold E. Starbuck, 1886-1947 (Section C)
Nancy, wife of H.E. Starbuck, 1889-1938 (Section C)
Della B. Starbuck, 1896-1984 (Section C)
Donald A. Starbuck, 1893-1958 (Section C)
Gregory H. Starbuck, 1891-1950 (Section C)

Starks (See also: Kittle)

Steele (See also: Liscum)
Frederick D. Steele, Co A, 186 Reg NYV, 1843-1905 (Section G)
Maria, wife of F. D. Steele, 1850-1934 (Section G)
Emma, their dau, 1877-1935 (Section G)

Stephens (See also: Howes)

Sterling (See also: Austin, Carman)
William E. Sterling, b. at Lyme Conn, June 9, 1801; died at Gouverneur, March 5, 1861, Marker (Section E)
Octavia Parsons, his wife, born at Scipio NY, Oct 27, 1815; d. at Gouverneur Dec 25, 1881 (Section E)
Ira L. Sterl, b. Apr 5, 1849 - d. Feb 7, 1871 (Section E)
Wm E. Sterling, b. Dec 6, 1846 - d. Apr 2, 1858 (Section E)
Lewis T. Sterling, Oct 7, 1851-Apr 16, 1926 (Section E)
Elizabeth Nichols, his wife, Nov 25, 1854-Apr 8, 1936 (Section E)
Mrs. J.E. Sterling, b. at ? Feb 12, 1773; d. May 27, 1839 (Section E)
Maria E. Sterling, July 20, 1839-Apr 17, 1931 (Section E)
Frances J. Sterling, July 11, 1844-Feb 22, 1920 (Section E)

D. Wilson Sterling, 1909-1975 (Section L)
Ellen, his wife, 1912-1985 (Section L)
Richard A., 1935- (Section L)
Marilyn J., his wife, 1936-1980 (Section L)

Sterling Headstone (Section P)
Joseph A. Sterling, Co H 2 B.E.R. NY Cav; 1844-1911 (Section P)
Mary Finley, his wife, 1871-1926 (Section P)
Harold P., 1892-1976 (Section P)
Edith Mills, his wife, 1886-1972 (Section P)
Ilah B. Sterling, 1896-1945 (Section P)
Margaret Sterling Russell, 1902-1964 (Section P)

A. Irving Sternberg, 1840-1898, Monument (Section B)
Mary Ett Yeo Sternberg, 1842-1928 (Section B)
Nettie Sternberg Whitney, their daughter (Section B)

Stevens (See also: Brown, Dusharm, Smith)
Lewis Stevens, 1825-1903, Stevens Marker (Section F)
Mary, wife of Lewis Stevens, d. Dec 31, 1866; AE 41 yrs (Section F)
Jane Smith, his wife, 1832-1877 (Section F)
Henry S. Stevens, d. Jan 7, 1870; AE 20 yrs (Section F)

C. Anson Stevens, 1897-1988 (Section L)
Olga Mack, his wife, 1900-1984 (Section L)
Arlene P., their daughter, 1943-1950 (Section L)
Donald K., son, 1934-1937 (Section L)
Percival A., son, 1926-1927 (Section L)
Douglas C., son, 1932-1936 (Section L)
Albert E., 1948-1949 (Section L)
Lavona A., 1954-1954 (Section L)

Ervin J. Stevens, 1868-1936, Stevens-Mott Monument (With Fred W. Mott) (Section H)
Cynthia G. Stevens, 1867-1950 (Section H)
Louise C. Stevens, 1903-1987 (Section H)

Frank Stevens, 1851-1933 (Section A)
Vasco E. Stevens, 1896-1978 (Section A)

Ettie Farr Stevens, 1867-1937 (Section P)

Stevenson (See also: Lynde)
Richard H. Stevenson, 1924-1991 (Section D)
Beverly A., 1927- (Section D)

Everett N. Stevenson, 1905-1970 (Section L)
Billy L., 1931-1932 (Section L)
Dorothy L., 1908- (Section L)
Flora A., 1878-1944 (Section L)
Renford M., 1869-1938 (Section L)

Stevenson Headstone (Section P)
Robert M. Stevenson, Father, 1857-1943 (Section P)
Mattie, Mother, 1862-1949 (Section P)
Herbert G. Stevenson, 1882-1959 (Section P)
Florence B., his wife, 1884-1972 (Section P)
Stevenson-Davies Monument (Section P)
Orsa J. Stevenson, 1883-1947 (Section P)
Ella W., his wife, 1893-1956 (Section P)
Evie Davies, 1868-1947 (Section P)
Grace M., his wife, 1884-1963 (Section P)

Beryl Stewart, Feb 19, 1921 - Nov 8, 1988 (Section L)

Etta Barton Stickney, 1878-1948 (Section A)
Raymond Stickney, 1899-1918 (Section A)
Milo Barton, 1870-1946 (Section A)

Stiles (See also: Savage)

Elizabeth Paquette Stillman, 1884-1933 (Section B)

Elmira H., wife of Jeremy Stimson, died Jan 24, 1877, AE 37 yrs, 9 mos (Section D)

Archibald Stinson, b. Mar 12, 1791 - d. June 24, 1871 (Section D)
Sarah, his wife, Feb 28, 1802 - d. Nov 3, 1882 (Section D)
Roger, 1876-1953 (Section D)
Lena (Section D)
Glenn Stinson, 1877-1902 (Section D)
Sylvanus B., Father, 1832-1913 (Section D)
Mary A., Mother, 1840-1901 (Section D)
Lynn Stinson, 1882-1908 (Section D)

Stockton (See also: White)

Martha L. Clark, wife of R.B. Stoddard, b. 1827 - d. 1893 (Section D)

Reuben Stoddard, d. Apr 1, 1872; Aged 84 yrs; 1788-1872; Marker (Section F)
Abigail, wife of Reuben Stoddard, d. Feby 7, 1876; Aged 87 yrs; 1789-1876 (Section F)
Mary Ann Stoddard, 1818-1900 (Section F)
Kimbal B., 1848-1860 (Section F)
Romanzo B. Stoddard, died Feb 25, 1880; 1820-1880; Marker (Section F)

Kimball B., son of R & B Stoddard, died Aug 2, 1860; aged 4 mos, 14 dys (Section G)

Stokes (See also: Maddock)

Stone (See also: Peck)
Archie C. Stone, 1893-1984 (Section K)
Gladys, his wife, 1901-1971 (Section K)

Eliza Stone, daugt of O & H. Gibbons, died Oct 18, 1868; AE 18 yrs (Section H)

Bernard A. Stone, 1913-1989 (Section A)
Lodema Grandy, his wife, 1920- (Section A)

Storie (See also: Clifton, Cunningham, Girard, Hall, Hill, Laberdee, Laidlaw, Marcellus, Smith)
Prentice A. Storie, 1898-1985 (Section K)
Bertha C., 1911-1975 (Section K)
Floyd K., 1897-1977 (Section K)

William A. Storie, 1867-1944 (Section K)
Lillian A. Wilcox, his wife, 1869-1926 (Section K)
Winnie Force Storie, 1878-1947 (Section K)
John Storie, 1893-1917 (Section K)
Gladys Storie, 1903-1952 (Section K)

Olivia Ella Storie, wife of G. D. Storie, 1854-1928, Footstone (Section K)
Lelah S., 1884-1885, Footstone (Section K)
Ebert G., 1886-1909, Footstone (Section K)

James A. Storie, died Apr 3, 1895; Ae 68 yrs & 26 dys (Section C)
Julia Ett, wife of J. A. Storie, died Sept 7, 1882; Ae 53 yrs, 9 mos, 3 dys (Section C)
Jannett, dau of ? Storie; d. Mar 11, 1863 (Section C)
Willy, rest unreadable (Section C)

Fred J. Storie, 1855-1933 (Section D)
Alice J., his wife, 1853-1940 (Section D)
Mytle E. Storie, 1893-1978 (Section D)

Theodore D. Storie, 1853-1931, Marker (Section D)
Esther Fox, his wife, 1860-1934 (Section D)
Herbert D. Storie, 1884-1896 (Section D)

D.K. Storie, April 14, 1834 - June 8, 1908 (Section F)
Margaret Hill., his wife, March 30, 1830-May 31, 1914 (Section F)
William H. Storie, 1868-1952 (Section F)
Bertha Rodger, his wife, 1869-1905 (Section F)
Vera Billings, his wife, 1882-1954 (Section F)
Robert K., son of WH & Vera Storie, 1913-1946 (Section F)

Storie-Campbell Marker (back of Braise-Curtis Marker) (Section H)
Harriet Thomas, wife of C.M. Storie, 1843-1931 (Section H)

Storie Monument (Section J)
Arthur K. Storie, 1864-1939 (Section J)
Estella Chevalley, his wife, 1866-1932 (Section J)
Harold A. Storie, 1897-1988 (Section J)
Geraldine M., 1901-1963 (Section J)

Storie Monument (Section A)
Walter L. Storie, 1867-1923 (Section A)
Anna P., his wife, 1883-1960 (Section A)

Kenneth D. Storie, 1904-1950 (Section M)
Margaret Love, 1903-1972 (Section M)

Theron W. Storie, 1901-1961 (Section P)
Edith M., his wife (Section P)
Mable Miller, Daughter (Section P)

Clinton Storie, Co B 504 Eng Corp, 1896-1955 (Section N)
Elma Campbell, his wife, 1900-1964 (Section N)
Gordon H., 1928-1993 (Section N)
Jean N., his wife, 1935- (Section N)

Storrin (See also: Jackson)
Ernest Storrin, 1874-1907 (Section F)
Jennie B., wife of Jas.Storrin, died Oct 22, 1889; Ae 34 yrs (Section F)
Mabel (Section F)
Franklin A., son of ?(Newcombe) & ?(Maria) Storrin, died, Oct 1, 1865 (Note: Names of parents supplied by family member) (Section F)
Maria, wife of N. (Newcombe) Storrin, died ?(May 15, 1837) (Note: Extra info supplied by family member) (Section F)

John Storrin, born Sept 1, 1815; died Sept 16, 1876, Close-up (Section F)
Lucretia Haskins, wife of John Storrin, born Oct 17, 1823, Close-up (Section F)
"Our Father" (Section F)
Ida, wife of Chas Storrin, born Oct 19, 1847; died Mar 11, 1884 (Section F)

Charles L. Storrin, 1903-1975 (Section Q)
Margaret Whalen, his wife, 1915- (Section Q)

John H. Storrin, 1874-1962 (Section Q)
Bertha Leach, his wife, 1870-1952 (Section Q)

John S. Storrin, 1906-1982 (Section Q)
Margaretta E., 1913-1965 (Section Q)

Stowell (See also: Apple, Torrance)
Note: Back of Frank Mayne Stone:
Roscoe C. Stowell, 1886-1970 (Section K)
Leta M. Mayne, his wife, 1896- (Section K)

Lynn A. Stowell, US Navy, World War I, Sept 23, 1902 - Dec 9, 1991 (Section L)

Alexander P. Stowell, Father, 1868-1955 (Section G)
Catherine D., Mother, 1873-1941 (Section G)
Robert A., son, 1903-1921 (Section G)

Our Angel, Everett E., Jr, son of Everett & Marie Aldrich Stowell; Dec 23, 1981-May 20, 1982 (Section NF)

Stanley S. Stowell, 1890-1957 (Section P)
Ethel E., 1891-1952 (Section P)
Alfred, 1861-1949 (Section P)
Jeannie E., 1870-1959 (Section P)
Edward E., 1867-1939 (Section P)

Harvey D. Strate, 1898- (Section P)
Florence A., 1904- (Section P)

Marsh Stratton, 1910-1985 (Section K)
Doris A., 1916- (Section K)

Streeter (See also: Coates, Dillabaugh, Swem)
Amos S. Streeter, 1839-1910, GAR Co. C 10 Reg, NY Vol, Headstone Section K)
Jane, his wife, 1845-1915 (Section K)
Wallace A. Streeter, 1877-1954 (Section K)
Eva M., his wife, 1886-1950 (Section K)

Note: Stone shared with Ernest Wight
Maitland H. Streeter, 1870-1941, Headstone (Section K)
Otie M., wife of M. H. Streeter, 1872-1926 (Section K)
Glenn S. Streeter, 1895-1973 (Section K)
Inez E., his wife, 1894-1969 (Section K)
Maurice, son of G.S. & I.E. Streeter (Section K)
Earl H. Streeter, 1918-1967 (Section K)

Harvey D. Streeter, 1843-1919, Footstone (Section K)
His wives:
Mary A., 1848-1890 (Section K)
Olive A., 1861-1920, Footstone (Section K)
Otis R. Streeter, 1878-1957, Footstone (Section K)
Glennie E. Tyler, his wife, 1876-1947, Footstone (Section K)

Leslie F. Streeter, June 1, 1879-May 11, 1957, Babcock/Streeter Headstone(Section K)
Marion E. Hurlbut, his wife, Dec 26, 1878-Jan 14, 1937 (Section K)
Ross C. Babcock, May 10, 1879-Feb 8, 1960 (Section K)
Jennie E. Hurlbut, his wife, Feb 7, 1877-Oct 10, 1951 (Section K)

Erasmus E. Streeter, Dec 17, 1808-Dec 11, 1882 (Section C)
Phebe Rhodes, his wife, June 17, 1810-Feb 5, 1886 (Section C)
John G., 1848-1924 (Section C)
Emma P., his wife, 1847-1924 (Section C)
Ruby S., dau of G & E E Streeter, died Oct 24, 1886; AE 10 yrs, 2 mos, 8 dys (Section C)
"Our Baby" (rest unreadable) (Section C)
Sarah, Sept 28, 1852 - Feb 17, 1874 (Section C)
Amos A. Streeter, 1838-1917 (Section C)
Elizabeth Streeter, 1842-1914 (Section C)
John H., 1869-1935 (Section C)
Hattie L., 1869-1956 (Section C)

Hannah M., wife of Alonzo Streeter, d. Mar 27, 1858 in her 35 yr (Section D)

Carl M. Streeter, 1926-1998 (Section Q)
Marion A. Streeter, 1927-1969 (Section Q)
Frieda B. Streeter, 1914-1995 (Section Q)

Strough (See also: Wood)

Harry Sudds, 1869-1941 (Section I)
Bertha, 1876-1958 (Section I)
Henry Sudds, 1839-1913; Sudds Marker (Section I)
Louise N., his wife, 1844-1922 (Section I)
William T. Sudds, New York TEC5, 977 AAA AW BN CAC, World War II, Aug 31, 1911 - Mar 2, 1972 (Section I)
Elma B. Sudds, 1841-1918 (Section I)
W. F. Sudds, 1842-1920 (Section I)
Richard H. Sudds, Pennsylvania 2nd Lt Col 112 Inf 28 Div, World War I, PH; Jan 14, 1900 - July 17, 1959 (Section I)
Elizabeth Z. Sudds, his wife, July 23, 1900 - Oct 22, 1975 (Section I)
Richard H. Jr, "Pete", Feb 13, 1927 - Sept 8, 1952 (Section I)
Dorothy G., "Dora", Mar 2, 1928 - (Section I)

Wm Sudds, b. Nov 17, 1811; d. Sept 20, 1881; Sudds Marker (Section F)
Susan, wife of Wm Sudds, b. Mar 16, 1814 - d. Dec 21, 1891 (Section F)
Annie, wife of James Stype, b. Aug 23, 1845 - d. Aug 2, 1887 (Section F)
William, son of Thomas & Sarah Adams, d. June 22, 1864; AE 21 yrs (Section F)

Kernan W. Sullivan, 1863-1949 (Section K)
Lettie I. Babcock, his wife, 1864-1906 (Section K)
Etta Barkley, his wife, 1866-1927 (Section K)
Lynne, 1894-1950 (Section K)

Morley B. Sullivan, 1897-1920 (Section K)
Lettie H., 1919-1920 (Section K)
Verne W. Sullivan, 1899-1983 (Section K)
Margaret E. Sullivan, 1899-1978 (Section K)

Byron K. "Bud" Sullivan, 1913-1997 (Section A)
Helen A. Clark, his wife, 1918-1992 (Section A)
Married June 1, 1938 (Section A)

Sullivan/Mayne Stone (Section M)
Robert E. Sullivan, 1885-1958 (Section M)
Blanche L., wife of R.E. Sullivan, 1885-1933 (Section M)
Leta Mae, dau of RE & BL Sullivan, 1911-1932 (Section M)
Ezra G. Sullivan, Medical Corps, US Army, 1917-1961 (Section M)
Mary/Newell Stone (Section M)
Newell V. Mayne, Veteran WW I, 1896-1994 (Section M)
Mary S. Mayne, his wife, 1909-1983 (Section M)

John Jay Sullivan, Father, 1872-1956 (Section P)
William Smallman Sullivan, PFC US Army World War II; Oct 7, 1908-Jan 8, 1976; Military Marker (Section P)
Daisy Lee Smallman, 1878-1945; Second Marker (Section P)
Ruth Lee Sullivan, 1903- (Section P)

C. Evelyn Sulzer, 1894-1993 (Back of Muriel Halford Stone) (Section L)

G. H. Summerfeldt, 1855-1917 (Section L)
Margaret Summerfeldt, 1855-1934 (Section L)

Sutton (See also: Henderson, Whalen)

Lafayette Swain, 1822-1904, Father (Section NF)
Elizabeth, his wife, 1824-1906 (Section NF)

Grosvenor Swan, 1819-1891, Marker (Section D)
Sally Maria Swan, 1820-1908 (Section D)
Wm R. Swan, 1862-1938 (Section D)
Gertrude I., his wife, 1865-1958 (Section D)

Swartzfigure (See also: McIntosh)

Sweet (See also: Ethridge, Killmer)

Swem Headstone (Section P)
Charles Marion Swem, July 6, 1883-May 4, 1961 (Section P)
Irene Streeter Swem, Apr 16, 1893-Aug 26, 1976 (Section P)
Nicholas B. Swem, New York S SGT 339 Infantry World War II; Dec 8, 1914 - Sept 18, 1944 (Section P)

Swett (See also: McCloy)
Ernest B. Swett, Father, 1872-1912 (Section J)
Carril N., Mother, ...rest unreadable (Section J)
Edwin A. Swett, 1866-1944 (Section J)
Denton A. Swett, 1870-1900 (Section J)
Marguerite A. Swett, 1905-1970 (Section J)
Kate A. Swett, Mother, 1844-1900 (Section J)
Bion W. Swett, Father, 1839-1897 (Section J)

Note: On back of Orvis C. Baldwin Stone:
Lewis Victor Sybrant, 1854-1913, Father, Headstone (Section K)
Ella Potter Sybrant Farmer, 1864-1918, Mother (Section K)

Wesley S. Sylvester, 1825-1905 (Section J)
Julia C. Pike, his wife, 1835-1909 (Section J)
Mary E., their dau, 1857-1947 (Section J)

George E. Sylvester, 1863-1940 (Section J)
Hessa E., 1892- (Section J)
Leon T., 1874-1949 (Section J)

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