Inventory of Old Hermon Cemetery, Hermon, NY

Over labor day weekend in 2002 I visited the old cemetery in Hermon (across the street fromn the newer cemetery) to photograph and record the tombstones within the cemetery. Below is the inventory I developed during that visit. Pictures are available for most names (some didn't get saved on my camera and I'll have to retake them). When a picture is available, the name of the person will be 'clickable' to bring up the picture. NOTE: The only names recorded here are for people who had markers that I could find in the cemetery. It does not include any other people who might have been buried but for whom no marker could be found. All comments can be directed to Anne M. Cady

The Section Numbers listed in the inventory are my own references and to roughly identify the location of the markers. Section 1 is the left hand section when standing on the road, looking in to the cemetery. Section 2 is the middle section. Section 3 is the right had section, and Section 4 is the back area.

Old Hermon cemetery is on the south side of Route 17 on the south side of Hermon. There is a newer cemetery on the north side of the street. That cemetery is NOT included currently in this inventory.

Created by Anne M. Cady, September 2002.

Due to the size of this cemetery the inventory has been divided into the following four files, broken down by last name

Last names starting with A-D, plus general views of cemetery
Last names starting with E-K
Last names starting with L-P
Last names starting with R-Z, plus unreadable stones

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